Three ESPN writers says IU beating Kentucky is “the next big upset” this season

One ESPN writer choosing Indiana to upset Kentucky is surprising enough, but seeing three of them pick Indiana to top the No. 1 team in the country on Saturday is quite the trend.

When asked in an ESPN college basketball roundtable what will be the next big upset this season, John Gasaway, Myron Medcalf, and Diamond Leung all chose Indiana to defeat Kentucky on Saturday.

Gasaway says the court at Assembly Hall should “prepare to be stormed”. And Medcalf says the Hall will be buzzing like Times Square on New Year’s Eve.

Here’s the roundtable article, complete with Victor Oladipo photo at the top.


  1. Awesome! I REALLY hope I.U. defeats pUKe!
    I live in Evansville (borders ky.) and all I hear is
    how the cats will beat I.U.. GO HOOSIERS!!

  2. Ryan: If you are going to be a professional journalist, I suggest you start putting punctuation inside the ending quotation mark. You’ve done this time after time, even though I’ve noted it before. Sure it’s a blog, but this is basic stuff, and reflects poorly. Good content though.

  3. Whoa! Let’s not jinx this thing, guys. Once an upset pick becomes “trendy” it usually doesn’t happen.

  4. Mike if you are going to criticize then you should get stuff straight. The fact that the quote is not the sentence, just merely a quote inside, then the ” go on the outside as it finishes the actual sentence. Don’t be an arrogant dick especially if you haven’t done your homework; literally.

  5. While Mike is correct it only applies to the US. Language-wise it makes no sense, though. Why do we do it in the US? It seems to be the result of historical accident. When type was handset, a period or comma outside of quotation marks at the end of a sentence tended to get knocked out of position, so the printers tucked the periods inside the quotation marks to keep them safe and out of trouble. But apparently only American printers were more attached to convenience than logic, since British printers continued to risk the misalignment of their periods and commas.

    Read chapter 7 for homework.

  6. P.S. I never pay attention to sports predictions, but I couldn’t be happier about how this one turned out! Go, Hoosiers!

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