1. Crean still hasn’t convinced me. With Stevens we’d have been 9-0 by now. With Alford: 10-0. Crean needs to further confirm, perhaps by matching this bold Hoosier Hype prediction. I’m in Crean’s corner (ready to throw the towel if need be).

    The Fight Hunger Bowl? Obviously CKW’s calling, as has been said here before… Just goes to show how unjust life continues to be for Indiana Football: now we have a good coach but we continue to be overlooked.

  2. Pretty funny.

    BS line of the weekend. Calipari said he doesn’t read the papers so he didn’t realize what a big deal the Kentucky (#1) vs. North Carolina (previous #1)) game was. Oh, reeeally. Who could have known it was a big game?

    I liked starting Danny Moore in the 2nd half but how did Crean know? Sure, it wasn’t just Danny but his energy and defensive tempo changed everything. Crazy that his defense seemingly ‘lit the fire’. Nice job on that.

    Anon…again great link for the game. Thanks.

  3. Who’s the 34tc9031cug0rheqht9 that made the post about Alford. What a joke, Alford hasn’t been to the final 4 let alone the sweet 16 anywhere…no “facts” to back up his/her statements whatsoever. LOL

    Ya can’t fix stupid!!!

  4. Lets hope so, I still don’t get the Alford thing. Anyone thinking he would have this team anywhere near its capacity is a bit off their rocker!

    Crap, I just missed this one on the math test! LOL

  5. With SA being in town for yesterdays game must have been stimulus to some craniums. Out of sight out of mind.

  6. It appears we have dodged RR’s bullets so far as I have not heard 1 word as to him approaching Smith or Frey(or anyone else)up to this point in time. He sure as hell has given Pitt fits because it looks like he is going to take 3 of their assistants. Arizona gave him a $2m budget for staff.

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