1. Beating Butler, UK, OSU, Purdue, Notre Dame and Illinois all in the same year? Pretty special to be an IU fan this year. Do any other of our friendly or not-so-friendly neighbors want to have a go at us?

  2. I detest Illinois and Weber. Having said that, Illinois got “homered”at IU by the refs– much like IU got homered at Wisconsin earlier. The only teams that gets calls on the road are Wisconsin and Duke. Poor refereeing is making a farce out of college basketball. Last night Notre Dame played at West Virginia , but W.Va. only shot 3 foul shots. Give me a break.

  3. First let me say that I don’t hate, hate, hate…VJ so this isn’t about him. I am surprised how different the team plays with VO playing point. His quickness is something that is unique on the team. It creates problems that no other player can create. Do you see the Coaches staying with this lineup even after VJ heals? I know that Coach has been loyal to VJ but it is pretty stunning how different this team is with VO playing at the point.

  4. Unfortunately VJIII will be healed by next Wed. Night, I’m afraid. Against a NW team that will slow the pace & disrupt our rhythm anyway. That adds up to a tough game. I’m cringing at how many back cuts will burn VJIII, Watford, & Hulls which ultimately puts Cody in foul trouble. Hope I’m wrong and just paranoid.

    Three weeks ago I predicted a 8-2 finish as our schedule turned favorable in Big 10 play. It turns out our rough stretch of games started a game early vs. MN. Just think if you are ILLannoy now, 4 of 5 on the road vs. the Top of the league. Ouch! NIT here they come.

  5. Wine – I tend to agree with Real IU Fan… Hulls was the de facto PG. However, there were certainly times that Dipo initiated the offense, and for the most part the team looks good when he was in that role. I’d say it was about an 80/20 split.

    When Jones returns I hope the split is 78/20/2…

  6. Want some fun reading..and seeing some people losing thier minds ..go check out illinihq.com.. fun stuff…been a great season nice win last night, I’m sure the Zeller boys spilled a little blood on the court back home in Washington, but those hard lessons paid off last night

  7. real iu fan, I don’t think Illinois got homered, they just weren’t the aggressor last night. I have a brother in law who is a DII official and he has always said that the team that is more aggressive to the basket will always get the calls, home or away. When Illinois drove to the basket, IU got called for a foul every time. IU was just more aggressive and Illinois was settling for jump shots. Also, I have always said that if you come out and “punch” Illinois right away they will always back down because Weber’s teams are generally soft. They can dish it out, but have a hard time taking it. I don’t think “homered” is the right work, the were the less aggressive team and teams will not get calls in those type of games.

  8. My bad on using the point position as a description. What I really meant to say is that Vic is spending a lot more time out top the past couple of games. When VJ is on the floor, Vic seems to play more on the wings and it seems to limit his ability to create / get to the basket and draw or finish. Teams only need to defend half of the floor against Vic and they have done a good job of taking his drive away.

    On top, he has more freedom and is unpredictable as to direction he will take his man. Perhaps there is a way to do this with VJ in the lineup but in the past VJ has played the role of the man up top resetting the offense and working off screens. Again, I’m not a VJ basher, but the way we run the offense is just so different when someone like Vic is on top and able to utilize quickness to drive and dish. Coaches can see this as well and I wonder how they adapt once VJ is healthy.

  9. I didn’t know the nickname the Illinois BB fans have for Brucie is “BUBBLES”. How warm and fuzzing.

  10. Harley- that was certainly fun to read the illini boards. Thanks for the link.

    As much as I liked it, though, it also reminded me how quickly our own boards can shift their tune after a loss or a rough patch. Fans turn on you pretty quick. After the Nebraska loss this season, I bet our boards looked the same.

    Weber is 208-94, including a trip to the championship game and only one season with less than 20 wins. Not defending the guy, but is he fireable with that background?

  11. iuhoosier1992, just based on my observations over the years I’s say you’re on target regarding being the aggressor. Bubbles (that’s here to stay) whining that his thug big man wasn’t getting breaks was laughable, especially after the zebras ignored a flagrant foul at the beginning of the game. He just got used up bu a better player.

    HT, you’re right. It’s gonna be hard to justify giving the guy his walking papers. Their fans better get used to it. He’s gonna be there for a while.

