1. Who win tomorrow, IU or Kentucky, we’ll find out soon. Whoever scores the most points will win, and defense will make the difference. I hope IU wins, why wouldn’t I, go Hoosiers! All the hype is over, now we can get on with the game. This is a stepping stone for the IU program, they’ll only going to get better in the future.

  2. You do not get any better than KY…North Carolina….Kansas….Duke….UCLA….and Indiana again sooner or later.

  3. GOOOOO Hoosiers. I am so proud of this team so far. Zeller is “a beast” as the lingo goes. I hate UK and can’t wait to see them fail!

  4. Don’t you think it will be Kentucky’s strategy to take it right at Zeller and try to get him in foul trouble early?

    I think you are selling IU a bit too short on their own athleticism. I don’t think the difference in raw athleticism on the floor will be the “make or break” factor. f Cody & Co. can move UK out of the paint enough to put pressure on the short-range jumpers dropping, then I think IU has an excellent shot at winning. We have enough depth to not be run out of the building. The Hoosiers may also surprise with an attempt to keep the pace fast…Don’t assume IU won’t try to feed Kentucky some of their own medicine.

    The game will primarily hinge on Cody’s ability to play smart when they come like gangbusters at him in the opening minutes. Putting Zeller in early foul trouble could take the wind of the sails.

    The Hoosiers coming off the bench could be key. I have a weird hunch Etherington and Remy will contribute in key moments that will spark the crowd.

    I picking the Hoosiers. 84-81

  5. I think this game will hinge on…

    1. Zeller staying out of foul trouble
    2. IU shooting at least 40% from 3’s
    3. IU shooting at least 75% from the line
    4. IU committing 12 TO’s or fewer
    5. IU winning the bench battle

    I think our most distinct advantage is our depth. After Miller and Wiltjer they really don’t have anything. We really need quality minutes from Elston – he is going to match up on both Davis and Jones throughout the game. He needs to play tough D on Jones, and box out like crazy against Davis. His ability to draw one of those shot-blockers away from the basket is a real advantage for us on offense. Sheehey vs Miller is another big match-up… if Sheehey can provide equal production then we have a great shot. I think Abell can provide good defensive minutes against Lamb and Teague, Pritch can bang for a few minutes here and there with Davis and maybe knock down one of their penetrators to send a message, and that may be as deep as we go.

    If some of the more obvious match-ups are even, then this is where we can actually separate and win the game.

    Asking a lot, but at least this year we can hope!

  6. Geoff-

    You fell short of a prediction. Final score? Well, since you won’t go there, I predict Jordy will show he’s no shrinking violet in big games…He’ll put to rest those that doubt his speed, size, and athleticism to play with Big Mac All-American one-and-done’s that go to the Calipari drive-thru for quickest hunger the Golden NBA Arches. I mean, how and the hell do you have a Big Mac, the “two all beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, on a sesame seed bun” without the ONIONS!!!!

    75%? In your sleep when Virgil Sweet Dreams are frequented by Jordy Hulls.
    Go Hoosiers!

  7. If you want an honest prediction… I predict Kentucky wins a game where IU is constantly nipping at their heels, but is never quite able to pull it out – something like 84-77. Unfortunately frustrating all day, basically ruining my weekend. Now did you really want to hear that?

    The point of my earlier post is that it won’t take a perfect performance from IU to win. Those numbers represent efficiency on offense, not lights out shooting. Efficient offense means fewer running opportunities for UK. They just need Zeller IN the game, not necessarily to dominate the game. I already spoke about the bench.

    I really hope that VJ3 has a TO-free game… I would be shocked, but it would almost certainly mean the team has fewer than 12, which is one of my keys to a win.

    We’ll be gathering up here in Maine for the game, starting about halftime of the OSU game. If there are any Hoosiers kicking around that want to join the camaraderie let me know and I’ll shoot you an address.


  8. It’s going to be a battle of minds. Ours are stronger. IU wins by ten points. Kentucky collapses in the second half, Calipari quits tweeting for a whole month.

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