1. Loved Geoff’s analogy: IU is like a kid that used to get only Fs. Slowly slowly Ds and Cs started to replace those and now the kid is routinely getting B+ sometimes A+s although once in a while a lower grade gets into the report card. And he says: “Patience!” But there is only one problem: the kid has a drinking problem (Verdel in the starting lineup amounts to that) and the parent (Crean) not only tolerates that, he encourages it and calls it “the necessary leadership”.

  2. Ugly win for this late in the season against this team. NCC had a few good players but no match-up. Cwat and Hulls in a deep slump. Defense is a major concern for the remaining games. A win is a win, Go Hoosiers!!

  3. Is this stat true?

    Watford 0-3, 1 rebound


    Of course, the fruit cakes will make excuses for it and call everyone a “non fan” if they aren’t thrilled with it.

  4. Yes, Laffy, that is exactly what we call you: a “non fan”. We root for a team of modest physical talent that has been tough enough to dig out of a three year hole and win games against some of the best teams in the country. You reflexively run down everyone involved. You are not a fan, or even an honorable critic. You are a troll and a blowhard, and you add nothing but venom to theses discussions.

  5. I root for the team too, Elmer.

    I guess all of you were “non-fans” during the Davis era because it was NON-STOP complaining while he was here….even when we won.

  6. One step above a practice!The guys who had work to do to get their game on didn’t and the guys we count on did!We are in no position to go on the road to Minn. in my opinion playing as we are.Minn.will be so ready after giving one away at home in the last minute to MSU!Hulls,Jones, and Watford noncontributors again.Whatever funk they are in needs to get fixed somehow!We about to fall out of the top 25,in the stretch for the conference,and Big 10 tourn.We need to be peaking now not wondering who is going to show up!A win at Minn.is a must with MSU and Purdue coming in it could give them the lift they need.The turnovers are scary at this point in the year,it’s like they are satisfied with what they have done todate!

  7. TJAUBURN – The only reason that team looks worthless is because we’ve been playing in the best conference in the land for 15 straight games… They are an above average mid-major team. Here’s their resume:

    lost to a 23-4 Wagner team by 4 pts
    lost to Wake Forest by 14
    lost to NC State by only 5
    lost to Oregon 13

    They were 14-12 coming in, and 8-5 in their conference. This 19 point loss was their second worst of the season, which means even when they lose they are in the game.

    I’m not saying they are great or even good, but they are above average compared to other small schools. There was some value in winning how we did.

    I also wouldn’t say that Hulls and Jones didn’t show up. Jones had 9 points off the bench in only 16 minutes. That’s exactly what I’m looking for from VJ3 – limited minutes, but production while he’s in. Hulls didn’t force any shots because everyone else was scoring so easily within the offense. He had a couple unforced TO’s, but it’s not that he didn’t show up, he just didn’t feel the need to step up since things were going smoothly. Watford was atrocious, no doubt. It’s not just the 0-8 from the field, it was the type of shots… forcing crap up, getting stripped in the post, missing dunks, shitty body language. He is really starting to worry me.

    Outside of Watford’s 0-8 and Moore’s last second heave at the basket the Hoosiers were 26-42 (62%). Why would anyone be bitching about the PG not showing up? The PG’s job is to make sure the offense runs effeciently. That is pretty damned efficient.

  8. CW’s body language has been slowly deteriorating for almost a month reaching the visibility displayed last night. Which now makes me to start considering him to be the one giving up the ride for the 5th member of The Movement. Even before that class gets here Elston and Sheehey can provide more on both ends of the floor at the 3 + bringing extra toughness than CW is presently providing. I do not see his BB asset value raising. That spells change.

  9. HC; will CW have his degree this May? If not, it would be hard to imagine him “giving up the ride” this year.

  10. PO, I do not know but for sure understand your thought. But we both understand if 5 are coming in “12” then 1 upperclassman has to leave. It is seldom a Senior in class or eligibility leaves a program. Who has the least promise for improvement of the future and owns the history of the least development(or 1 of)of the past? I have to believe Coach Crean is evaluating players using some of that criteria. With the addition of CZ our post play is acceptable even if 2 post players leave. If you get to re-watch the game pay attention to CW during and after each possession. It is not good.

  11. Sometimes a young person actually decides enough is enough. He’s been eating, sleeping, and breathing basketball his entire life. He may just be burned out. If that’s the case, I don’t know what anyone but CWat can do about it.

  12. Hard to believe that a few weeks ago some people were expressing concern that he might leave early for the NBA.

    Hey, there’s your answer!

