Hoosiers grab third Top 5 win, knock off Michigan State, 70-55

Three Top 5 teams have now come into Assembly Hall this season, and all three of them have suffered defeats.

Tuesday’s was the most resounding. The No. 18 Hoosiers attacked from opening moments and drilled a No. 5 Michigan State team that had won seven straight to clinch at least a share of the Big Ten regular season title. The 70-55 victory came in front of a packed house of 17,280 at striped-out Assembly Hall, and when it was over, IU coach Tom Crean took to the microphone to tell those fans that they’d just witnessed history.

Only one other Indiana team in history had beaten three Top 5 teams according to the Associated Press poll, he told a crowd that became too loud to discern what he was saying, and that was the 1975-76 team that didn’t lose to anyone. Even that national championship team needed the NCAA Tournament to do it, as no other IU squad had ever pulled it off in the regular season.

It gave Crean yet another opportunity to invite the fans to bask in the joy of season Indiana returned to at least relevance if not yet glory following the blue-blood program’s descent to rock bottom following the Kelvin Sampson recruiting scandal. After finishing 28-66 in coach Tom Crean’s first three years, they are 23-7 overall, 10-7 in the Big Ten with wins over teams that were ranked No. 1 (Kentucky), No. 2 (Ohio State) and No. 5 (Michigan State).

“This program’s been through a lot,” sophomore guard Victor Olaidpo said. “…My first year here was real tough. I just feel as though this program deserves a lot more than we’ve been getting the last few years. For us to get these three big wins is one season is huge for the program and it’s huge for us, and it’s huge for our confidence and things of that nature. I feel as though we deserved it.”

They did, and it was in large part because they picked up on what was wrong with them nine days prior when they played a clunker of a game in a lost at Iowa and also when they lost at Michigan State. They were too passive during some of those stretches. They needed to attack and never let up.

“We can’t come out lackadaisical and come out with that almost softness,” senior guard Verdell Jones said. “When we beat top teams like that, we’re nasty, we’re scrappy, we’re fighting. I just don’t we can come out like we did against Iowa and expect that we can win. We have to have that nasty attitude every time we play.”

They came out with and they sustained it in every facet. Indiana’s defensive effort was perhaps the best it has been all season. Michigan State senior forward Draymond Green, who gave voters even more reason to name him Big Ten Player of the Year, had 29 points on 10-for-17 shooting and eight rebounds, but he accounted for more than half of the Spartans’ points and exactly half of their field goals.

No one else on the Michigan State squad had more than eight points. The team shot 39.2 percent (20-for-51) as a team, and the Spartans outside of Green were 10-for-34.

The Hoosiers won the battle on the glass 31-30 and kept the Spartans from scoring a single second-chance point. That’s no small feat considering that Michigan State has a reputation as one of the toughest teams in college basketball and came into the game ranked third in Division I in rebounding margin. Junior forward Christian Watford had a career-high 14 of those, and had a brilliant defensive effort on both Green and point guard Keith Appling.

“Possession by possession, we battled them,” Crean said. “That’s what you have to do to beat them. Because I think he thrives on it, meaning (coach Tom Izzo) when the other team doesn’t. They thrive on it. And they’re not used to 40 minutes of people being willing to battle them, because it’s hard to do. … Tonight was a night that we did that.”

They also got the sort of across-the-board offensive contributions and harmony that they were getting early in the season when the started 15-1. Freshman forward Cody Zeller scored 18 points, showing that he had learned a lot about the physicality of the Big Ten from his first meeting with the Spartans. He scored in the post and also got out in transition with an emphatic steal and fast-break dunk that stemmed a Michigan State rally.

Oladipo attacked off the dribble with abandon scored 13 points and Jones did the same to score 12. Watford had 10 scoring inside and outside and junior guard Jordan Hulls knocked down a pair of cold-blooded 3-pointers to finish with 10 himself.

There were brief moments of stagnation, but for the most part, the Hoosiers’ collective foot never came off the gas.

