1. Call it what it is “a joke”, but do you put that out there in a coaches opening statement? I’m ok with it I think, just heard it and saw it print and thought,well …
    Maybe calling a timeout instead of waiting for the 1st TV timeout. We were down 10-0 soon to be 15-2 in the 1st 5 minutes and MICH scored 8 of those pts from IU turnovers.

    I don’t know where you stop the bleeding. I watched a UCONN vs MAINE game last year. UCONN coach Jim Calhoun called a timeout 5 seconds into the 2nd half. He reamed his team for not hustling after talking about adjustments at half time and sat his point guard down. The team got the message and really kicked into gear. I double checked what I witnessed and found an article about that game. UCONN was ranked 4th and won the game 80-60.

  2. I don’t mind the “a joke” comment. It’s the first time that he has really called out this team.

    In my take, expectations have been exceeded this season. Crean has viewed the body of work and adjusted his goals accordingly. They laid an egg and he called them out.

    That’s all it was. It needed to be done and the team will move on.

    Hopefully this team will learn how to handle the early success accordingly and “Cut the Shit.”

    Ryan, kudos on the haircut. Do it every two weeks, with your look it needs to be done. It will prevent the Ed Grimley look….http://sctv.org/characters/edgrimley/edgrimley.jpg

    Hoping for a Purdue win.


  3. Too take advantage of the dribble penitration the ball handler must keep their heads’ up,in order to see where the advantage is.Under defencive pressure the ball handler must have eyes ,Eyes in sequence with IQ ,and mussule

  4. Pretty amazing ND is sitting in a solid position in the upper tier of the Big East standings @ 6-3. Didn’t they look totally inept against the Hoosiers back in December?

    I still believe the Hoosiers can go 5-2 on the last stretch of their Big 10 schedule and finish ll-9 overall in the conference.

    Outside of MSU at home, we’re done with the teams in the conference that pose the greatest match-ups challenges in the backcourt. The rest of the way plays in our favor.

    Don’t lose your faith, karen. Tom Crean is our destiny. Remy is our destiny. Let’s sing it together. Let’s sing it to the heavens in Hoopsta fashion.

  5. IU is clearly the better team in these games, they prove it by coming back from these monstrous deficits the last 30 mins of these games, it’s as if they are still in the dressing room waitin for the game to start, please,please CTC resolve this for us fans!!!!

  6. I agree Harv. 5-2, or even 4-3 are perfectly accomplishable, and will get us into the dance without question. (Of course, that type of finish won’t satisfy everyone.)

    Can’t wait to be watching IU go for their first March Madness win since the Mike Davis days. Keep the faith!!!

  7. While we’re on the Karen train… I have finished some analysis on subbing patterns. Basically I compared Crean to 3 coaches that are successful, respected, and have similar depth to IU (I don’t mean in talent, but in talent relative to their own teammates). I only looked at games played against BCS teams or ranked teams, since those are usually games where a coach will keep to his script. The initial concern was that Crean was subbing too much and disrupting any flow that groups or individuals may have.

    Crean – 31.8 subs/gm in wins, and 37.8 subs in losses
    Coach K – 31.4 in wins, 32 in losses
    Williams (UNC) – 36.5 in wins, 36.7 in losses
    Izzo – 37.1 in wins, 33 in losses

    So I find it hard to believe if Crean is subbing less on average than these well-respected coaches that he probably isn’t disrupting the flow. And if he is disrupting the flow, what are Williams ans Izzo doing by subbing 5 more times per game?

    There was also a statement made a little while back asking why IU was playing at the other teams’ pace instead of dictating the tempo they like. The two examples used were the Wisconsin game and Iowa game. Well we did play at the pace we wanted to against Iowa, and Wisconsin dictates the pace against everyone, even the best coaches with the most well-schooled teams. Here are the Wisconsin scores against their best opponents:

    UNC wins 60-57
    Marquette wins 61-54
    UNLV loses 51-62
    MSU wins 63-60 in OT
    IU loses 50-57

    All of these teams average at least 75 ppg And are in the top 40 in the country in scoring, at least prior to the MSU/ILL game when I got these stats…


    I would venture to say all concerned understand how ready
    IU must be for Purdue. Do you think the Harbaugh brothers would take themselves away from Super Bowl fracas, walk into the Visitor locker room at Mackey and give the Hoosiers a shot in arm?

