1. 5 Keys:

    1) Dipo is primary defender on Appling
    2) Zeller gets Payne in early foul trouble, then gets Nix in foul trouble too
    3) Watford concentrates on D’ing up Green and doesn’t give a crap about forcing offense
    4) Sheehey and Elston pick up offensive slack and combine for 20 & 10
    5) Jones & Hulls < 6 combined TO's

    Would be a big win tonight, game will be played in the 60's… IU gets beat 66-63 unfortunately. Sorry Harvard.

  2. Michigan State has adjusted to the homer whistles and will come back to win despite this disgrace to college basketball

  3. Doesn’t seem fishy to you laffy? Winning when the other team is wearing handcuffs is no laughing matter. It’s embarrassing! You are probably on welfare if you think that Indiana deserved to beat UK OSU And MSU. You probably buy sushi with your food stamps

  4. Fire Crean. Shut down the program. Get rid of every IU player. Watford sucks, Hulls sucks, and VJ3 sucks. Season ended after Iowa.

    *I’ll keep doing this until IU loses next.

  5. Sushi with food stamps? Hmmm, hadn’t thought of that. I usually just buy prime rib and caviar. To be fair, it doesn’t go very far.

  6. Great to see Indiana knock off another
    big opponent…..Now we finally have two thirds of the triangle of death back…..Great win and well deserveed from a UK fan

  7. Called it. (So did Harv, and so did Clarion- almost).

    Nice to see the ‘gut feeling’ win out over the sabermetric statistical analysis once in a while.

    Laffy, honestly you were nuts to think we’d be blown out. I can see predicting a close loss, but blown out? Come on.

  8. I do not know which assistants were responsible for the game plan tonight but they deserves a raise and a commendation for the file. Exploit their weaknesses by exercising our strengths. The best D I’ve seen all year has been the last 2 games. POTFB!

  9. Thank you, Wayne O. The rivalries are back in force. The Yin and Yang are in balance.

    HC, no kidding. The guys executed a fantastic game plan. Gee, do you think they saw a mismatch with Victor? My goodness.

    My favorite moment of the night may have been Cody getting a steal off the dribble in the back court and then going all the way for a dunk.

    …or Vic taking off from the top of the key for a dunk.

    I love this team. Maybe my favorite Hoosier team ever.

  10. Is there a tougher place to play in all of college basketball? B-town rocks.

    Wow, this may be IU biggest win in four years! I know the KU win was huge, but this win made a statement.

  11. Chet-

    The Cody steal-and-dunk was awesome. That skinny white guy with the calm face has some serious gumption.

    I think my second favorite play of the game was the series where MSU had pulled to 6 late in the game. Watford pulled down a clutch board off the missed free throw, then a few plays later hit a rattle-in 3 pointer. Totally deflated the Sparts.

  12. That would be UK. Time for the Crean bashers to step forward. Come on. If you don’t step up new you are forever a weasel… Come on.



  13. Chet- leave them alone. They are sulking right now in a corner somewhere. Don’t worry, Rico and the gang will be back to celebrate the next loss.

  14. Yes, I did think we’d get killed.

    I think MSU is going to the Final Four and I thought we’d fold.

    Glad to say I was dead wrong.

  15. Did you guys notice the post game handshakes? That was a bunch of guys with a ton of respect for each other. No quick hand slaps. They were talking and hugging. It was pretty cool.

  16. HT

    Your second fav play, I thought was great. Hulls spotted Wat across the court and fired a pass to Wat’s fav spot. Wat ‘s 3 was not pretty, but I think it kept us rolling.

  17. In my serious post, how about Christian Watford tonight? 13-14 boards? He woke up from the dead.

    Absolutely incredible season. Even if IU does not win another game (they will), I have never been more proud to be a Hoosier fan (too young to remember their championship seasons) after all the crap IU has had to endure the past few years. There is absolutely NOTHING to complain about tonight. Perfectly executed gameplan. Even when MSU got within 6, I had this calm feeling that IU would be able to put it away. Rarely had that feeling before tonight.

  18. Hoosier+ : Yeah, that spot that Watty shot from was the Kentucky spot, wasn’t it?

    Huge props to CTC for finally beating the master. Izzo and Crean, they indeed have a ton of mutual respect.

  19. the minny game on sunday was the big confidence builder for this team. they proved to themselves that can not only win on the road but dominate on the road. i believe that game was the reason they handled sparty so easily tonite.

