1. Yet another PUTRID display of defense by Jordan Hulls… His man scored a whopping 7 points and 4 of them were on miracle lefty behind the backboard shots. Not only was he terrible in the half court, but his transition D was awful too… He was the lone defender back on 3 occasions and drew one charge, forced a missed lay-up from a 6’9″ player, and forced a very difficult finish by that same 6’9″ player. What a terrible defender he is.

  2. That’s exactly what I asked for! Verdell made a punka@$# b$%tch, moron, & a fool out of me! I’d hoped he would come back from the injury playing his best ball & finish his senior year in style. Going out in a blaze of glory. He won that game tonight. Congrats Verdell, & good for you.

  3. When we have our bench {don’t know why Remy didn’t play}
    when someone having an off night does not at least sit for awhile, to see if other player has some juice.
    Sit Hull’s for a while and bring Remy, just to see?
    As Geoff said to shut down those circus drives.

  4. Really sloppy tonight but Vic had a couple SportsCenter moments. Shurna is a big time scorer, for sure. Kinda reminded me of Larry Bird.

    One of those games you just should be glad you got the W and move on. A ton of early misses on shots the guys would usually hit. A lot of good passes were wasted.

    Verdell recognized a tired defender at clutch time. Good for him.

  5. So the guy Jordy was guarding is going to the NBA, huh?

    He does ok against scrub players/teams.

    Good teams/players, he gets abused.

  6. Does it bug anyone else when the commentators say that “Cody really needs to work on his passing. For a guy who gets that many touches he doesn’t have many assists.”. He should have had at least 7 assists tonight. His passing was superb with the exception of the shin pass to Watford. In the beginning of the year he wasn’t getting many touches. Now he is either finishing or making great decisions. I hate when the announcers don’t do their homework.

  7. Still waiting for the evidence Laffy… I gave you the one time he got abused.. Appling.

    Here is the deal, since you haven’t figurd it out yet. 95% of teams have a guard that Jordy can defend and not get abused… So why are you stressing the NBA quality guy – that’s the one that Dipo guards, because he’s a NBA quality defender.

  8. It’s got to be tough going through life on the defensive, needing to always be right and focusing on the negative instead of the good.

  9. Geoff
    Reread where you are coming from. I was frustrated with Hulls on those drives on defense and no point production.
    I think I now realize what you are conveying about his overall defense.

  10. Geoff,
    Jordy has been abused once? I assume you are kidding.
    He is obviously an important cog but he has been abused a number of times this year.

  11. Geoff, I’m in your corner but Ron’s right. Why do you care if he thinks you’re right (he won’t no matter what proof you provide)? Let your posts stand on their own merit and let it go.

  12. Great night to see this team persevere the graceful shooting touch of Mr. John Shurna who never finds a basket he doesn’t like against IU. Verdell’s 3 down the stretch was especially satisfying.

    Start planning those tournament parties!

  13. Any post game comments regarding no minutes for Remy?
    Just was not in cards , or is he hurt? Just curious.

  14. I’d guess that CTC wanted experience on the court with the way the game was playing out. Vic had his hands full. I don’t think he wanted to throw a freshman to the wolves.

  15. Jones overcome a bruised right shoulder and Crean a case of chronic incompetence to mastermind this great win against a team that could literally beat anybody in the Big Ten (but quite literally doesn’t, especially away from Evanston).

    Coach Crean chose not play Abell although he consistently addressed Jones with “Remy” throughout the game — minor side effects of a full frontal lobotomy underwent earlier this week. Great, great win tonight!

  16. Ron – not sure if that was pointed at me (as Chet suggests), but I certainly don’t focus on the negative. I focus on the facts… Negative and positive, and point them both out.

    Chet – I guess the reason I continue is because there are others besides Laffy (or whomever I’m debating) that agree with them. In this case Hoosier+ and others expressed their agreement that Jordy continually gets abused. However, I hope to bring up points that they may not consider, or disprove the common conception. It’s in vogue to think that “Jordy gets abused” on defense because he isn’t a strong individual defender… Well it’s true that he isn’t very good in that vacuum, but he does do other things very well on defense. Besides the things I pointed out about his transition defense tonight I remember one sequence about 4 minutes in when Sheehey got beat baseline and Jordy stepped up to take a charge, but the player stopped and passed out, Jordy spun about 150 degrees and sprinted to close out Sobolewski on the opposite wing, getting there in time to force a missed 3-pointer. I’m not sure a freshman makes that play… But I believe Hulls does that type of thing consistently.