  9. Dustin-

    Why don’t you put a stop to the hijacking of my screen name? There has been about five instances since yesterday of this act of sabotage. You used to frown upon it. Surely you can identify the different IP address and put a stop to it. I developed some nice relationships with bloggers on here(JPat, HT, Chet, Tsao, Geoff) and it’s a shame to see someone purposefully attempt to destroy those sincere interactions. Geoff has already stopped responding and it is disheartening to believe the great basketball discussions I’ve had with him will now come to an end. He must think I’m a complete lunatic. I’m only 3/4 nuts.

    I am only target of this nonsense and you elect to ignore it? What gives? Is this person that is f$%#ing with me a confidant of yours? Is it because I’ve challenged Scoop’s objectivity at times? Here’s a thought…Tell me personally that you want me off this blog and I will go on my way. I just fail to understand how you change your policies with the wind. I’m sure you will ignore this post because of you just assume no longer deal with my challenges to Scoop and my opinions.

    Tijan forever? That is nothing but underhanded mockery from your clan of journalist friends that have a stranglehold of every legitimate chat site associated with Hoosier basketball. It’s rather sad all of you think IU basketball is your little sideshow for cynicism and inside jokes. This is the last haven of free speech for Hoosier hoops. You know very well that Bozich from Inside the Hall banned me years ago. If you don’t want me here, that’s fine. Use your vote of one power and wipe me off. Leave your impostor friend to have their fun.

  10. Harvard,
    This is the first time I’ve checked in on the comments today (the road, the live chat, the post-signing day press conference) and I wasn’t aware that you were being imposterized until you pointed it out. I’m not trying to kick you off the blog at all whatsoever and I certainly don’t know who’s behind it. I’ll delete the comments that I know aren’t you and you can let me know if I missed any.

  11. Geoff, what kind of things are you trying to get started about Karen and trains? Oh, wait. I forgot, rumors are OK. Sorry I bullied you.

  12. Dustin-

    You don’t deserve the crap I give you.

    I best stay away for a long while..The stalker that follows me from a site I used to visit only serves to sabotage your blog through their contempt aimed at me. Sorry I was such an ass. I’ve broken away from what I promised myself and let you down. Take care.

  13. Geoff,

    That is a very good analysis on sub patterns. I would highlight that it does show a drastic difference in CTC’s style of coaching in wins versus losses. Coach K and Williams have identical patterns in the W and L column probably indicating strong game plans and styles which don’t allow other teams to dictate the pace of play.

    I also found it interesting that CTC and Izzo have the same tendency for subbing (except they are reversed in W/L). This could be a product of CTC coming out of the Izzo coaching tree.

    As for CTC’s sub pattern, the numbers make it appear that in losses CTC is looking for a combination of players that will work during a game b/c the initial game plan has come out flat and isn’t working (i.e. last night against Michigan). When the game plan is working like clock work, he isn’t forced to change the lineup due to lack of chemistry/production and only has to sub players for rest. What would be very interesting is to see if this same pattern is reflected during CTC’s tenure at Marquette.

  14. Dustin you need to check out the treatment of new posters by Chet as well. Surprised you let them get away with it. These flammers try to rule the roost using you blog as a forum.

  15. While it would obviously mean a lot to you for me to respond in turn to your insults thinking it would somehow validate your silly accusations, postings on the Scoop simply don’t elicit emotional reactions from me other than the occasional chuckle. Regular Scoop bloggers tend to civil with one another and, though often excitable, are generally reasonable.

    I have no idea what your issue is but I don’t really care.

    BTW, Dustin is a lot smarter than you are giving him credit for.

  16. Harvard, don’t go. You really do add a lot to this place. There have been a lot of new bloggers in the past few months and I think you are one of the attractions (well, the monkey cage gets a pretty good crowd, too).

    Seriously, don’t go.

