1. I’d never seen that clip before. I never thought a whole lot about Pat other than I was glad we weren’t stuck with him. I didn’t realize what a total dick he is. What I see is a guy trying to emulate his father by displaying the worst aspects of him. I’m glad we don’t have either one in the IU universe anymore.

  2. Bravo! I guess it just proves how people observe things so differently. I thought it was honest, passionate, admirable and anti-entitlement. PK is dealing with many of the same issues with Lamar basketball as Coach Wilson is with IU FB. One thing about the Knights they’ve never bought a bucket of whitewash. I’ll also bet there will be fewer problems and more success next year with Lamar BB.

  3. Admirable?


    He takes ZERO responsibility and blames it ALL on them.

    Talk about irony.

    I’ve seen other coaches CRUCIFIED for “throwing their players under the bus” and none of them have come CLOSE to what Pat did.

    Just more proof that if the Knights took a dump on your table while you were eating, you’d make excuses for them and say it was great.

    Anti-entitlement? Ummmmmmmm, the ONLY reason Pat had a scholarhsip was because his daddy was coach. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have got one in a MILLION years at IU.

    And then, he gets kicked off the team for being a complete drunk. And the ONLY reason he was let back on was because his daddy forced the other players to “vote” him back on.

    And then, the ONLY reason he gets the Texas Tech job is because his daddy quit in the middle of the season.

    The ENTITLED one is Drunk Pat.

    If he’s SO AWESOME at X’s and O’s, why did he get fired at Texas Tech? Why is the only job he could get is Lamar?

  4. OK Laffed-At, I get it, you believe those 5 entitled Seniors and the rest of the Fruit Loops should run the program. Drugs, not attending class, underachieving, defiance, being late, etc. are consistently good traits an employer covets. His coaching of this disruptive bunch has produced 17-11/8-5 record. Except for the B12 it is probably a better job to have than Lubbock.

  5. I love how you duck the fact Pat was the ENTITLED one. If it weren’t for his daddy, he’d be cleaning cars for a living.

    And if the players were THAT bad, why were they getting so many minutes? Why were they even on the team in the first place?

    He accused them of doing drugs? Where is his proof?

    I hope they sue him for that. In the past, when players have been kicked off for doing drugs, the school is banned for saying so because of privacy laws.

  6. Thanks for waving the white flag and not even trying to dispute what I said.

    Does he have proof they did drugs? If so, why didn’t he kick them off the team?

  7. Wow, that was an epic presser! Kind of amazing that is coming from the coach of a 17-11 team. You’d think it was absolutely all just falling apart. I guess it sorta is after losing 3 of 4, but PK just ensured that the team won’t go any further. Looking at the stats and minutes there’s no question that the seniors are the best players on that team. I just can’t imagine that after being completely trashed by their coach that they come back and play their asses off for him. What, are they just gonna become great kids all of a sudden and just “get it”? I would bet my house against that.

    I don’t have anything against Knight, and I could care less about Lamar, so for me it’s just entertaining. Not sure why Laffy seems to care so much. Sure, Knight was entitled, and my guess is these kids are every bit of the a-holes he makes them out to be. So going forward, now that it’s all out in the open, the only problem I see is if he lets them off the hook and plays them. If they truly are losers, and his job is to set the tone for the program, then he should probably sit their asses at the end of the bench for the rest of the season.

  8. That kinda is the definition of ‘painting yourself into a corner’. It had better work or he might want to dig out that luggage again.

  9. Why do I care so much?

    Because the Freaks act like Bobby was more pure than Jesus and if he hadn’t been fired, we would have been stuck with his worthless son.

    And, I just love exposing hypocrites. I’ve seen other coaches CRUCIFIED for FAR less so I love watching the worshippers excuse this away.

  10. Laffy, I am stunned to be saying this, but you are so right. I don’t know why Geoff cares about how much you care, but I am with you all the way. Bob Knight continues to loom over IU basketball. His name comes up in virtually every public discussion about the program, not only by the local cultists who believe he should still be the coach, but also by more prominent figures such as Dick Vitale, who brings his name up every time he covers an IU game. (This year’s Kentucky game, which Vitale called pretty well overall, included yet another impassioned plea to rename the court at Assembly Hall after Knight). I will never get over the idea put forth by his apologists that he was “classy” and “did things the right way.” He bullied and abused virtually everyone around him, sometimes criminally, including players, secretaries, and others over whom he had power. I don’t care how much money he raised for the library, his record of personal conduct is that of a serial abuser.

