Big picture with Legette-Jack

I talked with Indiana women’s basketball coach Felisha Legette-Jack after the Hoosiers’ practice Tuesday at Assembly Hall, and she talked about the program, recruiting and her job. Here’s what she had to say in Q&A format.

On if the the number of losses this season took a toll?
Not at all. If I only worked when we won, and got sad and didn’t work when we didn’t win, then it would take a toll. It will be something I reflect on at the end of the season. We don’t have time for that. There’s no spilled milk.

Right now, we would love to get the four-year kid that’s a local kid to stay home. I’m at every gym, my coaches are all over the state of Indiana. We want them to stay home and want them to play here. But if they don’t, I’ve still got to get some people to play here, that want to be here and really appreciate that Indiana degree.

These are the people that we’ve got, so we’ve got to make some soup out of it, and make it make sense. We love them, and we’re working hard. Unfortunately, we don’t know what kind of deck we would have had had we had no injuries. But it is what it is.

But we’ve got two good kids coming in next year. We’re excited about that. We’re trying to bring in two more.

Worried about the effect of this season on the program?

I’m not worrying, because I’m getting the calls. Some people are saying that they can help us. They’re saying, ‘I see your problem. I might can be of service to you coach.’

We’re talking all over the world. We’ve got some people that are really interested in being a part of what we’re trying to create, because when they see us on TV, they don’t see, ‘Oh, they’re 5-and-whatever,’ they see passionate people, people that love where they are, love their work, the people they work for, they love their institution, and we’re just falling short.

And if you’re going to complain about it and say, ‘This sucks,’ and not come and be a part of it, then you’re part of the problem. But if you want to help and you want to join us and you’re good enough, come on over, knock on my door, call my number. I answer that phone all night long. We’re willing to talk to you, because we want people to want us, but we don’t’ want people that feel like they have to come to Indiana, because there’s nothing else going on.

This is a great place, this is a great place where great people come and do great things. They’re out there, and they’re on their way to us. I don’t know where they are really, but we’re getting calls and it’s in the air right now.

On if she thinks about the impact of the season on her job status:
Not at all. I never can think about that. I’m going to work my tail off, and I’m going to do everything I can to be a success. …

My desire and my energy and my passion for Indiana is going to stay 100 percent on the focus of trying to grow this program. I think that’s all you can do. I’m excited about where I am. I don’t look at this half-empty cup. It’s half-full always, and so tomorrow’s a whole other day, you can’t predict it, you don‘t know about it. I’m excited about today, and I’m looking forward optimistically about tomorrow.


  1. What else can she say? It’s over? Well, allow me coach FLJ. It is over. Failed coaching. Failed recruiting. Failed program.

    If the IU AD does not make a change after the season he is condemning the program to a much ong period of failure. In other words, he has given up on the team.

  2. Ugh, her answers are ridiculous. Pack your office and move on. You’re done here. Let’s get the women’s team winning.

  3. Sounds like Mike Davis when he said help is on the way. Sorry coach, not buying your out in gyms in Indiana all the time. I attend many girls games in the state and don’t recall seeing you anywhere, but have seen other coaches around. Time to move on a find a current assistant coach from a winning program to come here and intill some winning ways here. And we need to pay that coach enough to come here, otherwise we’ll never go anywhere. These are her recruits and it’s not happening. We have the facilities to attract kids here. Get a coach and pay them and the recruits will come. Heck, do what Crean did, promise playing time as we can’t get any worse.

  4. That interview is one of the most ridiculous I have ever read! Anyone with a half decent pair of eyes can see that this program is circling the drain. Three concecutive seasons of decreasing wins. This is typical coach Jack speak, always be positive and preach tomorrow! Well, we have listened to her for three concecutive years now and the record keeps getting worse! If she and her assistant coaches are all over Indiana in the gyms trying to recruit local players, doesn’t it tell you something that local players aren’t coming to IU? Obviously, her and her assistants aren’t very appealing to Indiana high school players, these kids are smarter than you think. They obviously feel they can’t win here! As she says, just look at the facility and Cook Hall, who wouldn’t want to come here? The campus and the facilities are second to none! There are only two reasons that Indiana kids won’t come to IU, one is, they are not being recruited by the IU staff or, they are being recruited but, they realize that coach Jack and her staff are not up to the task of making them better players and winning games! It’s time to find a coach that can get the job done!! Get her out of here!!

  5. Mike I concur with your thoughts and offer some additional. I don’t pay much attention to women sports because there are so many men sports to stay abreast of but for 2 years I have stayed tuned into the results of the IU women’s basketball program. After all if there is 1 sport we want IU women to have resounding success with it is BB. After watching the M.O. of AD Glass the last 3 years it is certain he will increase the diopter for evaluating this program. I view it much like Mike Davis not successfully recruiting our own rich, abundant, homegrown resource(basketball players)and the diminishing program performance. He will at what he deems the appropriate time ante up much like he did for Coach Wilson and bring in someone who will install successful BB direction much like Coach Crean has. What is it the politicians are so fond of saying, “we want it sooner rather than later”? Nonetheless the timing of the process belongs to Glass and the process will clearly have a focus toward results.

  6. Coach Jack has been at IU for 6 years. She has not been able to attract quality women from Indiana High Schools. She does not have good relationships with Indiana HS girl coaches. There is a lot of immediate playing time available at IU, the B1G is a great conference, the BTN televises games like no other conference, the campus is beautiful, the academics are first class, the post basketball career business and professional potential is strong, the facilities are unmatched. So what is missing? A coach that women basketball players yearn to play for!

  7. Do coaches get PR training. I can’t read another interview like this. Does she think that people do not watch the program even in its current state? Jeremy please ask her about the actual stats. Why are they last in ALL of them. Your team is young. Okay. Have they improved from the beginning of the season or continued to get worse. Have the freshmans grown? Has the sophomores grown, etc? Teams across the nation lose players daily due to injuries and other circumstantial situations and they all have to recover in one way or another and find their identity. IU has found their identity but it’s not one to be proud of. As BeatPurdue stated, there are wonderful resources, beautiful campus, Cook Hall is awesome, the Big Ten is one of the top conferences in the nation. Who wouldn’t want to come here? Out of state and ESPECIALLY in state. If I were a 16 or 17 year old HS player, I would steer clear of IU. I would look at it either as a failing program, or I would see how well the program has developed players over the years. I would see who was coming in with me. I don’t know if I would be excited about playing with the 123rd point guard in the nation. Is that considered high? Doesn’t sound like it, not for the Big Ten. I would also look at how the team is compared to other teams in the conference. Looking at this season, they were seconds away from losing to an IUPUI team that can barely call themselves division I, yet alone mid major division I. So major DI is out of the picture. I say all this to say, girls who are in IU’s backyard know all to well that IU is not the place to commit. Honestly, why would they? I believe her staff can go to every gym in the state, every game and that would change nothing. They don’t want to come. How long has she been here? What is her track record, all point to continued failure. This is Indiana, but lets give our high school girls some credit for making the best decisions for themselves. With Legete Jack here, would you want your daughter to play in such a program? It would be nice to hear what Fred Glass has to say. If he even has it in his mind to replace her this season. Will he wait until after the men finish up in the NCAA or take care of it before spring break. I’ll be watching.

  8. Her overall attitude sucked I saw her walk off the court after a loos and not even shake hands with the team they lost to. She had zero personality and her people skills weren’t very impressive with you women.

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