    When I continue to point things like this out I hope to change the perception, to some extent, the blanket statement that Jordy gets abused. I’m pretty sure that Hoosier+ watched this game a little differently, or at least remembers the plays I am talking about since they are fresh in his memory tonight, and is now thinking to himself, “maybe Jordy isn’t quite the liability on defense that I thought.”

    It doesn’t mean hes a superb defender, or even a good defender, but does the totality of what he does on defense equate to him being replaced by a freshman next year? Maybe some will consider the issue differently.

  17. A “full frontal lobotomy” is what poster #19 will be ordering up every season for the next 10 years of TWT, as he mourns his failed prophecies…

  18. Great win for the team.

    Another (home) loss for Weber tonight…who is going to be coaching the Illini next year?

  19. Coach TWT is actually f-o-u-r wins (an entire 25% of what he has now) away from 20 conference wins, buddy! With a bit of luck he will reach that milestone next year. With a bit more luck he will retire in glory after setting the bar so high. (It’s Indiana! Even Lou Watson had 22 conference wins in four years!)

  20. Don’t know how he could possibly scrounge together 4 more conference wins between this year and next, buddy. He’s such an awful recruiter, ya know. He failed to get a single player rated within the Rivals Top 2 for 2012! We’re doomed!!!

  21. I have read the latest episodes regarding Hulls. His IQ keeps him on the court. I think most agree with that. Geoff, I do pay attention to the little things, thats what wins games. But Jordy, bless his heart, was not very good tonight on offense, not his first. I think this is where maybe Yogi would have excelled at penetrating. Jordy had some struggles tonight in a pretty tight ballgame. It will be quite the luxury having both next year.
    Jones, what can I say ? Verdell played perfect for the minutes he recieved. Nice game VJ. Maybe Remy could have spelled Hulls tonight after a couple of those bad passes. Cody, we need you on the floor big fella.
    Anyway, IU won against the best losing team out there. Damn, Northwestern is gritty, Shurna is tough.

  22. Northwestern is a tough, well coached team. They needed and wanted this game. There are going to be few teams with better fundamentals and playing as intelligently as Northwestern. Their Coach has done an exceptional job. It’s no wonder people respect him. It’s even a little sad that the Wildcats won’t get into the tournament.

    Having said all that, and framing this win into perspective, great win tonight by a team that has earned all the good things happening to it now. This is especially true of VJ3 and Pritchard, two players who have given their heart and have been abused by many.

    Geoff, you’ve obviously have contributed some great observations. Not sure it fits for you to get involved in arguments that are not necessarily based on basketball. It actually says more about you to accept some of the critiques. The point in this blog is to share what we know about basketball as part of a Hoosier family.

  23. Mass.Hoosier – I basically agree with what you are saying about Jordy’s offense tonight. I’d like to submit 2 things:

    1) IU used a completely different offense tonight against NW’s man defense. Instead of the high ball screens and weaving action, or even 4-high sets, they went to a straight post up offense to take advantage of Zeller and Watford’s size. I don’t remember a single high ball-screen from Zeller. My point here is that it was a slight adjustment for our guards, and they were not featured much at all. Jordy was possibly a casualty of this change in philosophy, but it’s hard to argue with in this game because we were so effective (against man defense) in the paint.

    2) take a look at my post #33 in the article “Verdell to Return for Northwestern Game.”. I talk about our lack of adjustments against the zone. Let me know your thoughts.

    I agree that a guard like Yogi would have been very helpful tonight (and every other night). I have never said that Hulls is the perfect PG or doesn’t have flaws. In fact, I have pointed out his flaws on several occasions. Anyway in the context of our change in philosophy against man and the points I bring up in my zone post, what are your thoughts.

  24. Enough said. TWhT rules!

    Congratulations to Coach Alford’s New Mexico: they just beat (13) San Diego Aztecs away. The Lobos are now alone at the top of the Mountain West conference.

  25. Geoff, some of them ‘seem’ to be someone reacting to your ‘persona’ and you reacting to them, rather than just an argument about basketball; i.e. your dialogue with Laffy. Look, in some of his arguments I believe there are valid questions. He has a concern about Hull’s skills and the question is valid. As is your response that Hull’s covers a lot of it with basketball IQ and intensity. The point is that both have basketball arguments that are not just valid, but interest me.