“We’ve been aggressive all year,” Hulls said. “But tonight we played it for 40 minutes straight. That was a big thing for us to be able to do that.”

After Michigan State took a 4-1 lead to start the game, IU followed with a 17-4 run and led the rest of the way. The Spartans cut it to four in the first half and were as close as six in the second half, but the Hoosiers outscored Michigan State 11-4 in the final 5:36 to make history.

But Crean made a point to say this milestone isn’t the last one.

“This team still has a lot of basketball left to play,” he said. “And I really believe that.”

AUDIO: Verdell Jones, Christian Watford, Cody Zeller

AUDIO: Tom Crean Part 1

AUDIO: Tom Crean Part 2

AUDIO: Jordan Hulls, Victor Oladipo



    That is the best basketball game I have seen played all year by any team. Every possession just felt so important, but instead of acting like a team that doesn’t have a history of success they just attacked – not only on offense, but they attacked on defense.

    I challenge anyone to show me a better performance by a team all season.

    IU just out-physicalled the most physical program of the last 20 years!


    (btw – sorry I’m late to this party… It was the wifey’s bday today, so I had to DVR the game)

  2. And I love being right. Said yesterday that IU would win this game. And we’re going to beat Purdue on Sunday, too. The Hoosiers brought their best for the full 40 minutes tonight and it was a really great game by the entire team and coaching staff. Congrats Hoosiers!!!

  3. from D. Dopirak’s “…Indiana returned to at least relevance if not yet glory following the blue-blood program’s descent to rock bottom following the Kelvin Sampson recruiting scandal. After finishing 28-66 in coach Tom Crean’s first three years,…”

    Followed by what I can assume was a similarly toned question to V. Oladipo and followed by the Wagnerian opera observations “…They did, and it was in large part because they picked up on what was wrong with them nine days prior when they played a clunker of a game in a lost at Iowa and also when they lost at Michigan State. They were too passive during some of those stretches. They needed to attack and never let up…”

    “We can’t come out lackadaisical and come out with that almost softness,” (should he have been described as seriously suicidal?) senior guard Verdell Jones said.”
    By this time I thought the report would continue with…”Followed by the mass ingestion of poison cool-aid by the 17,000 in the crowd.”

    After the reading, my eyes full of tears, my tone desperate, the dog howling at the moon …I could hear my own voice…breaking through the murky fog…”Why!!!…Why!!!!…Why can’t we be better????!!!”

    Some Abilify (mood upswing medication) please.

  4. Hmmm. I’m very happy to see that we will get a 5 or 6 seed, thusly getting an easy win in our 1st conference game & then playing the same caliber of team in our 2nd game as we would have if we’d attained the 4th seed. Might as well add another win to the NCAA tourney resume, & do so at no cost=meaning since that time of our “discussion”, we’ve won all but 1 game,which is what did indeed happen, & what I tried to convey previously I was foolishly admonished for opining as such a few weeks ago(by someone very close by…). It was incorrectly offered that a 4 seed would certainly mean a better record, which was obviously not necessarily the case at the time. I pointed out that catching any of the top 4 seeds at that time would be very unlikely regardless of how many games we won(which ofcourse was correc. Even if we had beaten Iowa we would still be behind Wisconsin), & thusly I attempted to point out, our BEST case scenario would be to get a 5 or 6 seed & get an easy win in conference tourney game 1, then play basically the same game in the next round that we would have with the 4 seed! Bottom line, I feel it is better, MUCH better in fact, to get the LOWER seed, thusly picking up a gimme win on our resume that wouldn’t be there with a top 4 seed, & I pointed this could & probably would still happen even if we win EVERY remaning game-which, ofcourse, I was correct about also. I apologize for beating my chest, it’s just that I was told in a condescending tone that I was wrong, while I knew that I was right. That generally doesn’t sit well w/me!

