1. I don’t understand how Michigan is ranked so much higher than we are, but they have the same record, and loses to teams similar to those who be IU.

  2. New Mexico nationally ranked, above Indianah in both polls.

    Eleven votes for California the only Pac-12 team mentioned.

    People keep saying that Alford’s success at a team in the lower echelon is automatic. Does that mean that his teams in Manchester and Southwest Missouri were frequently ranked nationally?

    Admit it people: Alford keeps growing as a coach but you’re all (or almost all) blind with envy! You poor souls… Your brain synapses have been numbed down by Twenty Whines Tom and his ideologists: “Ignorance is Power, Freedom is Slavery and A Loss is (ultimately) a Big Win!”

  3. Steve Alford is the best. In 5 years at New Mexico, he already has 2 trips to the sweet 64. He even made it to the elite 32 one of those years but unfortunately ran into a #11 seed which stopped his miraculous run.
    With Alford at IU we could harbor similar dreams of success!

  4. Who gives a turn what Alford is doing? We have a coach, and his name is CREAN. I loved Steve as an IU player and he will always be an IU legend, but get off his jock.

  5. Who really cares what the polls say? So we are 23/24. We have had a great season so far and it’s not over yet. Nobody thought we would be at 20 wins right now and we were praying for an NIT bid before the season started. Now we smell NCAA bid and we all go crazy when we lose on the road to Iowa and slip in the polls. Not me. I’m thankful for what we have right now. Great job Hoosiers and keep working hard. Let’s finish strong.

  6. At the beginning of the season the question was: can we beat Iowa? Turns out we can’t. Crean is great!

    Crean is the best. A great coach of his caliber would be perfect at Rice. I’m sure at Rice, in a conference appropriately named “Conference USA”, Crean would give the true measure of his absolutely brilliant recruiting. Don’t believe me? The proof is in the pudding: their AD already hired him once!

  7. Steve Alford is, by all counts, improving vastly as a coach. Every year he collects another NIT berth.

  8. Someone answer this: How is it not a recruiting violation to have a open practice that is being promoted by ESPN????
    What a joke. Wonder how they always have the #1 recruiting class?? Hate em

  9. I can’t understand why there are so many haters. NOBODY thought IU would make the big dance this year and be nationally ranked. Oh yeah they also beat a team from lexington and a team from columbus and one from south bend. This season has been dream compared to the last few. Let’s all give this team and the coaching staff the support they deserve.

  10. Bill—-

    No one is going crazy because we “lost to Iowa.” People are mad because the team mailed it in …..AGAIN.

    I don’t care if we had won 30 games by now.

    Crap like that is unacceptable.

    And it happens over and over and over.

  11. Laffy, we only have 7 losses this year. They are all in the B1G, which is the #1 conference in the world. Of those losses 6 have been on the road.

    How is it again that they have mailed it in over and over and over?

    Once again complete nonsense from you. I wouldn’t respond to you, but I actually do get the feeling you want to be taken seriously. I don’t think you’re a troll…. Am I wrong?

    I am not responding to Rico for that very reason. I actually think you’re sincere, but just delusional.

  12. Only the intellectually lazy/stupid keep crying about “only 7 losses.”

    For the 1,094th time: I DON’T CARE about “losses.” If the guys played their guts out and lost EVERY game I’d be THRILLED with them.

    How have they?

    The game we just had. Nebraska. Minnesota. The other Iowa game (yes, we won, but we let them shoot EIGHTY percent in the second half.) I know there were more.

  13. Sure Laffy, you’d be thrilled with anther 10-25 season if they met your expectations for effort. You just put your last nail in your own coffin. It is simply just clearer than ever that you have no grasp on the realities of college basketball.

  14. This is why I’m glad ‘the Movement’ is putting so much pressure on themselves and not shying away from big expectations. They won’t settle for 20 wins(news flash- every decent college team wins 20 games) or a top 25 ranking or an invitation to the dance, they have bigger fish to fry and they aren’t afraid to step on anyone’s toes. Our current team cannot play well as favorites away from home. Why do Hulls/Jones/Watford even need to ‘get up’ for games, why is expecting them to play well so extreme? At this time next week IU will not be ranked after losing at Minny. If someone posts about how UNC or Duke or whatever also have bad losses they are just illuminating their lack of knowledge of what this IU team is about. UNC and Duke are extremely talented teams that occasionally lose. IU is an effort based team that cannot win without effort. When IU loses to teams they should beat it is frustrating because they don’t give max effort and appear to be ‘big timing it’ as in they think it’ll come easily(Mich, Iowa, Neb, Minn). I like listening to Dakich, Crean and Fischer because they aren’t afraid to call it what it is…pathetic effort, bad losses, and excuse oriented “leadership”.