    As a related but separate matter, he was also a lousy couch for more than a decade prior to quitting on a team in the middle of a season. His conference record at IU and TT over his last 12+ seasons was 113-91, and during those years his teams only made it past the second round of the tournament only once. Six times they were eliminated in the first round, and twice they did not make it at all (once not even to the NIT). In his final year at TT, he quit during the season and left the team to his equally boorish, but even less talented, son. Pat Knight was a cumulative 16-42 in conference play, with one trip to the NIT and three years of no tourney bid at all.

    It would be great to be able to just forget about him, but it is not possible to root for IU and do so. The fact that his son is in our paper today is just the latest example of why.

  11. Great post.

    The most disgusting thing about the Knight-worshippers is their belief that if you win some basketball games……which they always just call “entertainment” when people get too wrapped up in losses now….it’s an excuse to treat others like dog feces.

  12. The cult that develops around winning coaches is one of the really dark aspects of college athletics. Winning is like a drug, even to the fans (and I say this quite literally; research shows that fans of winning teams experience a wide variety of psychological rewards, including greater self-confidence). As the case of Penn State so tragically shows, the people around iconic leaders are willing to excuse even the most depraved behaviors rather than do anything that would threaten the winning. I won’t claim to be above the intoxication of following a winning team — the fact that I am posting here tells you I am not — but I am not one of those who looks to deify the coaches and players who do the winning. For all their power and prestige, coaches are employees who should be supervised and disciplined for misconduct just like everyone else. Doing good in one realm does not excuse misbehavior in another, and there can never be any excuse for abusing those with less power.

    The good news for us is that our current coach does not appear to have that kind of behavior in him. At least for now we can enjoy whatever on-court success the team has without feeling guilty or ignoring troubling signs. It will be interesting, though, to see what happens if Crean wins a national championship. If he does, he will become just as untouchable as Knight was, and we will have to hope he stays as decent as he seems to be now.

  13. As always, you can’t refute what I said.

    You clowns treat Bobby as if he were Jesus….even though he treats people like SCUM.


    Because he won some basketball games.

    Great lesson to teach kids: If you are successful at sports, you’re allowed to treat others like garbage.

    And to think those SAME people CRY about OTHERS being arrogant and jerks.

    Now THAT is “nothing” on Comedy Central.

  14. Great point about Paterno.

    The fans rallying around him after what he did is as disgusting as Catholics looking the other way when their priests raped all those kids.

    Sadly, if the Penn State thing had happened with IU basketball, the Knight-worshippers would have STILL backed him like those that did with Joe-Pa.


    And to think most of those same people will say “liberals” have no morals/values……..

  15. Deify? Hardly. Hired under contract indicates employment. It does not indicate being a company employee.

    I was, on 12-13 occasions in close proximity with RMK and on 4 of those occasions spent several minutes in conversation with him. He was engaging, congenial, inquisitive and open. On the 2nd occurrence he remembered my face and 3 years later for the 3rd instance remembered my name. Believe me if ever 2 people were going to tangle it would have been us, if his real personality had been as haters portray. My personal experiences face to face were positive.

  16. Being under contract most certainly indicates being an employee. Administrators, faculty, and coaches all work for the university under contract, and are absolutely under the same legal and institutional expectations of other employees. They report to others (even the university President), and their employment can be terminated for misconduct. To say otherwise is simply mistaken.

    As for your experiences with Knight, I am glad they went well. I am sure there are many others with similar stories. I am not among them; I had two encounters with Knight, one of which ended with him loudly berating a 12 year-old in front of a large crowd after the kid asked what Knight thought was a bad question.

    Neither your story nor mine, however, are the issue. His mistreatment of many players, assistant coaches, athletic department empmloyees, and others is well documented, and ultimately got him fired. The situation at Penn State is much, much worse, but both stem from the same basic problem: iconic coaches are almost impossible to manage because their followers are unwilling to acknowledge even severe misbehavior. Knight and Paterno both got fired, but not until long after the things that got them in trouble were open secrets. No one in either case had the authority or the courage to stand up to them until things were well out of hand, and even now there are thousands of fans (or more!) who continue to downplay or even deny the wrongdoing. That is what I meant be “deify”, and it is true of virtually every big time coach in America (including high school coaches, sadly).

