Abell’s dagger helps Hoosiers hold off Purdue, 78-61

WEST LAFAYETTE — Robbie Hummel didn’t think Remy Abell would take it. The Indiana freshman guard had been bulldogging it to the hole all night and hadn’t taken a 3-pointer since Jan. 15, so when Abell caught the ball in the corner with 1:27 to go, Hummell rotated over and prepared himself for a drive instead of contesting the 3-pointer.

“The scouting report on him is, probably, let him shoot in that situation because he hasn’t been in there,” Hummel said. “I was kind of playing for the drive.”

But Abell instead hit a critical 3-pointer that gave Indiana a 70-61 lead with 1:27 to go, a dagger that propelled the No. 20 Hoosiers to a 78-61 lead in front of 15,108 at Mackey Arena.

“They kicked it over and I was wide open,” Abell said. “Somebody stepped up. Christian did a nice job of throwing me the extra pass and I just knocked it down.”

The win snapped a four-game streak of Big Ten road losses and snapped the Hoosiers’ five-game losing streak against their in-state rivals, which dated back to 2008. It was the first win over Purdue for Indiana’s seniors, and Indiana coach Tom Crean made a point to bring in seniors Kory Barnett and Daniel Moore for the last 20 seconds of the game to make sure they had a chance to enjoy it.

The win also gets the Hoosiers (18-6 overall, 6-6 in the Big Ten) back at .500 in conference play and gives them at least a chance to maintain a national ranking for another week.

“We’ve been struggling on the road, man,” said sophomore guard Victor Oladipo, who led all scorers with a career-high 23 points. “This is a big road win for us. We just gotta continue to keep doing it, continue to play at a high level.”

The Hoosiers had arguably their best defensive performance of the year, holding Purdue to a paltry 8-for-40 first-half shooting performance in what was a brutal half for both squads. For the game, Purdue shot just 21-for-71 (29.6 percent). It was just the second time this season that an Indiana opponent shot under 30 percent.

Oladipo and Abell made up for the absence of senior guard Verdell Jones, who was out with a bruised shoulder. They both attacked the rim off the dribble with ferocity. Oladipo had a career-high 23 points, hitting six of 14 field goal attempts including a 3-pointer and 10 of his 12 free throws. He also posted eight rebounds and four assists.

Abell played a season-high 19 minutes and scored 13 points, and their dribble drive attacks made it easier to get the ball to freshman forward Cody Zeller, who finished with 16 points and eight rebounds. Junior guard Jordan Hulls also posted 10 points.

Indiana had a 33-22 lead at halftime and their advantage hovered around 10 points for much of the early part of the second half, but Purdue rallied late to cut the deficit to 65-61. Senior guard Lewis Jackson had a chance to trim it further and had a clear lane to the basket with 2:18 to go, but Indiana sophomore swingman Will Sheehey came from behind to block the shot.

“There’s watershed moments in a game that you can point to to say that these were crucial parts of the game,” Crean said. “That block was one of them. And Remy making the shot was one of them.”

Purdue coach Matt Painter was so impressed by the Hoosiers’ effort that he said it would’ve been an injustice if the Boilermakers could’ve completed the comeback.

“To me it looked like it meant more to them right from the start,” Painter said. “You just see guys’ facial expressions, you can see guys’ body language. I thought they were more engaged. If we could’ve made that play at the end when we were down four and they ended up losing, it would’ve been a shame, because they deserved to win the game. They were tougher than us, they were quicker to the basketball.”

AUDIO: Robbie Hummel, D.J. Byrd, Lewis Jackson

AUDIO: Matt Painter

AUDIO: Tom Crean

AUDIO: Remy Abell

AUDIO: Victor Oladipo


  1. Great win for these young Hoo HOO HOOSIERS! I so proud how the young freshmen played in a tough enviroment. Abell and Cody Zeller played like they had been playing for years. Well the team got a great victory on the road. Proud of you hoosiers. Keep it going.

  2. I liked the zone decision. It was clearly the right decision vs. purdue. A lot of bricks by the boilerqueers. They did hit their first three 3s of the 2H but they came back to reality and our guys made some real good, focused plays when we needed them.

