First five minutes doom Indiana in 68-56 loss at Michigan

ANN ARBOR, Mich. — For the first five minutes of Wednesday’s game, Indiana coach Tom Crean looked out on his starters and saw fear and confusion, turnovers and defensive miscues, and a general lack of understanding of the game plan they’d discussed.

Late in the first half he saw much of that corrected — in part because of major lineup changes — and that led to a comeback that brought Indiana within two points of the lead in a game they’d trailed by 20 points. However, the comeback was too draining and critical 3-pointers by Michigan guards Tim Hardaway Jr. and Stu Douglass foiled the Hoosiers’ comeback. The No. 23 Wolverines won 68-56 in front of 12,721 at Crisler Arena and the No. 20 Hoosiers lost their fourth straight Big Ten road game, falling to 17-6 overall, 5-6 in the Big Ten.

“At the start of the game we allowed a very good team to play like a great team,” Indiana coach Tom Crean said. “Our players came out playing like they’d seen a ghost. You can not come out and no have a physical presence right off the bat. You can’t come out and give that kind of space to a team that’s as good as Michigan.”

The Wolverines opened with a 10-0 spurt that quickly became a 15-2 run, and by the 7:12 mark it was 28-8. Michigan freshman point guard Trey Burke scored 10 points in the first 5:21 and because the Hoosiers were helping so hard off of their men to stop him from driving, he was able to find wide open-shooters for 3-pointers while also hitting his own. The Wolverines hit five 3’s in the first seven minutes.

“We can’t start out like that,” junior point guard Jordan Hulls said. “It’s just terrible.”

Crean was so disappointed in the play of his starting five of Hulls, senior guard Verdell Jones, sophomore swingman Will Sheehey, junior forward Christian Watford and freshman center Cody Zeller that he didn’t play that lineup again. Sheehey drew his ire in particular, playing just 10 minutes and attempting just one free throw, committing two fouls and turning the ball over three times.

“Our starting lineup was a joke,” Crean said. “That’s why we didn’t play that lineup much longer after the initial start of the game. We’ve just gotta continue to get better. I’m looking for guys in February that are playing with a warrior spirit. You just have to have it.”

From there, Crean said he saw more of it. The Hoosiers outscored Michigan 14-5 in the last 7:12 of the first half to make it 33-22 at the break, then a 12-2 run early in the second half cut the deficit to 38-36. Michigan would take a nine-point lead after that, but Indiana rallied back to within 52-50 with 3:20 to go in the game.

On the next possession, however, Burke drove baseline to find sophomore guard Tim Hardaway Jr. in the corner for a 3-pointer to make it 55-50, then Douglass hit a 3 off an assist from Douglass to make it an eight-point game. The Hoosiers cut it back to within six, but Michigan was able to ice it with free throws.

“You don’t want to have to rely on the end of a game to win a game on the road,” Crean said. “Just like you don’t at home. It’s just magnfied more on the road.”

Burke went more than 30 minutes without a basket, but finished with a game-high 18 points. Hardaway Jr. finished with 13 as did Michigan senior guard Zack Novak.

Hulls led the Hoosiers with 18 points and five assists. Freshman forward Cody Zeller posted his second double-double with 11 points and 12 rebounds, but the Hoosiers didn’t have another scorer in double digits.

IU senior guard Verdell Jones left at the end of the first half with a shoulder injury and did not return. Crean said that he bruised the shoulder and would be evaluated Thursday, but did not have any more information.

AUDIO: Tom Crean

AUDIO: Jordan Hulls


  1. I don’t know if you start Remy on Jackson at Purdue, but hopefully get him in with Vic to stop some people.

  2. Seems like Watford starts alot of plays around the basket with his hands at waist high or below with the ball. At other times he sweeps the ball thru the defense. Seems like he should have the ball more at chest high,so the defender can’t tie him up.

    Watford on Burke was good for awhile.

    Remy needed that second drive to the basket to fall.

  3. Crean says our starting line up was a joke? I think our preparation was a joke; 2 and 31 for road games in the Big Ten says just as much or more about Crean’s preparation and decision making. Our half court offense really is ineffective against all the Big ten opponents; if these guys don’t play good defense and get points in transition, they really struggle to score. These guys need to be able to play with some passion when they don’t have 17,000 guys screaming for them. I love our team, but we’re missing leadership on the floor and from the bench too.

