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David Snodgress | Herald-Times


Christian Watford (Indiana): After his picture-perfect, buzzer-beating shot, the celebration after said shot, and the bedlam that proceeded, no one’s stock raised more, maybe in the entire nation, than Christian Watford’s. Watford played one of his best games of his career, shutting down Terrence Jones and anchoring Indiana when it needed it most. Will this be a step forward in his career? Maybe. But for a week at least, Watford is, undoubtedly, on top.

Draymond Green (Michigan State): Green had the performance of a lifetime against Gonzaga on Saturday, dropping 34 points on 11-of-13 shooting. He was the lifeblood of the Spartans in that game and will need to remain their rock throughout the season if they plan to finish toward the top of the Big Ten. But does Michigan State rely on him too much? Of all the big guys in the Big Ten, only Green and Cody Zeller leads their respective teams in steals as a post player. Safe to say, Green might be one of the Big Ten’s most valuable players.

Julian Welch (Minnesota): With Trevor Mbakwe out, Julian Welch has become one of the Gophers’ best players on the perimeter, scoring in double figures in every game since Mbakwe’s injury. In those games, he’s shot below 50 percent in just two of those eight games, and he’s also averaging around four assists per game. If the Gophers can become a more guard-oriented, shoot-the-lights-out kind of team, they may be able to evolve just enough to make it through Big Ten season fairly unscathed without Mbakwe.


Megan Dills (Playboy): So it would be impossible to choose an Indiana player who’s stock went down this week, but we will stick to someone who was in Assembly Hall on Saturday. And that’s Megan Dills, a UK fan and Playboy model who was in the Indiana student section wearing Kentucky blue. When Watford hit his game-winning shot, Dills was knocked down and received tendon damage, saying she was “scared to death” during the court-rushing. Sad story, I know. She even had to cancel a shoot!! Oh, the humanity!

Tim Frazier (Penn State): Carrying an entire team (and a bad one, at that) on your back must be tough, especially for a guy who’s never really been in the spotlight like Frazier. The junior guard was dominant through the beginnings of the season, but after a 22-point effort against Boston College, Frazier’s performance on the court has been ice cold. Against Lafayette, Frazier shot 0-for-12 (!) and finished with just three points. He’s had a 15-point game and a 17-point game sandwiching that stinker, but neither involved good shooting from the floor. Making Penn State relevant may just be too big of a job for anyone not named Talor Battle.

Yancy Gates (Cincinnati): The Bearcat forward was the main player in a nasty brawl against Xavier on Saturday and had also been Cincinnati’s best player this season, nearly averaging a double-double through the early part of the 2011-12 season. But with a nasty punch to the face of the Musketeers’ Kenny Frease, Gates will miss the Bearcats’ next six games. That’s not enough if you ask me, as Cincinnati and Xavier should’ve used this opportunity to make an example of their players.



  1. Calling somebody that posed in the 2007 Girls of the SEC a Playboy model is quite a stretch.

    Also, the likelihood of her getting called back in for a photo shoot at Playboy after nearly 5 years is slim to none.

    Sounds like Megan Dills just needs attention.

  2. A blonde bimbo paying her way through UK by posing for nude photos is calling another person an “idiot”.

    Classic Kentucky. I wonder if she has a car on blocks in her yard?

  3. How ’bout including Tu Holloway on the Down list? Sure, he didn’t throw a punch or stomp on anyone but he was jawing the whole game and during the fight, he continued to jaw while pushing and shoving and egging others on. When UC about had their players corralled, he continued his taunting and the UC guys broke out again. His press conference didn’t help anything either. I know there is a generational difference in understanding the words he used but even giving him that, he still said all the wrong things.

  4. I just saw the suspensions. The Cincy coach pretty much nailed everybody involved with six game suspensions. Over at Xavier the max was four games. Holloway, who, as Boomer said, instigated the whole thing and then compounded it by his behavior at the press conference, got ONE game.I know a lot of folks were on the Chris Mack bandwagon for the IU position. I don’t have any respect him based upon for his reaction. Seeing the punishment he handed out I’m not surprised it happened and I’m not gonna be surprised the next time Holloway gets in trouble.

  5. Nice zing, Chicago Hoosier. And Boomer, I actually did consider including Holloway, but I included him on this list (albeit on the Stock Up side) last week.

  6. Ryan, he is a great player and the sky should be the limit for him. His Stock should be up. Unfortunately, his behavior is bush-league.

    Chet, when Purdue played Xavier, Painter asked the officials to talk to the Xavier players about their constant trash-talking and about how they bumped or shoved PU players as they crossed paths on the way to time-outs. The officials declined. Painter said he wasn’t surprised that the fight happened because Xavier players egg things on. Mack is apparently OK with that behavior. I’m not impressed with his response to this incident either. The NCAA requires a mandatory one-game suspension for fighting so Holloway’s one game wasn’t even imposed by Xavier. Mack stated that he is extremely upset about the incident but I notice that he didn’t suspend his best player and playmaker. Holloway says he’s learned a lot from this. I hope it’s good stuff he’s learned.

  7. The Cincy coach stands tall because he is well grounded and has stepped up when leadership was needed. Holloway the instigator and his sucker punching buddies are simply thugs heading for a bigger incident somewhere in the near future that will definitely bring their gang like behavior on the court to an end. Mack is an idiot of the highest degree. What the hell is wrong with the Xavier administration? Is the NCAA truly done with this incident? I hope not.

  8. Correct, thanx m82. You would think I could remember which team was wearing black and which was wearing white. In post #10 I also should have added the officials are guilty for allowing the continued escalation of tensions through the course of the game and that is where the NCAA needs to create some discomfort also.

  9. If the jawing had been going on the entire game, the officials should have pulled the coaches together before the second half started and told the coaches to get a handle on it or the officials would start “T”-ing guys up. The officials let it go during the Purdue game too, which is a shame. Xavier is good and they should just let their play on the court speak for them.

  10. The Xavier-Cincy had its groundwork laid at the end of the first half when a UC player came off the bench and got in the face of, I believe, Mark Lyons from Xavier, who responded in kind. The officials were right there but didn’t do anything but try to push them apart. A double technical right then would have set the precedent for how that kind of behavior would be handled. The two teams were certainly at fault, but the officials lost control early and didn’t do anything to regain it.

  11. Agree about the officials. They should have taken action in the first half. Especially since a point of emphasis with them this year supposedly is curtailing taunting, baiting, trash talking and over-the-top aggression. Heck, in the exhibition game with UIndy, Pritchard got a technical when he got up into Wilber O’Neal ‘s face and had some nasty words for him. O’Neal had blind-sided Pritchard and hip-checked him into a hard fall to the floor, which officials hadn’t seen. Pritch wasn’t out of control but still his aggression and language earned him a T.

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