    He may challenge your use of stats, you should be used to that and probably know in how many ways that view is silly. Let it go. I’d rather continue to hear how you see your review than convincing him when he pulls your chain. And, I’d rather read his skepticism and consider it on its own value than waste time reading the ‘incoming fire!’ Just feel you’d enjoy it more if you didn’t even look the ‘who’ posted the challenge. (As BK would say, ‘played within yourself’). Likewise, no need to take my statement as a challenge, it isn’t. I read your arguments, see many as valid and interesting in the context of the game I enjoy thinking about.

  26. Geoff, right on man. Can’t argue with that. I also know you are fair and balanced with your insight. IU took what Northwestern gave them. What kickouts were there, were a couple of looks from Oladipo. Watford had a look, as did Roth. I would have to give NU credit for the defense. They picked their poison, and it almost worked. They took away our perimeter shooting for the most part. NU closed out on our shooters well(nice head fake Roth) Obviously that is the intent of the 1-3-1. It helped keep the game close.
    I didn’t mean to sound argumentive, was actually saying that it will be nice to have Yogi, to be able to counter. I just thought Hulls could have made some better passes. I am sure he is not happy with his play tonight. I would still take him on my team any day.

  27. Damn, I cut half of my previous post out. Not gonna retype it. It referred to being able to create more space, and oppurtunities with quickness. Get through or around double teams. Sorry, the scoop wears me out trying to keep up.

  28. Tsao – point taken. I think I go through little phases (similar to what I’ve noticed from Harvard) where at times I just ignore the jabs and other times I respond. I was certainly in a responsive mood on this one wasn’t I… My bad, I know it doesn’t add to the post or help my credibility.

    MassHoosier – you didn’t sound argumentative. You sounded reasonable, and hopefully you took my points as just that. I wasn’t trying to debate you, just provide a little more context to the discussion to see if it effects your views or brings out some additional perspective from you.

    There is no question it was not a strong offensive effort from Jordan last night.

  29. I would say of all the players we have that Jordy would follow Coach’s game plan better than any other player. That being said Hulls passed up lots of chances to score in lieu of ball movement to get the ball inside to Zeller,Watford,Vic and others. Hulls was not even looking to shoot during this game. He took only 3 shots all wide open and just missed them. He normally takes 10-12 shots a game. You can say it was NW defense but if you watch the game he could have shot many times but chose to follow CTC game plan. I do think Coach has found a better way to use Jones. Jones would not have finished this game the way he did if he had played 30 minutes. I hope it continues. But 20 wins!!!!!! No matter who you like or dislike winning 20 games has been a TEAM effort for these players and Coaches!

  30. I am not sure how a team prepares for the type of offense that NW runs. There isn’t a scout team in the world that can pick that up and run it like NW does within a week. That is why NW plays teams so close because their offense is very tough to defend. As much as Shurna travels, he will do well in the NBA next year. My problem with the game was our struggles versus their 1-3-1 defense. At times it looked like we were completely surprised by that defense even though NW uses it all the time. We had a week to prepare for that defense and struggled mightily against it. Not sure why they came out of it after the struggles we were having with it. Hopefully that is the last time we will see that this year.

  31. Indeed the offense last night was not for featuring a guards point production. The big guys were spotlighted by design. Zeller just keeps rising to the opportunities he is challenged with. I’m sure as hell glad Shurna/Crawford are a duo and not a trio. Shurna has to be up for some quality award this year as I think he can perform against anyone. JH has been trained very well to play defense the team can live with. 1 on 1 he can be taken but in the manner IU’s D works he makes good defensive decisions. CW and Jones played pretty solid. We are looking for a high seed with continued strong play by some players that can cause us to cuss. Roth has really figured out how to get his shot. I do not have any premonition but I hope the flu bug does not appear that would cause us to misfire.

  32. My few observations.First,as the most vociferous critic of Verdell,I’m happy to say ,his great play tonight was amazing.Happy to admit being wrong,we don’t win this game without his timely play,period!What I like about our team is,Cody is so good,he keeps us from dropping too far even when others don’t play well.It seems we get good play from many players on separate nights to help us win.Think of some of the great nights as well as terrible games from,Watford,hulls Oladipo,etc.Finally,Gordy had a very bad game,he missed shots,made errors,got beat on D.I’m wondering if the game plan to get it inside caused him to pass up some looks and subsequently affected his offensive game.He seemed to sense we didn’t need him to score.Just a thought.