  17. HC, I had similar experiences with RMK. On a personal level he was always very congenial to me and, somehow, remembered details about me (I was a student athlete in a non revenue sport). I rarely spoke to him for more than a couple minutes. Most of the time it was just a greeting in passing.

    There’s no doubt he was given a pass on his behavior by IU fans for the most part. I imagine much the same would have occurred on any campus. Adolph Rupp was a wretched excuse for a human being and they named their arena after that Klansman.

    I admit to being an apologist for him for a number of years of boorish behavior. That being said, I was glad when he left. In retrospect, I don’t think he was going to allow it to be a civil parting, no matter how it was handled. I have no idea why he felt such a need (if my assumptions are correct).

    I’m not a big fan of his commentary. He’s usually unprepared and he makes it very clear that he doesn’t have much respect for anyone not name Bobby Knight. His resume will keep him employed forever, though.

    I doubt Pat will be particularly successful. I thought his comments about his players feeling a sense of entitlement were absurd as he is the poster child for entitlement. He was not good enough to play for the Hoosiers and his coaching career has been served up on a platter. He is doing fine at Lamar, apparently. Maybe his players are despicable human beings. I have no idea. What I do know is that what happens next will be a pretty good clue as to whether or not his players respect him.

    I’m betting they don’t.

  18. On a related note, I had always held that one of the reasons Steve Alford would never be the IU head coach is because an AD would be a fool to hire him. Whatever your opinion of his abilities, no matter how poorly he might have performed as the IU head coach he would be nearly impossible to fire. He had enough good will built up that he could have sustained ten years of failure.

  19. That is exactly why I think Alford should have never been hired. It would have been near impossible to fire him if he stunk.

    And I really don’t care much about the few “positive experiences” people had with him. As said, it was WELL DOCUMENTED how he was a COMPLETE JERK to COUNTLESS people.

    The time he BERATED that NCAA employee was the last straw for me.

  20. Diehard, I’ve been involved in dozens of the contracts we are debating. Because it is an employment contract is the very reason you are not an employee, you are a contractor bound by what is written into the contract. I’ve worked 100’s of weeks under contract and never once was asked to review the employee policy manual. Anybody can be fired, even a contractor.

    Chet, Everybody knows what you could get in dealing with BK. What is idiotic is to engage in that pursuit and then be shocked, appalled and complaining with a less than harmonious outcome(or if planned the desired outcome). I am a fan of his in game analysis; as I stated earlier I feel it is genuine.

    I feel there was a distinct possibility SA very well could have been as disliked for expectations as MD and DK were for their results.

  21. The NCAA employee asked for it by interjecting a conclusive announcement he had no info for support. In other words he played a fools game.

    Laffed-At, My personal experiences are now WELL DOCUMENTED as well for you to add to your diatribe about the positive interactions I enjoyed with RMK.

  22. Laffed-At, I worship no man. Your statements are getting more off the wall with each post.

  23. HC, I work under a year-to-year contract, and I assure you I am an employee of my organization. I even have to read our employee manual. Subcontractors and independent contractors have a different status, but the adminstrators, coaches, and faculty who work for IU are neither of these things. They are directly employed by the university itself, and are listed in its database of employees and employee salaries.

    Even if they weren’t, however, it would largely be a distinction without a difference. The point I was making is that everyone, including the president of the university and the basketball coach — is subject to oversight, or at least should be. When a coach becomes so powerful that he can no longer be effectively managed, abuses are almost inevitable.

  24. As far as hiring Alford goes, there’s an adage about going into business with friends: be prepared to lose the friendship. Ask Paul Allen and Bill Gates how they feel about each other these days.

    On the same note, hiring alumni legends to coach your program has a sure-fire emotional appeal, but can be a tricky situation if/when herculean expectations aren’t met. Roy Williams is a good example of things working out; Rick Neuheisel is not.