  12. The problem Bubbles has is his conference record over the past 6 years is 49-49…and a new boss who just fired a Rose Bowl coach. He may get 1 more year but I doubt it after looking at the remainder of their schedule for this year(brutal). AD Mike Thomas is a meat eater, results oriented and takes no prisoners.

  13. Chet,

    Was his warning for going after the refs? I thought it was for spending to much time outside the coaching box…

    Also, a couple years ago my mother sent me a link to a study done by IU grad students looking at the effect of aggressive play on refereeing. The basic gist is that the more aggressive team almost always the beneficiary for a couple reasons:

    1) statistical analysis shows that refs will rarely let one team be called for noticeably more fouls than the other. Basically this means that even if the aggressive team is called for a few more fouls early the refs almost always will make calls against the other team so things even out. Therefore the less aggressive team ends up being penalized almost equally for less aggressive play.

    2) the more aggressive team will set an expectation for the physicality level of the game and skew the refs judgement during that given game. Even if they are called for some fouls early, if they set that expectation of play, combined with the natural tendency for refs to try to even things out, the more aggressive team is rewarded by getting away with more aggressive and physical play.

    The best 2 examples I can think of this are Wisconsin and Duke… Both of these programs consistently are more physical and/or aggressive than their opponents on a year in year out basis. Wisconsisn’s physicality is now perceived as fundamentals, while Duke’s aggressive on ball, denial, and trapping defense is allowed to get away with things that other programs who aren’t as established or do it less cannot get away with.

    It’s an interesting read – I’ll try to find the link.

  14. Harvard for Hillbillies
    Saturday, January 28, 2012 – 4:14 PM EST

    The glass is more than half-full for God’s sake! We have one of the premier centers in the country and more help is on the way. As emphasized in my post from 2 weeks ago, get used to the musical chairs around Jones and Cody until “The Movement” and disparity in talent becomes more obvious. Until then, it’s everyday I’m shuffling.

    For what it’s worth, I believe we win 2 of our remaining 4 road games. I think the Hoosiers are going to sprint to the finish line and show a hunger that’s been absent in recent weeks.

    Harvard for Hillbillies
    Saturday, January 28, 2012 – 7:02 PM EST

    We shouldn’t be prematurely burying the Hoosiers…Sheehey is still dusting off a bit of rustiness and Elston is showing signs of life after giving up his role as Hannibal(credit to Chet for that moniker).

    This team is capable and deep.

    Thursday, January 19, 2012 – 9:33 AM EST

    I said way back there and my mind has not changed. we had hired a “snake oil salesman”. The wins over ky. and ohio st. were due to the kids effort and not coaching. We have no offense we cross the center line and start pointing our finger where we want players to be,don’t we practce this. He runs up and down the sideline like a manic-depressive and I think just confuses the players. Another double digit lead lost in the last six minutes they don’t know how to finish a game. So all you experts outthere can jump on ole elmo,but I,ve been there and done that and this cat is not very good. I feel sorry for Zeller I think maybe he ought to get out of Dodge. So lay it on me.

    Harvard for Hillbillies
    Thursday, January 19, 2012 – 7:21 PM EST

    You’re the expert. I still feel this team has the elements to be a very tough opponent in the NCAA tournament. I still believe we have the roster to get there. I hate to see it thrown away because of unreasonable loyalty that stymies the growth and progression that was possible. A few weeks ago, we had enough to fight through the misfires of leaving a dysfunctional piece of the puzzle on the floor while other teams were working through their own early season adjustments..The energy of a home crowd also played a huge part in willing the team to victory.

    We all knew the problem coming down the road. This team is plenty capable of finishing in the top 3 or 4 of the Big 10 standings this year
    . Mismanagement of a lineup and improper delegation of leadership roles and playing time is the bigger problem. When I listen to our coach, I hear a very bright man that knows the game. I’m backing myself into a corner and best shut up. I said I wouldn’t tear kids down. I just despise injustice to others through such coddling and protection an unproductive member. Your team is a family and they should play together like one. The problem to me is his blind faith given and embraced by one that is favored over the natural evolution of a team. This is why we have stalled. This is the poison on the road when a home crowd can’t will us on.