  15. Rip – not every decent college team gets 20 wins. In fact every year there are a couple at-large teams that don’t make it to 20 regular season wins…

    Xavier is decent and they’ll be lucky to get to 20 regular season wins
    Texas is decent and they won’t get there
    Illinois was ranked for a while and they won’t get there
    Same with WVU, UConn, Butler, UCLA, LSU…
    Alabama will be lucky to get there and they have great talent

    IU is there with 4 regular season games remaining.

    The point isn’t being satisfied with 20 wins, it is reaching a milestone that signifies success when they haven’t ever had any before. Next year they would have different internal and personal expectations whether the Movement was coming or not. But first you have to learn how to win and how to come ready to play every night. This year teams are coming at them with maximum effort instead of taking them lightly like the last 3 years.

    I understand what you are saying about UNC and Duke, but the only reason they get a pass for bad losses is because you aren’t a fan of theirs. I am pretty sure that Tarheel fans were bitching about effort after getting shellacked by 30 points at FSU.

    I completely disagree with the “big-timing it” comment. I don’t think anyone on that team thinks they are great and can just show up and win. Not after getting their asses kicked for 3 straight years. They just don’t play well, or with enough passion some nights, but I would bet anything in world that it’s not tied to ego…

    Hey I think that the effort was ridiculous last night as well, and my first instinct isn’t to make excuses for them, but when I come on here and there is a tsunami of over-reaction and lack of perspective someone needs to be able to set the record straight.

  16. You start off by saying a lot of good teams don’t win 20 games and then you went on to say how important it is for IU to win 20 games, and for the record- a lot of crappy teams win 20 games too dude, check that out sometime. 20 games doesn’t mean anything, the next time winning 20 games gives you 10 extra points in a basketball game let me know. Pretty sure UNC and Duke fans were bummed their teams lost but I doubt they worried if they still had the core to make a deep run in the NCAA tourney. IU fans on the other hand don’t understand the lack of effort and intensity and the nonchalant attitude the team plays with sometimes, like they already accomplished something(which they haven’t). Again their(Crean/players) words not mine. Also IU isn’t ‘back’ until they beat crappy B1G teams on the road. Everyone is making a big deal about beating OSU and Kentucky…those are bad losses on Kentucky and OSU’s records, you aren’t “back” when the team you beat puts it under the ‘bad loss’ category. I’m glad Crean sees it differently than you. He has ripped this team numerous times and benched players for extended time, even today saying that the best leader for this team is the bench…”it also can be an eye-opener that, ‘We’re gonna play without ya.” Crean is not happy with the effort, ‘edge’, attitude… losses and not satisfied with being 20-7 or 8-7, its evident in what he says and also how he coaches, that’s good enough evidence for me.

  17. “IU fans….don’t understand”. ??? I’ve always found Indiana BB fans to be smarter about roundball than the average bear, kinda like Ohio FB fans. They can recognize lack of effort in 2-3 minutes of any BB game and do not need the coach to tell them so.

  18. Rip – PERSPECTIVE… CONTEXT… How do you not get this?

    IU is coming out of NCAA Armageddon. They have been terrible for 3 years. Twenty wins for these players is an important accomplishment. Next year it is just another expectation along the way to greater expectations, but this year it is something to be proud of and is symbolic of a return to relevance.

    UNC and Duke never lost that relevance, so 20 wins to them or their fans is a completely different thing his year. I also have no idea what your point is in the first couple sentences. None of what I said was a contradiction. There are decent teams that don’t win 20 regular season games and it was important that IU reached that milestone… I also doubt there are any crappy teams out there that win 20 games. Obviously a 20 win Sunbelt Conference team isn’t as good as a 20 twenty win ACC team, but they aren’t crappy compared to other mid-majors. You can’t get lucky 20+ times a season…

    20 wins doesn’t give you 10 points in a game, but it does give a coach a longer leash with alumni, it gives recruits a better feeling about potentially choosing a program, and it gives us fans something to be proud about after 3 years of misery.

    Who is in charge of labeling whether or not a loss is good or bad? Losing to a ranked team with a top 20 RPI isn’t considered a bad loss by anyone except rivals who love nothing more than to discredit us.

