1. This is big folks. Beating UK then Purdue in their house in the same year… This was a Herculean effort. What a job by the crew. I’d love to address the haters right now but I’m too happy to even go there.

  2. I’m going on record saying, “Yay”.

    I will not say the officiating hurt us but, my goodness, when Elston drove the basket near the end and had both arms grabbed, then he got the rebound with a player holding his arm, and then finally got the foul when his dental worked was removed. Geez.

    The hilarious part was when Cody bumped a guy 25 feet from the basket 5 seconds later and got called for the foul.

    My wife, a Tennessee grad, was getting pissed.

    Yep HT, it’s big. Not just the win but how we got it. Big margin, tough

  3. Remy .. man that is cool . Verdell hope you get better.
    But Remy nice game. Vic way to take it to them.
    I have been waiting for Remy to get extended time, just to get the yah yahs out of his system. We just got deeper tonight. Purdue this or that I don’t really care.

    Let’s get Leonard and Paul of Illinois.

  4. Chet, Geoff and Harvard … Guys I think I remember you getting ready to see Remy do his thing.
    How great is that for the kid?

  5. A win w/o Jones, w/ Abell and damn near w/o CW. Pritchard is absolutely snake bit, when the stripes see him enter the locker room to have his ankles taped they start notching fouls in the scorer’s book. He has earned a reprieve. The crowd tried but IU did not suck tonight; in fact PUke should be labeled as the PUke PUkes. That is the 1st time I’ve noticed their uniforms. They are unlike any other. A road win and .500 B10 ball.

  6. Remy had his offical coming out party today. He probably had the highest motor on this team today. Many of his baskets were just pure hustle plays.

    I also thought the offense looked quicker when run through his drives and VO’s.

    Hulls had a tough day. 4 TO’s that were just all ugly and only 2 assists. Nice shot by him though in the last five minutes to get the momentum back on IU’s side.

    Looking forward to that Illinois game.


  7. Vic was amazing. Remy did, indeed, have his coming out party. Jordy got big baskets EXACTLY when we had to have him. Love him or hate him, he ALWAYS gets the baskets when we absolutely have to have them (except when he doesn’t). He has coaching from Hollywood. CWat, thanks for the free throws, you can go back to sleep now. Seriously, WTF? Will, you da man. Cody, slap another back in their face. Derek, great D, dude. Pritch, damn, just call two fouls on the guy before he gets in the game. Matt, that was NOT a foul.

    Great win!

  8. Wow when was the last time we beat UK, OSU and PU in the same year, let alone PYU on the road? Nice BTN could provide a doc on Gene “NO Final Fours” Keady after the game so PU fan have something to watch. Ha, ha.Way to go guys!

  9. 2005-2006 season. IU beat UK 79-53, OSU 81-79, and @ Purdue 70-59.

    In 2007-2008, IU beat UK at home 70-51, @ OSU 59-53, and at home against Purdue 77-68.

  10. Gene Keady, they should name an award for being slightly better than mediocre after him. The ‘Gene Keady, You Don’t Particularly Suck’ Award. The GKYDPSA. I think Northwestern would like that one. Not to mention the Illinois wrestling program (they DO know they’re in the Big Ten, right?).

  11. I’ll take this W & sacrifice Ls @ Neb. & vs. MN. I’m sooooo proud of this effort! Say what you wish but this team FINALLY responded. And I’m the most surprised of any of you.

    And I want to thank All of the bloggers here who joined me along the way in saying….
    Less Verdell Jones.
    More Remy Abel.
    More Derrick Elston.

    If the refs had called every hanging and holding call on purdue Painter would’ve had to petition for another year of eligibility. This was a rough, rough game and our guys FINALLY were up to the effort..

  12. IU just got there 2nd wind for the season tonight…Should be more consistently competitive throughout rest of season.

  13. Who knows, we could actually beat purdue (notice they will never be capiltized in my blog) 3 times this year! When had THAT ever happened?

  14. ………..GKYDPSA……Now that is rich, real rich………

    I imagine the PUke boys are trying to figure out how the hell they get to the dance this year. The are back to where they belong, relegated to the bubble column. It was a damn fleeting and impersonal handshake tonight between rump roast and Coach Crean.

  15. Now that’s what I’m talking about! Great effort and heart! Haven’t seen that in a while. We pulled it together when we most needed to. VO took over and went to the rim when we needed a score. I think he is our go to guy when we have to have a bucket. When it wasn’t there he dished and still made something happen. I think we play a lot better when watford isn’t chucking up shots. Doesn’t hurt that vj3 isn’t handing the ball over. Hulls hit some back breaking shots tonight. We weren’t gonna be denied tonight. NEXT!!!

