Women’s Basketball: Michigan State at Indiana

Final, Michigan State 63, Indiana 49: Michigan State senior guard Taylor Alton hit four 3-pointers for a total of 12 points to stave off an Indiana second-half rally and the Spartans held the Hoosiers off 63-49 in front of 1,827 at Assembly Hall.

Junior guard Jasmine Thomas and freshman center Jasmine Hines had 11 points each while senior forward Lykendra Johnson had 10 points in the victory. Indiana junior guard Jasmine McGhee recovered from a 2-for-11 start to finish with a game high 17 points. However, junior forward Linda Rubene was the only other Hoosier to score more than five points and Indiana shot 27 percent from the field while committing 20 turnovers. Michigan State also gave it away 20 times, but scored 18 points off turnovers to Indiana’s nine while outscoring the Hoosiers in the paint 34-12. Michigan State also won the rebounding battle 49-42.¬†

Second Half: 7:58 left: A deep jumper by Jasmine McGhee gives her 13 points after a bad start and the Hoosiers have trimmed Michigan State’s lead to 43-35.

Second Half, 11:50 left: Michigan State’s Porsche Poole just hit a layup and is looking to convert a 3-point play out of the break. Indiana’s finally found some second half offense, hitting three of its last six attempts, but Michigan State still leads 41-31.

Second Half, 14:59 left: IU opened the second half hitting just one of its first seven shots and a 3-pointer by Michigan State’s Taylor Alton ¬†just made it 35-24. IU is shooting 8-for-36 for the game with 17 turnovers. Jasmine McGhee, the Hoosiers’ leading scorer, is 2-for-11.

Halftime: Thanks to big 3-pointers by Linda Rubene and Candyc Ussery, the Hoosiers cut Michigan State’s lead to 26-22 at halftime. The Hoosiers are still shooting just 7-for-29 from the field (24.1 percent) and have turned the ball over 15 times. The Spartans have scored 12 of their points off turnovers and 18 in the paint.

Michigan State guard Jasmene Thomas leads the Spartans with seven points while Rubene has seven for IU thanks to that 3-pointer and a four-point play. IU’s Jasmene McGhee has four points, four steals and tour turnovers.

First Half: 3:32 to go: Indiana junior forward Linda Rubene converted a four-point play to cut Michigan State’s lead to six, but a putback by Michigan State freshman center Jasmine Hines makes it 21-13 Michigan State.

First Half, 7:19 to go: Messy stretch there. Michigan State scores one point and turns the ball over five times. Indiana scores no points and turns the ball over five times. The Hoosiers are already at 12 for the game. Michigan State leads 17-8.

First Half,: 10:59 to go: Michigan State still leads 16-8, starting to spread out the scoring. Freshman forward Becca Mills hit a 3-pointer before going down with an injury, and the Spartans have already scored 10 points in the paint to Indiana’s two and 10 points off of Indiana’s seven turnovers. Guard Jasmine McGhee has four of Indiana’s eight points.

First Half, 15:48 left: Thanks to three transition layups by junior guard Jasmine Thomas and a 3-pointer by senior guard Taylor Alton, Michigan State leads 11-2. The Hoosiers have already committed four turnovers and are shooting just 1-for-5 from the field.

Pregame: Indiana opens Big Ten play against an 8-5 Michigan State team that has dropped two of its last three to Texas and Pittsburgh. The Spartans have only one player averaging double figures in senior guard Porsche Poole (11.3 points per game) but they distribute the scoring mostly evenly throughout the starting five with senior forward Lykendra Johnson averaging 9.5 points and 9.7 rebounds per game.

The Hoosiers are coming off back-to-back wins over Colorado State and Texas A&M Corpus Christi that upped their record to 5-8.


  1. IU women’s basketball is falling apart under FLJ, which is saying something. Last season was horrible. This season would need a miracle to achieve horrible. It would be different if she was recruiting at a Big 10 level but at this pace it is looking like a complete collapse of the program for years to come. How long does she get to continue at this rate?

  2. I agree witth Sam, the program is getting worse under coach Jack. This team hasn’t shot the ball well since she has been here. IU’s field goal percentage has been at the bottom of the conference during her tenure. Her recruiting is very suspect, she absolutely can’t or won’t recruit the state of Indiana. High school basketball in this state is of a very high quality and most can shoot the ball! She is so caught up with junior college players it is pathetic. The future of women’s basketball looks bleak!

  3. I agree on her recruitment of Indiana kids. I spoke with her personally about a couple players in northern IN and her comment was she wouldn’t have a chance against Muffet at ND. I told her these kids are wide open in their recruitment and I still don’t think she even checked it out. Even though ND has a northern IN girl on the roster, they typically recruit nationally. FLJ is a nice lady, but not sure she is right for IU.

  4. I thought at the time coach Jack was an excellent hire….I was wrong and for whatever reason sometimes it just does not work……it’s over and coach Jack and IU need to move on in different directions….Look for an assistant from UConn, Tenn, or search for a coach who has a proven track record with head coaching experience. Even though coach Jack had successful head coaching experience it is time to give someone else an oppoetunity.

  5. Turnovers…continued turnover behavior is correctible by good coaching. I don’t get it. Some players show no ability to find the open player and just continue to run and gun. Big Mac is right. KATHY bENNETT RECRUITED INDIANA. Versyp recruits Indiana. I don’t know where she is now, but if Bennett isn’t available how about that guards coach ( got Valentin and DeMuth) Trish Bettenhausen? I understand they didnt give her aany opportunity to interview for the IU job. She (Trish B) was the last coach to win a Big 10 tournament for IU.

  6. The IU AD needs to step forward and explain why FLJ is being given the opportunity to continue in the face of extreme failure. Unless he is happy with the current product we are seeing. Or not seeing. Less than 1,900 showed up last night.

  7. Wow, that’s a heckuva note that she won’t even recruit top instate talent because another school is already recruiting them. I hope she is instilling more competitive drive in her players than she seems to put forth in recruiting. I can’t imagine CTC backing off a recruit because another school is recruiting them.
    Hopefully, she can turn the season around. Conference games are just getting started.

  8. abcIU- Bennett is the head coach at Southern Illinois, IU lost to Bennett earlier this presason at assembly hall.

    What is going on?

    Losing to Minnesota by over 40 points? The big ten is tough but not even the number 1 team in this conference should beat the 12th place team by 40+. I’m baffled.

    I understand that Jones is out with another ACL injury. How many injuries under Legette-Jack’s tenure? I feel it is high.

    What happened to #10. The freshman. She was a terrific spark off the bench. I have not seen her in the box scores or on the bench, where is she?

    I did a little research on Legette-Jack’s coaching history in terms of win loss record/comparison to other coaches in the big ten and besides her personality and passion she is anything but qualified for a big ten head coaching position. Being passionate will NOT get you consistent wins, that’s evident. As a head coach prior to IU she did not have great success. She has never been to the NCAA as a head coach and with what is going on with the program now in addition to her mediocre at best recruiting class coming in next year, a NCAA berth is not in IU’s future or even WNIT.

    I would like to see the women’s team do well too; moreover, I’m under the impression that the less revenue generating sports which includes women’s basketball is not even on the radar as a priority for Fred Glass. It seems his priorities (like most ADs) is to get football and basketball in order because that is where the money comes from. That’s the only justification as to why he would give her an extension. However, I would think that multiple blowouts and back to back to back to back losing seasons has to make him reconsider the undeserved extension he granted her. As a boss or CEO or AD, you have stipulations and benchmarks that your employees/coaches have to make every quarter/year/season. I’m interested to know what Fred Glass requires of Legette-Jack.

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