    I also do not believe Crean sees this differently than me at all. Neither of us was satisfied with the effort last night. Both of us believe there is room for improvement. And neither of us is going to jump off a bridge or jump to any ridiculous conclusions like so many of the people that come out of the woodwork after these losses.

  19. It would be great if the banter stuck to the headline, buy hey, I love the passion!

    For what it’s worth Iowa’s BPI (ref. ESPNs system which is more sound than RPI or Sagarin) was #154 before Sun. Ours was #16. Our strength of sched. was #27.

    My issue is that we let a team, just barely above 1/2 of all of NCAA teams, dominate us. That is just pathetic, but it is what it was.

    This team is incapable of playing to its potential night in and night out. The players just are not capable, mentally to do it. It is that simple. We have seen & they have proven that they are talented enough to beat the best. Blemishes are common in this sport for sure, & they happen to teams like ours more than most.

    I just hope, and have far too much pride in the Hoosiers, to settle for the lack of fire, hunger & effort.

  20. AZ- Do you know that Iowa also beat Wisconsin and Michigan, two teams ahead of us in the conference? Did you know that MSU, the team leading the conference, lost to NW?

    Every good team has weaknesses and is susceptible to an occasional letdown or stinker, especially in the Big 10. Hell, the defending champs have 10 stinkers in a worse league.

    Ultimately, the baseline goal for all programs at this point is to make it to the tournament. Once you are in, it takes 5 wins for a title, and lots of things can happen.

  21. I really don’t care what MSU or Iowa, or Prairie View for that matter, did against whoever. I have high, but reasonable, expectations & they include winning games we should win.

  22. Suit yourself.

    Sports, like life, never plays along perfectly to someone’s pre-planned expectations. I bet you didn’t ‘expect’ IU to start 15-1 either. It all balances out.

  23. AWinAZ – post #25 was one of your better posts ever. It puts your expectations in the context of your fandom, instead of using it as indictment against the coaching staff. I think it’s completely fair to have high expectations and not be satisfied with losing to worse teams.

    I don’t think it’s fair to expect a team full of players who havent experienced success at this level to be able to handle it perfectly the second that they taste it. That is unrealistic.

    Coaches can teach, they can motivate, they can come up with great gameplans… But they cannot jump into the heads of players and flip a switch that turns on the “winning mentality” lightbulb.

    The only thing that can make that happen is consistent success. This season is laying the foundation for future teams to have that mentality.

    I am holding this team to a higher standard than last years team. Next year I won’t have any problem holding the team to a higher standard based on this years success.

    That is not having low expectations for this team, it is having the proper amount of patience and understanding of the current situation we are in as IU basketball fans.

  24. Didn’t Alford coach a Big10 team? How’d that work out??? lol
    His success in whatever conference New Mexico plays in is NOT the Big10, period!!!!!!

  25. Geoff- you clearly don’t listen to coach Crean’s interviews. He isn’t one bit like you in his out look on this season, neither are the players. I also don’t think that nearly as many people on here are saying “ridiculous” things like you claim. Are a few people taking cheap shots? Yeah, probably because they enjoy watching you get so upset. But the majority of the people on here aren’t satisfied with the effort and execution and that puts them in Crean’s camp, not yours. Crean is critical of this team, Crean has high expectations and is not resting on your 20 win laurels. Crean and numerous people on here pull for the Hoosiers but they are also critical of the Hoosiers. You then jump way over board and bash fans who are merely stating the exact same thing Crean and his players are saying.

  26. Don’t buy it, Geoff. You are right. They use this stuff to go backdoor their future claims of incompetence our coach’s decision making on lineups, PT, etc..

    They’re all playing in a masquerade party with 4guards and his Hoopsta friends. They have multiple blogging names on this site and they’re all about the negative rather than enjoying what none of them have the balls to admit they never thought possible from this team. They never stop with the jabbing at players and the second-guessing every move the coach makes.

  27. Ultimately, the baseline goal for all programs at this point is to make it to the tournament. Once you are in, it takes 5 wins for a title, and lots of things can happen.

    Couldn’t agree more. Most sane and positive-thinking words I’ve read on this stink-hole in weeks. The ultimate goal is to have your school name come up on Selection Sunday. There will be a huge weight lifted off the shoulders most these kids when that achievement becomes a reality. I truly believe they could surprise once in the Big Dance. When running on all cylinders, this very deep and versatile Hoosier squad is not an easy match-up.