  20. …another great moment.

    Total pressure defense. Scrambling to cover their assignments as Jordy held the ball five feet behind the arc. Somebody forgot about him and he drains the three…awesome.

    …of course…he’s kinda short and slow.

    Vic oozes talent, Cody is a monster, CWat can be a monster, Derek will eat your family, but, to my eye, Jordy is the heart of this team.

  21. Chet my buddy and I were just texting about the post game handshakes you mentioned. Really refreshing to see the passion and respect going hand in hand!! Don’t remember the last time our hoosiers have had this much (if any) respect. Kind of like the tweet from sullinger after we beat them on new years eve. Don’t know the exact quote but he said something to the degree of “hoosiers are back, tough team”.

  22. In 1981 I remember another Junior in this same time frame of the season starting to figure it out like CW has shown the last 3 games. Many helped get that 4th banner but without Landon Turner coming of age just prior to the party I doubt it would be hanging in AH. Watford was a tiger on the boards tonight. He had trouble with Green and who doesn’t but he kept Appling quiet and subdued in the 1st half. We’ll be tough will VO playing as aggressive as he is.

  23. Jordy is the heart of this team.

    Are you sure, Chet? I remember a guy on this blog that used to say Hulls had “glory, guts, game, and gumption written all over his grumpy face” and Geoff set him totally straight. You need to take off the blinders, Chet. The only thing real Hoosier fans have noticed is how thoroughly Hulls is constantly “abused” on defense. And did you notice how Jordy pissed himself when Draymond Green came up to challenge his shot? Did you know he wears Depends over his jockstrap? How and why did we ever give that homey boy a scholarship to play at IU? Should trade him in for a real NBA point guard like Jordan Taylor.

    And that Watford kid…? Total loafer. The Hoosier ship has sailed and he still ain’t on it. Selfish prick should let other Hoosiers have a chance at a few rebounds.

  24. One last thing: Let’s hurry up and let Purdue come into our house and handle us like their prison bitch girlfriend and get this miserable ass season over with. I’m ready for “The Movement” to once again come out Laffy’s mouthI(along with the crow he’ll cough up with a hate lung).

  25. Total team effort tonight, impressive win! Nearly every player hit a key shot in a tough situation:
    CWats prayer off the glass. + 14 boards? Who is this wolf in sheep clothing?
    Jordy hit 3 big shots, 1 over Green & a big 3 with 4 min left was a back breaker
    Olidipo was huge in the 1H, several key buckets & a monster dunk early 2H
    Cody’s steal & dunk
    VJ3 even fed the post for a score once
    Sheehey hit a key mid range jumper late
    Roth hit a key 3 to extend the lead on a MSU run
    Just overall gutty performance & defense.
    The only stat we lost tonight was Assists, 9 – 8. But we had 10, count ’em, 10 steals (per ESPN at least).
    Izzo gave up late sensing a lesson teaching moment I think. They’ll be fired up for OSU & the Big 10 tourney and a tough out in the tournament IF they get any guard play which was near 0 tonight.

    Green is a monster. We don’t have a soul that can cover that dude. He has 29 & I felt we did our very best boding him the entire night.

    Just impressive from start to finish.

    Now let’s give it to the boilers for the first sweep in a few years!

  26. AZ- NIce enthusiasm. Wish I didn’t still have the taste in my mouth from your earlier whiny “why can’t the team meet my high but fair expectations?” postings. Hopefully those days are over.

  27. I’m not only stalking, I’m breathing heavily beneath a Bob Knight poster attached to the underside canopy of my four poster bed! Hope all my gloating was tempered as Kartje’s spiked hairdo and just barely noticeable.

    I shall leave all future predictions to Geoff. My work is done here.

  28. Impressive win tonight boys! Love the team effort and crowd was great throughout. Off topic, just heard on ESPN that a damning article coming out tomorrow in si about ucla. Wonder what that’s about?

  29. Podunker, Chet, HC, HT, Mass Hoos, Hoosier+ ..Not only this one may be the best win this season….but…but…this may be the best season in the last four years!!!!


  30. A conceptual R. Kartje story lead:

    “A Michigan State team peeking around the corner to its Sunday confrontation for the Big Ten championship made key and untimely errors and allowed its defense to be penetrated at will as the unusually drained and disadvantaged visiting Spartans went down to a rehabbing Indiana 70-55 in Bloomington (IN). Draymond Green scored almost at will and single-handedly neutralized the Hoosiers with 29 points.”

