1. Gotta say I’m glad they had this game instead of a bye. Don’t think the game did all that much except let them practice against someone other than themselves (which is a good thing). But coming as it did, it kept them from spending a week re-living that bad loss at Iowa. Forced them to move on.

  2. ESPN needs to clean house. Watched RMK and Digger do the ND game-wow. RMK repeatedly referred to W.Va. as Syracuse and Digger has long ago worn out his welcome. Also ESPN should ax Hubert,Bardo,Dykes,etc. What a group of lousy analysts

  3. Yes RMK did mistakenly refer to WV as Orangemen last night but at every opportunity to articulate a particular play, sequence or basketball principle he was on a scale of 1-10 always at least a 31.

  4. The problem with RMK is that his job requires him to appeal to an audience that has made Dickie V the most well known analyst in the game.

    That, and the fact that he phones it in about 50% of the time.

  5. RMK knows basketball that is a given.However, he doesn’t prepare and is very opionated without basing it on fact. As for Vitale, I have muted him for 15 years. Actually, Dakich is far away the best analyst on ESPN or CBS- bar none.He’s the only one who calls out players and referees on the air.

  6. Opinionated w/o fact? In basketball? After 72 years he has proved many of the facts on the hardwood, making them authentic. Not preparing is why his in game analysis is so genuine.

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