  25. I listened and replayed the Patrick Knight tape. The first time I thought “wow, this is harsh!”…then I listened a second time. If, in fact, there were players using drugs, or knowing about ‘drug use’ without taking some kind of action; if the players saw their ‘scholarships’ as free gifts and played without intensity, focus or will to succeed, what Pat did is known as leadership. Sounds like some pounding our own Hoosiers may need to cross over a line that often separates winners from losers (unless you like Calipari turning your legitimate teaching and research university into an NBA single-A farm team).
    You point out the deficiencies, spell out the link to consequences, challenge the offender and provide a window- a small window- to improve or remove that offender before contagion sets in.
    So Laffy and Diehard don’t ‘like’ it. When did ‘likes’ and ‘dislikes’ become measurement indicators for success? There’s nothing rational about like and dislike…that’s exactly the meaning of those two words. They can not possibly be measured in any objective sort of way.
    Everyone on this blog is welcome to offer their ‘likes and dislikes. I don’t like ‘free-substitution” or ‘our coach acting as if he chewed through a bag of coffee beans or spending a great deal of time under the tanning machine…it doesn’t look like “It’s Indiana” in February. But who in the ____ am I to say it is ‘good’, ‘bad’, ‘reasonable’ or ‘maniacal’? Nobody…while he is coach TC runs it…I don’t have that great ‘need’ to ‘become a make-believe coach’.
    Patrick Knight was a good kid. I met him when he was about 13-14 and had the pleasure of coaching him for 3 years. He was respectful, coachable, unassuming, hard working and responsible. I remember wondering at that time, “wow…it must be hard to be this kid!…adults continually ‘kiss his b___” because he was RMK’s kid or clearly resented the heck out of him and continually put him in humiliating situations because he was RMK’s kid…remember id__t_, I said he was a 13-14 year-old kid.
    His father, Bob Knight father, never, not once interfered in any decision (nor was he consulted)(the same with his mother Nancy, who also may have been mercurial but was a loving and tender and concerned mother who, I’m sure left her mark on Patrick as well.
    RMK as a basketball coach was a genius. He saw things just staring at the floor 95% of professionals don’t see. He also stressed inner-strength, leadership and the value of individual role and team. There is no doubt that he was mercurial as well, crossing the limit to rude at times. But he was sensitive, committed to his players, a great teacher and authority figure (as in hard nosed father type)and revered by those who developed as men and players. (Chet, if you had known him as a father you would have admired him).

    I agree with Hoosier Clarion. If you were looking for a man who taught you to sacrifice and reach potential as a significant contributor to a group, you could do no better than RMK. My personal relationship with him for a period of years became somewhat frequent, even extensive, had more-than-a-few in-depth conversations with him and considered him the type of leader I wanted my two children to have over the years as they grew into adulthood and assumed their roles in society. His influence, his experiences, counsel, advice and friendship was welcomed into the family.
    As for Laffy’s and Diehard’s need to urinate without hitting anything except the wall portraits, all I get is the image of two very, very weak individuals (I keep seeing images of Shirley Temple pouting in red IU pj’s) continually sobbing, slobbering and using the sleeve of their sweaters to wipe their noses, while forgetting to throw it in the washer once in a while. How’s that for an opinion I ‘like’, and you two Abbot and Costello retreads probably ‘dislike’? Or as Laffy says”: “Bwahahahahaha”!!

  26. As long as I’m offering opinions, allow me to weigh in on the “Alford as a coach/not as a coach at IU” debate. Steve Alford begins as a legendary Indiana high school icon, who chooses his state school, assumes his role in a “the whole is greater than any of its parts’ team, wins a national championship, becomes an All-American, is a good student (with some prodding and shoe marks in the seat of his pants from his coach’, and brings nothing but honor and respect to his alma matter and its alumni (which includes us, I would guess).

    So now we determine that because of these qualities and gifts, Steve Alford should never, under any circumstances, be the coach at the school he honored and brought honor to. This is the part I love: Why? Because he is so good, we could never fire him if he failed. Now, I’d like you to think about the IQ of the individuals (s) who came up with that one. Have you every heard anything more stupid?

    Worse, have you ever heard anything that defines the sense of inferiority and insecurity many so called ‘Hoosier fans’ have about themselves and their university and its athletic programs.