  5. The only difference I saw tonight from all of our losses was hustle and a refuse to lose attitude!! They played their sacks off all night. I didn’t see one player tugging on his shorts or having to be redirected by Jordy. This comes down to coaching. I think CTC wanted this one so bad he simply refused to let his players get in his way. Now we need this every game from now on and IMO I believe the players finally believe they can do what CTC has asked them to do all season. Compete! There was no secret formula drawn up on O or D. No one shot the lights out. We didn’t get a ton of homer calls. We simply put forth 100% for 40 minutes and refused to go away when they tried to get aggresive. And by the way I wouldn’t label myself the swami for picking this (upset). I think most IU fans knew this was going to be a war and we would have a reasonable shot to win. Not trying to rain on parades but lets be real here!

  6. hoosierfaninky-

    You also didn’t see us winning in Minnesota and have yet to admit you were wrong concerning what you believed would be a poor performance from Watford at the Barn. Yes, “lets be real here.” And let’s be honest.

    I’m relatively sure only one blogger on Scoop predicted a double digit win against MSU.

    Is Hulls not amazing? Isn’t it great having the headiest leader and best clutch-shooting point guard in the Big 10?

  7. Chris… That’s pretty funny stuff man.

    1) there is obviously no such thing as a a “gimme win” against a B1G opponent.
    2) To challenge for a 4 seed we would have 1 additional win (the Iowa game) , so we’d be 25-6
    3) UW would then have to beat Illinois (not a gimme) to secure the 4 seed
    4) 25-6 and 12-6 in conf is still better than 23-8/10-8 or 24-7/11-7 heading into the tourney
    5) “Chris’s dream scenario” was to be the #6 seed, which means we’d have to lose to PU…

    So just so it’s clear you stand by your dream scenario of us finishing 23-8 & 10-8 with a #6 seed, so we can play NE or PSU and then OSU or UM to potentially get to 25-8… But unless we win the B1G Tourney we finish with 9 losses.

    I’ll stand by my scenario, which was get a 1st round bye, meaning we would have finished 25-6 & 12-6 and have a game against a lower seed in the second round and finish with no more than 7 losses.

    The goal here is to get the best seeding possible in the NCAA tourney. For arguments sake we’ll say all the higher seeded teams will win in the B1G Tourney (since they are deemed better). Which resume do you think that the committee would seed higher?

    Team 1: 24-9 overall, 10-8 in conference
    Team 2: 26-7 overall, 12-6 in conference

    Keep thinking that your dream scenario was better for the team buddy…

    Oh and by the way most of your premises in post #5 are incorrect.

    1) I also pointed out that becoming a top 4 seed would be unlikely, but it was more likely if we won out (TRUE)
    2) we haven’t won out and we STILL could be the #4 or maybe even #3 seed, depending on tie-breakers, so your premise that “regardless of how many games we won” we’d still be outside the top 4 is FALSE, and it’s definitely FALSE if we had won out…
    3) the last couple sentences are pure stupidity. To be a top 4 seed we would have MORE and BETTER wins on our resume than if we are a #5 or 6 seed and get a win against a lower seeded team. Your reason and logic are simply astoundingly absent in this discussion!

  8. hoosierfaninky, I agree with you about the hustle and a refuse to lose attitude. But I think where this team has really come of age is with decision-making and playing smart. It has been a really fun season hasn’t it? Even more fun when we close it out with a win over Purdue. Really looking forward to Senior night. Go IU!

  9. Are you serious Geoff? Now you’re just making things up in hopes of salvaging the argument. Did you not read…oh what’s the point! As I said, we could have beaten Iowa & Purdue, thus going 25-6 & winning EVERY game since our original discussion, & we would still be the 5 seed, which I stated was likely to be the case in my original post. If you just disagree, that’s fine! Idk why anyone would, but that’s the way the world works. You’re talking completely off the wall now though. I’ve noticed that I’m not the only person to come to a sort of disagreement with you in here, am I. Hmm.