  17. ahhhh chet, I only respond with the truth. You use sock puppets and ridicule instead of using honest dialogue when someone disagrees with you. Your ego is so inflated that you think you own this community.

  18. I second the motion to urge Harvard to stay. Harvard’s posts, since the days of the Basketblog, have become part of the mystique of Hoosier basketball for me. The message board would be a pretty dry place without it… an emotionless, run of the mill experience featuring, long discussions of sabermetrics (no offense to Geoff- I actually do enjoy the statistical breakdowns), excel spreadsheet analysis, and the occasional “fire the coach” post.

    Haven’t addressed you personally for a long time Harvard – it continues to be hard to know who you can trust on this site and who is who – but I mean what I say. Take care.

  19. Don’t worry Harvard for Hillbillies will be back. Funny he thinks he is being stalked by someone from another site. Makes you wonder what he did at that site.

  20. We are gonna have to contact the FBI. Seriously who the hell as an adult would do some of the things that are happening on here. Over what? Being challenged by someone you don’t know? Someone you don’t have to answer to or give a $hit what they think? If someone gets their feelings hurt on a blog or forum what do you do in real life? Do you cry every time someone doesn’t agree with you? You can’t be married

  21. Poor Chet you have no clue if you are referring to my posts. Again just an observer; no anger here. It is sad to see your ridiculing of others just to make yourself feel important. Why use sock puppets?

  22. Harvard…the real one. Don’t you dare walk away. We all appreciate you, your writings, your musing. We are a community, and we owe each other to persevere through situations like this. It will bother me greatly if you stop or interrupt your postings.

    Having said that. DD, Harvard is right, there must be a way to control the impostor HfHs just like there was for spams. Reading the IP addresses seems logical enough and not that much work (don’t you guys have ‘copyboys/girls; (err sorry, editorial assistants)…? Please, we take a lot of pride in ‘our’ blog, not a big thing to treat it as such.

  23. Harvard, I’d like to join the chorus suggesting that you don’t leave. Place wouldn’t be the same without you and I mean that in the nicest way.

    An Observer, I really can’t figure out what you are talking about. Chet hasn’t mistreated anyone. I’m really lost with your statement that he uses ridicule instead of using honest dialogue — I’ve been reading this site for a looong time and I just don’t see that. I did get a feeling of ridicule from your posts however. I know I’m not going to change your mind with my opinion but I’d like to ask that you tone down your attacks.

    Anyone predicting a win at Purdue? I think we’ll win.

  24. Try taking a peek at the Michigan comments, there you will see his handiwork and sock puppets. No attacks by me. Just stating observations.

    Depending on what team shows up for both teams will determine the winner. Both teams seem to have a Jekyll and Hyde complex.

  25. Observer, you act like the moral ground zero of the internet, always claiming to see the hypocrisy in others and never reckoning with your own behavior. “Everyone else” has an ego, “everyone else” is arrogant, “everyone else” refuses to engage in honest dialogue…”Try saying something nice about someone else” is a line I’ve even heard you whine from time to time. Yet every time you appear, your ego is blinding; you pretend to grace the message boards with your enlightened wit and satire; yet you throw more jabs and cheap shots than Ndamukong Suh at the bottom of a pile. Time to look inward, buddy.

  26. Anyway

    Who will take the court for the Hoosiers vs Boilers?
    Will VJ be in the mix, considering his bruised shoulder?
    Gunner got dissed.

    Seems like there is some housecleaning going on the Scoop.
    I started following the blog, because I was excited about the IU basketball program. I’m very excited, it’s on my schedule to watch every game. It’s a great hobby. I love being a fan.

    Enjoyed the discussions and learned from viewpoints which
    help me experience the basketball games in little different way.

    Harvard was bringing good perspective, along with others that contributed. I got caught up in the beginning with
    the opinion jousting and not to long ago, someone thought
    I was involved in duplicitous behavior, because of “cut and paste” or the way my blog entries were crafted or the syntax style. I don’t have scar tissue from that.
    I don’t think anyone can double dip here, people are smart and eventually you can’t retrace your steps if you are spinning two dialogues.
    But, I hope it returns to Sports talk discussion about IU athletics. I’m starting to get interested in IU Football from following Dustin’s and Ryan’s discussion boards.

