1. Someone in Live Discussion:Coach Wilson” said Cody needs a 10 to 12 foot hook shot.
    I think that be great in his game.

  2. I have to give Watford & Sheehey some kudos. They’ve responded after getting called out by the Coach recently. Regret that it took the pine time and press conf. at Mich. to get their attention, but it worked. Watford is rebounding and blocking out like I’ve never seen him do. As a result the team is doing a better job of possession management.

    It was also good to see Cody respond to physical play by Leonard. Cody was getting owned early and he woke up and owned Leonard the 2nd half.

    This team has a very favorable remaining schedule as I’ve chronicled earlier and I still think we have 23 Ws in us before the Big 10 tournament.

  3. What a dirty team Illinois is! Leonard besides his five fouls once threw Cody down at mid court and also under Illinois basket. I was glad to see Cody go at him in second half and show him what for. Also did Illinois bring those referees with them? Holy cow Sheehy goes up for a rebound and a guy lands under him and he is called for the foul, then they warned the IU bench. What a bunch of jerks. I have watched games for almost 50 years and never seen such a dirty team. Weber must be feeling the pressure to not get fired with a new Ad and is trying to win at al costs.

    Nice BTN could provide the Illinois fans with a special after the game on Lou “I did not cheat even though they had a kid on tape saying we offered him money” Henson.

    As for Illinois, hope you crybabies lose all the rest of your games but they keep Weber cause he is a terrible coach.

  4. PEAKING!! The game was over as soon as CZ sent a groggy Leonard to the bench with that dunk. 4 starters in double figures but the bench added much more than points when on the floor. The best PG play we’ve had in years, congrats to JH. Good D, Paul w/13 and ML w/17. Damn fine game by CW which supports how really putrid his last 2 games were.

  5. Watford? That ship sailed months ago and he ain’t on it. He’s currently aboard the Derek Elston tugboat which smells like the beginnings of spoiled fish.

  6. Old Sports Dude, you do realize Illinois was whistled for 30 fouls and IU 16, right? I hardly think the Illini brought the refs to the game. And before someone says that Illinois deserved every call, I am sure we would all be livid if that was the foul discrepancy in favor of the opposing team.

    That said, awesome win for IU, and it keeps them ahead of Illinois in the all-time series 84-83. HC is right; it seems like IU is starting to find their “groove” and hopefully are beginning to peak. Let’s hope they can keep this up through March.

  7. Whole lotta good in that game. Even some great. Cody grew up a lot tonight. Watford played well on offense without trying to do too much. Hulls handled pressure better than I’ve ever seen him. Dipo not only kept Paul off rhythm all night, but also attacked with the ball. Bench was steady. I thought Crean came into the game with some really good plans – posting Watford a lot, setting double high ball screens with a popper and a roller, and also some nice adjustments like running Jordy off a Zeller baseline screen to the wing with the specific purpose of posting Zeller.

    Obviously we shot FT’s extremely well. @ Old Sports Dude – I don’t think you’ll find much support outside of IU on your biased reffing or dirty Illini theories. Sure there were a couple plays that stand out that were physical, but I actually think we were more physical tonight and instigated a lot of the stuff that ended up looking dirty. We fouled out 3 of their guys and two others had 4 fouls…. They were called for 30 fouls to only 16 for IU… We shot 42 FT’s to their 16!!!

    So yeah I don’t think the refs were biased towards Illinois… But once again we were the hammer and the other team was the nail. The energy and toughness really carried over from that Purdue game.

    Hopeful for a strong finish to the regular season now.

    (actually this reminds me a lot of my Patriots team this year… Started strong, but then had a stretch in the middle of the season where we just looked PUTRID, and everyone was bitching and moaning about the defense and how there was no way we could even make it to the Super Bowl, much less win one. Then we caught our stride again, won 10 games in a row before almost pulling out another title – wonder if IU can make a similar run? Doubtful, but when they look good they look like they can play with anyone)

  8. Uh, sorry guys, you can talk all you want about diverse topics- but tonight, nothing compares to Cody Zeller elbowing that freak Meyers Leonard on his way to a 3 point play and leaving that fat-heAded egotistical little boy with the message that he doesnt rule the big 10 roost and cAnt push our skinny brilliant freshmen around in the post. Go Cody!

  9. I do find it appalling that our opponents aren’t even guarding the pick & roller anymore. Cody picks, rolls to the hole, wide open, nobody even looks! Maybe this is a new offensive wrinkle Coach will pull out of the hat down the stretch. I haven’t seen a team since the Coulston Cougars in 1975 run the simplest play in basketball so awfully.