  28. Harv- Geoff knows I respect his opinion and so hopefully he doesn’t just de-value everything people say if they don’t agree with him. I think I know what Geoff means most of the time and I agree with most of it because its my thinking as well. But I do think at times he’s too tough on people who are critically analyzing the team, which in my opinion is not the same as negatively bashing for no reason. But again Crean and his players do not share your same ‘ultimate goal’ that you just posted. They have talked all season about taking it a game at a time and not looking ahead. Crean is not sitting back cancelling practices and saying ‘we made our ultimate goal, 20 wins and a tourney bid’ he is trying to win each game and at times he’s disappointed with his team’s focus and energy, regardless if they are tourney bound or not. So you can have a rosy outlook if you want but Crean doesn’t share your ‘big picture’ focus. He lives in the moment and takes one game at a time….

  29. In the NFL, the 49ers were supposed to suck.

    After they started kicking butt, if they played poorly at times, should all the fans have keep their mouths shut?

    I think that’s ridiculous.

    I go by what I see/hear/read each game.

    What were the expectations for THAT game?

    If they didn’t live up to it, everyone can smooch my behind if I rip them for it.

    The same people who CRY about criticism about the team are the same EXACT sheep who blindly follow a Political Party and/or religion.

    No thanks.

    Never been a sheep, never will.

    When the team has played their guts out, I’ve said so…..even when they lost.

  30. I respect that. Plus anyone who actually watched this team over the past few years knows they were better than their record, they gave many many games away. Often times to teams with less talent than them. I wasn’t shocked at how good they were this season, I was shocked by how bad they were last year, again not from a talent/skill position but from an effort/attitude/’edge’/toughness standpt they were bad last year. When you see them revert back to that, regardless of their current record, it is disheartening, or as Crean says “it’s unexplainable.”

  31. It’s not possible to have short-term and long-term goals? Obviously, the short-term goals don’t always go as planned. Of course, the coach and team are not always satisfied with their performances and strive to improve.

    Ultimately, getting into the Big Dance is a certain measure of overall success during the course a very competitive season in a tough conference. I’ve seen many interviews with players that reiterate the goal of making the tournament. Do their goals stop upon that point? I’m claiming nothing of the sort.

    It’s very unfair to not recognize the overall success this team, an achievement they should hold their heads high, because you prefer to obsessively CRY over every ugly performances(individually and collectively).

    I could give a rat’s ass if you want to criticize until you begin to blister on the backside your skin and fester upon your own hideousness. You are no less blind to their big picture success than you claim others blind to their microscopic faults. I doubt any coach only motivates by way of constant obsession every flaw. What a horrible and unfair deception to have such a mindset. Time to look in the mirror.

    Plus anyone who actually watched this team over the past few years knows they were better than their record

    I agree, They may also be considerably better than their record this year.

  32. Crean does not make excuses, the players don’t make excuses. Crean does not settle and the players don’t settle. You guys however settle, and you make excuses. Crean could care less if his team loses occasionally, that is never what he is negative about, what he gets frustrated about, and I can’t believe I’m still typing this, is….”energy, focus, attitude, ‘edge’, toughness, fight, passion” and in this last loss “failure to execute what we practiced for the press breaker and for how to defend Iowa.” So Crean is critical, demanding and at times frustrated. He is not naive and “ra ra ra, it’s ok to give 50% effort, we won 20 games.”

  33. Who said anything about settling? What many of you refuse to do is acknowledge when it’s done right. You’re obsessed with the shortcomings rather than the many positives. You obsess over players faults rather than their skills. You live to be miserable in a quest for always finding fault before praise. That’s not Tom Crean and that’s not the majority of Hoosier fans.

  34. I think the reason the team sucked at Iowa is because they seemed satisfied to reach 20 wins…..like most of the “fans” on here.

    I’m not looking at “every flaw”, Drama Queen.

    Jordy’s entire effort has been lacking in several games.

  35. “You live to be miserable in a quest for always finding fault before praise”

    Complete load of crap.

    As I’ve said, I praise them when they deserve it.

    Also, I sure don’t remember that argument when Davis was here. Even when he got us to the Title game, most of the “fans” wanted his head on a platter.

  36. Rip – was I too tough on psych or wisco for their critical comments? No, because they were measured. How about Druid, or Kevin t, or Fab5? No, because their bitching made sense…

    Quit acting like I am satisfied with the effort at Iowa or satisfied with 20 wins or that I’m not critical of the team. None of those things are true.

