Purdue’s Barlow dismissed from team, Byrd suspended after arrest

Guard Kelsey Barlow has been dismissed from Purdue’s basketball program after an alleged incident at a bar on Friday and forward D.J. Byrd was suspended for one game after being arrested on charges of public intoxication according to several reports including this one from Lamond Pope of the Fort Wayne Journal Gazette.


  1. What a shame. I hope none of the IU fans on this board will take the cheap shot here. It’s rarely a good thing when a player is dismissed like this from a team.

    I hope Barlow and Byrd learn from their mistakes and can move on.

  2. This would be Barlow’s third strike and kudos to Painter for showing him the door. I am surprised about Byrd.

  3. HOOSIERPLUS, pretty good. Reminds me of something my old aunt Red, a diehard UK fan, once said about her Cats, “We’re hoping for a 7-4 season this year. Seven acquittals and 4 convictions.”

  4. Cheap shot? I don’t cheer PUke very often. Barlow has been in a trouble maker before. A one game suspension for Byrd for now but if he indeed punched the bouncer at the bar he could be gone too. Painter is top notch and does not put up with any BS.

  5. Chet..Had to take the jab.

    Gotta believe Purdue did the right thing. I think Painter is a good coach. … The dig was to easy……..
    I’m going to stay off these guys, Not rooting against young kids in life. Hard enough, as it is out here.

  6. Painter prolly sick of dealing with Barlow by now. Not to totally excuse their actions, and who knows what really happened, but a little odd that a bouncer in W Laffy in the center of campus wanted to create a scene with the Purdue hoops team and call the cops. Sounds like he gets off on that iota of power…he’ll make a great cop some day.

  7. Bruce Weber’s prays might have been answered….depending how the Boilers react (wins / loses) Illinois or Northwestern might be dancing after all.

  8. Chet/Mike

    Checked the Purdue Roster/Stats to see who steps in for these players. Then who steps up for Barlow. Noticed Barlow is already off the official roster.

    Will be interesting to see how things shake out in the standings and position for Big Ten Tournament.

  9. Chet, that 7-4 thing is hilarious. Not sure why it struck me as so funny, but it did. Especially if it was your gram.

  10. The 7-4 gag was a good one. However I would interject that the only reason there were 4 convictions is because the wildcats were short on cash to pay off lexington judges because of buying next years players.

  11. I don’t follow Purdont at all but if Barlow had any prior offenses than I do admire Painter for showing him the door. Now as for Byrd let’s just be honest and come into the 21st century. Kids are going to drink and fight ( that’s just part of it) so unless he did actually hit a bouncer a game suspension is a little much. Run him to death in practice and let him know not to do it again. What does a one game suspension really teach a kid anyway? “Oh, I don’t get to to play for 30 minutes out of my four year career!! Boo Hoo how will I ever make it”? Now if you compare Painters actions to Cheataparis when Jones got hit by a car at 5 am and left the scene of the crime and cheat decided not to start him and after words said ” He showed a lot of maturity, he was upset and left to clear his head and returned” Painter appears to be a class act. My all time favorite UK quote was by Jerry Tarkanian. He said when UK was being investigated in the 90’s ” They will investigate UK and put Weber st. on probation” I know that’s the pot calling the kettle black but it was still a classic!!

  12. My aunt Red was quite the character. Female CPA in the 1930’s (weren’t many). Hard living woman. Taught me to play poker at 4. She’d have a Manhattan in one hand and a Pall Mall in the other by 10:00am. She had a big house with a kidney shaped pool in the backyard. Great Danes wandering around. Used to embarrass the hell out of me in college by asking me about my sex and drug life in front of my parents. My uncle died before I ever knew him.

    I miss her terribly. My favorite relative.

  13. Painter is a refreshing individual in major college basketball. He’s talented, smart and oozes integrity. Good to be able to respect our rivals.

    HoosierFaninKy, totally disagree with you. There’s obviously some history with Barlow and it appears Coach Painter feared contagion affecting his team.

    As for “Kids are going to drink and fight (that’s just part of it) so unless he did actually hit a bouncer a game suspension is a little much. ” Part of what? Not part of anything even worth defending.., that may be your reality (or the reality in Kentucky), but it is not supposed to be. You are supposed to handle it and avoid assaulting other individuals.