    Byrd might be the dirtiest player I’ve seen since Jalen Rose.

    Hope we beat these punks by 35 in early March.

  3. Well, at the beginning of the season I hoped we would win 18 games, and we did. But I didn’t expect to have 6 games left in the regular season and more post season games to come!

    We set alot of bad records (losing streaks etc.) the last three years. It’s gratifying to see that past crumble away and a bright new future shine through. This season we got a crummy non conference road win, then a good non-conference road win, then a crummy conference road win, and now a good conference road win, finally. That’s alot of monkeys off our backs.

    Can’t wait for some post season tournament wins!

  4. Im going to say what everyone else is thinking. VJ3 didn’t play one minute and we won on the road! This looked like a different team from the past month. Hard nosed blue collar grit which is what it takes in this conference. Some brutal calls and no calls both ways as well. I believe this is the turning point for IU. We went on the road and beat our biggest (or IMO 2nd biggest) rival. The confidence is back. It wasn’t pretty but i’ll take the blue collar ugly wins all day! And I have to say it to keep my streak alive Watford is HORRIBLE! Just HORRIBLE! To be an JR playing against your in state rival and not to score a FG and get straight shook 90% of the time on D is sad! I want some opinions here is he just lazy? I’ve seen him play great ball. My theory is he’s one of those kids who if they miss their first couple of shots they fold but to fold on both ends of the floor is weak! Im glad we won and don’t want to sound bitter but to think how GREAT we could be if he would play up to his potential. Calapari said he looked like a lottery pick vs UK! What happened? Feed back please. And why does CTC give him so many minutes? The way Elston and Pritch have been playing he might not see the floor if Im coaching. Please someone anyone give me your opinions. Geoff? Harvard? Chet? We Kentucky IU fans are baffled. Insert punchline. Good win IU!

  5. I predicted this win. But I also predicted a big game from Elston and Zeller. Both were fine but it was Oladipo and Abell who had the really big games.

    Great team effort. Elston played some strong D, Hulls hit key shots, Zeller scored 16, pulled down 8 boards and frustrated PU all night. Watford wasn’t too effective but hitting both free throws to put the lead back to 6 was huge. Sheehey’s block was huge. Ablell’s 3 pointer to push it back to 9 was huge. Good defense from the whole team, really. Purdue game planned for Zeller and our 3 point shooters but forgot about Oladipo. And they didn’t know about Abell — but they do now.

    This was fun to watch. Love beating Purdue. The guys played tough and they played smart. Great win, team!

  6. HfKY – Watford was bad for the first 35 minutes, but I thought he was very tough in the last 5. He hit FT’s and WENT and GOT rebounds. I also think he got a block late in the game. So while I was frustrated most of the game, I did think he ended up contributing towards the win.

    I don’t think that Pritch and Elston will get many more minutes. Even when Watford isn’t playing well he is someone that the other team has to pay attention to, which allows other players room to operate. I am comfortable with a minute distribution of Watford (25), Elston (20), and Pritchard (10).

    If you remember, when others were saying he looked like an NBA player I was laughing. I’ve always thought he was a talented, but physically and mentally underwhelming player. I don’t feel like bashing a guy after a win I feel so great about, so that’s all I’ll say.

    Great win!

  7. I disagree, hoosierfaninky. Watford played some good defense tonight and he didn’t “get shook” 90% of the time. He made 2 critical free throws, had 2 assists and snagged (with authority) some big rebounds. Granted he didn’t have much on offense but I don’t think it is accurate to say he was horrible (I’ll spare everyone the all caps from above). It’s a team game. They won as a team. Everyone contributed, some more than others. They just beat Purdue by 17 at Mackey! Let’s enjoy that for a minute or two before we tear into individual players.

  8. After listening to Remy’s post game audio, I’m even happier for his showing in the game.

    .. Hulls was some of the glue that really stuck. Jackson of Purdue was a whole lot of nothing. We had an expanded back court with Vic, Remy and Hulls.
    IU did not mirror the Purdue spread 5 offense, but Vic took advantage of the Purdue guys with the dribble penetration.

