1. Agree. Michigan stumbling badly and losing at home to Purdue on Senior Night is not indicative of a team deserving a #13 in the nation ranking. Simply looking at overall conference records, they appear to deserve the higher ranking than Indiana. I’m not so sure seeing how Michigan has its final two games on the road and it’s very possible they could drop both. Illinois and Penn State will relish the role of playing spoilers. Illinois just came off a win at Iowa and looks to be getting a bit of a chip back on their shoulder.

    If the Hoosiers can win their last two at home against two teams playing very well, and Michigan stumbles on the road against lower tier conference opponents, the rankings of the two team will likely be flip-flopped before the Big 10 tournament begins. Still not far-fetched for IU and Michigan to both finish with 11-7 conference records. Third and fourth place are still completely up for grabs.

  2. The goal is a top 16 overall seed in the NCAA Tourney=a 4 seed in one region. Nothing else matters, unless IU can win the B1G Tourney. That would be sweet!

  3. I think Michigan should be ranked slightly higher than IU, but not five spaces higher. Losing to Nebraska and MN at home really hurt IU. But, if we win out the regular season, those losses are irrelevant.

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