    Personally (though I cede to Coach Painter since it is his call) I would have made it a greater ‘down time’ and hoped it taught Byrd to behave like an upright human being who is expected to respect others. Only if Byrd senses stupidity has a big cost and could have a greater cost in terms of his life or career will the incident have a positive conclusion. What I can’t suffer is the ‘boys will be boys’ attitude that promotes a sense of privilege and entitlement. We have too much of that in sports.

    DD, your statement suggests a low opinion of us Hoosier fans. Actually, the majority of the responses are along the lines I expected.

  14. Chet, so0und like my maternal grandmother. The family story is that my grandfather disappeared in the South American jungles and left her a hotel and she lived the ‘happy’ life (actually, we used to say the ‘gay life’ but don’t look with approval on the expression anymore).

    What I remember was this lady with very, very painted cheeks who used to sit me on her laps and read to me from the Great Writers like Charles Dickens, Alexander Dumas, Robert Louis Stevenson and Mark Twain when I was four. Hope we are remembered along the same lines…odd but memorable.

  15. Tsao im not attacking you so please don’t shred me but why do you always bring up the Kentucky thing with me? I 100% agreed with Painter kicking Barlow off the team. I just said when your in college most students will have some drinks and the occasional fight will break out. If every coach suspended a kid for drinking and getting a little scrappy then IMO there would be a ton of suspensions every year. I did say if he indeed punched a bouncer than I completely agree he should be suspended but a lot of these athletes attract a lot of negative attention when they go out and sometimes a fight may break out. Now I’ve read on another site (by a blogger) that Byrd was defending himself. If that’s the case should he be suspended? I m just saying having lived on a campus for a few years I’ve seen more than one athlete get into a fight and when the smoke cleared hands were shook and it was forgotten about. Im just suggesting two things one- To reprimand a player for getting into a fight (Unless some one was seriously injured) seems a little to (Brigham young) to me. 2- What does a one game suspension really teach these young men anyway? As far as the Kentucky bigotry I just simply don’t understand it. Maybe Im from Northwestern KY which is about 5 minutes from Indiana and we’ve all learned to get along I don’t know but you sure do make fun of or in some way always reference the fact that Im from Kentucky.?? Strange!

  16. If you’re on a college basketball team, stay the hell out of bars. Stay in your room and smoke weed..No one will bother you.

    I found my new blogging chair.

  17. ^Wow, I really wish I was that mechanical bull in that video.

    How about drinking in your dorm room? Way better than weed, and much more fun when you are playing NHL ’95 on your Sega Genesis.

  18. HoosierfromKY…you may be the only redeemable thing in the state and that’s related to your IU roots.

    As for Kentucky…drink all you want and pass out for all I care, as long as you are in your own room, are over 21, do it on the southern end of the bridge and don’t bother anyone on the northern shore.

    Then again, alcoholism has victims…always!

  19. Kudos to Painter! Did something Sampson didnt which got us into the f…g mess we are crawling out of. Byrd is a punk & I’d lay down a hundy that he was running his mouth and pushing his way around like he does on the floor. Kid plays dirty. Police probably didn’t want to charge him but had to stick him with a lesser charge due to his mouth & attitude.

    Anybody up for that hundy?

  20. As to that ‘Kentucky thing’ I can only speak from personal experience. When I was forced to go visit my Mom’s family it was like stepping into an episode of ‘Justified’, and I don’t mean they were US Marshals. For Hoosier kid like me it may as well have been another planet. Since becoming old enough to opt out of the mandatory visit I have had no further contact with them.

  21. Those of you saying that getting drunk in bars in college is the norm, that may be true for the average college kid, but these are basketball players on scholarship and should know better and set a higher example. I am sure they tried to use the old “Don’t you know who I am” line to try to get back into the bar. I agree with others that if they want to do something like this, go to a buddies house and hang out and do it, but not in public.

  22. As best as I can remember I got through college without having a real fight, other than tussles at practice.

    Giving props to whomever pointed out that Jerry Sichting,
    stepped up at Martinsville High School ,as the Basketball Coach. Gave the program a chance to finish what they started, winning the game by 2 points and the Mid State Conference. Record 16-2 overall and 6-0 in conference, if I read that article correctly.

    Anyway, A great contribution by a Boiler doing good.
    Did not leave the kids and community hanging, that’s really cool.

  24. Freakin PUnks. We all knew Chelsea was a punk, good riddance! Byrd is a thug wannabe and should be kicked off for assaulting the bouncer.

