Zeller No. 12 on ESPN’s Draft Top 100

As pointed out by ESPN.com reporter and former Indiana Daily Student reporter Eamonn Brennan, Indiana freshman forward Cody Zeller currently sits No. 12 on ESPN NBA draft analyst Chad Ford’s  Top 100. Zeller currently ranks in between Kentucky’s Michael Kidd-Gilchrist and Terrence Jones and ahead of his older brother Tyler Zeller, a senior at North Carolina.

Zeller, who ranked near the top of his class at Washington High School and made it clear when he was recruited that academics played a major part in his decision, has given no indication whatsoever that he would want to leave Indiana after his freshman year. But this obviously indicates that he could have the option.


  1. Why can’t CTC recruit a 4 year Zeller? Just kidding but Zeller’s poise and fundamentals are very impressive.The pick at the end of the game allowed Jones to get free. Also I must apologize to CTC for my criticism this year. The Big 10 will be tough but I like the toughness I see by IU on the court.

  2. He is not ready yet, i like what i see so far. I will enjoy watching him until that decision comes but until then Go Hoosiers.

  3. Bah, let him go make his money. We don’t need him. He’s not a difference maker. I think that’s been clear so far.

  4. If we hang the 6th banner this year, he’s gone. With a 17th in the nation ranking in mid-December, is it so impossible. And other stunning news: We are now 3rd in Ryan’s Big 10 Power Rankings…even ahead of Michigan! Doesn’t that deserve a Dustin “Wow, just, wow?”

    Let’s not forget how much Watford’s ability to move his game inside/outside also helps Cody. They are a great tandem and make this team far more difficult to match-up against.

  5. He’s not a ‘lottery’ pick, yet. I don’t know, I just think he’s gonna be a four year guy. I think the college experience means more to him than a farm system for the NBA.

  6. Zeller will graduate, but I don’t know that he’ll stay 4 years. These days it not unusual for a kid to graduate in 3 years. If he’s a projected top 5 pick after that, it would be difficult for him to justify staying.

  7. He wouldn’t get off the bench if he went pro this year. He has to be able to shoot consistently from outside if he is going to make it as a pro. He isn’t strong enough to bang under the basket in the pros. He needs at least two years just to gain enough weight. I think he will be a great college player, but I don’t know if he is ever a very successful pro.

  8. I know Cody and his family, they have certain values and one of them is getting a good education to fall back on. My bet is he stays 4 years, the money will always be there. Look at Tyler, he could have went Pro but he and his teammates decided to come back for maybe another National Championship. Just my thoughts.

  9. Tyler wasn’t going to be a lottery pick at any point… So there wasn’t any real hurry to make that decision. Cody may be another story by the end of this year or next.

    Does getting a good education include learning how to write the sentence:

    “Look at Tyler, he could have WENT pro(,) but he and his teammates decided to come back for maybe another National Championship.”

    Not that I’m a professor, like Chet… Just my thoughts.

  10. This list is more speculative BS and another example of the media trying to create news. What happens happens. Let’s enjoy his talent and contributions for as long as he’s at IU and then wish him the best in the next phase of his life, whenever that begins.

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