    Conclusions: Yes, there was frustration after the Nebraska loss(including some over-the-top remarks), but there was also hope and suggestion to the possibilities a completely different looking team when the correct players are on the floor(Am I allowed to suggest a certain “substitution pattern” that merely involves one? Why are we not diving into substitution patterns anymore? Where is karen. She’s been as absent a certain guy from our lineup). It’s not about hate and it’s not about “Bubbles” and referees. It’s not about microscopic examination of every rotational minute our lineup under the rotational sun. Basketball is a team game. When five guys are on the same page there is rarely a game more beautiful to watch. Against Purdue and Illinois we saw five guys on the floor playing like a team. It shouldn’t be about abandoning a loyalty to the good of the entire team in favor of an unreasonable devotion to one.

    More evidence? A very successful three game stretch last season when a stumbling squad suddenly appeared unified, and now, the last two games our recent turnaround in which we witness a newly found energy, harmony, and synergy(courtesy:Chet) should be enough writing on the wall to extend theories beyond coincidence.

    In separate seasons we have seen the opportunity cost of a happenstance mild injury to one drastically changing the dynamics of our team. We have witnessed a different Jordan Hulls during a sample set from two different seasons under the same primary manipulation of that one variable. The hypothesis has been tested and the results are in. Can we stay in winning form when we go back to the old lineup, reinsert the missing variable, that adheres to an unyielding philosophy of commitment and devotion to one when it’s more than obvious the disruption of flow/tenacity/camaraderie/toughness that refuses to surface within that scenario? I don’t favor predictions that don’t offer the best options. The team we saw the last two games could go deep into an NCAA tournament. The lineup and delegation of minutes that begins next Wednesday against Northwestern and likely continues the remainder of the season?
    Let the historical data speak for itself.

  15. ^Rhythm!..Synergy!…Soul!…and leaving one hell of a talented short, runty, point guard to run the team!

  16. Geoff, interesting, as usual. As someone that’s done a lot of research, though, sometimes data can lie. It’s difficult to quantify ‘aggressive’, a least for scientific analysis. Also, if you are able to reliably quantify it, large scale statistical analysis is difficult to apply on an individual level because behavioral variables tend to negate statistical application.

    Still, very interesting, though.

    Harvard, from now on you’re required to retype everything. No more cut and paste for you my friend.

    You have remained true, as I feel I have as well. Geoff, Tsao, HC and others I may have forgotten. Never flinched. The sky apparently is not falling after all.

  17. That was a great game. Was worried a bit about Leonard before the game but forgot how immature he can be. Zeller took his time, got into his head and took him to school. Loved seeing Watford step up again, on both offense and defense. And Mr. Hulls was big-time last night as was Mr. Oladipo. Excellent game by everyone, really. No drop-off when we went to the bench, either. 19 wins and counting! Go Hoosiers!

  18. Chet, we differ on the use of data mining and examination applied to sports performance. The issue is how you use the data and matching it to other information available (including intuitive observations).

    I agree with Jay Gregg, data does not lie. Those who interpret and those who use it, and manipulate it do. And, data used to examine behavioral patterns like “aggressive” play offers some of the most interesting analysis in sports.

    The key is not so much in the data as in the questions asked to examine outcomes and the creativity to continually come up with new questions from the answers.

  19. Try to post that one in a more prominent place, Harvard. It’s a gem. Very funny and creative; anyone with Hoosier spirit will get a kick out of it.

  20. Of course you guys are correct. It was more of a ‘tell your statistics to shut up’ reference. Mostly I was just commenting on the difficulty of analyzing a subjective measure. In particular taking said analysis with the expectation that it will be reliably applied to an individual subject.

    It makes me think of a study a few years back where they analyzed the outcomes of two groups of people who received CPR in the field. The groups were patients under 70 and patients over 70. The (shocking) results were that patients under 70 were more likely to be later discharged from the hospital. Based upon the results the researchers determined that the over 70 group would have better outcomes if they were transported without CPR being performed.

    Now THAT’S bad science.

  21. It’s Friday night and I’m going off topic: anyone ever made homemade pizza in a cast-iron skillet, a la deep-dish? A true revelation. Just tried a recipe which called for a mixture of flour and corn flour in the pizza dough, to give it some extra texture and body to stand up to endure scorching sides of the skillet. Punch that dough down in there, spread it around so that it comes up the sides of the skillet, then lay down your sauce. Go heavy on the shredded cheese, then throw down your toppings.
    Did one traditional pie with pepperoni; another was spinach and mushroom with caramelized onions and pine nuts. Those suckers puff up nice and high, the crust is crispy but soft on the inside, and the pieces cut like magic. Two small triangles is all you need to be full until the next morning. Don’t know when I will ever go back to “traditional” pizza after this discovery.