    The thing that moves from this game forward is I think the players will have more of a comfort level about who is on the court. What to expect from one another in crunch time.

  9. Painter seems to get it: his team is really not that good and with our talent level we SHOULD have beat them. Good job, but let’s move on – Illinois is much better than PU, we need to focus on being CONSISTENTLY good, not just good sometimes. Let’s beat Illinois (for the first time in way too long) and put together a good run.

  10. btw, the game at Iowa in a couple of weeks will be very, very interesting. In the ‘bad old days,’ we all know how that game would have gone: give them a humiliating beatdown here, then follow it up by letting them play the game of their season and get revenge in IC. I can see them turning us over 20 times, hitting all their 3’s and generally ‘getting well’ at our expense. Let’s just go out there and take care of business.

  11. There is nothing sweeter in basketball than Beating Purdue at Mackey! The team was focused and passionate on defense and rebounding. On offense teamwork ruled over individual moves. Indiana is much better on defense and rebounding when Zeller, Oladipo, Sheehey and Abell are on the floor together. Indiana is still inconsistent, note Watford and Elston for most of the game. But each player who played before the final seconds contributed to this victory (Matt Roth 2 key rebounds and 1 strategic foul in 7 minutes). Great job!

  12. Lot of good games yesterday. This was one of the better ones. Too me, long term key of the game and in future games was when P got within 4 points and IU shot selection continued – no panic just determination. If IU could get an addtional point everytime VO hits the floor we would have won by 35. Anyone notice the post game handshake between CTC and Painter? CTC is doing his power walk and Painter is looking down and kinda backward to him. Wonder what CTC said.??? BTW good coaching.

  13. gee-off,

    look. you seem to be a person of average intelligence. it is spelled j-e-f-f. this might help allay the confusion a lot of your friends and family are feeling about your name. just trying to help, man.

  14. coachv- funny you brought up the “Geoff” spelling. I was going to post on that a few weeks ago. In my opinion:

    “Geoff”= Old English spelling; aristocratic, suggests sophistication, elegance (as in “Chaucer,” “Rush”)

    “Jeff”= redneck. Suggests mullets, mustaches, race cars, and cheeseburgers. (as in “Foxworthy,” “Fisher,” “”Gordon”).

  15. Watford had an off shooting night. BUT
    -he had six boards and couple were REALLY timely and strong
    -A nice block late
    -a couple of assists, including on Remy’s shot when Watford could have launched one.
    -ZERO TURNOVERS, despite getting hammered after a rebound a couple of times.
    -he got hurt, but came back in and played strong after that, 4/4 FTs

    I’d say, all around, CW showed a lot of maturity. You cannot control having an off shooting night, but you can make sure it does not affect the rest of your game.

  16. Watford played OK. He didn’t force things on the offensive side or make any turn overs. He got some big rebounds and a blocked shot late. Hit some big free throws late just after we had missed four and gave Purdue a chance to comeback to with in four points.
    Unlike VJ3 who I think has mentally quit this team. Watford cameback after hurting his knee. Bruised shoulder my butt bruised ego is more VJ3 problem!

  17. While everyone is taking this one road victory less VJ3 and saying hey, look what this team can do without hime. The defense of that theory can be said about the KY, NC State & OSU games in which he played.

  18. I still say he’s getting playing time because of his commitment to Crean 4 yrs to stay & CTC is honoring that commitment. A commitment only 2 players made that year!

  19. I guess living in KY and watching IU games with my UK friends and they laugh and say “that’s the player who beat us” just makes me mad! Some of you guys on here sound like your ok with mediocracy. My friend who played for Evansville said in his opinion Watford is one of our weakest players. If we want to get to the top we can’t keep defending mediocracy! And Watford is mediocre at best. And Boomer im not sure where you played ball but when a player goes 0-7 fg% 0-3 3pt fg% 0 steals and 4 points im sorry to tell you partner that’s worthy of all caps HORRIBLE pretty much anywhere you go.

