Hoosier Brunch


With a killer instinct it hasn’t shown all season, Indiana took down rival Illinois last night in impressive fashion, Dustin wrote.

The youngest Zeller became the man of the house at Assembly Hall last night, fighting off Meyers Leonard head-to-head, I wrote.


Bob Kravitz of the Indy Star writes that this IU team is NCAA Tournament-bound, it’s just a question of where it’ll be seeded.

Avi Zaleon of the IDS writes that the Hoosiers’ ability to get to the free throw line was a difference-maker against Illinois.

Zeller outlasted the other future NBA big man in last night’s game, Meyers Leonard, Kevin Bowen of the IDS writes.

Bruce Weber told the Sun-Times that Meyers Leonard still has to learn how to be a big man in the Big Ten without fouling, from Tina Akouris of the Chicago Sun-Times.

Yogi Ferrell talked to Alex Bozich of Inside the Hall about his selection to the McDonald’s All-American team.


Les Carpenter of Yahoo! Sports says it’s the right time for Peyton Manning to retire. Do you agree?


  1. I’m sure the team & most fans would love to see I.U. get into the top 4 going to the conference tourney, thusly a 1st round bye & all of the “prestige” of being 1 of the teams that coast to round 2, but actually I think we’d be better off with a 5 or 6 seed. We would get a cheap win to pad outr NCAA tournament resume, hopefully a veangeful thumping of Nebraska, & then a 2nd round matchup vs. either Wisconsin or Michigan most likely(hopefully Wisconsin for the same reason as Nebraska), & Idk about you, but I’m not the slightest bit afraid of those teams on a neutral court–in fact I’d welcome the opportunity to play them. Actually, the 6 seed would be the most ideal, so as to avoid playing either MSU or OSU untill the finals(not that I’m afraid to play them, but the odds of adding more wins goes up as long as we can avoid them). Anyhow, this is best case scenario to me, & no, Peyton Manning shouldn’t retire. IMHO.

  2. Chris, just a quick correction… Assuming that MSU and OSU are the top two seeds and that they advance, you’d be facing one of them in a semi-final, and then the other one in the final. If we are the 6 seed and advance we’d face the 2 seed in the semi.

  3. Chris, Interesting thoughts, but I have to disagree. We don’t need another win to pad our resume. We are in. To drop to the 6th seed, we would have to fall behind ofe of these: Ill, PU, Northwestern, or Minn. That would hurt our resume more than getting another win against an 11 seed would help. Best case would be to finish 3rd or 4th, ahead of Wisc and then get them on Friday after they have to win to get to play us.

  4. Not a correction actually. We would play 2 games before playing the 2nd seed: the 11 seed in the “play ion” round, & the 3 seed in the quarterfinals, which I reffered to as the 2nd round. Then, in the Semifinals, or 3rd round for all intents and purposes, we would play the #2 seed, hopefully winning 2 games before playing them. & an xtra win or 2 never hurts the resume, no we don’t need it to get in, but 1 win could mean the difference between higher seeds & easier draws & who knows what in the tourney. Being the 4th seed in the conference tourney as opposed to the 5th or 6th won’t do as much for seed as would being a 5th or 6th seed & winning an xtra game-going 24-9 as opposed to 23-9, for example, would do more for us, imho.

  5. That was poorly worded; let me try to clarify: the top 4 seeds have a 1st round bye. The 1 st set of games will be, the #5 seed vs. the 12 seed, # 6 vs. 11, 7 vs. 10, & 8 vs. 9. If we were, say, the 6 seed, we would hopfully win, then advance to Quarterfinals(2nd rd.)play the # 3 seed while the # 4 seed plays the winner of the 5 vs. 11 game, the 2 seed plays the winner of the 7 vs 10 game, & the 1 seed plays the winner of the 8 vs 9 game. If we beat the 3 seed, we would play the winner of the 2 vs. 7/10 game in the next(semifinals, or, 3rd round), etc. etc.