    Alford’s success at Iowa was moderate at best. I also believe that Alford did a heart rendering and mind challenging self-assessment when he decided to leave Iowa and go to New Mexico. And, from what I have seen and what I have read he has also changed some parts of his approach and concepts, has done an excellent job defining ‘talent’ and learning (or re-learning or moving ahead with his learning) the game. If the time comes where we have to search for a new coach, I believe that Alford’s record would earn him (or, accordingly, not earn him) a shot at the job. And, if offered, he would accept and would have a long-term reign based on the success we fans expect from the stripes.

    And, of course…if after 3-4 years he does not meet those standards set by McCracken and Knight, we would simply walk up to him (or Randy Wittman, or Keith Smart, or any qualified and successful former brother Indiana alum) and say… “sorry, it has to stop here,” the name sets the expectations..we’re Indiana!.

    That’s what big people do (instead of wet their pants).

  27. TsaoTsuG:

    Thank you for the semi-coherent post. Knight’s leadership clearly took with you, because you manage to extol virtues such as respectfulness and sensitivity while at the same time engaging in a truly epic bout of insults.

    I can’t speak for Laffy, but to answer your charges directly:

    It may or may not be true that I “urinate without hitting anything except the wall portraits”, but I will say this: I ALWAYS throw my IU pjs in the washer when I’m done sobbing and slobbering on them. I have many flaws, but my friend I am clean.

  28. Where are my boots? It got awfully deep in here.

    Only a crazed worshipper would call what he did as “leadership.” If those players were doing drugs, he should have kicked them off the team.


    You don;t let them play and then CRY YOUR EYES out after a game whining how “bad” they are.

    If they won the game, do you think he would have cried about their drug use? Of course not.

    That is the OPPOSITE of “leadership.”

    Pat Knight was an ENTITLED DRUNK while at IU. He had NO BUSINESS getting a scholarship and then did ANYTHING he wanted because he KNEW he wouldn;t get kicked off for good.

    Talk about a HYPOCRITE.

  29. As far as Alford, what would you worshippers call “success”? You losers where CONTENT with Bobby just reaching the Sweet 16 every year (if that).

    I’d call that failure.

    And if that is all Wonder Boy ever did, we’d NEVER be able to get rid of him because your lips would be WELDED to his butt.

    I HATE Kentucky. But at least they don;t SETTLE for Sweet 16’s like you guys do.

  30. I had not realized until this point that Laffy hates IU in general and anyone supportive of it in particular. Always thought his comments were a bit immature and his opinions generally empty of much content, but I actually read them thinking I may find something of value. Now, it dawns on me..It’s Indiana Laffy! And you’re not!…your opinions have all the weight of gel in the heel of my shoes.

    Diehard…while I do disagree with you regarding the value of the person and the genius of Bob Knight, the coach,…I do believe you on two counts: my bad for my reference to your clean pj’s and my respect for your love of the Hoosiers. (While Laffy is still trying to get the yellow out off his diapers).

    I also wanted to remind those who follow here about an incident when IU played in Alaska and during the trip two or three ballplayers (I believe sophomores or freshmen- one from Jeffersonville/NA, another from the northern part of the state (vague in my memory)decided to enjoy a ‘smoke’. An upper classman reported it to Knight and, while RMK was somewhat disturbed about loyalty between players, he did the right thing and either suspended or threw the 2-3 players off the team in a year that had begun with considerable expectations.

    Patrick Knight is coming off a firing at Texas Tech and the ‘convenient’ thing for him would have been to ignore the dynamic of his team at Lamar, especially that of the seniors. Patrick took a big risk (men do),- he had to know it would be noticed- but decided on the harder right than the convenient way out (silence or glossing over the seniors). That, I believe is how you act when you are trying to have an impact on ‘boys’ who need to find their way to accountable manhood…especially when given the responsibility of the younger players.

  31. LMFAO!!!

    I “hate IU” because I don’t worship Knight and his drunk kid like you freaks do?

    Now THAT is priceless.

    As far as you wanting to make Bob a Saint on the pot thing, Jay Edwards was a KNOWN druggie and not only did Bobby recruit him, he never suspended him for it.

    And you still haven’t answered my question: If Pat knew his players were doing drugs, why didn;t he kick them off the team? If he were a “leader” and “had principles”, he would have.