  10. Someone said there were no special plans. If you know much about basketball you might recognize that the game plan was excellent. He set up the plan to have VO attack the basket. Who planned to put a 6’9″ forward as a defender on a point guard. The players carried out the plan and did fight very hard. Who got them to do that.

    I am watching what CTC does when he has even a couple of good players. I think it is difficult to compare coaches, but at this point I believe CTC is on his way to becoming as great a coach as RMK. He has some national championships to win to prove it… and I believe he will.

  11. It’s nice he provides “data/stats”, but as almost everyone knows, you can make “data/stats” say almost anything you want.

    Hell, economists use the same “data” and if you ask 100 of them their opinion, you’ll get 100 different answers.

  12. Ha! Chet, Geoff might back his opinions up with “data”, but i’ll just stick with backing my opinions up with “facts”. Btw Geoff, I’m sure glad that you like being wrong, cuz’ you are a lot in here. you must be a very happy guy! Ignorance is bliss!!! Anyhow, as for the controversial topic of seeding, I hope that we can beat Purdue & then go on to win 2 or more games in the big ten tourney(which is now far more possible due to the fact that we WON’T be a top 4 seed in the big ten)so as to increase our chances of getting a 3 seed in the NCAA tourney. A 3 seed usually has a good chance of advancing to the sweet 16, which in my own mind I’ve set as a attainable goal for I.U. The pundits now project us as a 4 seed, but we MIGHT be able to sneak up to a 3 with a few wins & a stumble down the stretch by 1 or more of those teams currently projected to be 3 seeds. It could happen!

  13. This blog would have been a complete bore over the last 3 months without Geoff. The guy knows basketball.

  14. For consistency sake, I love it when a team plays to their potential. Last night & last Sun were two examples. It helps when your opponent isn’t up to the task as well (MN).

    But I’ve been a somewhat boisterous critic of Jones & CWat all year. And I just want to point out that they have played about as well as they can these last two games. Even despite back-to-back boneheaded plays in the 1H (a Jones wtf TO moment followed by a CWat half-hearted foul of Green). But the + > – last night. (here’s to ya Geoff!) I didn’t even realize CWat was 4-11 FGs because he let the game come to him.

    This game IS about possessions. The more you have the better your chances to win. That’s why rebounding, turnovers & steals are critical. (R + S – TO). If this is better than your opponent you win 90% of the time.

    I have to agree with Chris, I like a #5 seed with this team in the Big 10 tourney. Get some confidence with a W in Indy, beat Wisconsin who we are better than anyway on a neutral floor, & get a MSU match-up and play it close enough to win. Then who knows.

    I think we get a #4 NCAA if we beat purdue (Dear God, please….), PSU, Wisconsin on that run. That gets us a solid, winnable game 1 & a toss-up in round 2. I wouldn’t doubt the committee will put us in the UNC bracket, building the hype for a Zeller vs. Zeller “could-be” match-up. I’d take it if we could avoid Syracuse. Their zone will just kill us. And UK, I’d rather put off the retaliation game until Dec. I’d gladly take Duke, UNC or KU in the sweet 16. And if God is reading, can you make that in Phx please?

  15. Chris – I am only wrong when I make predictions. My post-game analysis is based on fact and never off target. Same with analyzing the standings. I don’t understand why you can’t easily just look at records and see what Im saying is true… So I’ll spell it out in elementary terms.

    If IU had won out their conference record would have been 12-6.