  4. OK time for some crow. I predicted IU to win this game on this blog. Now before all the Crean bashing starts let’s stop and think how good any other B10 would be if they had to rely on VJ3 Watford and Hulls every game? This should at the bare minimum give him 50% slack. I know there are going to be people on here who say im nuts and Hulls is a great leader and shooter and I agree with both of those statements but his HORRIBLE defense cancels that out. Burke made him look like he had on concrete boots. VJ is VJ why CTC plays him will be a mystery to us all. I mentioned loyalty once on here for a reason and some high school football coach said coaches don’t do that. Then someone explain why he gets the start and the minutes he does. Now on to CTC. There comes a time when you have to look at youself and DEMAND you improve in whatever it may be in your life. It’s time for CTC to find a way to win some road games!! He has the talent. I know he can coach (although this road record gives even the most biased of IU supporters ammo to question that.) I know the B10 is super tough but to have managed only one road win against PSU?!!? The only team with fewer road losses than us is Northwestern. Now it’s easy and somewhat fair to blame CTC for this horrible road record.But let’s really put things into prespective. Who just kills us most road games? One CTC did’t recruit and the other two I 100% believe he only recruited because we were in such bad shape he had to take what he can get. Next year limited Hulls maybe no Hulls!! Limited Watford Thank you Hanner and Patterson and no Jones. Thank you god. I said on here before my old aau coach used to tell me (not as a motivational tool just shop talk) some kids just don’t mind losing. They go home finish their daily routine as usual and call it a day. We got two of those Watford and Jones.Bottom line no reason to think we will win another road game which leaces us if we win all of our home games at 22-9 and 9-9 in conference. Now we will more than likely lose to Illinois or Msu at home which would put us under 500 for the season if that’s the case than let’s start praying how the ncaa invites 8 teams to the dance.

  5. Really hard to see us winning a game on the road again this season. We just do seem to have that the attitude which I sure hope some of the guys coming in have. If they do not we will not be challenging for any big ten crown next year. Here is to hoping 8-10 gets us in the tourney cause that is where I see us finishing.

    The Nebraska game could come back to haunt us yet.

  6. They aren’t as Good as they looked against Kentucky and Ohio State and they aren’t as bad as they looked against Minnesota and Nebraska. They are a young team and they have to learn how to win on the road and to win anywhere when they get hit in the face. Some of it’s coaching but most of it is attitude.

    They’ll still (I mentioned this after the Kentucky game) win some games they shouldn’t win and lose some they should (NO…I don’t know which ones those are. If I did, I’d have an 800 Number business).

    I figure 9 and 9 in the Big Ten and an invitation to the NCAA Tournament.

    I think that’s pretty good. They’re moving up this year and will continue next year and beyond. In reality, isn’t that what all of us were hoping for in the ‘bleakness’ following Sampson.

  7. Well that was some of the worst basketball I’ve ever seen played. Thought it was our worst game of the year. It’s almost impossible to win at MSU, so that’s fine. We were completely overmatched against Ohio State, so I can understand that. We were flat against Minnesota, but were due for a game like that after starting 15-1. We got screwed by the refs at Nebraska and at Wisconsin, so again I can cut our team a little slack…

    But tonight was brutal. I was pissed as soon as I saw that Sheehey was starting over Dipo. Dipo was the entire reason we won the first Michigan game. His defense is absolutely necessary against Burke… Instead Burke comes out, gets in a rhythm, the rest of the team follows his lead and now everyone is knocking down shots. PISSED! Sheehey is a difference maker off the bench. He is a scorer when our other scorers need a breather. When he starts we have zero defensive stoppers on the court. Dipo gives the starters toughness and is so good defensively that he covers up VJ3 and Hulls’ weaknesses to some extent. Sheehey just exacerbates the problem. PISSED!

    Worst team defense I’ve witnessed in years… For some retarded reason we decided to help off Burke, Hardaway, and Smotryz on three first half drives by Douglas – WHY!!! He wasn’t even angled toward the rim. All three end up in made 3-ptrs. Terrible…

    Cody was completely asleep on defense, he wasn’t communicating when his guy was setting back screens, he wasn’t bumping guys coming off the back screens, he wasn’t switching, and he wasn’t staying in the paint to eliminate the passing lane. He also gave no help on Burke’s final three drives to the basket which ended in a lay-up and 4 FT’s.