  25. First, kudos to Painter for trying to change the culture of entitlement that infects the PU basketball team. And I’m not just blindly speculating here – I work in the neighborhood where the incident took place and idiotic, spoiled-brat behavior by PU athletes has been an ongoing problem since the early days of Keady and Tiller. Maybe this is a sign that Matty has finally had enough. Second, I wouldn’t want to be Michigan State tomorrow – Painter is a master of getting mediocre players to play over their heads by getting them to buy into an ‘us against the world’ mentality. Now that they have tossed the biggest two knuckleheads off the team, we’re going to see a great deal of intensity tomorrow. Lastly, being an IU grad and fan in Tippecanoe county, I’m reassured by the fact that some things never change: PU fans’ reaction to this episode? IU SUCKS!!!!! Simple minds keep things simple, I guess.

  26. Wiscy, is your comment based on facts? That a bouncer would take advantage of such a situation? Byrd & Hummel & the rest of the team that showed up at 3am had choices & made a very poor one at that, to show up at a bar at 3am & defend an already proven thug..Barlow, & under an already volatile environment, simply made a poor poor choice on their part. Interesting that you would call out the bouncer when Barlow has a long history of trouble already.

    Given past history here, I side with the bouncer!!!!

  27. KURK, last report has Barlow dismissed & Byrd simply suspended one game, not both kicked off team, I’m here in Lafayette myself & no report shows both dismissed.

  28. Jay Gregg
    Friday, February 17, 2012 – 7:51 PM EST

    To all you supposed IU fans, you should be ashamed.

    JAY, why is that? I’m here in Lafayette & follow comment sections from the Boiler fans daily, yet I’m a die hard IU basketball fan. Boiler fans clearly take home the bacon when it comes to rude, shrewd & childish comments if that’s what you’re commenting about.

  29. Ohhhhhh to the very very very very & extremely hot “Cougar” from Bloomington I helped get gasoline for here in Lafayette when she ran out……..WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol

  30. Jay Gregg

    Ashamed? .. IU Fans on IU Fans in this very blog have made harsher comments to one another.

  31. In fact I am surprised no one has posted the obvious nickname fitting 1 player in this situation.

  32. These kids are well aware of the rules when they sign letters of intent. Am sorry — these are hard lessons, but I think Painter was dead on. Back in the dark ages when I was at IU — if you messed around on any team (other than football) you were done or severely punished. Witness Winston Morgan and John Flowers post a drinking night on the town.

    Kids may be kids, but as athletes on teams, getting free rides — unacceptable behavior is just that. And living in Illinois — I agree with the comment — Weber should take notice!

  33. Off topic but a buddy of mine (old IU roomie) just called to tell me he’s got two floor level tickets to the St. Louis Regional Sweet Sixteen round of the NCAA tournament and one of them is mine.

    Now it’s all up to the Hoosiers and the selection committee.

    It’s a fine day.

  34. As a Hoosier fan I’m embarrassed, even ashamed, by the apologists who give their surprise at the ‘severity’ of a dismissal for a repeat miscreant (used to know a great fullback and HW wrestler named Ron Barlow who I seem to remember went to Purdue, hope this one is not family) and a ‘did I get your attention?’ suspension for Byrd. The severity should also get the attention of a team that has underachieved, probably based on character issues. Great mentoring by Coach Painter. It does embarrass me that some Hoosier fans still hold the notion that ‘boys will be boys’…they may be, but those will never reach manhood. And that makes me proud of the Hoosiers who show the disdain (hopefully, they would do the same with ours in the same situation)for unacceptable, arrogant and disrespecting behavior.

    HoosierFromKY…a great chance for you to show a valuable lesson to your boy drawn from this incident, thanks to Painter. (I do admire the time you apparently spend with him and your feelings for him).

  35. Congrats to Coach Alford whose team beat #13 San Diego St. (away) three days ago and totally dismantled UNLV just now in Albuquerque: 65-45! Will the Lobos be ranked come Monday? Will they be ranked higher or lower than Indiana?

    Who cares, really, when you have Thomas “Walk-on” Crean, also known as “Crean The Magnificent”, also known as “Twenty Whines Tom”? As long as Verdell Jones is healthy…

  36. IU.Basketball student athletes to date are seeming to handle the on and off court pressures. The temptations are at least not shown crowding the doorway at Kilroy’s. Got my share of calls to help in certain situations with like age group, so I know how it goes.

