Hoosier Brunch


With the magic of Assembly Hall at a high, Indiana rocked Michigan State last night for its third win over a top five team this season, Dustin wrote.

You could see it in the Hoosiers’ eyes that a performance like last night’s was a glimpse at how good IU can be, I wrote.


The Hoosiers put the electricity back in Assembly Hall with one of its best wins of the season last night, Bob Kravitz of the Indy Star wrote.

Victor Oladipo’s intensity set the tone for Indiana’s big-time win last night, as he scored 11 points in the first half, Justin Albers of Inside the Hall wrote.

The fans at IU’s game against the Spartans last night got to witness a piece of history — the first time since 1975-76 that the Hoosiers beat three top five teams, LaMond Pope of the Journal Gazette wrote.

They didn’t need a buzzer beat, but the Hoosiers still have some magic left in their game, Avi Zaleon of the IDS wrote.

Kent Harvey, who’s run-in with Bob Knight ended the coach’s career, has let things go 14 years later, Anthony Olivieri of LostLettermen.com writes.

Christian Watford had one of his best games of the season, pulling down a career-high 14 rebounds and asking to guard Draymond Green, Connor O’Gara of the IDS wrote.

As a former mentor to Tom Crean, Michigan State coach Tom Izzo gives some respect to his former student after last night’s win, Matt Charboneau of the Detroit News writes.

Former Hoosier and current Spartan coach Dane Fife got a taste of the other side of this game last night, Joe Rexrode of the Lansing State Journal wrote.


If you read one thing today, it should be this. George Dohrmann of SI.com, known fondly as “The Coach Killer”, published a scathing report of UCLA basketball that should make any program proud that they’re not the Bruins.


  1. Ryan,

    I read the SI article. Dohrmann does tend to go for the jugular. The part concerning the Carlino situation was interesting.

  2. Freaking Harvey. He’s exactly what is wrong with our country. He’s goes on to say that it the whole situation was overblown. Then why did he have to make a big deal about it and tell the police? What a jerk.

  3. Actually, what is “wrong with the country” is a bunch of idiots who WORSHIP a coach and excuse EVERYTHING away he does while treating people like GARBAGE.

    And I’m not just talking about the Harvey.

    And spare me the tear-filled posts with “I met Bob and he treated me great” and/or “All those people DESERVED to be treated like dog food” baloney.

    I always laugh at people who make excuses for that crap and then turn around and cry how athletes are such spoiled jerks.

    Quit treating sports winners as GODS and they’ll stop acting like they are.

  4. Can’t it be both? Coach shouldn’t have grabbed him. Anybody who argues against that is insane. At the same time, Harvey was a disrespectful, attention seeking punk. It kills me that he “didn’t mean to be disrespectful.” You don’t know that calling elders whom you don’t even know by their last name alone is disrespectful? Seriously?

    Coach was a jackass for not just ignoring him or scolding him and then moving on; Harvey was a jackass for being a disrespectful punk and then playing it up to get attention.

  5. Laffy, you make me laughy. I actually kinda sorta understand your point.

    Interesting side note: If we beat Purdue, we will finish with 24 regular season wins, something The General couldn’t do in any of his last 7 years with the program.

  6. I’m listening to Barkley on Rome and he’s talking about IDIOT fans who CRY and SCREAM over ANY criticism of their team/players and how they whine “hater” when you do so.

    He said he’d love to shoot them.

    Rome said, “You didn’t really mean ‘shoot’ them” and Chuck said, “No, I meant that.”

    Love Barkley.

  7. IU earns yet another signature win by dismantling Michigan State, and that’s the story you want to comment on? Give me a break guys – you’re better than that!

  8. Looks like my preseason prediction of 7 losses is going to stand up!!! Although, not exactly the same teams I had predicted they would lose too!

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