  33. Heinsohn, That is exactly what I posted above. It was CTC plan to use his big guys to score and Jordy did not look for his shot. He only took 3 shots in 34 minutes of play. He was into Coach’s game plan. He will do what Coach wants and had some nice passes to the big guys. I counted over 20 feeds to Zeller,Watford,Vic, and Pritchard. Many of those were from areas where he could have shot the ball. He only had 2 TO’s in a game high 34 minutes. The 2 men he was responsible for had 10 points on 4-10 shooting. Cody, Watford, Elston, and VO’s men scored 52 points on 23 of 44 shooting. Was there defense bad or just Hulls?

  34. Way off subject. See where Jerry Sichting will be finishing out the year as coach at Martinsville High School after a uhhh retirement. Seems he was an assistant at Marquette for Crean.

  35. Southport65 – nice to have someone else providing some evidence of Jordy’s D. He was not repeatedly beat off the dribble as Heinson stated. He was backcut once for a wide open lay-up, and then had a right-handed player make two very difficult (and I would say lucky) left-handed shots with his body behind the back board. Neither time was he “beat” off the dribble, as noted at the time by he commentators. The last point was on that FT when Jordy “fouled” a guy while turned in the opposite direction.

  36. Actually I would say the defense wasn’t bad on Shurna either, he just threw up several stupid shots that somehow went in… Fading 3’s with a hand in his face, the unintentional tip-in, the righty runner as he was heading out of bounds, and how about the over the head spinner… He had about 18 legit points.

  37. One of those shots was strictly H.O.R.S.E. material. I was pretty sure it was gonna hit the backboard.

  38. Ron, you mean Jerry “I missed the baseline jumper that gave IU the NIT championship over Purdue” Sichting. That may have been the most meaningful NIT ever.

  39. Found the post interesting that applauded Jordy for being 3rd in assists and steals on this team. Call me crazy or old-fashioned but shouldn’t your PG be 1st in assists at the very least?

    Jordy & Roth are not play maker guards. They hit key shots. That’s their value. Next year Yogi should play a lot because he’s better. I use “should” because Remy is better than VJ3 but doesn’t play, so who knows.

    I’d love to see these guys win out in Conf play & win 2 in the Big 10 tourney. That would exceed my predictions & expectations. Still think @ MN will be a tough W to get and this team vs. Iowa & purdue, teams theyve thumped, will be a stretch.

    Too many of our key players have a tendancy to not show up on occasion; Jordy, Watford, VJ3 (50/50 at best), Sheehey. When 2 or 3 of those happen together we lose.

  40. NW would make the tournament in the Pac12, SEC, & every mid major Conf out there IMO. Smart kids, very Princeton-esque. Love the way the play, stick to their plan, play to their strengths. Big 10 is too strong for them to get Ws every year. But they’re a team everyone fears, especially in the Big 10 tourney.

  41. I think you’d need to break down how much Jordy actually is playing point. Verdell has been playing a lot of point and Vic has been initiating a lot of the offense lately. It’s not unusual for a big man to lead a team in assists. Doesn’t Wilt hold the NBA record?

  42. Whoa there AWinAZ – let’s not quite throw Jordy in the same boat as Roth. jordy has grown up a point guard. He was Mr. basketball as a playmaking PG. he is limited by his physical gifts not his Bball IQ or ability. Roth grew up a shooter and a SG, and that’s a whole different mentality.

    Hulls Is actually quite a good play-maker if he isn’t effectively pressured. He has the ability to do some things I am pretty sure Yogi can’t, or won’t ever be able to do, like throw running precision one-handed, left-handed bounce passes to cutters through traffic. That is a special skill that VERY few players at any level of basketball possess. So it’s not quite fair to just say his value is only as a shooter.

    I am sure there are things that Yogi does already that Hulls just won’t ever be able to do because he is a quicker and more gifted athlete. I am certain that he is a better prospect to succeed at higher levels of basketball than Jordy. And I am sure he is going to bring a lot to this team next year. But jordy has proven over the course of this season that he has a positive influence over the game, understands the teams needs, and is a good leader.