    Games like this bring out the Elmo’s and rico’s of course, but they also bring out the back2basic, IU fan, real iu fan, and Spoiled by Knight crowd that just over-react, spew nonsense, and make a one-game sample into an indictment on the potential for any real future success in the program.

  37. Anyone else think this UK/Miss St game is going to be an upset? Either way I think it will be entertaining as hell…

  38. Geoff, I hear you, and I agree with you. Harvard, that’s not me that you described, I love this team and am happy with what they are doing 80% of the time, disheartened 20% of the time. The main reason I posted so much this week was because I saw people ripping on others and it seemed like the ‘positives’ were ripping the ‘negatives.’ Even though at times being ‘negative’ is more accurate than blindly supporting a jersey. I also agree with Laffy when he said earlier that Geoff and him have more in common than Geoff is willing to admit. To quote Drake “we walk the same path, but got on different shoes; live in the same building, but we got different views” for the most part IU fans agree on a lot, and only disagree on a bit.

  39. Yeah Rip, I started noticing (and pointing out) the areas that Laffy and I agree, and since then I have basically stopped debating him. I wasn’t going after Laffy for being to critical, at least originally, it was because he challenged me with a comment on Hulls. It just digressed from there. I think Laffy is sincere, so he has my respect, even if I think he’s a little misguided.

  40. “I praise them when they deserve it.”

    That’s your biggest load of dump to date. You’re a giant festering boil of oozing pus.

    Second biggest load of crap:

    “Jordy’s entire effort has been lacking in several games.”

    Even relinquishing any claims to refute an argument he lacks in athleticism and gets abused because of speed/size issues on defense, I challenge any fan on this blog that doesn’t hide behind two or three different screen names to agree with your statement pegging Hulls as lacking in effort in several games. You just showed your true colors on that one….More festering pus out your boil.

  41. The Scoop is almost unreadable with all the nonsense after a bad game. If you’d have offered up a 20-7 record with wins over Kentucky, ND, Butler, Ohio State, NC State, stomping Purdue at Mackey, etc., these critics would have said no way CTC could pull that off but if he did they’d all sing his praises. In fact, that’s pretty much what they said.

    Now…here we are. The ‘Dream Season’ laid at their feet. But, instead, CTC, is a barely average coach coach and the team should have done so much better.

    Give me a frickin’ break.

  42. I also agree with Laffy when he said earlier that Geoff and him have more in common than Geoff is willing to admit.

    Very true, Rip. They both think the Mr. Basketball on our team is only wearing candy stripes because of being a cornfed homey boy favorite. I thought the same thing three years ago…Couldn’t have been more wrong.

  43. Hmmm, my upset prediction is looking ok…

    Yeah, Hulls is the primary area where I think Laffy is misguided. I would venture to say that there hasn’t been a single game this year, much less several, that he hasn’t brought effort. There are certainly games where he lacked execution, but never effort.

    Even if Hulls sits in a press conference and says he “isn’t happy with his effort” I don’t think he is specifically talking about how hard he tried, but more likely his resulting play. Either way I have been completely satisfied with Hulls’ effort this year, I have never questioned his heart.

    Also look who just took UM to overtime… Nope, not OSU, MSU or UW… Guess winning on the road in the B1G is a challenge after all.

  44. Chet-

    They have no ability at one ounce of true reflection and honesty. They live to be miserable and find fault. You nailed it 100%.

  45. Well Rico, it’s all quite silly. But then some very smart people think my language analysis is accurate enough that I can live quite well on about eight hours of work a week. So, make all the fun you like.

    Harvard, like everyone I agree that Cody is the best player on the team. My personal opinion is that Jordy is the player on our team that has the biggest impact on wins and losses. Cody can play well in a loss. If Jordy plays well we win. I think we lost to Iowa because Jordy, turnovers and all, was on the bench.

  46. You know what’s odd? Somehow Georgetown lost by 18 tonight at Seton Hall. What’s so weird is that I swear I’ve seen JT3 get in his players faces before and attempt to hold them accountable. How come that magically didn’t just automatically work for him tonight and raise the team’s effort. I guess top 10 teams with fiery coaches are susceptible too…

  47. Chet-

    Along with the zapping of synergy that handcuffs our offense because of extra decisions regarding where and when to give the returning “he who shall not be named” his minutes, the two quick ticky-tack fouls on Hulls didn’t help either.

