Hoosier Brunch

No IU basketball stories from us last night because of a few days off for the Hoosiers, but Hoosier Brunch lives on.


The Movement is waiting in the wings while IU continues to improve, Chris Hagan of Fox59.com wrote.

In the newest episode of Podcast on the Brink from Inside the Hall, LaMond Pope and Paul Klee (from Illinois) join Greg and Matt.

Mike Pegram of Peegs.com looks outside the box at IU’s offensive and defensive efficiency scores ($).


Jay Caspian Kang of Grantland.com writes an interesting essay from his four days in Indy for the Super Bowl.

No college basketball column surpasses Pat Forde’s Forde Minutes, and in this week’s edition, Forde welcomes all football fans to college basketball.

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