Iowa at IU women

Indiana drops its 11th straight to start the Big Ten campaign, unable to hold up in the face of Iowa’s offensive onslaught in the second half. The Hawkeyes shot 70 percent for the second half to put away the Hoosiers, who were led by the 20 points and 8 rebounds of Sasha Chaplin. HAWKEYES 83, HOOSIERS 64

7:25: Iowa on the verge of blowing this game open now, shooting 67 percent in the second half. IU has fallen off to just 27 percent in the second half. HAWKEYES 62, HOOSIERS 46

11:51: If Indiana wants to win this game, it better find Melissa Dixon. The fill-in starter now has five 3s and 19 points. HAWKEYES 55, HOOSIERS 44

15:57: Indiana struggling to get stops in the early going, though Iowa doing the same. Kelly Krei with three fouls and 6-5 center Morgan Johnson two for the Hawkeyes. Sasha Chaplin six quick points and has 14 for the game for IU. HAWKEYES 45, HOOSIERS 39

Iowa continues to bomb away from outside, for better or worse. Hawkeyes go 6-of-18 from beyond the arc, compared to Indiana’s 1-of-7. That one was Milika Taufa’s 3 with 10 seconds left in the half, her first make and attempt of the season and of her career. Sasha Chaplin and Taufa lead IU with 8 points, while Jasmine McGhee added 7 points. Simone Deloach has 4 points and 7 rebounds in her first start of the season. HAWKEYES 35, HOOSIERS 31

3:11: Indiana has wasted a chance to really make a move as Iowa goes cold, or I suppose you could say Iowa has wasted a chance to put the Hoosiers away. Either way, both teams struggling offensively as of late. HAWKEYES 27, HOOSIERS 21

7:47: A couple ill-advised shots from Iowa help Indiana fight back. Hoosiers doing a good job of going inside this game with Chaplin and Deloach combining for 10 points. HAWKEYES 23, HOOSIERS 18

11:20: Iowa now threatening to shoot Indiana right out of this one in a hurry. Hawkeyes are 4-of-7 on 3s, including three from Melissa Dixon, making her first start in place of the injured Printy. HAWKEYES 20, HOOSIERS 12

15:42: Pretty good offensive start for the Hoosiers, but Melissa Dixon’s two 3-pointers keeping Iowa in it. Simone Deloach, making her first start of the year, with 2 points and 4 rebounds already for IU. HAWKEYES 8, HOOSIERS 8

Assembly Hall is the site for this afternoon’s Big Ten women’s basketball contest as Iowa visits Indiana. The Hoosiers are still looking for their first Big Ten win of the season and would like to break a 14-game regular-season conference losing streak dating back to last season. The Hawkeyes will be playing their first game without leading scorer Jamie Printy, lost for the season due to a knee injury Thursday night. Stay tuned for updates here and on Twitter.


  1. Hate to beat a dead horse but, this team will more than likely not win another game this year because of poor recruiting and and an inability to shoot the basketball! The talent on this team is not up to the other teams in the conference and this team is terrible fundamentally, this all falls on the poor coaching. The blame falls on AD Fred Glass who extended coach Jack’s contract last year even though the team’s record has continued to deteriorate over the last 3 years. Coach Jack must go!!

  2. Agreed. Can you imagine what would happen if this was the men’s team. Oh wait, that would never happen, right?

    The goal should not be a top men’s basketball or football, team, but a top athletic program.

    Who’s going to be accoutable?

  3. Comparing FLJ and her failures to the men’s team is apples and oranges. In the face of losing for 3 seasons the men’s team was putting together solid recruits, providing hope for the future. FLJ has had several seasons now and the team is going backwards with NO HOPE in sight. She does not recruit well and it would be hard to argue she is developing the players she has. IU has to cut their losses with FLJ.

  4. Check the team stats. game after game. turnovers by IU in double figures. Those should be correctible but FloJack doesnt have a clue. Worst womens coach we have had. CHANGE AND FIX IT

  5. SAM,

    I think we’re saying the same thing. Basically, it’s unacceptable.


    I believe when I was watching the Ohio State game, the announcers said that based on the points that teams get off IU’s average of turnovers per game, IU starts every game down 23-0!

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