    And if the team had won, would he have CRIED about them being druggies at the press conference?

    Of course not. He would have continued looking the other way.

    Just like Bob looked the other way when Entitled Pat was a drunk at IU.

    Oh, and I hate to break it to you, but I got stoned with some players when I was at IU. They weren’t all choir boys.

  32. Agreed TTG, PK does display fine leadership. I suspect he has been dealing with these scholarship Seniors all season without much real success and finally has determined what the hell and embarrassed them. I also suspect the whole community(the press)down there has heard the rumors about some of the players exploits. In the HS I graduated from the Principal was a hell of a leader/manager and respected by the students. In his resume as a student he had been an absolute hellion. I always suspected he was a good Principal because he new all the tricks students would pull. That could be PK. I was going to disagree with Geoff about how those Seniors would perform for their next game until I read this morning they thrashed the stuffings out of Sam Houston at an away game last night just as their respective records indicated they should. Apparently he got the desired message established for at least 1 game. Bravo, Coach Knight, hang tough.

  33. I’m just still trying to find any evedince that anyone on this thread is a Knight-worshipper…

    DIEHARD – can you help me out since I don’t want to engage Laffy in a tangle? Do you see anyone in here who is worshipping Knight?

  34. On a side note, was listening to the Mel & Dari show on ESPN radio yesterday and Mel Kiper named Pat Knight his Hero of the Week in their Zeroes and Heroes segment to close out the show…

    Not saying I agree or disagree, just offering an outside perspective.

  35. HC – I said they would NOT perform… So I was wrong. If you had DISAGREED with me you would have been correct.

  36. It’s impossible to draw any conclusions from beating Sam Houston State. They probably would have won that game with 4 players.

  37. A great coach once said when you lose it’s all because of the coach, when you win it’s all because of the players. PK takes the opposite view.

  38. Geoff, I just figured they(Seniors)would play their collective asses off to prove to the coach he was wrong. I would have in their predicament. Might have been the point for PK’s action. Really did not care so much if you were wrong. Kiper is usually a traditional hardnose when it comes to that kind of situation. It does appear Knight took the right course of action in the long term, in the short term he will be shed of the ones he motivated.

  39. Geoff: Since I have not previously described anyone on this board as a Knight-worshiper, that is a tough question to answer. I have certainly referred to the fact that there ARE Knight worshipers, but the only person I mentioned by name is Dick Vitale.

    Having said that, I will nonetheless refer you to TsauTsuG, who not only uses words like “revere” to describe his and others’ feelings for Knight, but who spit out a truly infantile stream of insults at me and Laffy for our criticism of Knight. I don’t know what you have encountered, but over nearly 40 years of rooting for IU basketball, I have seen and heard this kind of response on many occasions. As just one example, my brother in law, an IU grad and lifelong fan, has forever renounced his association with IU over Knight’s firing. He will not give money, go to games, or wear IU gear, and he refuses even now to admit Knight ever did wrong. I love him and get along well with him, but he is most definitely a worshipper. There are no doubt thousands or tens of thousands of them even now, as evidenced by the HT’s continued interest in running stories about Knight or his son in the “IU Sports” section of their website.

    I would also refer you to Chet, who, while clearly not a worshipper, nonetheless admitted to being an “apologist” for Knight at least for a time. In some ways that makes my point just as well: even thoughtful and observant fans are prone to looking the other way at times.

    The bigger point in all of this is that I am dismayed by the willingness of fans, administrators, and others to excuse even outrageous abuses by winning coaches. It seems like a pretty reasonable position to take.

  40. No one is worshipping Knight?


    Hell, if Davis ever even criticized a player in public, this place EXPLODED how he “threw him under the bus” and only a CLASSLESS coach would do such a thing.

    Knight does it the WORST way and all of you want to put him on Mount Rushmore for Coaches for doing it.

    Also, you hillbillies sound EXACTLY like the clowns who cry, “If you don’t love Palin/Bush (Knight) like we do, you hate America (IU).”


    For the 13th time: If he knew the players were doing drugs, why didn’t he kick them off the team?

    THAT would have been “leadership.”

    And, if they had won, do you think he would have WHINED about them doing drugs? Of course not.

