1. Team Comparison
    PTS 78 61
    FG 23-55 (.418) 21-71 (.296)
    3P 3-10 (.300) 5-21 (.238)
    FT 29-35 (.829) 14-20 (.700)
    REB 44 30
    AST 10 8
    STL 1 7
    BLK 7 8
    TO 11 3
    PF 17 25

    50% more rebounds, 2X more FTs made! Makes up for the TOs, & I’ll take that every night!

  2. Nice recap guys. Agree, it will be curious to see where TC goes with the starting lineup once Verdell returns.

    Thought I would share this link. If you scroll down to the Advanced Stats you can see the Player Effeciency Ratings. Similar to what KenPom does.


    Anyway, VJ’s PER is just off the charts low for a starter. Where’s Jonah Hill to whisper in Crean’s ear when you need him?

    So the Verdell hate is scientific in nature as well. Heh.

    But onto Illinois and the future looks bright, there may be shades involved at some point.


  3. Side note… Hope Hummel’s ok. Saw him limping around after he fell along the sideline and turned it over. He doesnt deserve another damned injury. Any word on that?

  4. Btw, Marquette lost big to ND tonight…. Didn’t Crean and IU beat them pretty good on a neutral court earlier this year?

    Oh and HfKY, which backcourt would you rather have right now – IU’s or PU’s?

  5. see what happens when Verdell doesn’t play? Let’s just hope his shoulder is very bad. I know some people hate to hear that kinda’ talk, bit comeon now for cryin’ out loud! The biggest difference in this game, aside from not having Verdell’s “bad thing waiting to happen “ball handling, was the absense of verdell’s offensive defense.

  6. I agree, Chris.

    And Crean might be the best evaluator of hidden talent in the country.

    Most people said Olidipo, Sheehey and Abel were wasted rides.

    I think they’ve surprised most people.

  7. Nice Scoop Talk, guys. BTW, I don’t think Abell’s ever been in the doghouse. Crean’s been praising him since the day he signed. I think he just needed a little development and adjustment to the college game before he was ready for prime time. Looks like he’s ready! Starter or off the bench, we’re going to see lots more of him.

    Geoff, in the post-game interviews, Hummel said he was OK. Hope that’s true.

    And, chris, yes I hate to hear someone say they hope one of our player’s injury is very bad. I get your reasoning, but this is our team, these are our guys and I hate it that you wish one of them to be hurt very bad. Cryin’ out loud or otherwise.

  8. With all the talent on this team next year how does Crean get enough basketballs at one time on the floor during games to satisfy everyone? That was as physically tough a game as I’ve seen IU compete in for long time. It should become their trademark. It was easy to see why Byrd fouled out. IU did a good job on LoJack, he was marginal at best and only scored 2 points(10 is his avg.).

  9. HC I agree and Wat should be aware that Patterson coming in, can compete thru defense. I think he has the same wingspan and is supposedly a defensive minded player. The rest of the season is an audition for things to come?
    After Remy’s latetst showing, I don’t know if being a senior will dictate the pecking order on the bench to the playing floor.

    Watford better kick it up.

    Need to run a few guys at Paul of Ill and let Leonard and Cody slug it out. The real Assembly Hall should be going
    like no other arena in the country.

  10. Pick and choose the camparisons that match up or not.
    Calbert Cheaney All accolades, smooth, high scoring…..
    Chris Watford in the gym with Calbert forever and a day.
    What rubs off ?? Close Cook Center and Cal and Wat go at each other for an afternoon. Does Wat get it or not?

    I did not say Wat is Cal I’m sure it’s happened that they have long discussions about how Cal approached his game.
    Outside of Vic, who could mimic a “bit” of Cal?

  11. Hoosierplus, are you reporting an NCAA violation? I didn’t think Cheaney was allowed to work directly with players.

  12. Head of basketball operations Well I understand that relationship. I was just trying to say it another way, that something should rub off.
    If it is taken literal, then I’m wrong.