  22. HT, My wife and I have an electric cast iron skillet which she and I have cooked(baked)many fruit pies. The secret is to preheat the skillet lid before placing it on the skillet to bake the pie. The pies are so good they are almost obscene.

  23. While I haven’t tried the electric skillet I do enjoy cooking and I’ve tried a wide variety of pizza contraptions (pizza stones, cast iron pans, etc). As a disclaimer, obviously it depends on what kind of pizza you like. I prefer crispy thin crust. What I’ve found that I like best is a heavy gauge perforated pan. The perforations seem to give it a crispy crunch while still cooking the toppings.

  24. Chet I know what you mean, somewhere along the line we have ended up with a round perforated pizza tray.

  25. Wow. This Jeremy Lin stuff is sorta exciting. Harvard? Hmmm? Nice to see Jared Jeffries in on the fun(especially in a game involving Steve Blake wearing the opposing putrid jersey). MVP! MVP! MVP!

    HT-Your pizzas sounded delicious.

  26. The Jeremy Lin stuff is the best NBA story I’ve hear in a while. One of the reasons IU is such a great story is because it’s unexpected. Jeremy Lin is unexpected times 100. Great story.

  27. What exactly is an ‘electric’ cast iron skillet? Does it have heating coils underneath or something? Do you plug it in and use it on the counter top? I am really happy with my old-fashioned skillet at the moment; I even enjoy wiping it clean and re-seasoning it after each delicious concoction. Makes great jalapeño-cheddar corn bread too.

    @Clarion, the though of a pie in a skillet makes me salivate. Do you guys make the crust yourselves? What filling do you use?

    @Chet- I also love thin crust pizza. I have come to realize that there isn’t really any style of pizza that I don’t enjoy. For some, it’s one style or the other; for me it just depends on my mood. I have the same perforated tray that Clarion referred to, funny enough.

    @Harvard- loved your description of the New York strip and wedge salad with bleu cheese. It was on my mind as I drifted into pizza talk. Did you know that the charred style medium rare stake is called ‘Pittsburgh style’? Restaurants can almost never do it that way anymore because the grills won’t heat to a high enough temperature to properly char the outer crust while leaving the middle on the rarer side. Sad fact.

  28. Chet…an interesting variable would be if they older set was transported away from the hospital dead or alive.

    There was a time when empirical analysis to me was nothing more than an ultra-sophisticated way to study statistical data with complex methodologies and predict, with some degree of accuracy, yesterday’s weather. Later, after struggles and a new more appreciative look and several forced graduate courses I became more of a believer and often used it. However, in the wrong hands it may not even predict yesterday’s weather.

    Pizza…in Chicago try Coal. One thing I would walk back to Bloomington for is the sausage pizza at the Pizzeria. My first stop before I walk down the street to meet you, Harvard and the rest at Nicks.

  29. i was a 29 year old who had been independent since age 16 and my wife was 27 when we got married. We had both been cooking for ourselves for awhile. We eat really well now.

  30. Another version…Different background with retro print and a little less greenish skin tone on Cody. Just in case anyone may want a souvenir.

    Thanks for putting up with Harvard(especially you, Dustin).

  31. HT, Yes sir, counter top, plug-in, electric skillet in every way(very heavy)with the heating element imbedded in the cast iron bottom. It is almost deep enough to be a dutch oven. Ordered it years(now decades)ago from The House of Webster, Rogers, Arkansas. They are still in business but I do not know if they still market the cast iron cooking equipment. They offer uniquely targeted products which I use for special(Christmas, B-Day, Thank You)gifts to customers and of course family and friends.

    We do make the crust and my wife makes the fruit filling using fresh fruit of either peach, apple, blueberry, etc(many recipes on the web also Betty Crocker or Better Homes and Garden cookbooks). It did take a couple of tries to get the knack to cooking it in the skillet(always preheat the lid). Salivate is the accurate description.

    We make our own pasta, pizza sauces and of course pizza crust. I doubt I’ll ever get the desire to make the pasta.

    The wedge of lettuce is also my preference but I learned at St, Elmo’s years ago how much I like the French, Bleu Cheese(either crumbles or creamy)combination on salad. I sure like the thought of a sizzling or charred Porterhouse immediately following that lettuce wedge. Pumpkin cheesecake for dessert anyone?