    If all other B1G games involving the teams ahead of them had remained the same outcome this would be the standings right now:

    1) MSU 13-4, @ OSU
    2) OSU 11-5, @ NW, @ MSU
    3) UM 11-5, @ ILL, @ PSU
    4) UW 11-6, vs ILL
    5) IU 11-6, vs PU

    So now follow this closely since you aren’t understanding it to this point…

    Potential best case scenario for IU:
    MSU beats OSU
    OSU loses to MSU and NW
    UM loses to ILL and PSU
    UW loses to ILL
    IU beats PU

    Standings (including tie-breakers):

    1) MSU (14-4)
    2) IU (12-6)
    3) UM (11-7)
    4) OSU (11-7)
    5) UW (11-7)

    This is an unlikely scenario but possible. It puts IU in the #2 seed based on our initial “discussion”

    More likely potential scenario…

    MSU beats OSU
    OSU beats NW
    UM splits with or beats both ILL and PSU
    UW beats ILL


    1) MSU (14-4)
    2) UM (12-6 or 13-5) they are #2 based on solo win over UW
    3) UW (12-6) they are #3 based on solo win over IU
    4) IU (12-6) we own tie breaker over OSU via our split with MSU and their 0-2 record
    5) OSU (12-6)

    This actually would have been a very likely outcome if IU had beat Iowa… And they are a #4 seed!

    Current scenario with potential outcomes:

    MSU beats OSU
    OSU loses to NW
    UM splits with ILL and PSU
    UW loses to ILL
    IU beats PU

    Standings (that could still ACTUALLY happen):

    1) MSU (14-4)
    2) UM (12-6)
    3) UW (12-6)
    4) IU (11-7)
    5) OSU (11-7)

    So as you can see it is actually STILL possible for us to get a first round bye…

    Now back the original points:

    1) Chris wanted us to be a 6 seed so we could have an easier first round B1G game, which is just plain assanine
    2) Geoff wanted us to win out because their was a lot of potential (see above) for us to not only improve our record, but also our B1G seeding, get a first round bye, and have a better resume for the NCAA committee.

    Chris, I’m sorry dude, but until you can grasp this stuff no one (besides Jay Gregg, who has yet to add a single comment of value on this site) will take you seriously.

    Mull it over. Take it real slow if you have to. The proof, dear sir, is right there in the pudding.

  16. I don’t think OSU will beat Northwestern. The rest of that statistical mumbo jumbo looks too much from the world of “But-if and What-if”(cousins of the You-must-believe-this twins: Beevis and Butt-head).

    The only known YouTube clip of Harvard.

  17. Geoff,

    I read your comments. You have yet to make a comment that cannot be be made by someone with a lot of free time on their hands. I can’t take you seriously, sorry because you want everyone to take you seriously.

    As for Chris, did you ever bother to ask Chris if the comments were concerning the B10 or the NCAA. You are on the prowl to put everyone down. You want to challange everyone, like I challenge anyone to name a better game than Tuesdays IU/MSU game.

    You Geoff are an arrogant fool. I don’t have to concern myself with your opinion on my comments. What I know about collegiate athletics, football, basketball, coaching, teaching and education, would drown a fool like you. Stay on your playground, stick with Laffy, your love fest with Harvard for Hillbillies, people that you feel you are better than.

  18. Ok Harvard to make it even simpler, just for you…

    Would YOU HARVARD rather be the #2, 3, or 4 seed with a 25-6 record


    Would you rather be a #5 or 6 seed with a 24-7, 23-8, or 22-9 record and a chance to play a low-seeded prelim game

    heading into the B1G tournament

    The original argument was all what if’s, it just that Chris can’t grasp all the viable outcomes so he sets his sights at the low and easily attainable and understandable.

  19. You’re challenging an attention span I do not possess. If you know so damn much about hoops, then you’d think you could get the occasional prediction correct…Just sayin’.

    Jordy is NBA material. Count it the same his daggers last night.

  20. Jay – I’m sorry it takes you so long to put together thoughts and responses that only take me mere minutes. I am a former math teacher so the calculations are easy. I am sure what you know can drown me…

    This debate between Chris and I goes back a couple weeks, so I didn’t have to ask him what he meant. Thanks for joining the discussion though.

    I do challenge lots of people, especially those that make illogical or assanine statements – which is why I often challenge Harvard even though I like him.

    I also compliment lots of people when they make thoughtful or creative additions to the blog.

