1. How long have you guys been doing this? Not long enough. I’ll bet the Alford sheep cloning farm, we’ll see an MSU that can’t match up to our intensity and depth when the tables turn at Assembly Hall.

    MSU could do no wrong last night. I think the Hoosiers overinflated ranking, a couple notches higher than MSU, had a lot to do with the chip on the shoulder from the Spartans. It also fueled the energy of what would normally be a more dormant crowd during holiday break. A win against Kentucky on a last second shot at home didn’t justify putting our team 13th in the nation. All it did was give Izzo more ammunition to fire his team up with in the locker room. Don’t pretend these guys don’t read the papers and took a bit of exception to the lack of respect their standing in the polls in relation to the Hoosiers. MSU makes it a point to grind through a much tougher schedule before conference play begins. There should be heavy consideration to scheduling when people place their votes. That’s why I have always believed the rankings serve little purpose other than the energy a team can extrapolate that feels slighted by the numbers/positioning.

    We may be worth a higher ranking by season’s end, but I’m hoping we struggle for recognition. We need to be the team that wears the chip of no respect on the shoulder. We have come nowhere close to this team’s potential/ceiling. The Spartans will get their own taste of reality on February 28, 2012.

    If OSU comes into Assembly with the same attitude as UK, they will also be bitten by reality. The “other shoe will fall” for many teams in the Big 10 this year.

  2. Poster #3-

    Rather pathetic you reduce yourself to name thievery. It puts a damper on my belief your comedy resides in a sincere heart void of jealousy and bitterness. Why not just play your fake hate game for Crean and leave me the hell alone? Answer: Balls only hang from your chin.

  3. Now, I think our guys DO have a chip on their shoulder. I think that has been the fuel that has fired their success this season.

  4. Sorry for the crude and immature remark. That’s not me. I certainly don’t want that to be me.

    Spiraling down the gutters of a life I’m not very proud. No one to talk to. No one to truly listen. I always believed things would work out. Now I’m not of much faith I can save the hours left and make a lot of wrongs into something good.

    It’s not messing with a screen name that bothers me. I bother me. My ignorance bothers me. My choices bothers me. My reality bothers me. My lack of giving to others bothers me. My stagnancy bothers me. My giving into temptations bothers me. My lack of character and backbone bothers me. My empty wallet bothers me. My whining bothers me. My use of vulgar language around my kid bothers me. My lack of convictions bothers me. My bigotry bothers me.

    I graduated with a business degree from IU in 1985. I spent the last four hours throwing boxes onto a convener belt. That bothers me. Harvard for Hillbillies is not much of a man.

  5. Oops..conveyor belt.

    It’s been fun. The Hoosiers will be just fine. 5th place finish in the Big 10..22 wins going into an invitation to the Big Dance. Hulls and Cody will get it going again this weekend..Downing’s future not nearly as promising. This is called cooking your own goose. LOL.

    Go Hoosiers!

  6. Whhhooooaaaa wait a sec Harvard, I don’t think they put us 13th after the KY win, I believe it was 17th, then coupled with MSU losing to who? For their 2nd lose put IU above MSU the next week.

  7. Fact check time.

    MSU started out being beat by #1 UNC by 12, then lost to Duke to be 0-2, the same day IU beats #1 pUKe, MSU beats then #22 Gonzaga, the following poll is when both MSU and IU broke into the rankings at the same time. Week 6, IU (9-0) at 18/20, MSU (8-2) at 21/23. Week 7, IU moves to 17/18th, MSU up to 19/20th. This weeks rankings had IU at 13/15th and MSU at 16/17th.

    At no time this season was MSU ranked above IU in either of the top 25 polls. That could change next week pending the outcome of Saturday’s games.

  8. Harvard…ease up on yourself. That kid of yours needs you to ease up on yourself. And, you do have friends on this blog who do read you, listen to your good thoughts (there are quite a few), enjoy some of it; and, like with everyone else, stick our finger down our throat on the bad ones.

    But, you can’t have us hostage to your down moods. Since we really are your friends, we refuse to do that…just like we refuse to smile when Hulls gets beat. It’s called L-I-F-E.

  9. Those are appreciated thoughts, Tsao.

    I know you mean well…Unfortunately, past experience on other blogs has taught me that the word “friend” is used without much sincerity. Blogs are a magnet for frightened creatures that flaunt their admirable qualities yet don’t have the courage for true friendship. Most of us will forever be unwilling to brave the vulnerability exposed from removing the blogging mask.

    There’s a certain amount of therapy in just letting go when the anonymity serves as a wall of safety and true intrusion. It’s not my intention to take the blog hostage. Sorry to bring the mood down with self-loathing rant. There’s just a point when deceitful intentions from someone hiding behind the shadows this form of faceless communication brings out the worst. I’m not ashamed. I would honestly be more ashamed to continue to act the part of most zombies on this stage of flawlessness.

    When we unrelentingly criticize fellow bloggers, ridicule coaches, and predestine players to our vision their worth, there goes with it an assumption something very damaging to mankind. Rumor, speculation, and innuendo become the norm. Accusations become facts unchallenged. Judgment another is granted the right of truth by mere self-proclamation of our own perfection.

    There is no truth in words without a mirror to seek…And only from the absence an honest look back from the expressionless cyberspace faces our words directed, expressions imagined and created to the preferences our own egos, affords us the comforts to cowardly hide. To overly partake in such endeavor is to hide from L-I-F-E. My soul begins to rot here and I rebel in confessional from the fear of all relationships destined a superficial and plastic existence.

    Sometimes you just need more than dancing with mannequins at a masquerade ball. Sometimes you get tired of the fear a real face.

  10. I dunno. Maybe I’m shallow. Maybe my requirements are lower. But, you know what? I talk to you guys almost every day. Usually, it’s about IU sports but sometimes we (I) digress. My wife and my oldest kid are the two people I converse with mostly and are certainly my best friends. My other two kids I talk to a lot. Outside of them and my dog I probably interact with you guys as much as anyone (I live in a cabin in the mountains, for God’s sake.). I have no problem calling a handful of you friends.

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