Hoosier Brunch

I made the pilgrimage back home to Ann Arbor last night, and so we have an interstate version of Hoosier Brunch this afternoon.


The road gets tougher tonight as Indiana takes on a Michigan team that has been 12-0 at Crisler Arena, Dustin wrote.

If you haven’t read my rankings on the Scoop, here’s this week’s Big Ten Power Rankings.


From our friends at Hoosier Sports Nite, their latest episode, reviewing the Iowa game.

The Big Ten’s top two freshmen are on display in tonight’s game as Trey Burke and Cody Zeller face off, Terry Hutchens of the Indy Star writes.

Verdell Jones is regaining his difference-making form, Pete DiPrimio of the News-Sentinel writes.

Indiana looking to halt Michigan’s home dominance this season, and Avi Zaleon of the IDS scouts the Wolverines.


Michigan will be out for revenge after the Hoosiers took one away from them in Bloomington, Luke Pasch of the Michigan Daily writes.

Cody Zeller has made the difference for a resurgent Indiana team, Mark Snyder of the Detroit Free Press writes.

Four things to watch from tonight’s game, from Nick Baumgardner of Ann Arbor.com.


  1. Zeller is pretty good at a pump fake before the shot. Morgan gets into foul trouble, let’s go after him and go to Cody after Morgan has to go to the bench.

  2. Chet
    Draymond Green is day to day on his left knee. No tear. I was looking ahead as we play the Spartans at home. I hope he recovers, it looks like we will have to contend with him.

  3. Hoosierplus

    I see no way we get anyone in foul trouble tonight other than ourselves. It’s a great thought and I like the optimism. But Im not gonna hold my breath

  4. I think we use Pritchard and Elston and Zeller on Morgan
    to limit his time on the court. Morgan has no back up help. Subsitute early and put fresh bodies on him.

  5. That’s a good way to minimize the the chance of zeller picking up fouls. He has to be careful all around though. Rebounding, charges, working for position etc. I see him picking up some Ticky tac ones tonight and I hope cream ate his wheaties and goes nuts. I think it would be great for the team if he just went ape sh@t one time

  6. Dang math problems!!!!!!! lol Wow, spent the past 1/2 hr analyzing schedules from this point on, our schedule is advantagious & with a little luck, my 7 loss prediction “might” come true! lol

  7. I hope Roth could get going early.
    I’m not discounting Watford’s 25 pts last game, but Roth could get some of that production , that has been lacking
    from Watford.

  8. 1. Dipo is on Burke and keeps out of foul trouble.
    2. We get at least 10 offensive boards
    3. Cody gets at least 10 official FG attempts and 6 FT attempts
    4. Since Crean has made it clear that VJ3 is the #1 option at guard he has to play like he has the last 2 games.
    5. Watford and Sheehey combine for 30+ points

    Overall… Less zone and more man D, less weave and more 4-high O.


    I was curious to see the history of Coach K and Coach John Wooden on called technical fouls or ejection for these coaches. This is the only thing I found on Coach K, but it’s to your point and I agree with a coach rising up and getting a tech call on the right occasion. If the refs are letting fouls occur with Zeller that get to much to take, then well… I think Duke lost this game to GT. Not waving the BLUE DEVIL flag, but Coach Crean keeps
    that reaction in his back pocket. Catch flys with honey….
    but again. I think he wore the practice garb at the Iowa game, because he wanted the work from the practice court to translate to the game.

  10. Yeah I just think the zebras should know that he’s not fn around…. Players too. I don’t know if I could take him serious with him swiping his bangs off to the side all the time though! I don’t know if it’s a nervous twitch or what but it bugs the hell out of me. Some things he does coaching I find questionable but that’s with any coach. If it was that easy a lot of people could coach at a high level so I try to put it in perspective. I’m just happy that 30 thousand people don’t call for my job every time I make a judgement call!

  11. Here’s my Five Keys to Victory:

    1) Hold Michigan to under 30 points from 3-pt. land.

    2) Watford and Hulls break out of semi-slumps and combine for 26+ points.

    3)Elston continues his resurgent role and chips in 6 boards and 8+ points.

    4)Jones is limited to under 28 minutes

    5)Novak doesn’t get more than his season avg. boards(5 ppg) and scores 10 points or less.

    I’m just hoping for a cold shooting night from their guards. We could end up getting burned by Douglas and Novak if we lose them on the perimeter.

    I’m going with the Hoosiers.

    Indiana 74 Michigan 73

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