Illinois at IU women

Indiana held the lead throughout the final two minutes, but Illinois gets the putback with .6 seconds left to drop IU to 0-12 in the Big Ten and extend the school-record conference losing streak to 16. Aulani Sinclair with 17 points for IU, Chaplin with 14 and McGhee 11. ILLINI 61, HOOSIERS 60

0:59.5: Indiana went in front with a Newbauer layup and two Chaplin free throws, 58-54. Illinois answer with free throws from Karisma Penn. IU ball now. HOOSIERS 58, ILLINI 56

3:42: Back and forth we go now after six straight points by Aulani Sinclair tied the game. Alexis Burke just with a basket and the foul to put Illinois back up. ILLINI 54, HOOSIERS 52

7:51: Well, Illinois is on the verge of taking control of this game, twice taking an eight-point lead. But Indiana still hanging in there by a thread. ILLINI 48, HOOSIERS 42

11:59: If you went to the fridge for a snack, you missed almost nothing. Danilsa Andujar hit her first career 3-pointer as IU briefly tied the game at 38. ILLINI 40, HOOSIERS 38

15:30: Everything about this looking all too familiar to Indiana fans. Illinois scored the first five points of the half as IU went scoreless for four minutes before Aulani Sinclair’s baseline floater. Hoosiers have four more turnovers already. ILLINI 38, HOOSIERS 34

Despite letting an 11-point lead get away, Indiana is in the same position it has been in every other Big Ten home game this season — trailing by single digits or ahead with a seemingly good chance to win. Aulani Sinclair off the bench with 9 points to lead IU, which has committed 13 turnovers and shot 36.4 percent.

Ilinois has 11 turnovers with 41.4 percent shooting, led by Karisma Penn’s 13 points. ILLINI 33, HOOSIERS 32

3:34: Spoke too soon. Indiana has gone cold again, with a few turnovers to boot, and a 14-2 Illinois run has erased the Hoosier advantage and then some. ILLINI 26, HOOSIERS 25

7:11: Indiana enjoying an excellent offensive game so far, up to 42.9 percent shooting after a 1-of-9 start. IU briefly enjoyed an 11-point lead moments ago. HOOSIERS 23, ILLINI 14

15:56: IU shakes up the starting lineup with usual starters Chaplin and Newbauer joined by Deloach, Stauere and Goodwin. Hard to say if that’s been good or bad. Hoosiers lead but struggling on offense, though you could say the same of the bright pink-clad Illini, who have orange numerals to go with an ensemble that includes pink socks and pink/silver shoes. HOOSIERS 3, ILLINI 2

It’s Think Pink Day at Assembly Hall for breast cancer awareness as the Hoosiers look to scratch out their first Big Ten win against an Illini squad coming off an upset of No. 10 Ohio State on Thursday night. Updates here and via Twitter.


  1. Saw the end and what an embarrassing loss (no not that they lost but how they lost on a lay-up at the buzzer and not boxing out).

    Hopefully this spells the end of Coach Jack unless IU just doesn’t care about women’s basketball which is basically what Glass is saying if he keeps coach beyond this year.

    Glass has done a great job as athletic director but extending Coach Jack was his one amazingly stupid blemish (and no this is not hindsight the team WAS GOING DOWN HILL WHEN HE EXTENDED HER as Hugh Kellenberger so rightfully pointed out in his column when the extension happened).

    Women’s B’BALL has never been that good at IU but Jack has taken it to a new low which is saying something. She is a wonderful individual but a lousy coach (sounds like Mike Davis).

  2. Agree with John 100%.

    Hope Glass makes the tough (very tough move because Coach Jack is an amazing person and a class act) but necessary move and makes a change at the end of the season. She is a mediocre coach and a lousy recruiter (but a wonderful person). I wish her all the best but she is NOT a Big 10 coach.

  3. It’s beyond brutal now. Don’t confuse the issue. Whether FLJ is a nice or good person makes no difference. Bill Lynch, by all accounts, is a nice person but for the sake of the football program he had to go. FLJ has failed as head coach at IU and for the sake of the women’s program they have to make a move. Bottom line, losing and poor recruiting equal fired coach. It’s time to turn the page.

  4. She just cant get it done and the womans team is an embarrassment. How much is IU on the hook to fire her now?

  5. My friends and I were always perplexed by the extension as well and would love to know what Glass was thinking at that point in time. In all honesty, only the really bad decision he has made in his tenure. Still cannot understand why we cannot have a decent women’s program.

  6. I and my wife attended the game today. As I have stated all year long, this coach needs to go!! She refuses to recruit this state which has excellant players throughout! But, even if she did convince local players to come, she still would be unable to coach them! She is simply not capable of coaching at a big 10 calaber program. This game was a horrible display of basketball played by the two worst teams in the conference! Don’t want to hear about how young this team is, they are fundanmentally terrible! Coach Jack starts out both halfs of the game with her two highest scorer’s on the season on the bench? Maybe she was sending a message, who knows? Every game there is a different starting lineup, players who start one game may get 2 minutes in the next game if even appearing at all? There is no continuity in the program. I agree with the others, she is a very nice person but simply has no idea how to coach a team at a major college level? And I have complained about the recruiting for the last three years. It is not the girls fault, they came here to play because she wanted them here but, she simply doesn’t get it that the people she recruits aren’t up to Big 10 standards! Coach Jack has no idea what a real shooter who can score looks like. The last three years this has been a terrible shooting team. It is time for Mr. Glass to fess up and admit his mistake!

  7. No matter what the conference level, good recruiting can make up for a lot of ills, even so so coaching. I think AD Glass is the kind of person to give a coach opportunity to sink or swim(soccer,FB). But Cook Hall won’t wait long on “overachievers”, I think she will be Lynch-like days after the season is over.

  8. It was obvious at the time of the contract extension and it is still obvious today “why” AD Glass extended the contract: you have to give the coach (any coach) a fighting chance to recruit and to turn the program around (just like with Lynch). Coach FLJ was given that chance and she has done very little with that opportunity. In basketball at IU you “must” (it is not optional) recruit the HS talent within the State of Indiana (not excluding other areas, but concentrating on Indiana and OH. IL. MI talent). The local fans and student body know these women athletes, they can get excited about “their” team. Coach FLJ just does not “get this”. If her teams were 20-10 every year, then she could afford to ignore the in-state talent. But she is not even close to these kinds of records. It is not good enough to say “I tried to get this in-state player and lost” the competition. The Indiana women’s basketball coach “must” win her fair share of these recruiting battles or leave! And, of course, she must have her team prepared to play smart, tough, disciplined, team basketball with good talent.

  9. Surely there’s someone out there with ties to the state who is a great coach and isn’t a Purdue alumni who can be very successful. The women’s team has identical facilities to the men in Cook hall so that should be a huge recruiting advantage.

  10. I don’t really follow the women’s team that much, but this is ridiculous. The worst record in school history. This is Indiana. She’s got to go. Maybe hire Bruce Weber from Illinois once he gets booted in March.

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