Report: Texas lineman is Hoosiers’ 20th commitment

Ralphael Green, a 6-foot-5, 325-pound offensive lineman from Sam Houston High School in San Antonio, Texas, has committed to Indiana according to a report from Matt Weaver of on Sunday.

Green had offers from Missouri, Colorado, Houston, New Mexico, New Mexico State and North Texas according to He was also hearing from Notre Dame, Florida, Alabama, LSU, Oklahoma and Baylor. He is listed as an offensive lineman, but told Weaver the Indiana coaches have told him they want to play him on defense.

Green becomes Indiana’s 20th commitment for the Class of 2012. IU coach Kevin Wilson has said the Hoosiers will be able to sign 27 players. More on this story, hopefully, later.

UPDATE: 11:16 p.m.: Green might be built like an offensive tackle, but defense is where he thinks he can give Indiana the most help, and he said he’s excited to play on that side of the ball for the Hoosiers.

“It’s just ‘go get it,” Green said.  “… Defense wins championship, offense sells tickets to the games. I feel like if Indiana can get a good defense, they can compete with the Ohio State’s and the Wisconsin’s and compete with those types of guys.”

Green returned to San Antonio on Sunday evening after a trip to Missouri, and said he knew after that trip that Indiana was where he wanted to be.

“I like to overcome things, and I feel like I can bring a championship to Bloomington,” Green said. “… They’re real special and they believe in me. That’s where I wanted to be and that’s where I need to go.”


  1. Great get for the Hoosiers. Watched film on this kid and he is a beast! The kind of DT that will demand constant double teams and can collapse a pocket by himself. When was the last time we had someone like that??

  2. Great news. I like the fact that we seem to be recruiting very selectively. DD, could you do a piece of the types of needs the staff still perceives (after accounting for these 20), the breakdown in terms of positions, any info in terms of possible walk-ons…

  3. Tsao,
    I can try, but probably won’t be extremely successful. The problem of course, is that they are limited in what they can say by NCAA rules and they tend to be overly careful about that. Wilson has said in general terms that he’s looking to pick up a lot on defense and that he would be willing to go the junior college route. But obviously, you’ve already seen that they’ve attacked the defensive side of the ball pretty hard and gone after JUCO’s. I’m not sure if he’d be willing to say whether or not he’s satisfied with that because that could be tricky with compliance. Seems pretty obvious he’s going to go after a quarterback too. I could write up something, but I’m telling you now it will probably be speculative because they aren’t in a position to provide much insight. On the bright side, signing day is only about six weeks away.

  4. Don’t ruin the incredible feeling from last night’s victory by reminding me we have a football team. What a buzzkill. I just suffered through 12 games (the lone win included). That was plenty

  5. Great pick up. I only ask that our recruits can tackle. It’s not much. I don’t feel like I’m being greedy. Just someone on the defensive side of the ball tackle somebody next year.

  6. I refuse to let this article about IU’s terrible football team ruin by the IU basketball high that will carry me thru the week with enthusiasm. GO BIG RED!!

  7. **Also, I can’t wait to find out where we stand in the Top 25. Predictions, anyone? I’m guessing 18.

  8. Don’t want to spoil the glow of Saturday’s victory, it was fun to watch. I like the approach that Wilson and staff appear to be taking. It appears that they are working Illinois harder than past staffs. Of course they are going to recruit Ohio but I believe they recognize that Illinois has more D-I players per year than Michigan or Indiana.

    My Xmas list would probably include hiring a coach from Florida or Texas to replace Coach Smith. Not positive that it works for recruiting but worth a try. Another possibility might be a Juco coach from California. I guess it’s pretty clear that in my opinion, recruiting is the key to success.

  9. When do the AP and Coaches Polls both come out? Is it at the same time? I can’t remember – it’s been so long since I’ve cared to check.

  10. Big, strong and quick for his size. Sounds like the type of player that IU has been sorely lacking – IU absolutely needs to be able to stop the run and sack the QB, then our DBs will have a little ‘air cover’.

  11. This is a great pick-up. Did you hear how enthused this TX HS lad is to be going to IU? That is 20 down and 7 more to go. Make them count!

  12. Given his size, if he has any athletic ability at all, this should be a great recruit. His linebackers are going to love him.

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