  48. Geoff…couldn’t agree more on Teddy, The Drama Queen, Valentine referees. He’s just a pathetic ref & belongs in the NBA with all of his antics. If only Knight would’ve cold-cocked him when he had the chance vs. Illinois years ago. I’ll never forget the anxiety of THAT moment.

    & by the way, if I’m not mistaken we went 31-4 in ’93, (was it?) & he ref’d each loss.

  49. Colorado State beat Alford’s Lobos last night by taking a page from Crean’s notebook: they used a four- guard lineup…. Damn!

  50. I was listening to a college basketball analyst on 24/7 Sports on Sirius in my car yesterday. Wasn’t listening long enough to know which one. A caller asked how Many Mountain West teams should get tourney bids. He laughed and said ‘none’. It was his opinion there was a decent team west of the Big 12 this year. He went on to say he wouldn’t be surprised if Colorado State beat the Lobos because they just aren’t very good.

  51. “Quit acting like I am satisfied with the effort at Iowa or satisfied with 20 wins or that I’m not critical of the team. None of those things are true……. make a one-game sample into an indictment on the potential for any real future success in the program.”

    Why don’t you quit whining this is a “one game sample” when there have been SEVERAL games they’ve played like COMPLETE CRAP?

    Harvard……go to hell.

  52. “Laffed-Ats losing it.”


    It’s your BFF Harvard that’s having the meltdown crying his eyes out about me.

    Dude is obsessed.

  53. …and been losing it for weeks…Harvard maybe you ought to lay of Laffed-at until he completes his therapy and rehab period…naw forget that…

  54. LOL!!

    It’s you girls screaming, “Laffy hates IU, Jesus, puppy dogs, babies, America and ice cream all because he says IU needs to improve!!!”

    You Drama Queens crack me up.

  55. Laffed-At, I’ve said none of those things. I have labeled you Laffed-At because it is what happens after your every post and you’ve rightly earned it.

  56. Laffy – I am really not trying to fight with you anymore. We do have some common ground, although I almost forget where it is now. However, I just completely disagree that there have been several games where they have played like complete crap. I can remember 2 that fit that description – UM and Iowa. I can remember a lot more games where they put out great effort and played really well.

    Here’s an analogy for you, maybe you’ll like it, but probably you won’t. I sorta see it like this.

    IU is the kid that has had C, D, and F’s all through elementary school. Well, this year they started getting it a little more and working a little harder and all of a sudden they are getting B and C’s with even a couple A’s sprinkled in. As a parent I’m thrilled at the turn-around. It’s not valedictorian stuff yet, but certainly moving in the right direction. Now every once in a while he also gets a D or an F, not enough times to bring his overall grade down too much, but it’s still a troubling reminder of the past. Am I pissed? Sure. Do I let him know that it’s not acceptable anymore to fail because I’ve seen what he’s capable of? Yes. But that’s where I stop…

    What the posters that I named in the above comment that you cited do is take it another step, which I feel is ridiculous. They say that the F defines the student and it’s just evidence that the kid is never going to be able to get into college. There’s no perspective, just a desire to over-react and try to get the teacher fired or have the kid transfer into special needs classes because it’s now clear that he just don’t get it…

    Damn right I am going to scoff at that parent and think they are doing the kid a disservice. By the way I didn’t put your name in that group, not sure if you noticed that or not.

  57. Laffed-At, I am not near so prone to care about the arrangement of your feathers as Geoff but if you did not understand that post there is no hope for you or you flame as you do purposely for the expected reactions.

  58. Geoff, I agree that some people go over the top, especially calling Crean “the worst coach in America.”

    However, I have the same problem with those that are the exact opposite who do nothing but gloss over the problems and say people are “non-fans” for pointing them out.

    Kinda like the super-partisans in both Parties.

    Good analogy.

  59. Our pre-Big Ten SOS schedule was ranked in the 300’s so forgive me for not slobbering all over a 20 win season like the sheep do.

  60. Once again you choose to dig into the pus of your poor wounded Hoosier heart and demean the efforts of a team that has made some very important turning points and victories to be proud.

    It’s really a pity, Laffy..I give you all the chances in the world to lighten up and you still want to act like a festering boil. I take your homophobic crap and “Drama Queen” jabs and turn it to poke a bit of fun at myself…Does it have any effect whatsoever on tempering your hostility? I will stop now. I should have ignored you as many suggested, but you don’t cease with your foul name-calling and insinuations that someone is weak because they refuse to continually piss on players and only microscopically examine the negative aspects of every game. You obviously have a mental block that refuses a bit of happiness and reflection.

