1. Have to feel good about only being down eleven. What happened to sheehey this half? He had some bad turnovers. Hulls cant stop anyone. Like i said though feel good about being in the ball game

  2. We are right there but same ol sh!t can’t make the plays to get over the hump. Mich is trying to give us the game and we won’t take it

  3. They have pissed this season away. At least Jones was on the bench and we made a surge. They peaked early and it was all just smoke and mirrors. Wish I hadn’t drank the Kool-Aid.

  4. Don’t why anyone would get their hopes up about winning this game in the first place. What’s the winning % for Big 10 teams on the road this year, about 5%?

    Michigan = Good team, playing at home, coming off a tough loss. No way we go in and win.

    Purdue is a rivalry game, different story. We have a chance. Piss the season away? Laugh my a$$ off.

  5. Clearly not ready to play, again, on the road. Nothing from Sheehey, Jones, Roth, etc…. 5 TOs in the first 7 min. Then in the last 5 min., Zeller missed FT, Watford missed FT, Elston missed 1&1, missed rebound by Zeller leading to a 3, Watford & Zeller botching a RB out of bounds. That’s 7 or 8 pts missed in the last 5 min.

    Despite that spotted MI a 28-8 lead, or 13-0 right off the opening tap, and we still were in the game.

    This team is inconsistent, plain and simple. It’s always 2 or 3 of our starters that are still asleep on the bus at game time. Another pathetic start, which has been a problem all year long with this bunch.

    Praying for a W @ purdue Sat. which will make me feel A LOT better.

  6. IU played great. No shame. Wonderful season so far.

    Let’s hope IU can go into Mackey and get a win.

  7. I’m with Hoopsta (now there’s a phrase I didn’t expect to say tonight). “Pissed this season away?”

    What exactly were your expectations coming into the season?

  8. Season is far from pissed away. The blocking call against Roth at a very key moment during our comeback was one of the worst calls I’ve seen in 25 years of watching hoops. The Big 10 should be ashamed of the crap officiating that’s been going on this year. Get ready for more of the same $hit calls as we travel to Purdue.

    Sheehey is extremely suspect with the ball when he goes into traffic.

    Pretty solid game from Abell considering the kid is a freshman and his minutes have been so limited in the last couple weeks.

    Hulls? Wow. Glory, guts, game, and gumption all over that grumpy face…What an effort. 40 minutes and no quit. I’d never count that kid out of any his post-college goals.

    Maybe we’ll get another shot at Michigan in the Big 10 tournament. I still think we’re the better team.

  9. Hey did anybody catch what Verdell did? I mean, I know he leaned his shoulder into the guy but it looked pretty harmless. Clavicle, maybe? I know he was trying to draw a foul but I couldn’t quite figure out, basketball-wise, what lowering your head and throwing your shoulder into a guy would accomplish.

    Verdell is a mystery wrapped in an enigma wrapped in a burrito shell with extra cheese.

  10. What team are you guys watching? IU has fallen off the horse. Expectations were low to begin with, but expectations can also change. As Hoosiers knocked off Kentucky, OSU, ND, and Michigan there isn’t anyone in here that can say that their expectations remained at the same low level, we were playing at a much higher level. Now we have lost that desire, guess I will have to lower my expectations again. Easy to say that we will finish 9-9 in Big Ten and struggle for a NCAA berth. If you think otherwise, you’re delusional. So pissed away the season…yes.

  11. This is a team still learning how to win games, especially on the road. Playing at home is easy, and they know they can win there. I really believe it will just take one quality road win in the B10 and they will put it together from there. How wonderful would it be if that occurred on Saturday, just to shut up the god awful Purdue fans!!!!

  12. Sick: A wise man doesn’t let his constantly fluctuating expectations alter the perspective he developed before the season started. If you are feeling sick that’s your fault, not the team’s.

    Ryan wrote a great article when we were 13-1 on this exact point.

  13. How many times are we going to hear that, “still learning to win games?” As many minutes as most these guys have had we are mostly a veteran team. No more excuses, just get the job done.

  14. I trust WS with the ball in traffic much more than Jones. Maybe not as many but still some horrific calls from the stripes. 5-5 and a hell of a lot better BB than the past 3 seasons. I’ll take it. PUke is in for a world of hurt.

  15. Hoopsta: So you’ve always believed IU is no more than a few extra wins better than last season? Wait, ask yourself that question again after you think back to the core of our victories. It’s not a sickness, it’s reality. If the players can’t figure out how to string along a few road wins, the season is over. There is nothing at this point, that could prove to me that this will change this season.