    I read other blogs about IU Sports, but I like the live discussion when IU basketball is televised. Laptop and
    Tv on at the same time is great. I still look for the “Mop Lady” singing “Indiana we’re all for you” but I’m learning.

    I know people are not hanging on to my observations. The exchanges I have had lately have been good.

  27. I never really understood why you were being accused of…whatever. Some folks with too much time on their hands, I suppose. Doesn’t matter.

    Yeah, what’s up with Verdell’s shoulder, anyway. I never did see anything that looked like it would cause an injury but when two large people start muscling around anything can happen.

    I’m guessing we’ll see more Remy and less Roth, as well as Verdell. As great a shooter as Matt is, he’s not creating his shot and our offense just doesn’t set a lot of screens up high. Remy gets inside, though I’m not convinced he can finish effectively…yet. It will come.

    Derek has obviously raised his stock. I think that’s great. I’ve always liked him. Pritch, too.

    I wouldn’t expect much change as far as Will, VO, and Jordy go. For all his shortcomings I still think Jordy is the leader of this team. If we absolutely, positively have to have a basket he’s the one most willing to make that shot.

    CWat, like a Fleetwood Mac album before Stevie and Lindsey, is a Mystery to Me.

  28. wells34 Glad you zeroed in on that! That was the purpose and the results were, well let’s just say once again, that some can dish it out but can not take it…

  29. Yeah I echo the belief that we’ll see more Remy and less Roth… Although that probably means Crean will do just the opposite (that isn’t a slam, just an admittance that I rarely can foresee Crean’s plans).

    I don’t think there is any question that Remy is our best penetrator. I believe he can and will become a good and consistent finisher, he just has to get used to the speed of the game and going into longer athletes. When you’re a freshman and don’t get consistent minutes the adrenaline just pumps so hard that it’s tough to play at your comfort level. IU also doesn’t have a lot of long athletes that Remy sees in practice every day, so im sure he isnt contested like he is in the B1G games. As he gets some more minutes he’ll really start to finish at a higher rate.

  30. Also, I think that this is Elston… We saw him early in the year shoot the sh@t out of the ball and play very effective D, but the face mask really hurt his game. Now that he is once again healthy and playing without obstruction he is doing what they thought he could when they recruited him.

    He is another one, that like Remy, once he gets a few more consistent minutes will slow down just a touch and be very effective as a stretch 4.

    My starting line up for PU would be

    Sheehey and Elston get 15-25 minutes
    And Roth and Pritch get about 10-15

  31. Congrats Observer, you’ve convinced yourself of your own argument. Now go back to making cartoons or whatever it is you do.

  32. It looked to me from the replay, Jones’ arm got twisted, pushed back and lifted up just as contact was made. The bruise is probably a deep tissue bruise. Don’t know, just a guess. He’d been playing good lately so I hope he’s back. Senior against Purdue and all. . .

    Remey “still has some freshman in him,” as Crean says. He’s fully capable of finishing, but he hasn’t figured out yet when is a good time and not a good time to try it. But he’s learning. Based on his play Wed, I think he’ll get time on Sat.

    I think Zeller and Elston will both have big games against Purdue. IF (big if) we can stop their 3-pt shooters, I think we got a good chance to win, road or not. Go Hoosiers!!!

  33. Geoff

    I agree on post 41.
    I would like to see defensively Elston,,Remy, Zeller, Vic
    and Hulls. Hulls needs to help us at the other end of the court. I also would like to see Pritch, Elston, Vic and Remy put Watford and Zeller in the middle of those guys in the Visitors tunnel and push those two around , until they get really pissed.

    Tom Crean about Purdue
    I posted some comments which are addressed here, so sorry I caught it late .

  34. The thoughts on DE are right. With some more minutes I expect him to be more aggressive. He is a meat eater and will be the most physically tough IU player on the floor. That was his M/O in HS. Will need all he has to offer winding down the schedule and into post season.

  35. Chet
    Thank you for the vote of confidence. I did see your short comment about that earlier.
    Thanks again

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