  20. There is a difference between mediocre and inconsistent. When Watford plays well and shoots well, he is an excellent player and his play would get PT on any team.
    He is inconsistent. But your reference of his 0-7 and 0 steals as proof that he is a weak player ignores the things that a coach would love to have, solid D, good rebounding, solid ball handling. No forced shots. And when he shoots well, does that make him a superior player? Is VO all-Big Ten? Based on his play yesterday he is player of the year. I guess you are saying, if you coached the team CW would not play. There is a reason you don’t coach our team (or any other).
    It was a good win and lots of players contributed in lots of different ways. The coaching, game plan and game management were excellent. If you are a fan, that should be plenty to celebrate.

  21. @Larry: Verdell may have played in all 3 of those wins, but it’s very, very debatable how much he helped the team. I thought he played very poorly in both the UK and OSU wins, and I thought he was a non-factor in the NC State game.

    A quick check of the box scores confirms that for me.

  22. I’m not so sure we would have missed a beat with Remy in those games for Verdell. Watford did alot of decoying, hanging around the 3 point line to keep Hummell away from the defensive boards.

  23. HfKY – so earlier I agreed and disagreed with you about Watford. Agreed he didn’t play well, but disagreed to a point because I thought his last 5 minutes were excellent and help put the game away.

    Now I would like to agree with you completely on one point. I thought Watford’s individual defense yesterday was really poor. He was only person that I noticed get taken consistently to the rim. Both Hummel and Byrd went by him. He also was part of terrible defense on three separate Barlow forays to the hoop – whether the guy being beat or the guy who didn’t step over to help.

    I re-watched the game this morning to see if my impressions last night were correct (it was tough because it was an emotional game for me too)… and two things really stuck out.

    1. Watford’s defense was not good at all

    2. I am more comfortable when Jordy initiates the offense. Although I think that Dipo should be more aggressive once he touches the ball. We just really struggled to get into set with him bringing the ball up. Dipo was great, but I think he can do exactly what he did last night without playing the point.

  24. When I heard VJ3 was out at the start of the game, I was not happy to hear he was still hurt, but I was excited to see what would happen on the floor without him. He simply tries to do too much. When Purdue made a push late, I could just see VJ3 driving the ball down the lane and handing it off to a Boilermaker, or taking an off balance jumper from 20 feet out with a defender in his face with 25 seconds on the shot clock. Purdue would have gone right down for the easy bucket to close the gap. The fact is VJ3 has done that exact thing too many times in critical moments, and the patience exhibited by the Hoosier guards last night was refreshing.

  25. These guys have completed the trifecta for me.. ky, osu, and pu all in the same year. Great finish in the Big, and tourneys to follow. Congrats team and coaches…especially those that have been here through all the struggles these past 3 years. Here is that improvement and success that we have all been anxious for!

    More excitement to follow. CTC knows what he is doing. Just stay tuned.

    Proud of the Hoosiers these four seasons.

  26. HiKY
    Vic handling the ball does not allow the defense to get set ready for him to do his thing. He just creates . I was real comfortable with the way he created. Hulls is actually better,as the defense rotates or adjusts with the penetration in the lane. He not starting the offense is a good thing in this game.

  27. No contribution in the box score by “he who shall not be named” could ever approach the polarizing negative effects impeding the overall success our team.

    What you witnessed against Purdue, as you watched a team running on all cylinders, was the opportunity cost of loyalty beyond reason. Absent was the deflation of spirit. Each member on our roster had a chance to optimize their contributions toward the overall success of the team.

    We had the same “coming together party” this phenomenon during a three game stretch last season; the same instantaneous awakening of a disjointed team suddenly looking on the same page. Please don’t insult the intelligence of a Hoosier basketball fan by calling the parallels pure coincidence. This was far more than a good game from Remy or Oladipo.

  28. Aside from the win, my favorite part of the game was Cody demonstrating how he has learned you can throw a guy to the floor and not get called for a foul. But he did it one better, he pulled the guy to the floor and got the foul called on the guy!!! That was great.

    Is it my imagination, or has Roth gone from a one dimensional three point shooter to a much more complete player?

  29. Elston matching Byrd on that rebound brought me out of chair.
    It was great that Byrd not only lost the battle for the ball, but fouled out of the game. That sent Elston to the line. Great play.

