IU RecruitWatch: Weekend recap

If you missed it, Dustin gave his specific thoughts on 2012 recruits Jeremy Hollowell, Yogi Ferrell, and Ron Patterson in our last edition of MovementWatch. Check it out here for more details.


Yogi Ferrell (Park Tudor): In a blowout of Scecina, Ferrell tallied a double-double (17 points and 10 assists). And on Saturday in a more impressive venue (Bankers Life Fieldhouse) against a more impressive opponent (Ron Patterson’s Broad Ripple team), Ferrell carried more of the scoring load putting up 22 points, and he still dished out six assists in a win.

Ron Patterson (Broad Ripple): Patterson scored 17 points against the tough Park Tudor zone at Bankers Life, but the Rockets were dealt their fourth loss of the season by Yogi Ferrell’s Park Tudor squad.

Jeremy Hollowell (Lawrence Central): Hollowell hit a buzzer-beater 3-pointer to beat Devin Davis’ Warren Central squad on Thursday, making his point total 27 on the game. He continued to establish himself as the best scorer in IU’s 2012 class by adding 28 points and nine rebounds in his Saturday matchup.

Hanner Perea (La Lumiere): Perea suffered a minor sprained ankle and didn’t see the court this weekend. Doesn’t sound at all serious.

Peter Jurkin (UFCA): Jurkin had probably his most complete week of action of this season this past week, tallying 13 points and 12 rebounds on Thursday and coming out with another monster double-double on Saturday (17 points and 20 rebounds), both wins for UFCA. With UFCA done for the season after a postseason ban, Jurkin is even closer to being in candy stripes.


Collin Hartman (Cathedral): Hartman scored just 13 in his first game of the weekend, but he silenced some of those who wonder about his scoring totals, tallying a 22-point, game-high effort against Heritage Christian.

Devin Davis (Warren Central): Davis played really well in a losing effort against Hollowell, trying to take over the game in the second half and finishing with 23 points. Then, he added 17 in a weekend win over South.

Luke Fischer (Germantown, WI): Fischer didn’t play this past weekend, but he tweeted that the pins were out of his hand and that it’s “looking good”. Expect him to play soon.

BeeJay Anya (DeMatha, MD): In two huge wins, one on national TV, Anya scored 17 points (a team-high) and 15 points in two solid efforts.


Trey Lyles (Arsenal Tech): In typical fashion, Lyles tallied a team-high 21 points for Tech in a close victory.

James Blackmon Jr. (Bishop Luers): Will no longer be a part of RecruitWatch for the season, due to a season-ending knee injury. See ya next year, James.

Jaquan Lyle (Evansville Bosse): Lyle had by far his worst performance of the season this weekend, shooting less than 10 percent from the field and finishing with just six points in a loss to Castle. Castle absolutely shut him down.

Cliff Alexander (Chicago Curie): Alexander is beginning to look more and more like a national, possibly-out-of-reach prospect for IU. He tallied 20 points, 12 rebounds, and 8 blocks in one game this weekend. He then added another double-double, this time 12 points and 12 rebounds in another game. He will be a top five prospect in the post, no doubt.

Trevon Bluiett (Park Tudor): Bluiett came up big as Park Tudor’s No. 2 option this weekend, behind Ferrell. He tallied 21 and 17-point efforts against Scecina and Broad Ripple, respectively. He seems to be getting a more consistent scoring touch.

Aaron Brennan (Guerin Catholic): Brennan was off for the weekend after playing on Thursday, and in that game, a loss to Lafayette Catholic Central, Brennan tallied 19 points.

Grant Evans (Wapahani): No games for Evans and Wapahani this week.


  1. Who gives up or loses a scholly next year? If Roth stays, two schollies will need removed? I think Roth will stay and give his up and Hulls will voluntarily give up his.

    Who will redshirt iespecially if Creek is available? I say Etherington– his girlfriend will be a freshman next year.

  2. Are you drinking that Kaintuck moonshine?

    Hulls give up his scholly?


    Heck, even Rivers didn’t give up his and his dad is LOADED.

  3. You state “Alexander is beginning to look more and more like a national, possibly-out-of-reach prospect for IU. ” Huh? I mean a couple years ago when we were in the darkness I can understand why some top 5 guys would not want to go to IU but now? We are ranked in the top 20, have the number 2 recruiting class coming in next year and only lose 1 senior starter albeit a poor one in VJ III.

    Not sure why IU cannot get anyone except the kids that want money for playing or who have bad grades.

  4. Red-shirting does NOT help on scholarship numbers! It still counts as a scholarship if you get room, board, tuition, etc. IU has 13 scholarships for 14 players, and Creek is always included in this number, for next season. Let’s shelve that topic until May and concentrate on winning 4th in the B1G and making the Regionals of the NCAA Tourney! Matt Roth will play a 5th season as a walk-on, as he should. He wants to play for IU on a Final Four team, and he can.