  13. On the current team I don’t think there is a current player that can mimic Cal. The closest may be Abel because he actually has a decent perimeter stroke. Watford isn’t quick enough and Dipo can’t shoot it well enough. Next year, however I think there is a player that could mimic him quite nicely… Jeremy Hollowell. Obviously he won’t be nearly as polished as a freshman as the Cal that we have in our memories, but I think he can mimic that game and turn into a great player for IU. Personally I think he has the highest upside of any of the recruits coming in. He has skill, athleticism, height, length, versatility, a handle, a nice stroke… hopefully he also has heart and bball IQ. If so I could see him being a the type of wing that OSU has had lately with Buford and Turner.

  14. The comments posted about VJ are….staggering. I can only hope that “chris” is a Purdue troll, because there is no place in Hoosier Nation for someone like that. And same goes for any of you who agreed with him. Absolutely shameful.

  15. HC, Jones does as you say, have some poor playing habits. But there shouldn’t be any place in sports for wishing a player a serious injury. On our team or on the other teams. John Galt nailed it — it’s shameful behaviour. Critique Jones all we want but he is what he is. We can go on and on and on and on about him after every game, even the ones he doesn’t play in, but it isn’t going to change him. He’s on our team and he’s given his all to this team and IMO, deserves our support.

  16. Please pay attention, reread my post and civil your tongue as I did not say one damn word about which you speak. You are the one keeping that topic in play. All I did was agree with Chris about Jones ever present negative play.

  17. Remy is an iceberg! Cold as they come. What cannons to take that shot in front of coach! Love it! Need alot more of that type of kid. These “system” kids are stale. Ok Geoff you got me I’d take are bc over Purdues as long as Abels in it. As far as anyone wishing injury on any player regardless of what team their on is an idiot. Now onto my hero. Hoosier plus!!! The first person on the scoop who dare to call out Watford. I couldn’t agree more with the fact that Watford should be very very concerned about minutes next season with Hollowell and Patterson coming in. From what i’ve seen from both of them they already look to be better on defense than Watford. Im sure as freshman fighting for minutes and to prove themselves they will out hustle him which shouldn’t be hard to do anyway. Is it just me or does he look very lazy on the floor. I swear to god he even walks slow. Can’t say enough good things about Abel today. If CTC doesn’t start him in the Illinois game (bye the way Im going to It’s my birthday!!)I’ll be sick. Does anyone know what section E is like? Im 20 rows up also. If anyone has ever sat in that section feedback would be appreciated.

  18. HFIK, On the side, NW corner, close to the goal. Think relevant to the area where Smart hit the big 1 in “87”. You would have had a perfect view in New Orleans. Not bad.

  19. I agree that Watford is becoming less relevant to this teams success, and that next year it’s put up or sit down… But the 2 freshman that I think will impact his time are Hollowell and Parea, not Patterson.

    Patterson is like 6’2″ or 6’3″… Even with long arms he’d still fall into the Remy/Dipo category of defender…

  20. Correct about the Patterson/Perea expectations but adding 1 caveat, Patterson plays D like no HS player I have ever seen(and that covers a lot of ballers). If not already he will also set a new career scoring mark at Broad Ripple. He is one of the better skilled all around HS players I can remember.

  21. Thanks for the info on the seats. I can’t wait until thursday. I only get to make a couple games a year and thought since it’s my birthday what better time! And I was referring to Patterson’s defense. His high school coach said he has no problem gaurding bigs! Either way Wats minutes will drop next year as long as CTC doesn’t play the VJ3 loyalty card.

  22. You can find it however you like. I never said “serious injury”, well, I did say I hope that it’s “very bad”, how about-very uncomfortable? Whatever, the point is the tesam is better without him imho. You are paertly correct though, the real person to blame is coach Crean. It’s his respnsibility to evaluate his players performance, so, best case scenario would be that Verdell is completely fine & Crean sits him. Is that better?

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