  30. Hoosierplus, I was jumping up for that one, too. Great move by Elston. He had a tough game but fought hard the whole way and that was a smart move. Byrd had been lighting it up from 3 and I was relieved to see him foul out. One less chance for Purdue to mount a comeback.

  31. great win tonight. been an iu fan since 1972. this group of young men are representing our state and school extremely well. very proud of them, their effort and dedication. some have a good night, some a great night, some they want to forget. but the team won…..

  32. kenny, you are without a doubt the tallest basketball player I have ever seen.

    While they ALL count, especially in conference, CTC has coached these guys to wins in EVERY big game this season. Sure, Nebraska and Minnesota hurt but nobody would trade them for PU and OSU even though they count the same in the conference standings. Not just winning but, except for Kentucky and OSU, most of the games were not close. I know this is gonna stir up controversy but I’m sticking with my previous statements that he knows what he’s doing. Of course the next time we lose a game he’ll be blasted here again.

    If I’m Verdell I’d be wary of being out alone. I’m still not sure about that shoulder injury (and I really know something about shoulder injuries). Something just doesn’t seem right but it’s no doubt just my imagination.

    Putting on my sports psychologist hat (the pointy one with the stars on it) I think CWat has confidence issues. Possibly fear of failure. That will be $300 please.

  33. I agree in theory about the strength and weakness of this team as a consequence of the personnel on the floor, their handling of the ball and their capacity to provide defense. Saturday’s win made that as obvious as losses against Nebraska and Penn State had before. Hoosier fans are a critical bunch, and as the blog shows, we do know our basketball. Likewise, our expectations.

    The point? It begins with the fact that VJ3 gave a commitment to us when no one else wanted a whiff off our carcass. He has mostly respected the fans and certainly IU. We owe him respect and the awareness that he will soon be a fellow brother graduate and wear the honor of being a ‘former Hoosier’. You can critique him, you can hope and voice your opinion about his play and its impact on the team. You can extend that to the coaches who decide his PT and hir role in situations.

    But, to demean him, insult him, belittle him and disrespect him is uncalled for and shows a total lack of class (I respected Geoff’s hardcore and consistent analysis without demeaning VJ and the acknowledgment that after a win- after near-starvation, digest slowly and wisely). I’d like to see us give him the same respect he has shown IU. This is specifically directed at HoosierfromKy…you’ve lived south of the river way too long, you sound as if you were nurtured among the mares near Lexington.

    What was that (said) as Crean passed Painter? Will the content be among tomorrow’s Proverbs on Tweeter? Some witness!

  34. Today’s chuckle for the day.

    I was curious about what was being posted at karen’s site, Hulahoopsta, about the game because my other visit there was so critical of CTC and everything he was doing. I wondered if their 4 posters would suck it up. I had previously registered using my same name as I wasn’t trying to hide anything. Now, keep in mind I’ve never posted there so there’s not really any reason to ban me or anything like that. Well, my login didn’t work so I figured maybe I made a typo when I established my password. So I hit he ‘forgot’ link and entered my email address. There was no record of me. All info of my registering there had been deleted.

    So, that really is karen’s site. That is SO funny.

  35. First,Classy comments by Painter.We played 40 tough minutes against the team that played harder than anyone I’ve seen this year.Second,i’ve been watching IU for 50 years and the times I can remember beating Purdue up there by 17 is zero!A great,great, win.Third ,well we don’t need Verdell.I hate to think how many turnovers he would HAVE MADE AGAINST that pressure!Hulls got rattled a time or two.Tough ,tough,play By Cody,Elston and magnificent play by Oladipo.I am wondering how we might fare against NCAA officiating come tournament time.We just might shock a few come March.After surviving the lousy officiating at Wisconsin and Nebraska,who knows….we might break out.

  36. Chet, I think I get the same scent about the shoulder issue. I’ve always thought CW was deficient of confidence simply from the weak attempts to go up strong under the basket with the ball. He never has put the necessary exclamation point on the end of those type of offensive plays to gain the confidence from that resulting success would build. I used to shoot lots of trap. I was better than good if I shot last, if I had to shoot 1st my performances were usually less stellar. 2 different activities but a similar quirk causing disappointing results. …CONFIDENCE…

  37. I don’t want to brand the guy. I mean, he’s been magnificent at his best. I think what I meant to say is that he has the potential to be amazing if he can work through whatever issues he may (or may not) have. I want him to be the guy we know he can be.

