1. Welcome back to competitive basketball. I was on the edge of my seat for the last 5 minutes. Haven’t done that for a while.

  2. Really superb analysis and detail from Dustin regarding Cody’s posting methods and working the inside against NC St.. That’s a facet of Zeller’s game that was a real eye opener for me. The head fakes, the slashing ability, and the craftiness he exhibited from 8-10 feet against some very athletic defenders, was something I found extremely impressive. Just how good can he become? Kentucky is going to be a blast. Hate to keep giving 4guards credit…Zeller is making this team exponentially more dangerous.

  3. Give 4guards credit? Were you somehow unaware of Cody Zeller’s abilities? HforH, I did not know you had been living in Zalbonia.
    4guards just told me the sun was coming up tomorrow. Better give him credit for the sun coming up.

  4. Chet-

    I’ll admit, as I did above, I didn’t think Zeller’s game was at the maturity level I’ve seen thus far. I believe 4guards also mentioned that the future of IU’s immediate recruiting classes, and Crean’s long term chances at staying at Indiana, “hinged” on putting Zeller in candy-stripes.

    I didn’t care for 4guards blogging style, but where are the Hoosiers, where is our record…where is level of fan excitement, where is the quality of 2012 class coming in next year, without Zeller?

  5. Let’s not forget that projecting Cody is about the ONLY thing 4guards ever got right about the IU basketball team and its coaches.
    Even a blind pig…

  6. I believe he referred to the recruiting of Will and Vic as something on the order of ‘wasted scholarships’.

  7. I couldn’t agree more with the “Headline.” This was a much bigger test than playing Savannah State, Chattanooga, or the other “lesser lights” on IU’s exhibition season schedule. This is a ‘big time’ university in a ‘big time’ conference and IU beat them on their home floor after NC Stae came back and took the lead. A “Big Test” indeed but the Final Exam for pre-season is Kentucky.

  8. I don’t know, Chet. I’m not going back through the archives to dig up comments and responses to 4guards claims.

    I just remember a lot of backlash from bloggers that believed Zeller was only one recruit and no singular “savior” will the future balance on. Indiana was a unique case. We were an awfully “decimated” program…Crean frequented the word plenty himself..We’ve only begun to climb the mountain back, but it is undeniable how important Zeller is in that ascent.

    I watched some of the high school championship games Zeller played in, and I didn’t see the player I’m now witnessing. I remember his national ranking dropped a bit before he came to IU. Maybe you knew he was this good. I didn’t.

    Though 4guards continually blabbered “everything hinges on Zeller,” realizing it was the only hope for Crean to turn the corner on recruiting and jump start a program that was near dead as a doornail, I truly believe he didn’t think Cody would decide on Indiana. He was setting the whole thing up as more ammunition to aim at Crean. It was a stunning event…though, after-the-fact, after the live broadcast of the Cody decision event from a gym at Washington High School, an event that gripped every ear across Hoosier nation, blowhards on talk radio like Dan Dakich acted unimpressed for their crystal ball had told them it was a given Cody would pick Indiana over NC and Butler. I don’t think it was a given. I didn’t think it was a huge event at the time…Now I think it was a game-changer for Indiana….possibly the biggest injection of course-altering destiny for IU basketball since the hiring of Bobby Knight.

  9. I don’t think you can ever envision that someone will be this good or that someone else will wash out. It’s just such a big jump. Must be the coaching, huh?
    Having watched him in high school I never thought Larry Bird was good enough to play at IU, and maybe he wouldn’t have been without a couple extra years.
    As you implied, I think 4guards just made such a big deal out of Cody because he never thought he wouldn’t come here.

  10. In the last 5 minutes at NC State we made our big run.Notice how much better we are with the 3rd on the bench?Will someone please tell Crean Jones ruins the offense.He needs to be a role player only!It isn’t just the turnovers he makes,but the number of bad passes,that are almost turnovers, he makes as well as dribbling too much.we are a much better team with him on the bench.

  11. I took VJ being on the bench against NC St. for that stretch of clutch performing to be a prelude to the remainder of his Senior season. He and CW were much needed the past 2 seasons but their stock has diminished with the arrival of incoming talent.

  12. hiensohn you bring up a good point. Verdell is leading the team in turnovers, but he also moves the ball around in such a way to kill the offensive momentum or deliver the ball in a bad spot that leads to a turnover or a missed shot by someone else. Even when not committing turnovers, he drags the team down.

    When I see other IU players commit turnovers, it’s usually due to really good defensive pressure or they tried to make a good move and barely failed to pull it off. But when Verdell commits a turnover, it’s usually a bonehead play that shouldn’t even have been attempted (like plowing into 3 defenders on the dribble).

    I’d rather see someone handling the ball who can possibly make an explosive move leading to a dunk (Oladipo or Sheehey), or nail a deep shot when it counts (Hulls) than see someone dribble the thing into the ground and maybe pull off a lame jumper.

    I really think if Verdell came off the bench and was limited to 15 minutes, he would be more focused and contribute more to the team.

  13. It seems to me that Cody has been spectacular,the most ready-complete player since Calbert Cheany.Hulls has become a man playing well almost every play.Sheehy and Oladipo have been more consistent than last year with periods of sheer brilliance.That leaves Watford.when he plays well,the sky is the limit for this team.when he does his Houdini disappearing act,we will struggle against top teams.

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