    Our offense was worthless, we literally got no open perimeter looks, no post opportunities for Zeller, and very little penetration that created anything. I have no idea why we have Cody setting so many ball-screens. Can anyone remember the last time he rolled and got a lay-up? Or how about rolling and attracting a weak-side defender allowing a skip pass for an open look? No? Me neither… I also get sick of seeing the perimeter players switch the court four times and not even look at Cody in the post. We have opportunities when it’s just a guard and Cody iso’d to one side and they don’t even take a second to look… LOOK!!!

    Overall here were all the TERRIBLE things we did:
    – spacing on offense
    – decision making on offense
    – transition D
    – helping off shooters to hedge at non-scoring penetrators
    – pick & roll offense
    – pick & roll defense
    – communication on back screens
    – team defending against high back screens
    – post entries
    – defending baseline drives, especially help side defenders just ball watching

    All things that are correctable, but just an awful, awful, awful, awful game.

  8. I don’t know whether to cry, or laugh, at this quote:
    “We’ve just gotta continue to get better. I’m looking for guys in February that are playing with a warrior spirit. You just have to have it.”

    I’ve been looking for a “warrior spirit” for 3+ years!!! We all know who have it and who doesn’t. Elston has it, Zeller has it, Olidipo has it, Hulls has it (but he can’t play a lick of D). Watford proves he has it, with some pine-time motivation. Who knew!?!?

    Coach is clearly trying to send a message with his post game comments. We’ll see if it sinks in on Sat. night. With this group, I doubt it.

  9. Geoff, you are spot on. I watched our offense closely tonight & see two glaring issues:
    1. Our scorers don’t know how to effectively use a screen to get open. (just watch Hulls, Sheehey, & Watford next game)
    2. Our screeners don’t roll crisply with their lead arm extended toward the bucket. (watch Cody, he doesn’t become an easy target)

    This is 5th grade type stuff.

  10. I’m REALLY tired of this “young team” crap.

    First of all, they are NOT “young.”

    Second, many other teams across the country don’t have an “old” team and they don’t play like scared little school girls.

  11. Nice post Geoff. Seems IU has played that way since the MSU game. Izzo expedited the blue print on how to beat Indiana, not that other teams would’nt have figured it out. I think some of our problems are coaching, as well as players effort and focus. IU has not found their identity, or rythm. All of these forces must converge to move forward. We have seen what this team, and coach can do this year, and that’s why it is frustrating
    Maybe it’s the Basketball Gods saying, “IU, not yet, you need one more year of repentence.” I am also not buying the young excuse. I am not down on the coach, or the players, well maybe a player or two. HaHa But, come on fellas, get it together, there is a lot of season left to get it going again.


  12. At some point, you have to look at coaching— CTC is at the bottom of the league as a game coach.Unless IU clearly has the best talent as against PSU- they won’t win on the road because they play poor defense. No, IU will not beat Purdue because Purdue will grab and hold and out physical IU.

  13. I used to think that Illinois was the softest team in the league, but after watching last night’s fiasco I have changed my mind. IU is the softest road team in the league. If I was a head coach in the Big Ten, I would tell my players that once you punch IU in the face to start a game, you should win easily. That was sad last night. This team needs to look itself in the mirror and try to figure out who wants to play and who is just getting by, CW I am talking to you.

  14. Great call Geoff! You called it right! We talk the the talk but cannot walk the walk!How can we be this far into the season and using the same excuses!NO DEFENSE!A good D-3 team could beat us .We are not improving in any part of the game!Purdue will rip us apart because we have no heart or will to win or any pride!A coach should not have to set Watford for thirteen minutes to wake him up to be ready to play a key road match against a team you knew going in would try to crush us and we let it happen!We are the only Big 10 team thats a automatic W on the road ,even Northwestern and Minn. win on the road its a fact of life you don’t win on the road you stay home for the big dance! Never been so disapointed in Will,I expect it from Hulls,VJ3,Watford,and as everyone has figured out knock out Cody and we are done!Where do we go from here? Purdue will be so ready to beat us up and if you think we got screwed at Wis.and Neb. hold on! As always someone will have a career day against us and the way we play D it could be anyone of them,Smith ,Jackson,Byrd pick one!They are the only team I hate more than Mich. and KY it will be they’re season to beat IU ! We have become a rated joke because of our defense and lack of preparation! Where is that team that was 15-1!If we don,t win another road game this year we have to get these guys!LOSING WITHOUT EFFORT IS UNACCEPTABLE!EVERYONE LIKES TO WIN BUT VERY FEW ARE WILLING TO PREPARE TO WIN!RMK

  15. It’s comical to me how IU fans and people who really know basketball were crowning Tom Crean the coach of the year and now with a little adversity he’s the softest coach in the B1G 10? Fickle fans.

