1. That’s a nice addition! Congratulations Dustin and Ryan! I am impressed with all three of the players during the interview. Victor does have immense energy, even sitting at an interview table.

  2. I started to get seasickness. ITH’s is much steadier.

    Of course, that was on top of the nauseousness I always experience when watching a guy that I think is one of the most selfish, “all about me,” players that has ever worn cream and crimson. I could understand a Michigan fan turned IU journalist claiming just how important he is to the Hoosiers success. The final comments from “The Chosen One” are very telling. He wears a chip on the shoulder for himself. Good for him for claiming all his doubters wrong. Guess what? It’s not about you in this sport. That’s fine if you’re a tennis player. We need guys that wear the chip for the team. We need guys that are sick of the Hoosiers being doubted. Hulls horrific game? That’s an easy one. He likely went into severe depression knowing the hard work to get all pieces working together in harmony will once again be flushed down the toilet in the coming weeks.

  3. Unfortunately, we don’t yet have a tripod for our cameras like ITH does, but hopefully once we get some video stuff more established we can spring for one.

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