1. I’m a little late to the discussion so here we go…

    – Why do we leave 3 pt shooters open to help on Sampson?
    – Why did they do it twice in a row?
    – Why do we look the other way once Zeller has position. Early in possessions, the ball will be on the wing, Zeller creates great position, then we throw the ball back to the top of the key. I’d rather run the ball through Zeller down low than up top.
    – There’s no rhythm in the offense.

    I look at other teams of equal or less talent and they don’t seem to make the same mistakes our team does, especially this late in the season. Sorry, we can be a better team, it’s disappointing watching a team not execute at the level they should each game.

  2. Billy Bob, the adjustment was made after minute number 1 on the 3-pt shooters.

    I have been saying the Zeller thing all year, but my caveat would be you rarely want to get the ball in the post without 1 ball reversal first. Other than that I agree completely.

    Pretty tough to criticize them too much for that first half…

  3. 13:00 minutes to go…Indiana could have made Minnesota play defense as it turned out 1 additional minute and wore them almost completely out…but IU took to quick shots capped by a Roth air ball…why when your up big? That is what Watford has done sometimes this season…A road win is a good win….IU did what they had to do…Minnesota played (bad)like they were required to play today…Watford is a C+ a little above average player….He plays well at times but disappears in some games.

  4. Good road win…however, Minnesota played as if they were pretty non existent and required to play. So IU did what they had to do…but Minnesota was just bad. With 13:00 minutes to go IU took to quick long shots. As it played out IU could have made Minnesota play defense for an additional minute to wear them down more. This did not matter againist Minnesota…But when IU is up big or around 7 to 10 points they need to manage the clock and make the other team play defense…Since the KY game Watford as done this against Nebraska and a couple other games that cost IU. It really change the complexion in the Nebraska game.

  5. Payback. Like t said, any road win is a good win; one against a team which has 17 wins and gave MSU all they could handle feels even better on this day.

    22 wins with 2 games to go….who woulda thunk?

    Will those jerks running the polls finally rank us above Michigan?

  6. Yeah, Big Ten officials are absolutely terrible. It’s hard to believe some of the things they call and don’t call. And a 3 second call? I’ve watched players stand in the lane for 5 or more seconds all season.

    To “t” — I was thinking the same thing in regards to taking quick shots when we’re making a run or up big in the second half. They’re not only quick shots, they’re usually bad shots too. The Nebraska should have taught them what not to do.

  7. Not a lot to break down here, but I’ll be back after my men’s league double-header to see what the goombahs want to debate…

  8. I kept waiting for Minnesota to make their patented second half run that has broken IU’s back in the past. Indiana was so in control of the game that it was almost boring to watch. That is the only “complaint” I have, and I must say the joy of watching IU destroy my “hometown” team far outweighed that or any other negative aspect.

  9. No worse than 9-9 in the Big 10 and a 20 plus win season. They’re in the tournament without a doubt. Now they’re playing for seeding. The Big Ten Tournament Championship game would be good too. The best way to get ready to win in either tournament is by winning games. This team is ahead of schedule and will be better (much better) next year. Since my favorite rides at Great America are the roller coasters, I’ve enjoyed this year.

  10. Looks like Steve Alford’s stay in the top 25 will be short lived. With New Mexico dropping out we should move up at least a few spots.

  11. A lot of good things I saw today along with everyone else….CWat played hard, for a change. Kudos, I’m his biggest critic because he has the most potential of any player. He played D & got some rebounds. Good to see Hulls play hard & cut around screens hard. Plus the dude even read a cut and got a steal. It was a good change. VJ3 hit 3 forced shots & only ate 1. Elston…I’m a big fan of his & have been since he came aboard. HE PLAYS HARD night in & out. Consistent. In my opinion, Cody spearheaded the charge. Those 2 hustle plays were just great to see. He seemed to inspire the effort. Good to see Victor & Sheehey play good again too. & an early 1H Ethrington & Abell sighting?

    Just happy to see our team show up with heart & settle the score with a team that had no business whacking us at home in Jan. The effort was superb & easily visible early. I applaud it wholeheartedly & the road effort unmatched since @ purdue.

    This is a big week in IU BBall history, 3 big games, in their own way, in 1 week. It would be great to pass the torch in full, Tues. night, with a Knight appearance not only with Dakich, but with a good pre-game pep talk! We are gonna need it!

  12. Question…..Is the BIG champion the same as the BIG tournament champion? Or could they be two different teams?

  13. There’s a regular-season and tournament champion… but the only significance of the tournament championship is the automatic bid into the NCAA tourney.

  14. VJIII played well. One of the better games I’ve see from him this year. I’ve criticized his this year, but yesterday, I thought he did very well. Hopefully, he’ll keep it that way for the remainder of the season. If he does, IU can gain some of the momentum they’ve lost over the last month.

  15. Podunker – I think you are thinking about 2 months back… In the last month (30 days) we are 6-2, which is pretty good (75%), in fact it’s basically on pace with our season winning %.

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