  32. I have a friend who is a chef. He says that while some folks are dismissive of iceberg lettuce the reason chefs prefer it is they not only prefer the taste but the texture of the leaves holds on to thinner dressings more readily.

  33. Chet- iceberg is delicious; it’s just that it has very little nutritional value. It’s basically just a vehicle for your bleu cheese and bacon.

    Clarion- I’m intrigued. I’ll have to try a pie in the skillet. Everything I’ve done in mine so far has been a resounding success. Sounds like you are living the good life, by the way.

    The owners of St. Elmo’s live in Bloomington. I heard that during Super Bowl week, their daily sales were higher than their average weekly gross income.

  34. I am certain Elmo’s business was bodacious. It has been 1 of our favorite eateries for a long time even though we only partake once or twice a year(we did not even try over the SB holiday). SE would be a good compliment for the SB, just as Indy was a tremendous host(doesn’t hurt to promote the secret advantages of Indiana)(the Governor’s office is receiving many calls from OOS businesses with interest in Indiana stemming from the SB).

  35. Couldn’t be happier with the love that the national media and fans were giving to Indy. Indy decided in the 80’s that they were going to use hosting sporting events as a rally-cry to rebuild its image. They constructed an attractive, compact, efficient downtown core that did a wonderful job combining new and old architecture while keeping a certain midwest charm. Boy did they hit a major home run. I heard on NPR during the Super Bowl that they are now considered the best place to host a sporting even in the country. I predict there will be a huge carry-over from the event (which builds upon other successes in recent history, like Butler’s 2 straight title appearances) that will bring even more people and business to Indy.

    There’s really something to be said for cities that were once ramshackle and depressed not too long ago…in these cities, innovative planners and businesses get a chance to do a thorough makeover using the latest and most forward-thinking strategies and design. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Detroit flourishing 20 years from now.

  36. Indy has been the primary host for boxing and swimming for many years. Their outdoor velodrome is as nice as any I’ve seen in the Olympics.

    Currently, THE major amateur wrestling event in the US is held at the indoor football facility for North Dakota State in Fargo. It’s just begging to be stolen away. Fargo is only convenient if you happen to be in North Dakota. It draws thousands of people for week every year. The midwest is the Mecca of wrestling already.

    Indy may be the only city in the world that hasn’t already hosted an Olympics that could host one with additional infrastructure.

  37. It’s amazing how efficiently the city of Indianapolis could sweep the litter off the downtown streets from the classy Super Bowl weekenders that hurled their empty bottle-shaped Budweiser cans everywhere but into a trash can.

    Indy hijacked a storied football franchise from Baltimore, built a gargantuan stadium at the taxpayers expense to keep a future Hall of Fame QB under contract, and hosted an image-building event primarily geared for the wealthy to flaunt their bottomless pocketbooks at exclusive parties …. Will it help the terrible inner city schools of Marion County? Will it provide any sustainable relief and hope to the over 20% of unemployed African Americans in Marion County(25% for males)?

    Yes, they fixed some roads, painted some bridges, put on a ton of makeup that went almost as far as the fringes of the ugly wart neighborhoods that Indianapolis/Marion County is encapsulated. Never a dollar to be spent where it could really help those that truly need it.
    I witnessed city dollars at their best when watching rows cops on horseback at Monument Circle flirting with sleazy drunk women that wanted to pet Ol’ Silver. Made me so damn proud of our fallen war heroes to see men in blue defending the honor their monument in the shadows of those giant Super Bowl roman numerals while chatting with babes in fishnet pantyhose in miniskirts up to their lusciously round butt cheeks. God bless America and Indy! God bless Peyton Manning for making it all possible!

    Indianapolis certainly put on a wonderful two week carnival..A real freak show where the rich from the East put up tents at the Ritz, gorged on their prime steaks and $500 bottles of wine at St. Elmo’s, while the wondering booze-guzzling, culturally-challenged vagrants of a hick metropolis forever accepting of zero on the scoreboard any priorities aimed at the true welfare its struggling inhabitants, paraded obnoxiously within the camouflaging reality a city in putrid decay….”Can I pet your horse, occifer…He’s so beautiful.(belch). My God, he’s so big(hiccup)..so enormous, but so gentle..I would so love to ride him. What’s his name..Wow..He looks really happy to see me.” Officer’s thoughts begin to drift of a possible new Budweiser Super Bowl commercial while Ol’ Silver is stroked.