  16. Ryan only wrote that piece because he’s a Michigan fan to the core. Temper my a$$. Temper his hairdo and the rest of the bull$shit on this blog. Very few here give a rat’s a$$ if the Hoosiers win or lose. They come here to throw their hate at Tom Crean and are about the same level of neutral on Indiana as Ryan Kartje’s beige tempered blabber covering up his flaming Wolverine tattoos stamped on his rosy butt cheeks. Go to Michigan and write a tempered piece because they’re going to lose three of their next five.

    The Hoosiers have exceeded anything an honest journalist would dare admit.

  17. Hoopsta-

    I enjoyed it more when you used the screen name Husky Tom. At least we understood the first and foremost allegiances.

  18. I would really like to know how we can beat all these teams at home and we can’t buy a road win. Its not a lack of experience. Zeller plays well on the road when he’s not in foul trouble. I just don’t get it. Can we schedule penn st for a few more games next year in place of some of these others? It just puzzles me because you would think we could pull out a w some time just by accident

  19. Don’t know what you’re talking about, dungeness. Is an hour without posting “shutting up”? And who is Husky Tom?

    You disappear when the team is winning, then take the Scoop by storm when the going gets tough. What a great fan.

  20. Don’t know what you’re talking about, dungeness. Is an hour without posting “shutting up”? And who is Husky Tom?

    You disappear when the team is winning, then take the Scoop by storm when the going gets tough. What a great fan…

  21. Zeller must touch the ball every time down the floor I mean HE MUST, that dribble drive crap don’t work for us. Get the damn ball to Zeller and have the energeizer bunny sit down I think his battery is low.

  22. FYI…Roth’s threes quit working weeks ago. If you can shoot over the defender what’s the point?

    Where did they learn how to screen and come off screns??

    Hulls, Abell, Oladipo, Watford, Zeller…should start here going forward…

  23. Hate to say this, but we aren’t a very good team. When we play outside of assembly hall against teams that are decent ( and some that aren’t) we can’t win period. We have to have the home crowd, the homer calls and all the other intangibles that we aren’t good enough to overcome on the road. Our NCAA birth is still there, I hope and as the seed keeps getting worse the competition gets better. Let’s hope we get that tourney bid and it helps with recruiting even more than we’ve already done and we can win on the road. Because outside looking in I’m sure those big wins we had at home are looking more and more suspicious by the road loss

  24. If Crean gets on these guys and yanks anyone who is not playing hard and not protecting the ball, IU wins by 12 at Purdue then reels off 4 more wins.
    Whether we have a good season or great season depends on the last three regular season games.
    For all of the naysayers. Do you think anyone wants to draw IU in the Big 10 tournament or the NCAA? I don’t think so.

  25. Elston needs to start @ purdue. He’s playing too well & with passion to sit down. And I say kudos to Crean for finally sitting down the ones not playing well tonight (Sheehey & Watford). Play hard & well or sit, I say. And who knows about VJ3. Seems to me he tweaked a muscle. Hopefully it’ll keep him healing for a few games to improve the flow. We played better tonight with him out. His + / – had to be an all time low tonight. He IS an enigma!

  26. I don’t think anyone is going to be worried drawing us in tournament play. We are not improving and I think the bottom feeders in the conference are hoping they play IU. I don’t think Nebraska would mind and they are pathetic. We will see but until proven otherwise we don’t have the brass to get a quality win outside the hall.

  27. At the beginning of the season the main question was: can we beat Iowa? Turns out the answer is a resounding: yes. Now we’ready to take it to the next level: can we beat Nebraska? It’s going to be tough but I’m a believer: a few more years with CTC and we might even beat them both in the same season!

    It’s Indiana, what the heck!

  28. Jealous, jealous people, you!

    Tom Crean got a mid-season coaching award.

    Why mid-season?

    Because he’s half the coach he should be…

    Nevermind! He’s still my hero (and yours).

  29. Second Half comeback

    Elston gets to the basket and Remy gets to the basket.
    They both had the green light to see the gap and go to the basket. Before the game I thought maybe you attack Morgan and get him in foul trouble early, get him on the bench.
    So somewhere in preparation for MICH you understand that we have 2 guys who get thru the lane and to the basket. That was part of our comeback offensively in the 2nd half.
    Morgan does not have alot of help behind him in the middle. So you get Morgan on the bench early and then get the ball to Cody and keep driving to the basket.

    I think we had an opportunity to focus on one guy who means alot to their team and we don’t capitalize on it. Morgan is foul prone and IU should have gone right at him.

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