    Have not heard of any public hiccups recently, so keep up the good showing. Obviously I would be the last to hear, but once made viral, there you go.

    Saw escape mechanism happen in a few places out of the public eye when I was in Bloomington.

    So this is directed more to the IU current condition going well.

  37. Maybe I’m on another planet but I just assumed that most teams’ rules would dictate no drinking, or at the least, no public drinking during the season.

  38. For those of you who think sticking up for purdue makes you a better person you should think about how nasty and disrespectful purdue fans would be towards us if this incident was with two hoosier players like zeller and olidipo for example. They already have to chant “iu sucks” everytime we play at mackey

  39. weallbleedred, I pointed out to someone last week that PU fans are so obsessed with their inferiority complex vis a vis IU, that they would chant “IU sucks” behind by 3 late in a game with Northwestern. Lo and behold, a few days later I turned on the tv during a PU-Northwestern game. PU was behind by 3 late in the game. The announcers were laughing and confused because the PU fans were chanting “IU sucks.” They’re always good for a laugh.

  40. Kurk…while that may be true (and it was funny), yours was the 55th. post on a short story about two misbehaving Purdue players, while having nothing to do with the Hoosiers. Maybe obsessions run both ways.

  41. We love Coach Alford in the Northwest. We will always love him for his scintillating performance as a #3 seed in the 2010 NCAA tournament against the undermanned #11 Huskies.

    Let’s hope Coach Alford’s current New Mexico team is slightly less overrated. I doubt it.

  42. Kurk81 that is too funny. I used to just be the “can we all get along guy” with my UK,pu, and Illinois buddies but seeing how they have treated me during these past years with all the sanctions and what not its safe to say I’m no longer the peaceful fan anymore lol

  43. Chet you are speculating on your personal experiences. You must have visited Corydon Indiana then went to your folks whom live in Louisville. I’ve lived in both western, Northern and central KY and southern and mid Indiana and can assure you from my experiences they are very similar. Except there are far more corn fields in Indiana. Now as far as crime ridden cities all I can say is Gary IN and Indianapolis IN. I do be believe Gary was once the murder capitol and drug capitol of the US at one point. I do somewhat understand why IU fans dislike people from Kentucky because of the way they have humiliated us in recent years but try to remember Im an INDIANA fan!! I’ve lived in ST. Louis and Tennessee as well and can assure you that Kentucky and Indiana and can assure you both states are the punch lines of more jokes than any I’ve ever heard so please for your own (not just anyone in particular) stop pretending that Indiana is so progressive and cosmopolitan state that it’s clearly not and save some face! And Chet I really mean this. Im sorry that you chose to cut family ties over a boarder line.

  44. fuhnicky, hey man, my sister in Louisville is Junior League, married to a bankster, prep school nieces, all that. I’m sure your family is very nice, too.

    My Mom’s family is Mags, Dewey and the gang from ‘Justified’. Kentucky State Prison, ‘possum eating’ high school drop out fodder and everyone within a short driving distance is just the same. My mom was the oldest of 14 and the only one to finish high school. She hit the road at 17. It was no loss cutting family ties, believe me.

    I’ve encountered some redneck low life in Indiana, but nothing like that. They may be out there but I haven’t encountered entire towns like that in the Hoosier state. I agree with you about Gary but we consider that part of Chicago. Indianapolis is a lovely city. I think I know about parts of Kentucky that you haven’t had the privilege to visit.

    I’m not painting with a broad brush. I’m just telling you about my Mom’s hometown.

  45. …as far the cornfields, I’ll take them over the strip mines any day. Eastern Kentucky as it adjoins West Virginia and Ohio is truly the most God forsaken place I’ve ever seen in my life. Coal mines and refineries. It’s like Gary with strip mines. I still transit it a few times each year, nothing has changed.

    I grew up traveling all over Kentucky. My Dad was from the Frankfort area and, then Louisville. My Mom was from Flippin and then, also, Louisville. They loved Kentucky and hauled me all over it until I was old enough to go my own way. I got to see all the prettiest parts and there certainly are some lovely parts.

    It’s home to you and a person should feel warmly about their home. It’s not my home and, as you said so well, all I have to go on are my own experiences. As I said, I travel through Kentucky several times a year. The Lexington area is very nice. Ashland is a hellhole. Others places fall in between.

    BTW I enjoy your posts. I’m glad you and your Dad had such a great time at the game.