    Oh, and he’s 1st in assists, not 3rd…

  43. Jordy has had some SWEET assists the last few games. He has great court vision. I think his passing is as good as anyone’s.

  44. I went to a stainless steel French press a couple years back. Looks like a thermos. Just boil water and pour it in. It makes really strong coffee but I mainly got it because I camp a lot and all you need is a fire or a stove.

    …and coffee

  45. Boiling over a campfire and just got my first fish of the day at Myakka State Park. Can’t believe I’m getting internet here.

  46. “Hulls Is actually quite a good play-maker if he isn’t effectively pressured.”

    Duh. Hell, you could say that about almost anyone….even me.

  47. Jordy is the leader on this team!Someone had to take control and follow the game plan! Cody knows Jordy is the man and he listens to what Jody says throughout the game. Not so much some of the other guys! If you watch Cody and Jordy during a game there is lots of communication.Great call Geoff on Jordy sticking with the game plan at all costs to his own stats! I to was wondering what he was doing and wanting him to take the shots that are layups for him .The plan was to beat them inside!Shurna is a offensive freak!We either didn’t have a fix or just didn’t want the other four guys to beat us!However after saying that Shurna has been doing that to whomever they play for four years!I hope Will can get into some kind of rythum against Iowa,he is just not himself lately.They will be a tough W at home with the two threepoint gunners on that team we have to play defense in their face .Ok I well admit VJ3 did a great job and saved the game!IF he plays like that the rest of the year we will be a tough team to play against.I will say if he does play like that the rest of the season,I will retract some of the negitive comments I have made.I will beleive it when I see it!

  48. Watched yogi play many AAU games and observed he too is a talented passer. He and JH in the same back court will be deadly for the opponents.

  49. Ron, awesome. I’m building furniture which is my equivalent of going fishing. I have a hatchery supported stream about 200ft from my cabin, though.

  50. Geoff,you are right about jordy’s D.I probably generalized too much ,stating what had happened in past games.At any rate,for all our nitpicking,this team has been a joy to watch.,Soaring to great heights at their best.They run,score,have improved greatly from past years.In fact,while as a team they have struggled in parts of games,I am hard pressed to think of any game they just didn’t show up.maybe OSU on the road…quite an achievement

  51. I need to go fishing again. Had all my fishing supplies stolen by movers. Some of my lures and reels were in my collection long before the last Hoosier NCAA championship.
    When I was a kid, I used to have a beautiful secluded pond(freshwater fed) I would go fish for bluegill, crappie, and bass. Funny how just the mere mentioning of it takes me back as if it were only an hour ago I was hiking down the long winding pathway that lead to its hidden location. Those summer days must have been heaven…Half the day spent fishing; the cooler, late afternoons and evenings, spent shooting hoops. No worries and all of life so full and bountifully endless on every horizon.
    During my early high school years, I also spent countless hours of one summer completely restoring a 16ft. wooden motorboat with all mahogany decks and trim. It was intended to be for weekend outings with my dad on Lake Michigan. We were going to become coho fisherman and go deep into the cold waters with downriggers….We built an entire new transom on the back of the boat to house a brand new monstrous Mercury outboard motor. Didn’t quite work out as planned. The boat was not very seaworthy…a bit of comic tragedy its one and only voyage where the master craftsman the restoration spent the entire afternoon bailing water over the side.

  52. My oldest and I spent a summer building a 12ft sailboat. Turned out beautifully. Still hasn’t seen water. We moved onto our next project. It was about the building, not the sailing.

    He went on to become an engineer.

  53. ….that would lead to its hidden location.

    Hulls is a winner. There’s not been a day on a basketball court that he doesn’t have the glory, guts, game, and gumption written all over his grumpy face. If you don’t believe in him….If you can’t recognize the leadership qualities and savviness that separate him from those lacking his artful skills on maple that have developed through years of dedication and love for the game…? If you need only stats or you want to obsess over outings he came up a little shy his capabilities and efforts…? All I can say is you ain’t no fisherman. You’ve probably spent too many sunny summer afternoons playing BassPro on your XBox.

    Here’s Jordy perfecting his free throw stroke.

  54. The Drama Queens crack me up.

    I never said Jordy wasn’t a great leader or that I don’t want him on the team.