  6. Chris, Chris, Chris… I think everyone here gets that part, you just said…

    “Actually, the 6 seed would be the most ideal, so as to avoid playing either MSU or OSU untill the finals”

    Which wasn’t quite right. Sorry for making you feel like you had to explain everything. If I were a betting man, and I am, I would bet that this will elicit another unnecessary explanation.

    So other than that, I just completely disagree with your whole premise. If we are a top 4 seed then we would probably head into the tournament with more wins… Right? And if we go in as a #6 seed then we’d probably have fewer wins… Right? So getting an extra win in the B1G tourney only gets us back to where we should have been in wins (maybe) except that now we have additional conference and regular season loss(es)…

    Scenario 1: Top 4 seed

    – just to achieve this means we have to close the conference season with a minimum 4-1 record, but more likely 5-0, since we are 2 games back of both UW and UM. We would hold a tiebreaker over UM because of our win over OSU. I will also pencil in a win against NCCU. That means we finish the regular season on a 6 game win streak and enter the B1G tourney with a 25-6 record with another win against a higher ranked team – MSU. We then get a 1st round bye and AT WORST head to the selection committee with 25-7, 12-6 records with our worst loss being a conference road game… That looks like the resume of a NCAA #3 or #4 seed to me.

    Scenario 2: #6 seed (or as we like to call it – Chris’s dream scenario)

    – we own tie breakers over every team that is currently tied with us in the loss column. So in order to drop from our current position at #5 down to #6 we would realistically have to lose 2 more conference games. I find it hard to believe that any of the teams tied or below us will win the rest of their conference games. So that means, with a win against NCCU that we finish at best 23-8. Now we have to go in and get a win against a low rung B1G team just to have the chance to play a higher seeded (and therefore presumably better) team like UW just to get to 25 wins. If we do beat the #3 seed we then play MSU, and if we lose we head to the selection committee with records of 25-9, 10-8… That looks like the resume of a NCAA #5 or #6 seed.

    Hopefully you get what you’re saying makes absolutely no logical sense.

  7. Very clever, quick witted, sarchastic, obnoxious….you are inpressive indeed Geoff. You should write professionally–I’m not kidding! There’s a great opportunity in Siberia, you should aplly, in person. Just ask for a man named Peggy, & please-be persistent! Sometimes he’s slow to respond, but just stick it out for a couple of…decades. NO, getting a 6th seed doesn’t necessarily mean losing more games than attaining the 4th seed would. We are even with Minnesota in the loss column, & we will lose to them the next time-which would potentially give them a 2 game lead on us since they would own the tie-breaker via sweeping us, & if you look at the remaning schedules of the current 1-4 seeds, you won’t see a likelihood for ENOUGH losses that would allow for us passing ANY of those teams. Even if we go 4-1 the rest of the way,& finish 11-7. Michigan should not lose more than 6, Wisconsin would have to lose 8 with that scenario for us to pass them-& it won’t happen, & obviously the top 2 are out of reach. A 5 seed would be possible, Minnesota COULD lose 8, but, my point all the while, I’r rather go in at 24-7 as the 6th seed, beat the 11th seed-hopefully Nebraska, then take in either Michigan or Wisconsin in the Quarters, & being the lower seed CAN result in a psychological advantage in that round. IE., less pressure, lower expectations. Anyhoo, don’t forget to look up Peggy! BTW, I did misspeak with the , “untill the finals” line. I don’t know why the “semi” didn’t print!

  8. Chris, chris, chris… Once again you aren’t seeing things clearly. Minnesota is currently 5-7 in the B1G and has games left against OSU, MSU, and UW. So even if they beat us again the likelihood of them finishing better than 9-9 is FAR-fetched. The most likely scenario is they finish 8-10 or worse. So everything you said above is moot.

    Please re-read my post #7… Let it wash over you. Soak in it. Digest it fully.

    If for some reason you still think the Chris Dream Scenario is better I will give you my email address because I have a great deal on old used cell phones from my office drawer. They are a hot commodity right now, but I’ll offer you a special price!

  9. You 2 make me tired. I want IU to win all their games so playing the ranked teams means playing the ranked teams and beating them! Who cares when, just beat them!

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