    This team is a year ahead of schedule. Insiders who watch Crean’s practices say he is great at preparation.

    Jones plays because of his +/- statistic. IU does better when he’s in….period.

    Most of the basketball crowd expected us to return to an NCAA team next year when we have a true point guard come in. Still looking like we make the tourney this year.

    B1G is tough conference from top to bottom. Always hearing “win your home games and steal a couple road games and you’re right in” IU has won all but 1 home games and has stolen one on the road. At least let them play out the season before you continue to bash kids who are doing their best.

  16. This team is so far ahead of its schedule when Glass looks at it in summer he might even think we’re in the final year of Crean”s contract …

  17. It’s alley ball,there is no offense.Point your finger where you want people to be,are they so dumb you have to point every time down the floor,maybe we should draw lines where to go. jUST A THOUGHT.

  18. Mindy I am with you. I figured early on this years win total to top out at 18. A major leap has been made this year using a handful of marginal B10 starters leading the way. Other than Zeller our starters would be hard pressed to have been recruited if they were 2012 prospects. The Husker and Gopher games were terrible but I expected terrible a few times this year. Dominating the out of conference was a real sign we are making progress. Last nights D was not acceptable but the 68 scUM put up was not insurmountable if at a neutral site for this years team. Last 3 years was another story. I like our chances in the BTT and NCAA/NIT as the neutral sites will level the home court advantage and eliminate the Stripes homer calls. Crean has done well with what he’s got. Lots of individual plays make us frustrated and P/O but the big picture clearly displays progress.

  19. Mindy – which fans are fickle? I read almost every post on here and I don’t see too many flip-floppers… Either people think Crean is a good coach (including me) or people can’t wait for him to go. I am still trying to think of one – oops just got it! Oldschoolhoosier has announced his change from anti-Crean to pro-Crean. Other than that name a few people that are fickle.

    There are certainly some people that think they play good games and play bad games and aren’t afraid to vocalize their opinions either way, but I feel like I see the same underlying sentiments from most people here. I think the posters are consistent. Just my opinion and don’t mind hearing examples as to why I’m wrong.

  20. Mindy and Geoff, you are both right. It’s not so much that individuals are flopping, but collectively you hear from different types of fans on a blog. It’s just the nature of a blog. After a good win, you hear mostly from the pro-Crean fans who like what they just saw. After a loss, you hear from the sceptics and critics. Everyone likes to point to the last game and say “see there, that’s what I’m talking about!”.

    It’s hard to keep it all in perspective… My expectations have been a roller coaster this year, like most people I’m sure. The bottom line is, if we miss the tournament or lose in the first round, you’ll hear from the bashers. If we make a run in the tournament, Crean will be God. I’ll give my final grade on this season when the season is over, not before.

    And since it’s a blog, it’s fun to say “if I was coach, this is what I would do…”, but we all know none of us could be a division 1 coach, or we wouldn’t be wasting our time on this blog!

  21. J from B, I’ll bet there are a handful here that think they’d do just fine as a D1 coach if just given the opportunity.

    I am not one of them.

  22. How do you not come ready to play?
    Seriously. How do you not come ready to play?

    The guys have to know they needed this game badly. How do you not come with a warrior spirit, especially since this is the 2nd time playing UM?

    Come on CTC get tough on these guys. If pine time motivates them, sit them all down.

  23. I’m not afraid to admit it. I could never be a Division I, II, or III head coach. To your point though Chet, I know that there are things I can bring to a college program as an assistant. Head coach necessitates a certain personality and magnetism that I just don’t possess. I care too much that people like me. I’m too nice. But as an assistant there are a lot of things you are shielded from and you can just do your job.

    So haters, here is yet another chance to bash me… Hate away.