    I said he gets abused on defense when playing against better athletes.

    Which he does.

    If I can make it to Senior Night next year, I’ll be applauding like crazy for the kid.

    I just don’t think he’ll see the floor much next year.

  55. Really interesting to watch the recent evolution of Laffy. He’s come out of nowhere like Jeremy Lin…

    Before, I remember him being just an occasional contributor in the mode of southport65 or Larry Gwaltney. Now he’s pushed his way into the starting lineup with the Big 5 (Chet, Geoff, Tsao, Harvard, and Clarion), and averages 30-35 minutes a night. Unlike Lin, however, his role seems to be mainly to foul rather than to score points with grace.

  56. You’re the “Drama Queen,” Laffy. You want to create all the drama, build all the tragedy of defensive lapses in any basketball game, onto the shoulders of one Hoosier. You prefer to not give up the replaying of the same scene in your thin head instead of enjoying the full repertoire of talent on the Hoosiers and Hulls stage. What’s the point? Why not enjoy the entire production rather than get stuck on one facet of a game one Hoosier needs to strive to improve?

    You don’t play D-1 hoops in the Big 10 without being a supreme athlete. There isn’t a night that goes by someone isn’t getting “abused.” I’ve seen more than a fair share of plays in every game when Elston, Sheehey, Jones, Remy, Watford, and Zeller are left in their shorts by quicker, more athletic players their primary assignments. I challenge Geoff to dissect any future contest this year and make notes to how many occassions other Hoosiers have been burned in their individual match-ups throughout the 40 minutes. Most of the speed in the college game is in the backcourt. What’s the point of just being on a mission against Hulls in pointing out the deficiency? When Cody eventually makes his NBA debut, I highly doubt he won’t get his share of abuse when he finds guys three inches shorter with far more vertical and a ton more quickness. In the college game, guards will always be the easy victims of criticism for obvious defensive inefficiencies..Their slower reactions and mistakes are accentuated where no camouflaged congestion exists in the open expanses an individual battle 30 feet from a basket. At every level of the sport, there is always a select number of explosive superstars that rarely a defender can completely control/dictate in the one-on-one scenario.

    I agree with you, Laffy. All we’ve done this year is just put a giant band-aid all over Jordy’s “abuse” and still managed to squeeze 20+ wins and a likely trip to the Big Dance with a totally inadequate defender in our point guard. If that damn albino turtle could just somehow stay on his assignment we would be undefeated because the rest the Hoosiers are consistent scorers and flawless premier defenders.

  57. Laffy – regarding post #59… That is not a “duh” comment. There is a difference between pressure and effective pressure. There is also a difference between what Jordy can do against pressure and what Roth can do against pressure. Roth make virtually 0 plays for others. He either scores or makes a safe pass to the right person. I cannot remember one instance this year where he tried to penetrate or get into a seam to create a shot for another player.

    So the answer is no, not everyone can do that, you couldn’t do that either, but Hulls can. He’s not the greatest at it, but he usually makes pretty good decisions when he attempts to do it.

  58. For what it is worth, I don’t consider myself a Hulls-basher. He’s just not a true PG at this level. He is a dangerous shooter and can occasionally make a great pass. By the way, those two items are highly linked because he passes more effectively when he’s hitting shots because of the D covering him more closely. I live in Phx and have watched Nash for many years including at Santa Clara. He is a solid defensive liability too, yet a perennial All Star because he makes his team better, as does Jordy.

    Yogi IS a true PG & we’ll be the benefactors next year. I still think Hulls will play a lot, and get a lot of open looks because of Yogis quickness and ability to hit pull-up jumpers on the move. At times I think we’ll see a 3 guard lineup with Yogi, Hulls and either Patterson or Remy to defend. I like the way next year looks, on paper. Our frontcourt also improves next year….Cody, Perea, Hollowell, Elston, Watford.

    We bring in more athletes, keep some smart, tough veterans and lose nobody that makes a real difference except to the +. VJ3 costs us 12-14 pts./game as I’ve mentioned before with his TOs and forced shots. If he scores 14 or limits the TOs, bad shots and rebounds he finally goes +.

    Let’s enjoy this ramp to prominence, and start delivering some solid hurt out for the last 4 years in 2012 & beyond! Plenty of paybacks in our accounts ahead.