  38. Very good HfH, now we just have to find an audience so stupid to read your post and find it funny. You are truly a wasted human being.

  39. If having a celebratory event while simultaneously having urban poor is reason to villify a city, than every city on the planet would be convicted and found guilty. I heard several spins similar to Harvard’s post (#48) regarding Vancouver’s Olympic efforts – and Vancouver takes way better care of their poor (to a fault) than Indy does.

    ON a basketball note? How about those Spartans?

  40. The ‘hijacking’ a team comment is so ridiculous. Are you a fan of the Milwaukee Brave, Brooklyn Dodgers, Houston Oilers, Ft. Wayne Pistons, New York Giants, Seattle Pilots, LA Rams, St. Louis Cards, Cincinnati Royals, an on and on. Nobody has ever ‘hijacked’ a sports franchise. If you sell your car did the new owner ‘hijack’ it?

  41. Spartans always seem to start their crest about this time of year.

    Chet, Correct, teams just did not start relocating in the last couple of 3 decades. It has been a fact of life for most of a century. Where are the Staleys today and the Royals before Cincinnati?

  42. Asheville hosts the Southern Conference basketball tourney (and if the top seed advances to the finals the Big South as well). The event brings in $4 million to Asheville businesses each year resulting in new jobs. It also adds significantly to the city and county coffers which paves the street and pays the teachers.

    I’m confident that hosting the Super Bowl did, indeed, help to lower the 25% unemployment among African American makes in Marion County.

    Asheville has been named “Beer City, USA” for the past three years because of all the micro breweries. It has even spawned what is being called ‘beer tourism’ with people spending their vacation dollars to sample the brewer’s wares. The staunch social conservatives are horrified by this turn of events and write the papers regularly longing for the return to ‘the good old days’ when we did not have to fear the tourist drinking the thick dark beers (they’d like segregation to come back, too, while you’re at it).

    Your missive sounds a lot like their’s. You’re better than that, Harvard. The Super Bowl will end up be a key factor in revitalizing the Indianapolis economy and changing the face of a city mostly ignored by the rest of the world.

  43. HfH…always wondered while growing up and hearing my old man break his back to get us to the USA why there is soooo much self-loathing. Grew up in Indy, proud to ‘be from there’. Harvard, life may be hard (with your talent that should just be momentary…the only thing rally wrong with you is the art and religious ceremony you’ve made out of dumping on yourself and anything (including IN) that is a part of you. You are really afraid to like yourself…give you a break.

    Obe more thing I’ve noticed. Often, you write very critical commentaries to other bloggers or about subjects dear to you. Then, often within 2-3 hours you post again apologizing for whatever or whoever it was you criticized. It would be a lot better if you thought it as you do DD’s ‘spam equation”…then you wouldn’t have to negate all of the great writing and you could allow us to just enjoy it. You are still not going to convince us…we like you and look forward to your posts.

    Now about Indy…how can we ever think badly of the largest population of Hoosier fans on this earth. Even those nasty “East Coaster” saw the sun come up and the horizon turn into gold over the War Memorial and the Circle monument (I haven’t seen it in a few years and my tears swell my eyes as I recall taking the bus to get off at the Circle as a child)…snifff…sn-sniff. What other city gave us Kurt Vonnegut (and Vonnegut’s Hardware); Binkley’s Drugstore; the Montgomery brothers, Monk and Buddy; the Mastersounds, the ‘Big ‘O’ Oscar Robertson, Richard Lugar, Dan Wakefield, John Dillinger, Roy Aberson and…yes….the genius of HarvardForHillbilies. How can we possibly be humble with that history HfH??!!

  44. If you’re looking for integrity from Indy police I believe David Bisard and his merry band of cover uppers took the last of it with them on their way to the beach.

  45. Harvard…this is the true story, more or less (recalled from memory)….the Rosenblooms owned the Colts and had wanted to get out from under the Washington Redskins (and their very, very racist owner) for decades (they had Philadelphia 40 miles up the street and New York another 50 miles or so north. (Besides…even if Indy scr*w*d Baltimore why would anyone object to a blue-collar midwest city taking anything away from the East Coast hegemony? The patriarch of the Rosenblooms (Carroll Rosenbloom) then snuck the Colts out of Baltimore in the (literally) middle-of-the-night and no one knew they had landed in Indy until the morning pictures of the Mayflower trucks were published in the Indy papers.