  38. Not to keep beating a dead watford (watford) but spanky btown inconsistent to me means a player has a couple games of bad ball then bounces back. When was Watford’s last good game. Im not talking about a couple wide open 3’s and a few boards im talking about the type of good game we know Watford’s capable of? Because anything less then his best effort is or should not be good enough for Indiana! And Geoff your right about his poor defense all night! Byrd blew bye him at least twice and when CTC switched him to Barlow he killed him. I was starting to worry about you for a minute Geoff. Painter was telling who ever Watford was gaurding to attack. This is a 6’9 JR Hoosier we are talking about. The reason im on him so much (and can’t believe you guys aren’t) is imagine if he would play up to his potential every game. If he did there’s no way we are 500 in the B10. Also im surrounded by UK fans and when a UK kid has a bad game they are wanting him off the team. And they still win by 30. They are morons for the mosst part but to some degree I respect their passion for their team as well I wish IU fans felt the same way (not as extreme) but at least call a spade a spade. If Watford played for UK or UL and had that type of game let alone what 4 in a row now? Calapari or patino would have given him the (are you sure this is the right place for you speech) because they know their fans won’t tolerate laziness and minimal effort!! Sorry so long just been a while since I had any passion about IU.

  39. Completely disagree with the Watford comments. Because of his versatility, his ability to take his game inside or outside, he is likely the Hoosier most our opponents place their greatest defensive focus.

    I don’t think you make four clutch free throws at the end of one of the biggest games of the season if you lack in belief in yourself. He had an off-shooting night. Let’s not forget that Roth has been unable to hit the side of a barn the last few games. Hulls has also been a bit of a roller coaster.

    Watford’s mental toughness is not in question from my vantage point. I thought he battled hard for boards against Purdue. The fact he has to be respected from the outside can open the floor for penetration and makes any defense more vulnerable. Taking advantage of that versatility in our lineup is somewhat hampered because our guard situation is still a bit lacking in athleticism(aside from a up-and-coming freshman that is just beginning to see substantial minutes), Watford has to get much of his offensive production on his own ability to create.

    We don’t have anything approaching our current success without

    Losses today for Michigan and Illinois..Big 10 standings are really compressing in the middle. Big opportunity for the Hoosiers to make a move in the next two weeks.

    Miami over Duke in OT. Love it.

  40. We don’t have anything approaching our current success without Christian Watford.

  41. ht,

    see? i told you he was spelling it wrong. maybe he should consider changing his name to chet. simple. masculine. and easy to spell.

    speaking of chet, why would anyone give a rat’s ass about a woman’s opinion concerning basketball. if she wants to teach us how to stew monkey brains, we’ll be all ears. until then she can sit quietly knitting her doilies.

  42. He could have a lot more success if he would go up strong with the ball under the basket. 60% of the time he either is stripped, blocked or cannot decide to dunk, bank or fake. I have yet to figure out if it is in his head or does he have small hands, weak upper torso or no power in his legs. It is a debilitating weakness in a big mans game. Yes he is versatile. Chaney with his floor game was Mr. Consistent, CW is not.

  43. cw’s problems are poor fundamentals. he has no post moves. power hook with arm bar, drop step, turn around jumper, chicken wing, shoulder fake, up and under…you name it, he doesn’t have it. while we’re at it, he never starts his drive with a cross over step, which makes him much slower with his first step, with an added benefit of exposing the ball to his defender. he also kinda lopes with his stride when he drives instead of sprinting. oh, and he has the slowest release in the conference due to poor shooting mechanics. other than that, i can’t really think of anything.

  44. HT All that I’ve seen would lead me to believe that if Remy ran into someone with his shoulder it would not be Remy coming up lame. Awkward collision’s??

    So here is the other side. I’m tired of firing bb’s at Verdell. Come on Verdell you can’t be that resilient to the ton of social media that comes your way. And screw that, you just know what needs to be done.