  13. Maybe the realization your goal is not attainable and how to deal without it has not yet taken hold.

  14. Geoff should take a look at the parallels in scoring throughout the season when comparing Watford and Hulls. I only glanced quickly, but they both seem to roller coaster in their point production together. It seems they slump for a couple games, then return with one or two better outings before dipping again.

    Other than Cody, has their been true consistency from any player in terms of point production? It’s rarely the same guys that get into double figures or find a rhythm. Does the depth on the roster begin to play into this? Are there so many guys being utilized on our roster that a frustration level sets in faster when the shots don’t drop?

    I am baffled, but then I’m not baffled. I’ve seen some phenomenal major league baseball players go into horrific hitting slumps..I’ve seen golfers that once ruled the tin cup world suddenly lose their stroke on the greens(Tiger? Anyone?). It’s always rather inexplicable what breaks and just as inexplicable how the swing/stroke/jump shot can return in a furious eruption where nothing can miss. Suddenly the rim again looks like a hula hoop…The putting cup looks like a 5-gallon bucket…The fastball looks like a grapefruit frozen in time to the delight a smiling Louisville Slugger. So much of sport is complex beyond all imagination. So much is mystery. Did we not witness , a superstar with unmatched versatility and power, go into a mental funk during last year’s NBA Finals?…The ‘best of the best’ can suddenly appear lost. The lost can suddenly burst onto the scene from seemingly nowhere(Jeremy Lin? GO HARVARD!).

    I guess that’s what makes it all so interesting. The minute all the experts and pundits are ready to bury a team, or write off a kid that once looked like a developing star, suddenly a hand reaches from the heavens and all the years of tortuous work, hours in the gym, and repetition a thousand mornings dragging your butt to practice for the team and the sport you love, is mystically rewarded and the sun shines bright again.

    Hulls and Watford have too much heart and soul into this team to go out this way. I’m confident the basketball gods will pass them on this test their fortitude. Same passing grade for fans willing to put them on ships to satisfy our wishy-washy hearts in a frightened sea we fear to cross in moments our trust, our cheers, and our faith could reap greatest rewards? Not so sure.

  15. Prediction: Hulls and Watford combine for 32 as the two biggest Hoosier loafers take down Tubby’s Gophers.

    Ryan Kartje’s “One for the Road” on Monday’s Hoosier Brunch dedicated to the effort.

  16. I’m still not sure I agree that Hulls is in a slump. He has had 3 low-scoring games in a row, but in the 2 wins he shot a total of 6 shots (2-6 fg, 1-3 3-pt) and in the loss he was affected more by the early foul trouble in my mind than anything else. To me he is just playing a little different role right now and only taking what the defense gives him. It isn’t hurting the team, so I’m not sure what the problem is. He has shown all year that if the team needs a bucket he can step up and make a tough shot.

    You asked a couple things there Harvard…

    1) Hulls has had 10 single-digit scoring games, while Watford has had 11. They only overlapped on 4 of those games, and IU is 3-1 in games they both only score single-digits…

    2) As far as consistent scorers outside of Zeller. Hulls has streaks of 7 and 5 games in double-digits. Watford has an 8-game streak. Dipo had a 7-game streak earlier in the season and is currently on a 5-game streak, which almost looks unbreakable because of how involved he is with the ball right now.

  17. I’m with Geoff. Who cares if the point guard scores as long as the ball is getting distributed? He’s hitting a good percentage when he does shoot. I didn’t watch the game until today but I saw quite a few passes that would have been credited to him as assists had not the shooter gotten hacked to stop the shot.

    He’s doing fine. It’s Christian I’m worried about.

  18. If Jordy is in a slump, then Quinn Buckner went into slumps all the time. He couldn’t the lights out, either, though his percentage was usually pretty good because of scoring off the defense.

  19. I would consider Hulls 7 points total in the last three games as a scoring slump.

    I think his confidence is also slightly waning. Even with his quick release and deadly accuracy, his window of opportunity to get off a shot is very small because of his size. I think he’s hesitating just a bit on some open looks and he’s either passing on shots or having his normal timing thrown slightly off. The “he who shall not be named” return to the lineup has disrupted his confidence in the leadership role in which he flourishes. He has looked best(last season and this season) when happenstance has given him a chance/opportunity to be the primary leader in the backcourt. When he isn’t given primary reins in that role, I believe he hesitates in some aspects and forces in others..I don’t think the disruption serves him well and his instinctive abilities are stymied in the more guarded role and his offensive aggressiveness is dialed back.

    There are very positive individual components of his game he undoubtedly still brings to the floor even when struggling with his court identity, but the entire mindset and rhythm of his game appears slightly out of sync under the shared scenario not suited his innate desire to lead. There is a simple cure for the emblematic Hulls to reemerge and the overall synergy our team to return. You get III guesses.

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