  5. Why should we shelve a harmless conversation? Anticipation and debate are big parts of why sports are so engrossing. This is the first time in nearly a generation that IU fans could truly relish the future, and in any case neither your “concentration” nor mine have anything to with whether the Hoosiers win.

  6. @Old Sports Dude

    Completely agree. Indiana already has a commitment from arguably the best post player in the 2014 class in Tre Lyles. Why would Cliff Alexander, a lesser prospect, be out of IU’s league?

    Otherwise, thanks for the writeup.

  7. Old Sports Dude and TD – exactly… this particular write-up has a UM fan’s fingerprints all over it.

    Why would IU be able to attract top talent? They are only able to get non-national-type recruits like Zeller and Lyles…

  8. At this point I have to think IU is in play for any national recruit. I say this as most of next year’s recruits are already signed. That means the recruits IU (and all other teams) are pursuing are two years away from arriving on campus. IU has put together a good team this year and they have 5 top 200 quality players coming in next year. You certainly have the potential to see IU put three legit NBA quality players (Zeller, Perea, and Yogi) on the floor all at one time next year. Recruits will get to see this and start to view IU as an elite top 10 national destination year in and year out. Couple that with the fact that the state of Indiana produces some of the best national talent each year and you can see where IU will be able to secure state talent most years and pick up one or two national guys when needed. I don’t think anyone can be too critical regarding CTC’s ability to recruit.

  9. Lyles and Zeller had the same thought as Coach Crean “It’s Indiana”. Bloomington, Cook Hall, a top notch Coach and staff, tradition, Assembly Hall, B10 BB, rabid fans with high BB IQ all played a significant part in our recruits decisions. If all of the above desirable reasons could be placed in Toledo then our recruits would be going there.

  10. HC, yes. While obviously all the talent in the world isn’t in Indiana, if the choice is between two recruits and one IS in Indiana, that’s the guy you want. Ever notice the name on the jersey? On of the reason I laugh so much at UK is that they always have Indiana players contributing but the few homegrown that are on their roster usually sit the pine.

  11. Chet, 1 other reason I forgot to list is we here in Indiana have a drum named Laffy to beat on.

  12. Would love to get Cliff as well and I dont think he’s out of IU’s league whatsoever. Hes in freaking Chi not LA. That being said, we have Parea, Jurkin, Fisch, and Lyles already in the bag over the next few classes to go along with Zeller and we are still heavy on Anya.

    At some point it becomes a simple question of “when you dont have any open slots how many more bigs can you take into ’14?” Right now I’d say Crean would take Cliff and figure it out later. Think that changes if we get Anya.

  13. Never said Cliff Alexander was out of IU’s league. I just don’t think with Lyles already committed that he’s going to look at IU with Duke, UNC, Syracuse, Connecticut, etc. likely to be interested.

  14. Ryan–wouldn’t it work in our favor that we’ve been working on Alexander for so long? The only team that would seem to have an inside track on him is Illinois, and anything could happen this offseason with that staff to put them out of the picture. You’re right that the competition will be extensive, but I doubt the recruitment of Lyles would discourage a guy like Alexander, who could surely play the 5 to Lyles’ 4. Also, if he sees great success next year with Zeller as our anchor, I can’t see why he wouldn’t at least give us a long, hard look.

  15. Kartje…someone called it out, the Michigan fingerprints…better if you combed your hair over the Michigan T-shirt.

    As for the Indiana recruits…some have heard a rumor that basketball is actually played north of the state line (without having to look at the ball when you bounce it) …but obviously, they don’t quite believe the rumor.

  16. From what I have heard about Lyle’s ball handling it sure sounds like he could man the small forward position while Alexander was at power forward. Yogi is likely to be the point guard for sure by that point and there probably won’t need to be a lot of other people really handling the ball that much. Add the fact that Jurkin will hopefully be at center and he probably will not need to take up too much post space on offense which could even allow Alexander and Lyles to both handle posting up on the offensive side of the court. This does of course assume Perea goes pro after his sophomore season prior to Alexander and Lyles’ arrival.

    It’s a lot to think about and I know I didn’t mention Davis in there but the backcourt positions could sort out in a way that it is Lyles, Davis, Jurkin, and Alexander at that point in time and plenty of playing time to go around for all.

  17. While some IU fan’s are high on Anya because of his physical play and dunks I am not. The
    reason is his on court speed. He is always trailing the play on offense and defense. He is a slow player and IU is a fast team. So if he does come to Indiana he will need to do a lot of running and improve his court speed or he will get left behind or on the bench.

  18. BeeJay Anya HT 6-8 Wingspan 7-9

    Manute Bol HT 7-7 8-6

    Gheorghe Mureson HT 7-7 7-10

    Shawn Bradley HT 7-6 7-6

    Yao Ming Ht 7-51/2 7-5

    Approx from NBA
    He does look slower after a few trips up and down.
    Victor is supposedly like a big brother to him.
    Trimmed 40 lbs.

  19. Sorry Ryan, “national, out-of-reach recruit” just came across wrong to me. I apologize for misinterpreting your intentions…

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