    The Rosenblooms, Carroll plus the old man’s second wife, Georgia (she got 2/3 of the shares because the old man wanted to screw Uncle Sam through a ‘widow’ break in taxes) and Carroll’s son from a first marriage Steve- (he really got tarpooned- got 30%) then exchanged the franchise for the LA Rams in a no-tax deal with the Irsays- and (if I recall correctly), lurking in the background another pirate, Charles Findlay- an IU alum and big donor active in flying prospect down to Bloomington (the story goes the entire staff at Monroe COunty airport took off running when they saw the three engine jet with some running back on board requesting permission to land). Anyway, when the old man passed his wife Georgia- she of the whip,- ran it until they decided to pull the same stunt on LA (they were in a huff over stadium rights and the bottom line) and moved it St. Louis where they still reside (until they move the franchise to Oolitic). So the move to Indy was no more than robber baron modus operandi (somehow she- Georgia- always…always got the other NFL owners and very consistent got them to sing in chorus…’Don’t Cry for Me Indianapolis’… (For the record and to avoid allegations of inappropriate comments this clarification makes no about the methodology or charm of Mrs. Georgia Rosenbloom.

  46. My cousin suggested we should get our student section to chant- Leo-nard Chi-nard next season. I thought it was great. Harvard I called into a college basketball sports show tonight on my xm radio and asked how far IU would go in the tournament. The host asked me what I’d thought about his partner in the booth whom attended IU but was a Florida fan. As I proceeded to slam him like I was a member of the Zeller family he interrupted and said he went to IU when coach Davis was there, does that entitle him to a break? I cut him some slack, not much but some. Now for their tournament predictions one said (the host) that he could see IU making the sweet 16 with the right seeding. The other said (the defector) IU simply can’t win on the road and since no games are scheduled to be at assembly hall there’s 0% chance we get out of round 2. That really got me thinking about are chances. You or no one can deny we like everyone else play much better at home but do we have what it takes to go on the road in the tournament and get two or three wins? Im asking your opinion. Took me a while but that was my original goal. Considering IU fans travel well I think a sweet 16 is in sight if we get a top 5 seed. Got to take care of the business at hand I know but curios to hear what you or anyone think about our first ncaa appearance in what 3 years now?

  47. Come tournament time anything can happen. I think the Hoosiers could do very well. You take a considerable amount the crowd element out of the contests, and unlike regular season conference games, often the team with the higher expectations to roll through the early rounds based on rankings/perceived talent can succumb to the pressure of one game elimination realities much more than a team that is the newcomer/surprise/nothing-to-lose bunch with the “underdog” tag. We’ve been taken off the radar a bit in the last few weeks and it could play to our advantage. We need to keep the chip on the shoulder and hope tougher opponents continue to underestimate just how good the Hoosiers can be.

    We have the makings of a sleeper team that could definitely raise some eyebrows in March.

    You can’t compare the early season to now. I’m not sure if we have much of a chance to beat top teams in the NCAA tournament without the five on the floor we’ve witnessed the recent synergism and regained confidence. My predictions early in the season(22 wins) were based on a more simplistic perception that we had a much more experienced team that would benefit immensely from the help coming into the post position; the addition of Zeller was going to be the primary push over the top to where we could finish high enough in the conference standings and receive an invite on Selection Sunday. I was also very high on getting Remy added to the roster(I guess my feelings on Remy are pretty well known by now).

    Going Forward: The next three weeks are key. If we return to old starting lineups and a delegation of minutes to players that I view as not optimal to our success, then expectations would be lower. If we were going into March with the team we saw on the floor against Purdue and Illinois, then I could envision a team that could play head-to-head with just about anyone in the country. Sweet 16? Hell yes. Of course, in either scenario, seeding, favorable match-ups(team and positional) based on athleticism/speed/style of play, having the hotter hand from the field, and good ol’ ‘Lady Luck’ could contribute to a less than optimal team/combination on the floor still getting through an opening round game with a ‘W’.