    “The Spartans play the Buckeyes for the regular season title this Sunday. Indiana finishes out in the top half of the Big Ten for the first time in four years.”

    R. Kartje Conceptualization entered by TsaoTsu

  31. We have one great player,Z.Two very good players Sheehey,oladipo.And two players who play great at times but disappear from time to time.When they all play well,you get what we saw tonight(as well as against UK,OSU)Here’s hoping we stay hot through the Big Dance.Just an absolute joy to watch this year.

  32. Just watched the highlights again with my double espresso in hand. I am wondering what the ceiling is for Oladipo at IU and beyond. I am tempted to say that if he improves his jumper, he has All-American potential, and maybe NBA first round material.

    Last night there were three guys on the court who seemed to play with a confidence level that was a cut above the rest: Green, Zeller, and Dipo.

  33. Before we crown Wat an All-American and lottery pick, let’s see him do this on the road/neutral court.

    And I have to laugh at my stalker beating his chest with, “Eat my shorts because I was right and have confidence in the team!!!”

    I predicted we’d make the Dance before the season and was told I was an unrealistic fake fan.

  34. Clarion,

    Very nice of you to remember Landon Turner. Also a great comparison of Watford and Turner. Landon was the driving force to that championship, I believe. I went to that game in Philadelphia. Reagan gets shot, Knight shoves someone into a garbage can and IU beats North Carolina, it was a slow couple of days for the media.

  35. Laffy-

    There were some at the beginning of the season using the “IU will make the tourney” argument as a threat rather than from genuine optimism – in other words, Crean better make the tourney, ‘or else.” Although I’ve never pegged you as a reflexive Crean basher, could you have been one of those guys? (I say ‘one of those guys’ as if there were many of them – in reality there are only two or three).

    This is going to be a long day of blogging. The town is abuzz with basketball talk; everyone from professors, baristas, to homeless guitar players are revved up. I love it. The Scoop is going to get some serious wear and tear on its treads today.

  36. I don’t remember people saying he better make the Dance “or else” but I do remember people saying he better make the NIT “or else.”

  37. Before we crown Wat an All-American and lottery pick, let’s see him do this on the road/neutral court.

    Let’s look at Dipo’s line the last time he played on a neutral court (vs. Notre Dame Dec. 17)

    Victor Oladipo 6-7, 16 pts., 3 rebounds and a 3 pointer. Not too shabby.

  38. Laffy-

    Bull$hit! Where on Scoop? Show a post around the start of the season(November to early December) from the pages of Scoop that supports your claim you thought this team would be in the Big Dance. There were much fewer posters on Scoop at that time. It’s very simple to retrieve old comments from the archives. You’re exactly right. I am thumping my chest because you cannot provide anything that substantiates your current crap rolling out your cake hole.

    There was only one soothsayer. He was mocked by Podunker and others on here for his predictions. I’m pretty certain I would remember another blogger that was also receiving the ridicule for his/her pie-in-the-sky visions not humanly possible for a team full of JC players with zero NBA potential and a center yet to prove he could live up to the hype of his recruitment. It was an ocean of doubt around this blog during the opening weeks of the basketball season(much of the doubt playing off a “cupcake” schedule that you still are holding onto). Just a couple weeks ago you were mocking this team based on their preseason strength of schedule. You’ve had zero faith in this team. Geoff spent most his time that day pointing out how your negative slants can be applied to many other strong teams in the nation.

    Surely you can subtract 15 minutes out of your busy day to cut and paste an older post from Scoop to support your repeated line of crap you had confidence in the Hoosiers making the NCAA tournament.

    Like I said earlier, I don’t care what you said to your barber, your grandma in the grocery store, or your inflatable girl friend that makes you feel complete. We are talking about bloggers that were commenting on Hoosier Scoop. And for what it’s worth, the soothsayer also made lengthy comments that provided solid reasons why he believed this team was being undervalued. The soothsayer didn’t do anything remotely similar to HT’s assertion of the few that are always around here using overblown, Pollyannaish one-liner statements intended to mock the coach and team(Twenty Whines Tom, etc).