  24. I’m not afraid to admit it. PISSED!! I could never be a Division I, II, or III head coach. JONES SUCKS! To your point though Chet, I know that there are things I can bring to a college program as an assistant. AWFUL! AWFUL! WHY SUCH A PROBLEM WITH THE OBVIOUS! Head coach necessitates a certain personality and magnetism that I just don’t possess. SLOW WHITE GUY! I care too much that people like me. PISSED! I’m too nice. JONES SUCKS! But as an assistant there are a lot of things you are shielded from and you can just do your job. PISSED!!

    THE WATFORD SHIP HAS SAILED AND HE AIN’T ON IT!! (that was Geoff dribble-driving with an ally-oop to Clarion)

  25. MarkMe, I think the “warrior spirit” or killer instinct is what this team is missing. They seem like a bunch of nice guys who you wouldn’t mind having over for dinner. At the beginning of the season, they seemed more hungry, like they had something to prove, but now that edge seems like it got pounded down. I don’t know if you can teach toughness or not. I’m a proponent of pine time as a motivator, and I like how just recently the starters and substitution patterns have been mixed up. I think that can help, but I have my doubts that coaching alone can change the overall demeanor of this team.

    Elementary post not a Div 1 Coach Want to be

    Call it Starting Five, Call it Let’s get started on the right Foot, Win by Committee, Play the Warriors, Be Ready when your number is called

    How about We are playing Purdue and I’m so jacked to play
    this game

    Just thinking about this game I give the toughness to Purdue. I am all about IU and want to beat Purdue every
    time, every time. And I don’t only want to beat them, but beat them badly, like no question who the better team
    is that day.

    Warrior Wish List

    Tougher Coach Painter or Crean?
    Not who I’m backing, cheering for, for sure all in support of the Hoosiers. Painter comes off tougher and I think the Boilers obviously take that persona from Painter.
    Coach Crean change my perception by having your team ready to play. Not defecting,not bashing Crean, just show us at this stage, this game. Whatever happened right for us to get wins over high ranked teams hopefully is ingrained to draw from.. However Purdues big arena screen
    is not going to post, “Remember IU beat Ohio State,KY…
    It would read from where we are sitting, you guys are overrated and soon to disappear from the top 25. Over-rated. Anyway we all know Purdue fans are going to eat us up and piss in our thermos.

    I don’t think Crean has to turn into a cartoon character,
    just make that Warrior mantra stick.

    Go after Hummel Keep bringing people in that he has to drag up and down the court. He is a 77% FT shooter so I’m not saying some spastic defense, but hell when is the last time an IU player fouled out?

    Warriors that are on the court for tip off
    Remy, Vic, Zeller, Elston, Hulls

    Next “Warrior Up”?

  27. HoosierPlus… I like your starting five. Let’s give Etherington a shot since we may not have VJ3 ready come Sat at PU. I’d tell these guys we want warriors! Plain and simple. The guys that dive for loose balls, that get ball tie ups, that body up the opponent, etc. Play those guys and let the others think about it. I know this comment will draw fire….but hell… play Danny Moore! Play anybody willing to give their absolute best effort on the floor! Years ago I played on a team where we had “Dedication” print on the back of our practice jerseys, “Desire” printed on the chest(‘it comes from the heart) and “DEFENSE” on the butt of our shorts, cuz we were expected to play “D” by ‘the seat of our pants’!!
    Let’s Go Hoosiers! We’re with you but boys, but you gotta change!!

  28. Warrior / Bolier match ups
    Changing Defenses
    if Man to Man or 2/3 Defense
    Please post opinions on match ups, trying to learn things to look at next game.

    Remy on Jackson.
    Vic on Barlow
    Elston on Hummel Who do you keep running at Hummel?
    Hulls on Smith

    Thinking of not putting Vic on Hummel , don’t want Vic in foul trouble. Putting it all on Hummel and hopefully taking away his complimentary players.

    What happens after that?
    Pritchard Byrd
    Sheehey Johnson
    Watford Caroll
    VJ {Hurt} Lawson

  29. Prior post
    Sorry the What happens after that,, are not prescribed match ups. It was meant to have spacing between the players names and just lists of players for both teams to consider for match ups.

  30. Mark Me Cool Yeah I agree with you.
    I don’t know if we would go deeper than our 8 or 10
    but the message would have to be across the bench.

  31. When was the last time we won at Purdue? I dont see how we win Saturday given how we play on the road. Well at least we have alot of home games coming up.