    Sorry I couldn’t give you the answer you want. It’s hard to give any predictions going forward because the team may regress as it goes back to an old allocation of PT based on old stubborn preferences and rotations. I’m relatively certain we won’t see the balance and energy we witnessed the last week without the same five to eight primary complimentary pieces on the floor. I love Hulls in control of this team. I love the way Oladipo’s athleticism compliments Hulls in the backcourt. Elston needs to get minutes. Remy gives us a solid body and scrappy play on loose balls and around the boards. I’m blabbering too much…Time to wrap it up.

    As a diehard Hoosier fan, I’ll just hope the evidence our recent contests(and 3 games from last season) enters into our coach’s thought process and the team that gives us our best opportunity is on the floor from here on out. Either way, I’ll just be thankful to again hear the name “Indiana Hoosiers” be called into a bracket by Greg Gumbel on a Sunday in March.

  48. And let’s never forget what Geoff has been discussing in many of his posts the last couple weeks…The impact and quality of officiating, the guys wearing stripes, can tip the hands of destiny with the blow of a whistle. Lopsided calls even out over the course of a season, but in the tournament, a blind eye to balance and fairness, can have the potential to ring in ears for decades. I will never be convinced to the contrary that a horribly wrong shrieking blow of a whistle from a UCLA fan on the court wearing stripes at a 1973 Final Four game kept us from having six banners currently hanging above McCracken.

  49. As far as the ‘winning on the road’ thing, remember that we are not playing another’s school’s home game. It will be at a neutral site and IU travels well. Odds are the Indiana fans will have more of an impact on the arena sound levels than the opposition.

    Harvard, that call on Downing was one of the most egregious in sports history. It was an easy call. If Wooden and Walton were not so beloved and RMK not so reviled I think that would be a regularly viewed piece of sports history outside Bloomington, like the blown out at first call that lost a perfect game a while back. Downing was outplaying Walton but he was beating Nater like a drum, scoring at will and shutting him down.

    fuhnicky, I don’t want to launch the whole Davis thing but he didn’t like us and had no qualms saying so. We were a stopover on his glorious career. IU fans simply never cared for him and the team paid the price in lost fans fervor. I don’t doubt that he heard some bad stuff. He was put in a bad situation. He was hopelessly over his head but how could he turn down the offer of a lifetime? He was handed a team that hit the zone in the tourney. Did he have a part? Sure he did. Did he build that team? Not at all. Did the team get worse every year he coached? Yep. Did he recruit from Indiana? Nope. Say what you want about CTC, he knows exactly how to build an Indiana team that Indiana fans are gonna love (just so long as they are tremendous overachievers, that’s fair, right?). I wish Mike Davis the best but I’m glad I only hear about him about once a season.

  50. TTG, I remember the Rosenblooms and their doings. As I recall Georgia actually swapped one team (Redskins??) for the Rams. But the Rams were the team they moved, if I’m not mistaken. I’m pretty certain the Irsays acquired the Colts and they were they family that moved them to Indy. I would say I’m positive but, like fuhnicky, I’m not positive of much anything anymore.

  51. Robert Irsay owned the Rams. Carroll Rosenbloom owned the Colts. They did trade franchises. Georgia Frontiere had little if anything to do with the operation until Carroll’s death. Irsay moved the Colts to Indianapolis.

  52. Also for sale: Jeremy Lin’s ankle tape from this 2009 game against Princeton. Still stinks. I signed his name on it for him, so you can tell it was his.

    Bidding starts at $1050…

  53. Harvard your right it’s very early to be talking tournament but It’s very hard for this hoosier fan not to look ahead a little bit. I agree with you on the whole starting line ip issue. I say issue because im certain to IU fans anyway it will be an issue come Wednesday. I mentioned CTC’s loyalty to certain players players on here once and got killed by some guy I can’t remember his name. He was a coach (so he said) and according to him loyalty has no place in sports. He suggested I was being naive in suggesting CTC starts you know who out of loyolty. I think I can some what prove my theory. I think most IU fans would admit this is one of our best two game stretches in some time. Your points on Remy and Vic are dead on in my estimation. Now you know who is due back Wednesday. Can anyone give me a reason or IMO excuse of why we should start him? I can’t think of one not one. I know CTC is probably upset that he didn’t get to play against Illinois ( I refuse to say or print UI) just feels wrong to this simpleton. I believe out of loyalty he starts him.

  54. Forgive the typing errors. Im hung over a bit and spell check is off due to my son typing a report.

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