    You have nothing because you are a complete fabricator and hypocritical fake fan. You are likely the biggest “Knight worshiper” in the land. Get over it, dude. It’s friggin’ 15 years in the past. I’m sure your recent posting of the ‘Deep Throat Pat Knight Tapes’ was just another intended distraction planted on the pages of Scoop to turn away focus and deserved recognition for anything Hoosier the festering boil despises. No, that’s being too kind. You just wanted to see another thread go totally negative in your honor. Heaven forbid anyone come on this blog and show some happiness and support for the remarkable turnaround experienced by a Hoosier basketball team that burst onto the scene after living in the cellar the conference and enduring three years of getting the crap knocked out of them. There isn’t a sports journalist in the nation that saw it coming. There wasn’t the truest fan or slimiest fraud that saw it coming. There was only one soothsayer on Hoosier Scoop whose visions foretold the inevitable. The mystical soothsayer’s name was Elmo. Long live Elmo!….The Ruler of the Internet!!

  39. I never predicted anything! Harvard is obviously delusional but I would guess most people already knew that. He can only behave like an adult for so long and then he reverts back to his most recent post. I’m finished making his bed and I will never wash his laundry again.

  40. Elmo? How did elmo get into this conversation? As per the usual, we haven’t heard from elmo lately because he only shows up when times are rough and targets are aplenty. He only shows up when the team takes a minor detour from his lofty “high but reasonable” road of expectations.

    Elmo is the guy who played “college” ball at a small Christian school and dons himself with the label of basketball savant.

    Elmo is the 38 year old guy on your men’s league team who thinks the offense runs through him, taking 30 shots a game and not daring to rebound or hustle back to play defense.

    Elmo is the guy who claims to “call it like he sees it” – and it turns out all he can see is that the coach claps, looks tan, and drinks Diet Coke.

    Elmo thinks he’s an Xs and Os type of guy, but he always ends up talking about people’s facial expressions or their perceived “attitudes” during the game – you know, those immeasurable observations that ultimately add up to nothing.

    I miss 4elmos.

  41. Meltdown on aisle three!!!


    Stalker, if you think I’m wasting my time reading your cryfest manifesto, you’re crazier than I thought.

    Oh, and Dustin? You told me a post of mine awhile back was “over the line” and yanked it. What about Hillbilly’s classless post about Elmo’s mom?

    Wonder if the regulars will call him out for that…..

  42. Dustin realizes I’m not a festering boil of pus-filled hate for everything that breathes beyond my own reflection.

    It’s painful for you to read the truth, Laffy. You don’t have an early season prediction(November to mid-December), a post on the pages of Hoosier Scoop, that claims the Hoosiers would be making the Big Dance. Archive it..Cut and paste it and show me the money. Elmo is the only blogger that had it right…and we miss him dearly.

  43. You’re the most deranged person on here.

    So, for the record, making suggestions about people’s moms doing sex acts is ok on here?


    I’ll remember that the next time the peanut gallery cries their eyes out about me.

    Oh….and get help with your obsession with “pus.”

  44. You’ll never know just how deranged.

    I recently decided to keep a small portable fridge next to my computer desk and I mounted a poop receptacle under a hole cut through my Windsor blogging chair. It became far too time consuming to leave my seat for snacks or toilet breaks. My only companion, the kindest and most gentle golden Labrador Retriever you’d ever know, is decomposing in the corner my kitchen because I chose to never leave the pages of Scoop over scooping her some Iams MiniChunks Proactive for adult dogs into her bowl. I’m currently working on an anatomically correct blowup doll to look more like Bobby Knight. I’m planning a trip to the Goodwill store(my only trip out of the house over the last two weeks) to look for a replica plaid jacket. And letting Elmo’s mom do more than my laundry..? What’s the problem? Once again you prove you don’t spend enough time reading posts, Laffy.

    I’m finished making his bed and I will never wash his laundry again.

    Did Elmo’s mom say she only does my laundry? She clearly stated in post #53 that she has also made my bed. I’m not willing to say how many times, but she definitely seemed to have no problem sharing news that she’s been in my bedroom to make my bed. Hello darkness my old friend…..Nothing wrong with being deranged. Love knows nothing of sanity.

  45. I have sat back, read the dribble that is put out on here and said very little about it. I must say it makes me sick. In the infancy of the Hoosier Scoop, there were few discussions that didn’t stay on the topic at hand. There was the occasional person who took personal attacks on others, they were delt with and generally they faded away with time. Now it continues, post by post by post.

    Having a differing view point is not a bad thing. Just because yours is different doesn’t make it better or correct, just different. If you want to sway a person to your side, then back it up with facts, not the BS that is currently a plague on what is the best blog on IU Sports.

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