    Lastly, none of you even TRY to refute he was the most entitled player EVER at IU.

    Excellent point, Chet.

  41. Diehard/Laffy – I am assuming you aren’t referring to me, since I fall into none of the camps you described.

    Unfortunately I wasn’t reading this site when Davis was coaching, so I just have to go with what you say… Not sure if that’s safe, but I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt.

    I am reading these comments and don’t see anything coming close to worship in them. I did see TT take a shot at you guys, which probably just fanned the fire. But outside of that what I read was that he thought Knight was a great coach, a great leader, and that he could also be a jerk. That he had a personal relationship with him and his family, and that that gave him a unique perspective, and I think he would admit biases him to a larger extent than the rest of us who don’t…

    Personally, I don’t have to deal with the worshippers on a first-hand basis up here in Maine like you guys do, so I’m not as sensitive to the discussion being brought up, but I think you are maybe putting these guys into a camp they don’t belong in.

    Going to HS in Texas I was used to the coach who acted like jerk on occasion, the entitled players, and the devoted fans. It was just a part of football culture, and to be honest it doesn’t bother me. Nothing Knight ever did bothered me. It was entertaining to me. He won and took IU basketball from a very good program to the basketball pantheon. He wore out his welcome with not only his personality, but also his inability to adapt with the game and players of the 90’s. When he was gone I was ready for a new chapter, and have completely moved past caring much about Knight. I am dedicated to IU basketball not any coach. His name doesn’t move the meter for me one iota, but I also still proudly hold onto the birthday cards he sent me by request of my father.

    I don’t see him as a criminal. I do see him as a hypocrite – you know, do as I say, not as I do type guy. And I am sure his son was entitled, maybe even the most entitled player ever at IU. Hes probably a hypocrite as well. However, I don’t think that means that what PK did was wrong. Maybe too little too late, but not necessarily wrong. I also agree with you Laffy that it doesn’t show as much guts or leadership as if he would have dismissed them earlier in the year. My guess is however, that it wasn’t just his call to make, especially being a first year coach at the school.

    Sorry that this post is all over the map, but wanted to address it all.

  42. Also, it was probably a foregone conclusion anyway, but Anthony Davis just cemented himself as Freshman of the Year yesterday. Maybe even National Player of the Year. I think his only competition for that is Thomas Robinson, who was also amazing yesterday in an improbable comeback. Robinson is certainly more important to his team’s success.

  43. Camp they don’t belong?


    Dude, I’ve been putting up with these worshippers from the day I found the internet……mostly on Peegs. There is NOTHING that they rip Bobby for.

    Nothing. Zero. Nada. Zilch.

    They ALWAYS…..and I mean ALWAYS…..made excuses for him no matter WHAT he did.

    If a player sucked, it was the PLAYER’S fault…..not Knight’s (Yet, they’ll blame Crean or Davis if a player doesn’t develop).

    If Bob WENT OFF on someone, that person “deserved” it and “brought it on themself.”

    The list is ENDLESS.

    Nothing Knight ever did bothered you? It was just “entertainment”? Yeah, BERATING people is soooooooooo AMUSING.


    Glad you admit Pat and his dad are complete hypocrites.

  44. Laffy, I am not saying that their aren’t Knight worshippers and that you haven’t experienced what you say.

    I’m saying that it hasn’t happened on this thread and I haven’t seen it on this site since I’ve been here. Sure their is plenty of knight apologism, that that doesn’t equal worship.

    You were going off on people in this thread and I just don’t see it… It’s like when your wife has a bad day at work and then comes home and takes it out on you…

    No one in the above 50-something posts has shown any worship, blind allegiance, or ignored his negative traits.

  45. Hey, sorry I find Knight berating people as amusing… Sometime,es they deserved it, sometimes they didn’t. He said some awful things and some things I didn’t agree with. As time wore on it became less sharp-witted and more angry and spiteful. I’m sure that’s because he was pissed that his leash was shortening. Regardless there was no shortage of times that reporters or passers-by came in looking for a reaction so they could create a story or a memory.

  46. “Sure their is plenty of knight apologism, that that doesn’t equal worship.”

    We’ll have to agree to disagree on that….especially when they apologize for EVERYTHING he does.

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