    It’s not that I don’t agree with the things you say, it’s just that you never actually say anything…

  21. I will continue to say that you are arrogant. This will be my last response to you. In the end I don’t care about your immature attidude.
    You continue your life hiding in Maine and oh yes Harvard can still be your best bud.

  22. Sounds good Jay. Not sure Harvard is my “best” bud here, but I do enjoy him.

    I don’t think “hiding in Maine” is a very accurate statement either. My guess is you either haven’t been here or don’t know much about the state. I have lived all over the US and this is a great place to be. Still love visiting IN a couple times a year as well.

    My guess is you wouldn’t have the same opinion of me if you met me big guy…

  23. You “enjoy” Hillbilly when he cries 24/7 about “pus” and ATTACKS people with a different view than him…..including making sexual comments about others’ moms?

    Ummmmmmmmmmm, ok.

  24. I know this blog updates the readers on the IU recruits.
    It is pretty cool that so many IU recruits are playing each other to advance in the Indiana High School Tournament.
    It’s great to follow IU basketball on a few levels.

  25. There you go, Laffy. Now Geoff wants to “share your spit” as well. Of course, you must remember there was spit previously exchanged with Harvard.

    I do challenge lots of people, especially those that make illogical or assanine statements – which is why I often challenge Harvard even though I like him.

    Ouch. I do like to to joke around about my predictions(rather brag at times too) and go over-the-top with the silly doctored pictures/YouTube clips at times, but I sorta resent the implication that I haven’t offered my share of insightful basketball dialogue to this blog. It does sound like a considerable amount of arrogance to casually lump my name into your “illogical or assanine” remarks group.

    I also think one of those choice words you were after describing those falling short of your supreme basketball intelligence level was intended to be ‘asinine'(not assanine).

    Back to the drawing board. Thought I had actually made some sincere friendships here. How pathetically lonely all our lives must be to continually flex our muscles, spit in the faces each other, demean intelligence any opposing view, in this kingdom we seek to rule with insults rather than joy and open mind the knowledge each person can offer.

    And old blogging friend I used to share many exchanges on Basketblog rarely has the spine to stand up for me anymore. I must say my heart has sunk to a new low.

  26. Geoff doesn’t ‘attack’ anybody. He might disagree and then dump more pertinent data on them. I’ve even seen him concede a point from time to time, which is rare around here. I don’t think he’s arrogant, either. He’s just confident because he’s run the numbers and, honestly, he has more relevant basketball knowledge than anyone else on this blog. If you haven’t figured that out it says more about you than it does about him. Even though he disagrees with him all the time I’d wager that even Hoosier Clarion would concede that point because, you see, he is smart. Geoff, I just don’t think they can follow the math.

    Harvard doesn’t attack but he does retaliate. Why shouldn’t he? People go after him endlessly. What irritates them the most is that he is self deprecating, which is charming to the mentally healthy and infuriating to someone filled with hate.

    The biggest whiners and purveyors of insults on here are the ones that cry the most about being attacked, which they virtually never are. That’s the way it almost always is. A psychologist would suggest it’s about their insecurity (Yep, got a Hoosier degree it that, too. That’s not worth much, let me tell ya.).

    Those same folks occasionally take a swipe at me but I’m not much fun because, 1) I don’t care, 2) I don’t respond to stupid posts and, 3) I really don’t care.

    So, feel free to unload. Did I mention I don’t care?

  27. As far as Maine goes, the winters would kill me but I did spend a vacation an entire Maine summer one week and the place was spectacular.

    If I had to live on one food the rest of my life it would be Maine lobster.

  28. HARV- In my objective opinion, you should give that friend of yours a break. The blog has become so anonymous and so unaccountable these days, that I wouldn’t blame someone if they got a little freaked out and decided not to engage in deeper conversations with random people who don’t dare use their own name.

    Go Sens!

  29. HOOSIERPLUS, I agree, it’s pretty neat to see them competing and I bet they enjoy it even more knowing they are going to be teammates soon.


