1. Nothing personal but your post game Scoop Talk needs more cleaning ladies. Maybe one of them singing “Indiana, our Indiana” after home games might spice things up???

  2. That was a nice pick and roll by the cleaning ladies. You held your position and finished your segment. Good job!

  3. Classic moment in the Scooptalk annals. I liked how the cleaning ladies slowly made their way down row-by-row over the course of the video, until finally closing in on Dustin – who did an excellent job of maintaining his composure. You could feel the funniness evolving little by little until the eventual crescendo.

    Navajo, Byrd? Where did that come from?

  4. That’s classic. HT is totally right, the buildup is great, and her look in over the shoulder is a fantastic payoff. On a pipe dreaming note, with OSU losing today and having two difficult games remaining (at NW, at MSU), should IU pull off a dream double and win out, along with OSU losing both of those games, who would have the tiebreaker for 4th between IU and OSU? Obviously the split the series, what’s the next criteria?

  5. Never mind, a quick Google solved it. If that scenario does play out, based on what I’m reading on the Big Ten site, IU would get the 4th based on the fact that IU would have gone 1-1 vs MSU, while OSU would have gone 0-2. Obviously this is all conjecture, but it’s weird that passing OSU is now the most likely scenario for IU to get a bye.

  6. Dustin, you can’t lose focus at the end of a game, no matter what junk defense the opponent throws at you… Tsk, Tsk.

  7. If a little Dustin shows up in this world at the end of November first of December. We all know what was up…

  8. So utterly frightened by the cleaning lady with Julius Peppers’ biceps, Dustin is immediately aged into William Defoe.

  9. Careful, Dustin. I think I saw the one in zebra print hiding in a bush near the HT offices. Of course she was kinda camouflaged.

  10. Harvard- by the way the Dustin/Dafoe comparison is spot-on. I once saw saw some Jezper Parnevik in there too, but I like your comparison more

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