    Watford more of the same. Everywhere you go on the court your arms are at your side. I think you need the broom handle drill. You run up and down the court with a broom handle over your head in practice. I don’t ever see you make a big target to receive a pass. You have your arms pegged down at your side in a crowd for a rebound.

    You coil before going up around the basket. Take the ball chest high and elevate. If Sheehey can Tomahawk over someone, where is it. You have like a 7 foot wingspan.

    Maybe coming from the wing with the Connie Hawkins floating hook shot.

  45. Why do some of you keep asking for Watford to be more athletic? It isn’t part of his game. He isn’t an above average athlete. he has above average skill for a man his size. He isn’t clumsy for a man his size. He is a better shooter than most guys his size. But he just isnt a good athlete at the D1 level. He has 2 dunks all year. He has no explosion.

    If you want to get on him for his work ethic, or for not being stronger at this stage of his career, or not being a better leader or more consistent defender… Fine. But if a guy isn’t explosive there just isn’t a whole lot he can do about it. Certainly not enough to catch up to all the explosive athletes around him.

  46. Hmmm, stewed monkey brains…

    Geoff, that was funny about the ugly girlfriend. I am a very confident person in pretty much any setting and, frankly, there’s no particular reason I should be. I do, however, have a smokin’ hot wife. That would explain it.

    HC, coachv and HPLUS, you guys are so right about CWat at the rim. He’ll get the ball down low and take that painfully slow first step and settle for a hook in the lane…with a seven foot wing span! Really? That’s your finishing move? Nobody fouls a guy shooting a hook shot. Go to the hole, man! Get your free throws. You’re a great free throw shooter. While I applaud his outside shooting skills what’s the point of being tall if you’re nowhere near the basket (remember the waste of meat Danny Ferry was in the NBA?). Yo’re a big man. Go be big.

    That’s my rant. Now my kudos. Harvard, you are right. No way we are in this position without CWat. He has been an invaluable part of the team. No way we beat Kentucky without him.

    That’s the thing. He can go from lottery pick to a door stop in the course of a game. I want him to be great.

    Get a prettier girlfriend.

  47. TEAM WIN!Everyone contributed at one time or another,even Watford !I was freaked for a while,TV TED with a whistle and were at Purdue!It only took one minute for him to get a close up with Painter!I got a great picture of VJ3 on the bench,he looked good there!Watford is a camelion of some type!The freethrows were as huge as Sheehey’s block!All the Hoosiers had the eye of the tiger going on,it was great!Watford did get the blowby put on him several times,he just seems so soft inside at times!Maybe he doesn’t realize he is6’9 ?Dipo was a monster and Remy can play,just needs minutes!We now must focus on Illini it would be nice to beat them and old Bruce the crybaby for a change.Biggest fear after beating Purdue,letdown and loosing at home!Cannot overlook the defense put on Jackson,WOW!I know this will sound lame but Hummel is a class act!Even Painter said after the game IU wanted it more then we did!SUCCESS IS A STATE OF MIND ,ATTITUDE IS EVERYTHING!

  48. Nice post TJ. I thought that Hulls’ running floater in traffic was the real “dagger before the dagger” that thwarted the Purdue rally pushing our lead back to six.

    Feling confident about Illinois. Actually, it’s the streaky NW team and Shurna that worries me more !

  49. I’ve said it before, when we HAVE to have a basket, more often than not, Jordy’s there and you never know how he’s gonna do it. Call him too small or too slow but I’ve been watching him get to the basket or shake his man for a 12 footer (when he’s not draining threes) at precisely the right moment all season. I think having Vic on the court makes him a much bigger threat.

    It’s a mindset. He KNOWS he is gonna score (even when he doesn’t). He is one confident player. His parents and coaches deserve a lot of credit. His head is in the right place for success. We’re never gonna read stories about Jordy being broke and in rehab.

  50. For those that haven’t seen the data, 75% of NBA and NFL players are broke and/or bankrupt four years after retirement.

  51. There are only so many commentator or coaching jobs to go around for retired athletes. I admire the guys like Mashburn who think ahead a few steps and invest a little along the way.

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