  16. I happen to think that the officiating was ‘unbelieveably’ even handed. There were so many calls that could have gone against IU that were ‘no calls.’ I hope the refs are much more biased toward the ‘home team’ when IU plays them in Bloomington. This game was huge because it makes up for the Nebraska disaster. IU is now on track to 9-9 in the BIG 10 and hopefully 10-8.

  17. “This team can’t win a game away from home…”
    “Coach Crean subs too much for us to win…” (karen and friends)
    “Coach Crean doesn’t call the crucial timeout when needed…”
    “We lost to Michigan…the seasoned is ruined…”(“Sick”)
    “Our tournament hopes are gone…”
    “Coach is half the coach he should be…”(Rico Chet)
    “He says he “loves their attitude” in practice every time. Then, they play like they “saw a ghost.”(Laffy)
    “Suggest CTC quit quoting Joyce Meyer on Twitter and focus on basketball. Yes,Tom we know you are religous- now, focus on why IU is paying you $2.3 million a year – beat Purdue on the road. (“real iu fan/4guards)
    “I’ll believe it when I see it (that the team realized how they messed up) as we’ve been hearing the same crap all season. (Laffy again)

    Ahhh… it feels good to see the team silence the detractors. Help me out here guys, what else have I forgotten?

  18. Chet, would be interesting watching he first 10 minutes of that game with you… I think your wrestling background would be more pertinent than analysis from Jay Bilas. Seriously, that was as intense a start to a game as I’ve ever seen.

    That’s what I mean about Dipo’s type of game. He plays well when it’s a melee or a track meet. It isn’t that he been in a slump like announcers and some here try to contend, it’s that there have been fewer of these types of games lately. When we have (Iowa & PU) he dominates.

    How about the ferocious blocks today from Zeller, Sheehey, and Pritch.

    I hope Crean gets the message about Abel and VJ3…

    It was great to see us be so physical and not back down. This type of game feels like it could be a springboard for the end of the season. We added toughness to our repertoire.

  19. Looks like they’ve finally developed some mental toughness on the road. This is a great win and they need to make this the performance standard from here on out.

  20. Posted on Hoosier Hype @ 10:33 pm on April 24, 2011


    To whom it may concern,

    Something to get excited about for once..Crean finally has his eyes on a good one. Abell(decommit from Bradley) would be a very important recruit to land. He provides immediate help where we need it most.. We have a chance to put a real spark plug on the floor that is lightening fast and confident with the ball. There are no guarantees the timeliness of Creek’s recovery curve and Abell gives us influx of speed with some size at the guard position. He has the ability to create his own shot, hit from beyond the arc, and burst into the paint. …great assist guy that could give a ton of quick kicks to Hulls on the perimeter…I think he could be a real difference maker….Maybe the most important addition since Zeller. He’ll make Cody much more dangerous because of his ability to buzz into the middle and draw the excessive attention off our main force inside. Keeping my fingers crossed. For weeks I’ve been trying to post comments on Scoop about my enthusiasm over this kid, but it appears Hugh has banned me permanently.

    Come on, Crean…The Kentucky dimwits have foolishly bypassed on this talented sleeper with oodles of game and speed. Make me a believer and put him in the candy-stripes! We have enough slow farm boys that played on 4guards elementary school team.

    Remy against Purdue? Dagger? Is it mystical? Yes it is, it’s true.

  21. Not sure if that is Harvard or his impostor, but HfH was sure right on about Remy.

    Not often we get a Beatles song to enjoy on the Scoop.

    Maybe a more appropriate choice would have been Dig a Remy…. (I am crazy about George’s guitar work on this song btw)

  22. I’m still an I.U. fan just not a CTC fan and never will be. I thought at the end he showed no class when he rushed by Painter and never even looked at him when they shook hands. I enjoyed the game but that is the worst pu team in years, they have very little talent. I’m sure to hear from some of you, so bring it on.

  23. Elmo you don’t have to like the coach. I just don’t understand why you are so nitpicky and fussy after a huge emotional win. What’s the point of being a fan if you can’t sit back and relax after a game like last night?

    As far as bringing up the “class” issue, though, this is something I thought only fans of the losing team are supposed to do.

    And as far as pointing out “the worst Purdue team in years,” that’s also something I would expect only Purdue fans to use as an excuse to why they lost. This team was 15-7. It was a road game in a hostile environment against our arch rival. Do you remember the Illinois game a few years back against the Eric Gordon/DJ White team? It took a lucky bank 3-pointer by Gordon and an overtime period for us to secure a win against a team that finished 11-18 that year. Rivalry road game are ALWAYS huge wins – I don’t care if Purdue was 0-22 going into the game.