  46. chet,

    when i moved to marion, in., from philly before my jr year of high school it was a culture shock. talk about backwards and ignorant. it was 1977 and cable tv was coming to marion for the first time. 50 people picketed the cable tv office for a week because they didn’t want pornography coming into their homes.

    as soon as i graduated from iu i packed up and moved to san francisco because everything and everyone outside of bloomington seemed like your kentucky to me.

  47. Well, I love San Francisco. As for Philly, I was stationed there for a while. Felt about the same as Gary to me. It’s on my ‘couldn’t possibly live there again’ list.

    I remember getting cable around ’72 and we were glad to get it. Odd that Marion would be so far behind and so different.

  48. As far as the family thing, all my cousins, the last I’d heard, had all dropped out of school around the ninth grade, as was the norm for most of the young people in the area. My mother settled in southern Indiana. All her kids went on to get at least a masters’ degree. There was nothing extraordinary about what my Dad brought to the game. He was a working guy. I doubt that there was a big difference in the genetic makeup of the different branches of the family. The biggest difference between my cousins and my siblings was where we were raised and what the societal expectations were.

    While I don’t choose to live there now, I felt very fortunate to grow up in southern Indiana. I went to good schools and was surrounded by open minded people who encouraged experiential learning. I’m one of those people for whom even misfortune (even injury) seems to have a serendipitous outcome although not necessarily as planned. While I’ve lived outside Indiana much longer than I lived within it’s borders I am, almost laughably, a Hoosier to the bone. Kurt Vonnegut, himself a Hoosier, often spoke of the peculiar nature of Hoosiers and their bond to their place of birth. Oddly, my children, though they’ve never lived there, have a bond of sorts to Indiana. One of my boys was the youngest camper at Bobby Knight’s basketball camp one year. I love living in the Blue Ridge Mountains but I’ll never be a Tar Heel. I’ll always be a Hoosier.

  49. Chet

    My family visits the Blue Ridge Mountain area in Georgia twice a year. We visit relatives {my wife’s side} and really enjoy ourselves.. Out on the porch, playing guitars {some really accomplished musicians make the party} something my son and I look forward to every year. Friends of my sister-in-law ,in the area, join us during Thanksgiving and it’s really great.

    Great views!!

  50. My only interst in this story is in regard to how it may affect I.U.’s game vs. Purdue later this season, other than that I have exactly zero incentive to ponder the implications for the Purdue program. Whatever, they’ll survive, & it’s none of my business or concer. It is my business I that certain players will be out though–I only wish Byrd were suspended for our game too. It may help a bit that Barlow won’t be there. Great physical ability.

  51. I’d hardly call us “obsessed” with them.

    Every time I read the Indy Star board, there are about 10 PUkes on there constantly talking about the Hoosiers.

    When you go to the Purdue board, hardly any IU fans at all.

    Talking about this story hardly qualifies as “obsession”….especially when so many posts in the thread are talking about fishing and other stuff.

  52. Larry, just thought it was odd that employees at a bar in the center of W Laffy wouldn’t do more to just alleviate the situation so it wouldn’t even have to get to this point. I know, they were under no obligation to do so, and because they’re student athletes and blah blah blah, they’re a bunch of evil thugs for being out instigating trouble. They put themselves in that situation and they’re paying the price.

    My comment wasn’t really trying to assess blame, just surprised that it got to that level. And that it did, makes me speculate that the bouncer is a d***** who wanted to act tough and gets off on his authority. Obviously, they were dumb to put themselves in that situation and kudos for Painter for doing the right thing. That said, I’d hope that if some of our players were acting like idiots at Nick’s that someone would try to alleviate the situation and get them a ride home instead of antagonizing them and letting it escalate. I know the Holier than Thou crowd doesn’t like that, but college kids are gonna drink and do dumb things sometimes, I’d think that fans/classmates may try to help them resolve the situation without the law. But, for all I know, maybe the people at Where Else did and it didn’t work and they were left no choice.

    I’m just sayin, if you were a bouncer at Kilroy’s, and 2 days before the MSU game, Zeller comes in and there’s a situation like this….I’d do everything in my power to get people calmed down, get him home safe, etc. But, of course, sometimes people are left no choice.

  53. I guess suspension means you have to wear an ugly black shirt and tie and sit on the bench.

  54. Considering Barlow has a reputation for being a complete jackass all over campus, I seriously doubt it was the “bouncer’s” fault.

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