    I would go back to a football related post, but what the hell….. I had a question come up about football. It’s really a who cares category and about Michigan.

    Did the Michigan Wolverines use to have a defensive player that wore a solid colored helmet{no decal} called “THE WOLFMAN” and was that a player’s nickname or did they award a defensive player with that tag ,as a rover back?

  31. ‘Wolfman’ is Michigan’s designation of the ‘roverback’ in a ’53 Monster’ defense. My hs DB coach was a Michigan grad and one of the Dutcher family (former Minny head basketball coach, among others). Everyone in his family played football for Michigan.

    I actually played the position in high school.

  32. Thanks Chet…

    I would also say that I have given plenty of information for those that have said I am a “fraud” to actually figure out who I am and verify my story(s)… One blogger actually got about halfway there, but I don’t remember which…

    Why isn’t my auto-spell correcting assanine? Oh, because it is… Or it just did.

    Harvard – I didn’t say you never make good points, or that you always make illogical ones… Either way you have you moments of insanity. You also have had moments that looked like insanity to me, but ended up being optimistic clairvoyance.

  33. I think the most illogical things I’ve seen from this blog are the repeated attempts to bury and predestine some very talented basketball players on the Indiana Hoosiers.

    There is no set of equations that can determine the future of any human being. Analyzing and dissecting the math of every scenario a season or game is fine. Taking that math or set of givens and unfairly using it to make assumptions the potential and future isn’t a prediction. What it becomes is using knowledge in a very dangerous fashion of extrapolation; theorems applied to the point of defeatism that rules out exceptions and the beauty of randomness in all of nature. It steals from hearts and discounts the intangible variables of chance and stupid naive unrelenting determination that will never show up in the limited world of numbers and conjecture. To predict the final score of a game, or number of wins and losses in a season, are harmless guesses. To state someone will never get to a place their dreams want to take them is playing God. To play God is illogical.

  34. Yeah, except I’m not applying equations when I’m predicting a players future… I’m looking at the skill set, the size/shape/athleticism, the IQ, and comparing that to what I’ve experienced, witnessed, and studied translates to the next level. When it comes to predicting a players future I am right FAR more than I am wrong…

    I am sure I am not the only one on here that as spent 10,000 hours playing, coaching, and studying basketball. But I can certainly guarantee I’ve spent at least twice that… So I’m going off instinct more than numbers and equations. It’s just the latter are more easy to quantify in an argument.

    There are always players that beat the odds. But the exceptions only serve to prove the general rule.

    If you can explain Hulls’ role on an NBA team to me, I’d be more than happy to listen. It isn’t illogical to assume he won’t have an NBA career, especially since he still isn’t on any “experts” list to get drafted.

    He is extremely one-dimensional at that level – similar to a Steve Kerr, except that he’s 3 inches shorter.

    He doesn’t have the all-around skill-set or scoring ability of a JJ Barea, which is the ONLY physically comparable player I’ve ever seen in the league.

    So I give Hulls about the same odds of making the NBA as Tom Coverdale.


    More IU basketball connecions in the High School Tournament.

    Andrew Dakich for Zionsville and Ray Tolbert is helping with the Fishers team.

  36. Chet-

    Thanks a lot for those kind words in post #35. You have always been very perceptive and I appreciate your kindness. Your wife and your children are extremely lucky to have a man in their lives with such a good heart.

  37. Harvard doesn’t attack?


    Ummmmmmmmmm, I didn’t even MENTION the guy, and just gave my OPINION on some players, and he starts CRYING and calling me every name in the book.

    You need to wipe his jizz off your chin.

    (If you guys want this place to turn into a cess pool and let Harvard get away with his sexual comments about others’ moms, then don’t cry if I go into the gutter too).

    Harvard calls names more than anyone on here. I rarely mention him yet he CONSTANTLY comes after me.

    Chet = dumba$$

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