1. A set of eyes between the slats – this might beat out the cleaning lady video for intriguing backgrounds. As always, good analysis, guys. And what a game!

  2. Haha. The addition of absurdist comedy has somehow improved a feature I thought previously unimprovable.

    And I have more unread emails than that.

  3. Yes, I agree, HT; it’s good to know the dagger to the heart was of the cold-blooded variety. Otherwise we run the risk of confusing it with the affectionate, compassionate or civil variety. This is a Buwler-Lytton approved phrase.

  4. How about some credit to the head coach and assistant coaches. These players did not do this by themselves. The game plan was superb. The work with Watford this past week produced the results. Who did that work with Watford?

    Tom Crean IS the coach of the year.

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