1. Crean did hold it admirably together for his team throughout the game. He called a crucial time-out between Lamb’s free throws. And when seconds earlier on our last possession Oladipo lost the handle he kept his calm and signaled clearly: “It’s OK, there is still time, we haven’t lost any game yet.” Both team and coach deserve praise.

  2. I couldn’t help myself. I suppose I wanted to prolong the enjoyment, but I went to the UK blogs to see the reactions. In fairness, the majority saw it for what it was but a really sizable minority went on forever about the lack of a foul call ON THEIR OWN PLAYER at the end. It was bantered about as an organized conspiracy, but something that no one touched on was the fact that there were at least a dozen more obvious reach ins by the Cats in the second half that also weren’t called. All the officials were doing was being consistent. They’d been grabbing arms all night with no calls but, when they want a foul, they go ballistic because there’s no call. Seriously, a team dominated by freshmen is called for only four fouls in the second half and they think there is a conspiracy AGAINST them?
    After several pages of conspiracy theories one Kentucky fan finally posted, “We have the stupidest fan base in the world.”
    To you I say, “BRAVO”.

  3. Chet- I cruised a few UK sites myself. All in all it was a comforting experience; it was much like our site. Mostly intelligent posters and a few idiots calling for Cal’s head for his endgame imperfections. Just goes to show, there are complainers and morons everywhere.

    Has anyone tried this mobile app yet? I am quite enjoying it so far.

  4. “Is it just one win? Sure. But whatever happens with the rest of Indiana’s season — an NCAA tournament berth looks like a lock now — IU still has a daunting Big Ten schedule to fight through first,” Eamonn Brennan writes. It’s clear Tom Crean has not only rebuilt this program but reinvigorated a long-dormant fan base.”

    -Eamon Brennan, Yahoo sports.

  5. You know, Brennan is wrong. The Hoosier fan base was always there, through thick and thin. Pretty amazing really.

  6. Chet, I agree Brennan was wrong the way he said it…it made it sound worse than it is. Most national media have been amazed at the amount of people who have gone to Assembly Hall and supported a losing team. I will say I have many co workers and friends who quit watching in the 2nd year of the rebuilding phase and many quit wearing their colors/IU gear so maybe he should have said it in a different way. To us that have stuck through this battle and stayed TRUE…Saturday night was magical!!!

  7. I will also admit I was wrong on Zeller…he is the difference maker, the confidence builder and much better than I have him credit for. I thought he would avg 10 and 8 but whatever his ppg avg is…he is so much more. Might sound arrogant but on players and coaches I am not wrong much..it is what it is. I was flat wrong on Zeller!!!

  8. I still get goosebumps after my zillionth viewing of that video. Here’s hoping, though that the next time we beat that team on the Hall floor (in two years) every fan there just walks away with that same, ‘f*** with US, m*****f******’ look that Crean has on his face at the end.

  9. I think where a lot of teams, Kentucky was one, will (or would have) err is that they don’t appreciate how good everyone else has become. CZ they were ready for but they expended too many resources focusing on him. It’s one of the ways he makes everyone else better. It’s synergy. They all make each other better.
    Regarding the UK blogs, now I don’t go to lots of IU blogs, pretty much just here. Steve felt they were pretty much like our fans. Well, most. But there was a strong contingent that was absolutely certain that the officials had chosen a specific series of calls in order to defeat UK and they were like a dog with a bone. They posted over and over demanding the other fans OPEN THEIR EYES AND SEE THE CONSPIRACY. I’ve never seen anything that extreme here and it wasn’t just one or two bloggers.
    As for me, it was no surprise to see it as I have UK fans in my family (not blood relations, thank, God).

  10. Re Kentucky, I quit considering them a “team” when they hired Cal. Cal is the NBA warming oven in the NCAA. Occasionally, the young talent will get them deep, but I think they will be less successful overall as a tournament team because of this dynamic. I’d prefer a coach that recruits to develop leadership and those that want to achieve.

  11. A picture is worth a thousand words! I have “creatively” incorporated the victory as a teachable lesson in my classroom.

    I’m showing a photo of “The Three” to my 8th grade language arts class. Then we’re taking a look at the Fischer call with the video and examining how that photo captured the emotion of the actual radio call and video broadcast. My students know how much I love IU basketball.

    Oh, and for the record, I teach in Lafayete.

  12. DD, So correct. Also in many past games using that combo you get to hear DF report what is happening about 8 seconds before you see it on TV. As was the case Saturday on ESPN. That 8 second differential allowed me to open a cold bottle of Heineken before CW’s shot ripped the net. Cheers took on a whole new meaning.

  13. Instant replay of what actually happened in Clarion’s living room:

    Watford misses a 15-footer with 20 seconds left(Clarion retreats to fridge for beer…

    “F***in’Watford!! CW’s ship has sailed and he ain’t on it!”

    Watford hits game-winning shot.

    “Lucky SOB. coachv is right..His form sucks.”

  14. Enjoy your joke, it is on you. I never look up posted links of BS. Hope to hoist cheers again on the 17th.

  15. I will cherish this video as long as I live. Sometimes good does triumph over evil.

    My UK fan co-workers don’t appreciate it so much, having already relegated this game to the ‘UK lost, so that game didn’t happen (the more extreme ones)/doesn’t merit any discussion (the normal ones)’ trash heap of subjective history.

    Hoosier Smitty, that’s absolutely beautiful, using that to de-indoctrinate some of those Purdue area students. Good job!!

    I am somewhat concerned that Darius Miller for UK appeared to get trampled. While I savor the victory, I don’t want anyone to get hurt in the mayhem. Any reports on that?

  16. “I was wrong on Zeller.”

    J Pat-

    Hats off to you. We live in a time when egos are far more important in protecting our unwavering and rigid stances than the reexamination of judgments or being a fan of anything. We’re so fearful of admitting wrong, we find new ways to target the same people with a different song.

    I don’t know you personally, but you sure seem different. You should be very proud of that fact. You take the good with the bad and forgive even with those that have vilified you. I have a feeling you’re a great father and husband. You likely know when love is more important than demands and expectations.

  17. what a moment. what a game. i’ve watched the replay over and over. as for ky fans, they only had 5 fouls the whole second half. what are they crying about?

  18. I estimate I’ve watched the video about 30 times, the latest being on my Iphone on the walk to work on a cold 27 degree morning. Anyone care to beat be on that number?

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