  24. Elmo, I thought Painter was just as dismissive of Crean on the way by. Fwiw, I am actually a big Painter fan. My father and his uncle Steve are really close friends and Matt used to shoot hoops in our driveway growing up. He is 5 years older than me and I really looked up to him. So no prejudice when I look at the situation…

  25. I am a I.U. grad and a pu hater I just think he has no class this is the second game in a row where he rushes by with hardly an acknowledgement,I’m sure he’ll hug Izzo.I still stand by my opinion of pu they are not very good, remember Penn St. who have they beat? I am entitled to my opinion you don’t have to agree with it cause I don’t give a damn wheather you do or not and I still don’t care for CTC as a coach.

  26. ^From you that’s an extreme complement. I liked ‘Hardfart for Heebiejeebies’ better, by the way.

    @Elmo- You must have not read my comments about rivalries and why they are always tough. Anyway, like I said, you can love IU and not have to love the coach…just give your team credit for wining and being 18-6 for crying out loud. It’s as if you’ve been dormant and haven’t seen how bad they’ve been in the last 3 years.

  27. A weel played, well coached game.

    I was surprised by CTC’s pointedly dismissive brush-off towards Painter. Painter is married to a neighbor’s daughter and when around has been friendly and of good-nature, a typical good ol’ Hoosier kid who grew up shooting in the driveway and who loves basketball and Indiana folks. Much to admire in him, even by us die-hard Hoosiers. So why the gesture and ill will?

    And, as I said elsewhere, if sincerity is part of his Tweeter messages, consistency in attitude and behavior should be a principal part of his every message.

  28. Wow, now we’re judging Crean’s post-game handshake with an opposing coach? We’re using that to further justify our opinion of the man? Wow!

    Comments such as, “I’m still an I.U. fan just not a CTC fan and never will be” seem a bit dubious to me. I’m sure your justification for not being a fan of Crean goes beyond his post-game handshake protocol, but to even comment on that one aspect of his behavior is really trivial. And then to ad that you “never will be” a fan indicates a serious degree of intolerance, a hard bias, hyper-rigid standards and being close-minded. I’ll bet there are a lot of people, especially public figures, that don’t meet your standards of “class.”

    I mean if Tom Crean wins three NCAA titles, graduates 95% of his players, never violates any NCAA rules and restores IU to the top of the college basketball, you still won’t be a fan of his? If that’s true, I suggest you may have issues.

    Bob Knight was not a classy guy when it came to some opposing coaches. I doubt his post-game hand-shake routine with some opposing coaches was any better than Crean’s is. In fact, I remember Knight really getting after a few coaches in various public forums. Does anyone remember his many comments and the feud that existed between Knight and Dale Brown of LSU. It would be hard to label any of that behavior as classy.

    We don’t know the “back-story” between Crean and Purdue’s coach. Maybe Crean is totally justified in providing the minimum post-game handshake. Maybe the two coaches don’t like each other. Maybe, to appear “classy” in the post-game handshake would have been hypocritical of Tom Crean. Who knows? But I suggest we judge Crean on his performance toward the important criteria associated with his job as IU’s head basketball coach. I doubt that satisfying some person’s definition of “class” in post-game handshakes” is a part of Crean’s job description.

  29. Podunker,I didn’t like Adolf Hitler either, if he would have won the Nobel PEACE PRIZE i STILL WOULD NOT OF LIKED HIM . Get off your stump and quit preaching . I don’t like him for reasons I’ll keep to myself. Don’t judge me you pompous a–.


    Elmo has his right to his feelings. I probably like Crean more than I did three years ago. I saw a glimpse of some true humility and honesty when he stood in a hallway with reporters following the Nebraska loss. I saw doubt. I saw a bit of fear housed in the submission his normally feisty behavior. I saw a man that longs for a respect that is often overshadowed by his podium persona. I’m never going to be totally comfortable with what he does on his Twitter page and the intersection of his basketball chat with his claims a deep conviction to rigid religious philosophies. And though I’ve moved to a more moderate place through witnessing something more identifiable to my heart through camera lens, gone from cold to lukewarm, I still have reservations how his forceful personality, combined with his agenda on Twitter, effects the image of a public institution that should strive to be accepting and tolerant of all.

    At the end of the day, it sounds rather bigoted to chastise Elmo because winning basketball has not fully eroded his perceptions and personal reasons(whatever they may be) and his free-thinking right to formulate his opinions about an important figurehead for Indiana University and Indiana Basketball. All opinion from most on here our made through a very small window any real interaction with players and coaches we so quickly judge. Let’s not pretend that being on the unpopular side of the fence an opinion makes it any less anchored in truth our own narrow assumptions attempting to observe the core of an individual.