    Love the W, but there’s still a lot of room for improvement.

  10. Hey Psych they were not whistled for all the calls. Tell me throwing Zeller to the floor should not have been called and some refs would have made it a flagrant 1. just because we won do not try to sound all pious. The refs blew some key calls and I do not care if we went to the line 100 times I am going to sound out.

  11. He Geoff I think lots of people would agree with me. Like most of the crowd who was booing Leonard. So there!

  12. Old Sports Dude – if I were an Illini fan I would point out that the refs missed several key calls on IU that led to transition opportunities and momentum swings. One that sticks out clearly to me is in the first half when Pritch came over to help on a pick and roll, he broke up the pass by essentially hip-checking the receiver and hitting the arm he was attempting to make the catch with… It was out at the elbow with no one around to obstruct the refs view. Instead of a foul we end up with a Roth 3-ptr in the corner…

    Both times that Zeller went to the ground he was embellishing big time… He instigated the first one bumping Leonard a couple times before taking the forearm nudge and tumbling to the floor. The other time he baited the ref into fouling out Leonard by going to the ground… He really isn’t that weak. But hey, he fooled you too, so he has some veteran acting skills already!

  13. So you missed the whole part about “outside of IU”…

    If I was there I would have been booing too. It’s part of making a home court advantage. It has very little to do with anything else. we are homers, but unlike you I can take an objective view of it. Of course I can also see all the replays and if I want I can even rewind my DVR so I can see what really happened, which the fans at the game do not have the benefit of.

  14. Having Crean on the sideline is already a phenomical asset for our team. But put Jones next to him and we suddenly become overwhelming, overpowering, invincible.

  15. It’s just a coincidence that VJIII has not played in the last two games and that IU has one with a significant margin.

  16. A new record – It took until post #17 until VJ3 was mentioned!

    Team does seem oddly more efficient lately…

  17. As for physical play, I remember an IU team back in the 70’s that included guys like KB, SM and QB that played quite physical. And if you wanted to get a little dirty, they were happy to oblige you and return the favor. KB under the basket could be nasty.

  18. I have an idea for a new poll for the left hand column…

    When VJ3 is healthy what should happen?

    A) he regains his starting spot
    B) we take the ball out of Dipo’s hands and put it back in Jones’
    C) we cut Dipo’s minutes back from 30-36 to 20-25
    D) we bury Remy back on the bench
    E) none of the above

  19. You guys are going to keep messing with VJ3 and it will be noticed and CTC will play him 35 minutes and VJ3 will wear a band-aid on the opposite shoulder. Use your brains…accept the gift and silently walk away before they notice.

    Re the physicality of post play…the absolute best I ever saw was Steve Downing ‘b–chslapping’ Luke Witte from Ohio State. Sat just to the side under the basket, row 4 or 5 (scout’s seats…you see movement develop)…you could hear Witte wheezing and snifling and when Downing would shake him, Witte’s sweat would make noise as it hit the stands! Knight would look over and smile.

  20. gs

    phenomical? but funny.


    it would help if zeller would open up to the ball when he rolls instead od turning his back to the ball as he rolls. led to a turnover tonight when someone (i think hulls) zinged one past his ear. poor coaching fundamentals.

    best game of the year. awesome. let’s go kick some more ass!

  21. In the end it’s a W. I can’t be proud of the lopsided officiating. Who wants to win because the other team is handcuffed. This is why we don’t get credit/ respect from the rest of the world. Oldsportsdude is out of his damn mind!

  22. CODY! WOW! I was impressed how he owned the second half!Who was the masked man wearing the # 2 for IU? Roth big lift when we had to have it.Jordy great game face its catching own! Dipo kinda scary at times but when he settles in awsome!Pritch and Will couldn’t breath all night.Remy held his own just needs minutes! CTC good game plan!I know Meyers Leonard seems like DARTH VADER but ATTITUDE IS EVERYTHING he is a monster!Getting to the line is our silver bullit!VJ3 needs to earn his minutes by performance! We are not missing 4 extra turnovers a game along with self serving selfish play!He could help the team ,but it may take a head transplant to make it happen!We have great chemistry with him on the bench.We cannot let down the rest of the season all road and home games are winable if we compete as we have the last two games!

  23. The whole team seemd more relaxed during the game. Few if any desperation moves and Meyers Leonard just simply got “Zellerized”. Congradulations to the Team, CTC and Staff.

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