    When someone is so bothered by my opinions on a basketball blog that they tell me to “go to hell”…?
    If Dustin is willing to let that type of $hit fly, then I’m willing to let this place take its course down that pathway without me.

  61. You sure do have have an obsession with the word “pus”, Mr. Stalker.

    Demean the team? I’m stating facts. Their pre-Big Ten SOS was one of the weakest in the entire country. Fact. Do you need a box of tissues?

    Oh, give me a break on “what is allowed” with all the garbage you say on here, Nancy.

    How many times have you cried about “festering boils”?

    Get some new material, Cletus.

    And the ones that need to work on their “hostility” are those that start foaming at the mouth with, “ANYONE THAT RIPS THE TEAM/COACH SHOULD SLIT THEIR WRISTS AND DROWN THEMSELVES BECAUSE THEY HATE EVERYTHING AND WORSHIP SATAN!!!!”

    Get over yourself.

  62. Oh…..and you just won Irony of the Month award with your cryfest, “But, but, but……..mommy, he’s mean to me because I just gave my opinion. Waaaaaaahhhh!!!”

    Actually, you’ve done NOTHING but launch personal attacks my way.

    When I’m giving MY opinion.


    Go back to playing with your Barbies if you can dish it out but not take it.

    Monday, November 21, 2011 – 12:17 AM EST

    Though I got “Bashed” for calling IU’s opponents to this point “bums” I’m going to comment again. I won’t believe that any of these victories are special until IU starts to play people who aren’t. Major Conference Schools schedule schools who couldn’t even ‘sniff’ the Big Ten, ACC, Big East, etc. in order to scrimmage and rack up wins. Despite what others had to say, Savannah State is in that category. I’m waiting for the ACC Challenge and Kentucky. If IU is going to be a ‘Big Boy’ they’re going to have to beat the Big Boys and not Evansville or Savannah State regardless of how ‘Good’ some believe those schools are.

    Tuesday, November 22, 2011 – 9:48 AM EST

    We don’t know anything about this team until they play Butler, Kentucky and Notre Dame. Seems like last year they sat at this same record after a few soft games.

    Sunday, November 13, 2011 – 3:27 AM EST

    Well, we’ll play both Butler and Evansville pretty soon and we will find out how good they are. It would be a wonderful thing if we blew both teams out like we did Stoney. It’s about time the state’s collegiate basketball was set right.

    Tuesday, November 22, 2011 – 6:59 PM EST

    ND, KY, Mich, Mich St, Ohio State and Wisconsin may be a little too tough for IU this year. We may get an upset or two from within that group of teams, but I think we’re still a year away from winning the majority of games against those teams. However, I’m sure IU will put up a hell of a fight against all of them.

    Go Hoosiers.

    Concentrate on the SOS numbers now all you want..Most bloggers(I only took the time to find a small sample set) were holding back any hopes for wins against Kentucky, OSU, ND, NC State, Michigan, Butler. Evansville was even considered a tough environment and a potential stumble. So easy to now bitch about strength of schedule now. This team has exceeded the expectations of almost every fan that was posting on here in November. How many have returned under their regular blogging names to say they were wrong?

  64. It said our low was 309, so I’m not sure how that proves me wrong.

    241? Gosh, my bad, that is something to BRAG about.


    Don’t really care about other teams.

    Also, I have to laugh at the Drama Queens who keep crying I’m “demeaning” the team by criticizing them.

    Most players say the nay-sayers actually MOTIVATES them to go do more to prove them wrong.

    So, I’m actually helping them instead of patting them on the back 24/7 telling them how AWESOME they are.

    Most coaches will tell you that HURTS the players when all the fans are blowing sunshine up their butts constantly.

  65. Delusions of grandeur, Laffy. The team could give a rat’s ass what any of us think or write. Send coach your e-mails and send Dustin your love. You are solidly delusional.

    The trend has been doubt. Jesus H. Christ, it’s bad enough to constantly witness Kartje slobbering all over Michigan. The Scoop team refused to put rankings charts on this page when we broke into the Top 10. They left the football rankings up during basketball season just so Hoosier fans couldn’t enjoy a bit of pride in a return to relevancy. The “drama” has been in the doubt all season long, Drama Doubt Queens. Geoff doubted a win in Bloomington against the Buckeyes. After the fact, he decided our victory against OSU was best handed over to the officials. He doubted Hulls and when Hulls began to disprove his doubts, he softened his stance. A couple bad games from Hulls and the doubt returns…Remy was talked about like he was a scrub until the game at Mackey..Now he’s a scrub again. Watford’s toughness is doubted…Hulls effort is doubted(most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard). Many of the doubters are champing at the bit for anything, any crack in door, that can get them back to their earlier “soft” expectations. In there eyes, everything this team has achieved is nothing but fluke.