    This is total conjecture, but I get the feeling other Big 10 coaches don’t respect the man as a basketball coach. I get the sense he has to prove more than everyone else. Maybe Podunker is correct in hypothesizing the existence of “more than meets the eye” in a brief handshake. He may have commanded a bit of national attention in receiving a mid-season coaching award, but there is no replacement the respect of your immediate peers you battle against a couple time per week. At times I feel there is snickering and mockery behind a lot of closed doors aimed at our coach. What compliments Painter pays our Hoosier basketball team at a postgame press conference doesn’t necessarily reflect respect at all levels. I don’t here enough acknowledgment and deserved praise opposing coaches should be giving Tom Crean for the fine young men he’s brought to Indiana. I don’t hear enough acknowledgment the basketball acumen that is beginning to seed and take hold in a garden of slow success where many planted weeds of mockery and doubt. Many, like this shallow-minded blogger, may have assumed zealous clapping a very animated and theatrical man, was needed to overshadow a lacking of expertise the details in the game(substitution pattern discussions?..karen? anyone?).

    I’m now beginning to accept I made that same leap of faith far too soon. Maybe some coaches around the league are realizing the same. If this is the “back-story” that Podunker helps us gain perspective an exploration a more honest eye, then I don’t have much problem with Tom Crean holding a bit of his rightful pride to rub a tad of mockery back into the faces unfair doubt and shallow assumptions in the moment a flyby handshake.

    Lastly, if we annihilate the Illini by 30 points on Thursday, I’ll have zero problem if Crean knees whiny Weber in the groin while attempting to lure him by way of a head-fake to a flyby high-five.

  31. All opinion from most on here are made through a very small window …

    HT- Very funny picture! You’re skills in this area have advanced markedly. Did you take a photoshop class?

  32. Okay elmo, I just can’t take you seriously if you’re gonna play the Hitler card. Try something a little more abstract, like Dracula or Cheney.

  33. When you revert to name-calling, you lose the argument.

    You have every right to not like Crean or anyone else. But to site his post-game handshake with a rival team’s head-coach as partial justification for your disdain is ridiculous. It’s kind of like saying, “I don’t like the man and I never will. Did you see how he loosens his tie in the middle of the game. He has no class.” Come on!

    Feel free to share with us why you’re not a fan of Crean “and never will be.” Include as much specific information you feel comfortable providing in a public forum. I’d like to learn why you have such disdain for the man. Sincerely!

  34. Harvard- Glad you clicked on it. Thanks for the compliment. No photoshop. Did the Rex/Verdell pic with photoshop but found it too time consuming. Settled on good ol’ Apple “Preview” which lets you do basic cuts and pastes. I’ll never be on your level but I can at least join the fun.

  35. Podunker I just like to pull people’s chain now and then, nothing personal,we get way too serious on these blogs sometimes. So my apologies and I’ll try and take it easy in the future as poor ole Elmo rides off into the sunset, until we meet again. Good nite Chet and Geoff where ever you are.

  36. I wondered if he was putting an extra melt on the cheese with “The Force.” Nice work..Very pure and silly. Feels good to get a spontaneous jolt of laughter courtesy an old friend.

  37. Hate to think of total Scoop dominance, the blogging force from Husky Strom, once he drops down a brush size or two.

  38. Now that’s what you call meta-photoshop art. That kind of picture-within-a-picture handywork would make Velasquez proud. You just cleaned the floor with me. Hilarious.

  39. The girl in lower-right corner of your Velasquez could be Jordy’s sister(Geoff would likely claim she had more athleticism).

  40. elmo; didn’t take it personally and was not offended. I respect your right to not like Crean, I just wish you had not sited the post game handshake as partial justification for your disdain. My guess is you have more compelling justifications for not being a fan of his. I’d just like to know what they are (summing they can be substantiated.)

    For years, when I told people I was an IU alum, many of them would respond with, “Bobby Knight is a _________ ” (fill in the blank). At first, I would try to learn why these people had such disdain for my favorite coach. I learned that most of them could not explain why they thought Knight was a _________. But I grew bored with those debates and learned to respond by saying, “Yea, but he’s our ____________, and he wins, does not cheat, and his players graduate, so he can’t be all bad.”

    That’s my point. Since I have no way of knowing if Crean is a classy guy or not (if that can even be determined), as long as he wins, does not cheat, does not break the law, and graduates his players, he’s my guy. On the other hand, he could be the classiest guy in the world, but if he can’t win, or if he cheats, or if his players don’t graduate, or if he breaks the law, then I’ll be screaming for him to be fired.

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