  59. Much fairer comments AwinAZ, the one minor thing I would correct is your 3 guard line-up would mainly be Hulls, Yogi, and Dipo… Not Abel or Patterson.

  60. Not a true point guard, my a$$. He’ll prove all of you wrong. In many ways, he already has. This is not a twenty win team without the decision making, unselfishness, and moving of the rock that Hulls provides. Game-winners are not the only daggers in the course of a game. Hulls has delivered in key sequences all year long. As a point guard he plays within himself. When the team is in danger of having momentum stolen, he’ll make it a point to hit a big shot or make a key find to seize it back. That’s what “tried and true” point guards provide. They make everyone around them better and they provide stability and confidence on the floor. There isn’t a better point guard in the Big 10 when considering all the intangibles combined with the tireless work ethic, and courts skills. For God’s sake, give the damn kid some credit instead of always pigeonholing him.

  61. I would argue against the point that no one is better Harvard… I have no idea what the work ethic of a Jordan Taylor, Keith Appling, Burke, or Frazier is… I don’t know how they would fit in with the IU roster… I do know that fans of those schools would all scoff at the notion that Hulls is better. I am not saying he is or isn’t, but arguments can be made for any of those guys.

    If I had to choose 1 PG in the B1G I think I’d take Taylor, at least this year… Doesn’t mean I don’t love having Jordy on our team. I just think Taylor is supremely talented and tough, but he’s individually hampered by the system UW plays. It effects his overall numbers and his shooting % because he has to take a lot more difficult shots than most players late in possessions.

  62. You’re far more objective, Geoff. You’ve done a nice job of convincing yourself away from your deepest early season reservations concerning the slow and short liability on our Hoosier team. I’m just a Drama Queen that believes the final chapters in Hulls’ career are far from written. He’s just not the type of kid I’m going to jump on the doubt train over. I don’t see many guys exert more unrelenting effort on both ends of the floor during the course of a game. Sure he gets beat..Sure, he even get “abused” a couple times a night, but he’ll never hang his head or point fingers.

    It’s the mentality he imparts onto the team that is his most undervalued asset. There are undoubtedly supremely athletically gifted point guards in the Big 10 with more body to defend and get to the rim. Is their higher athleticism level enough to compensate for the savvy, heart, perimeter shooting accuracy, and the steadfast determination a Jordan Hulls? Would Jordan Taylor make Verdell Jones better? Would Burke accept the role Hulls has been forced into the last three years and will have to accept next year?

    I’m just not willing to say I would trade what Jordy lacks in the purist definition of a 5-star point guard for what my eyes have witnessed the value a very skilled basketball player with the infectious heart of a gladiator.

    And as I said long ago, has Hulls been the beneficiary a superb counterpart in the backcourt? Buckner had Wilkerson…Alford had Smart….Isiah had Wittman…Calloway had Wilmont…Coverdale had Fife/Moya?…Bassett had Gordon, etc, etc, etc.

    Hulls had Verdell Jones III! Who the hell looks like an All-American point guard when they’re playing next to one? Enough said.

  63. Ooooops sorry Geoff for missing Victor. He’s the 3rd dog in the hunt for sure up top. I’d say Remy is leaving, unfortunately. The kid looks heartbroken & confused on the bench, and rightly so I think we’d all agree.

    & Harvard….Calloway & Wilmont? Those must’ve been the years I don’t remember blacking out. However, point taken. Which is why Jordy will be better when Yogi arrives. I still don’t agree, at all, that Hulls is a REAL PG in the Isiah – type mold. Granted he’s trying but if he were THE PG then why the hell does VJ3 bring the ball up so much? Jordy is a net + no doubt & the best we have. But he’s far less talented than Taylor & Craft.

    All said Senior Night 2013 will be a big one for Jordan Hulls. He deserves these 23+ wins & the 28 we’ll get next year!

  64. I’m with you, Harvard. I think his will to win reminds me mostly of Tom Coverdale. How many times this season win the game was close at the end have we seen the Hoosiers come out of a time out a Jordy gets the ball with that look in his eye and you know he’s not giving up the rock? He’ll be face to face with the defender and then the him to the hole or drain an absolute killer three. I don’t know what’s said in those time outs but it sure seems like CTC looked at Jordy and said, “We HAVE to score RIGHT NOW.”

    …and to Jordy that means, “It’s on me.”

    That’s what winners do.

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