    They want it to be “fluke” because they’ll never believe the coach is not a total fraud. Step up to the plate, haters and doubters. Step up to the plate and give credit where credit is due for a team and coach you had buried before the ball was tossed into the air an opening tip. Drama-doubters and Drama-haters…and Drama-bigots…and Drama-stat-drinkers…and Drama-journalists-fans-of-every-team-except-the-Hoosiers.

  66. So, Drama Queen, you’re calling them liars when they say they use doubts by the fans to motivate them?

    Pretty rotten of you to demean their character like that.

    I’ve seen quote after quote from them backing up what I say (and not just our players).

    Also….you want to talk about ME having a “meltdown”?


    Go take some Xanax…..and wash it down with Jack before your (empty) head explodes.

    btw……your cryfest in that last paragraph describes the people who ripped Davis PERFECTLY. They NEVER gave him a CHANCE before he even started and even when we went to the Title game, they STILL refused to give him ANY credit.

    I think Crean can get us to the Final Four, crybaby. So take some Midol and settle down.

  67. Sure you do, Drama-doubter…Sure you do. Now you’re motivating them. I see. You’re the hero on Hoosier Scoop..I understand. It’s o.k.

    Delusions of grandeur, my friend. You are a case for the books.

  68. Never called myself a “hero”, Drama Queen.

    You should also eat some chocolate with that Midol as I hear it helps.

    btw…..try reading quotes from players sometimes. One of the most frequent ones is, “Everytime someone tells me I can’t do something, it motivates me to go out and work harder to prove them wrong.”

    Heck, there was an article from Patterson saying that just recently.

    Same thing from coaches with, “The players have so many fans patting them on the back all over campus, they think they’re better than they are.”

  69. I did hear a comment like that from Jones in the last postgame press conference. We all know how his “me against the world” mindset has done wonders for the synergy of this team.

    Hey, you want to hear a shocker? I somewhat agree with your Davis comments.

    Take care….I’m going to go have a beer and load up on sinus medicine.

  70. http://indiana.247sports.com/Article/Not-a-Busta-61185

    Buss (Patterson) isn’t the stereotypical Hoosier, and he likes it that way. He likes being looked down on. He likes being underestimated. Proving people wrong has been a lifestyle for him since he started playing basketball.

    Proving you wrong is too easy…..and fun.

    Hell, even JORDAN said he used doubt from others to motivate him.

  71. Harvard – one quick correction… I doubted Hulls as a NBA pick, never softened my stance on tht, and never doubted him as a college player. The only thing I said was that he wasn’t as good as Taylor or Craft and that he wouldn’t be an all-American.

    He has played very well most of the year, and like I said all along I am happy and proud to ave him as our PG.

  72. But then there’s those select special people like you…when it tips the scales and it manifests into despise for everything and everyone. It’s called delusions of grandeur, King Kinko.

    Let’s please not pretend anything you do on here is intended to motivate a turd be pushed out a tick. You spew nothing but contempt. I’ve seen nothing from you that proves otherwise until you’re only attempting to save face in a moment of truth to hard to swallow.

  73. This is why I usually don’t waste my time getting links to prove people wrong when they ask for proof.

    They ALWAYS ignore it and just continue to be bedwetters and throw out insults.

    Drama Queen, you aren’t worth my time and I’ll answer no more of your questions.


  74. Dustin,please get this bunch of idiots of the blog,its just a basketball game, the sun will shine tomorrow and life will go on. I promise to never be critical of anyone any more just let me die in peace.Aloha

  75. That’s funny, Chet.

    I gave my opinion and it was your BFF who started throwing out the personal insults. Not me.

    And then, he turned around and CRIED, “Don’t attack me, I’m just giving my opinion.”

    Comedy-writers couldn’t dream that up.

  76. Laffy, I know that we aren’t engaging right now, but I am still reading… PLEASE use links and facts when debating me here. I will definitely read them and give you kudos if they are relevant. Most posters won’t take the time to actually back up their opinions with facts, so I will really appreciate it when you do.

    XOXO – Geoff

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