Stock up/Stock down


Derek Elston (Indiana): With Verdell Jones on the bench because of injury, Derek Elston got a handful of starts in his place. For the most part, Elston didn’t make much of an offensive impression, scoring just two points combined against Northwestern and Illinois. But when he got his minutes against Iowa, Elston took full advantage. The most efficient offensive player on the floor in that game, Elston scored 13 points on 4-of-6 shooting. With Will Sheehey struggling a bit offensively, Elston could fill the role of a mid-range to post sort of player who can also step out and hit 3’s, something Indiana needs out of one of those two players. I like the direction Elston is heading in though.

Trey Burke (Michigan): A week ago, I would’ve said that Cody Zeller’s bid for Freshman of the Year in the Big Ten was a landslide winner. Now, not so much. Burke has played two of his best games of the season in two very important games for Michigan — wins against Ohio State and Northwestern. He put the team on his back and looked like the Wolverines’ consummate leader. He has 36 points combined in both of those games and is hot on Zeller’s tail as the season winds down.

Rodney McGruder (Kansas State): McGruder needed to be the offensive leader for the Wildcats to have any chance in the Big 12, and after a short dip in production, McGruder got back on track against Missouri on Tuesday night. He put up 24 points in Kansas State’s huge upset win, and he looks like he could be back on the right track, playing solid defense against the Tigers.


Jordan Hulls (Indiana): Jordan Hulls is a great leader for the Hoosiers, and when he’s on, he’s one of the best shooters in the country. But lately, something’s been off for the Bloomington hometown hero, as he scored just two combined points in their last two games. He only took three shots in Indiana’s game against Northwestern, and when the sharpshooter isn’t getting open or putting up points in high quantities, his struggling defense starts to become more noticeable. He’s a big reason for Indiana’s success, and he’s also the heart of the team — a player that the Hoosiers really need to bounce back in time for the Big Dance.

D.J. Byrd (Purdue): Byrd hasn’t been the sharpest tool in the shed, allegedly biting a bouncer in a bar fight that led to Kelsey Barlow’s dismissal from the Purdue roster. Byrd had a .219 BAC, which is absurdly drunk, and he was charged with public intoxication, keeping him out of a huge game that Purdue really needed him for against Michigan State. No word has come out in the past day about Byrd’s future, but it doesn’t get much stupider than his bar stunt. Unless you’re Kelsey Barlow that is.

Bruce Weber (Illinois): This stock isn’t just down. It’s plummeting. Weber is looking more and more like he’ll be packing up his office in Champaign at the end of the season, and a near-30-point loss to Nebraska really didn’t help his case. The Illini are almost certainly out of the NCAA Tournament, and it’s pretty clear that the mob is gathering to call for Weber’s job. If I had to guess, Shaka Smart, VCU’s head coach, will be taking this job by April.


  1. Comparing a guard’s shooting % vs a center’s is like comparing apples to oranges. I agree with Ryan, Burke is hot in pursuit and if the season ended today, he may get the nod for FOY based on most recent efforts. Cody would have the edge based on what he’s done for his team overall, but this race is real close.

  2. Ryan, why do you hate Jordy so much? You are completely clueless to say his stock is down. My grandma and 2 year old nephew knows more about basketball than you do. You should change sports to cover….something like archery. Did he steal your girlfriend so that’s why you downgraded him?

    Yes…..that was sarcasm.

  3. Laffy I do agree with you to some degree but you have to admit jordy isn’t the same of late. I don’t think the team is consistantly motivated to play hard. One of the best teams in the country when they seem to care. I can promise you whoever we draw in the tourny will be plenty fired up so if we are not then call it a season

  4. Bill, I really like to compare apples to oranges. One is red and tart-sweet. It cooks up into great cobblers and pies. The other is orange and citrus-sweet. It bursts with sun-juice the moment you take a bite. I like them both, sort of like Zeller and Burke. But Zeller is one of only 5-6 truly great big men in the college game. There are 30-40 really good guards like Burke. Zeller wins the Freshman award!

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