  32. steve

    I think last time IU won at Mackey was March 1, 2006
    Indiana 70 Purdue 59 at Purdue

  33. Hoosier Clarion is on point! How can CTC be a bad coach when he has Watford, Hulls and VJ3 as primary players? I can’t think of to many coaches who who be 17-7 relying on those three. YOU CAN’T BLAME CREAN!! I mean ultimately always the old fart (the buck stops here slop) but with CTC their are exceptions. We all know he wouldn’t have gone to Alabama and recruited Watford unless he HAD to. We know The only reason he recruited Hulls was because he was Mr. Indiana and it helped he was from Bloomington and We can all agree he never would have went after VJ3. Look at the kids he has gotten. Vic-tough gritty fearless. Will-tough gritty fearless. Zeller-tough gritty fearless. And if anyone has done their homework on the kids coming in they are all tough defensive style kids, the type of kid CTC will recruit from now on. Let’s all be satisfied with a 20 win season and an ncaa birth and a top 5 recruiting class!! We know who hurts us and yes CTC could bench Watford, Hulls and Jones but Im sure Remy, Elston and Etherington wouldn’t give us any better chance to win. I said it early in the season go back and check if you don’t believe me we are at Watford, Hulls and VJ3 mercy for one more year.

  34. I think this team has just practiced losing too much and know how to do it to well. I saw a lot of faces that looked like “I can’t” during the last 2 minutes unfortunately. I used to give my gymnasts 50 push-ups for saying “I can’t” in practice and 100 if they said it at the meet (nothing funnier than the face a 13 year old boy makes when he gets to count out 100 push ups at a competition – its hysterical). I also think that this particular game was a 35 minute effort – but being down 19 five minutes in takes a lot of energy to come back and just didn’t have the legs to finish. Had they not wasted the first five minutes doing their best “Ferdinand” imitation (nothing wrong with Ferdinand – but that isn’t what you want from a basketball team)this game probably would have had a much different outcome. Imagine if they had that run only down 5 in the first half? They would have gone into the locker room with a 14 point margin. Imagine if they had legs in the last 2 minutes instead of being a little slow and a little short on shots. I also think they played about 25 minutes of pretty decent D – maybe 30.

    I also want to point out and ask a question about something about Hulls – I have been watching him on D and he frequently pushes his guy to one side or the other clearly expecting help, especially on the baseline where he frequently gives up the baseline (I am pretty sure my 8th grade BBall coach made me run about 100 laps for that). I am not sure if it is a communication thing, or an attention to detail thing – but it seems to me that he is moving plenty fast to stay in front, just that he is pushing the guy into what is supposed to be help that doesn’t come. Am I on crack? I admit – I play sunday league ball in CA (it is amazing how much better basketball player I am in CA than in IN)and pay attention and don’t have much more in terms of background (my uncles did teach me how to run the point, pick and roll and how to be the short guy getting to the hole past the trees – but thats it). So help me out here. Maybe I am missing something.

  35. OldIUGymnast

    I’m trying to stay with you here Are you saying Hull’s is
    moving Appling or Frazier to their opposite hand?

  36. And the downward spiral continues. So we must ask ourselves,when will these “boys” grow up and play like men ? And to ad insult to injury, I am sick to death of Crean saying “We’ve just gotta continue to get better”. Why haven’t they done this yet? Why hasn’t Crean gotten this straightened out by now? Could it be that he plays players that shall not be named who turne the ball over and over but still continue to start? I believe that coach needs to get control of this team and sit the ones who screw up. I am very tired of excuses.

  37. Hoosierplus – partly. What I was really getting at is that it seems like Jordy is pushing his guy towards a trap, especially when his guy drives from the wing or baseline. It looks to me, and admittedly I don’t know what I am talking about, that he is expecting there to be a body where he pushes his guy. I have seen him lay into Watford and Zeller a couple of times when I thought that was the case. But maybe he is just flat footed and beat and trying to avoid a foul. I am not sure.

  38. OIUG, I have no doubt it is a defensive strategy this staff has settled on and is worked on every practice as it does help diminish the guards defensive deficiencies in 1 on 1 matchups. Notice in the PUke game how Abell on defense is adept at keeping the ball handler in front of him with far more consistency than JH or Jones. Your vision has viewed it correctly.

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