Movement Watch: Hanner Mosquera-Perea at Indiana Play-By-Play Classic

Indiana fans who paid to see Hanner Mosquera-Perea and his LaLumiere squad play Detroit Country Day on Saturday afternoon weren’t disappointed. They saw the 6-foot-8, 215-pounder threw down a pair of jaw-dropping dunks on alley-oops, showing off the freakish athleticism and wingspan that made him the No. 16 recruit in the Class of 2012.

What they didn’t see were the developments in his game that La Lumiere coach Alan Huss said are helping Mosquera-Perea take a step to the next level.

Mosquera-Perea took just one true jump shot and it was off a turnaround still inside the paint, and it rimmed out, but Huss talked at length about Perea’s expanded face-up game and range.

“When we play a true prep team and there’s bigger bodies and he’s guarded with a bigger guy, he’s built his game to the point where he can face at 20 feet and in and be pretty effective,” Huss said.

Said Perea: “My jumpshot has improved a lot. I’ve been shooting the ball more, I’m not as scared of missing my shot anymore. I’m taking shots, I’m taking my time with the ball. … It feels pretty good.”

He also believes he’s becoming better on his post moves. It helps that he has two Division I big men-to-be to work out with in Purdue commitment Jay Simpson and New Mexico commitment Obij Aget.

“My post moves have improved a lot,” Perea said. “My hook shot. I’m trying to do everything I can.”

Huss admitted, though, that he doesn’t see Perea as a true low-block center who will have to make moves out of double-teams at the next level. As good as he can be, Huss said, he will probably need a true center like Cody Zeller to be able to make the most impact.

“In college, he’s never going to get double-teamed,” Huss said. “Especially when he’s playing next to a guy like Cody. They’re not gonna double Hanner. Hanner’s gonna be a weak side of the block guy. He’s gonna get an occasional duck-in where he can hit a left-shoulder jump hook. Hanner can really score one-on-one in the post, but if you start doubling him and making him make reads, he struggles a little bit more with that because it’s not his strong suit. By the time he’s a junior and senior at IU, he’s got a chance to develop into that primary option, but right now he’s a weak side of the block guy. He’s a guy too that when they double some of the other guys that are gonna make plays, he can make you pay on the weak-side block, and he’s a great ball-screen guy. He’s gonna ball-screen with those guys they have there, plus the guys coming in. He can spread, put his numbers on ball-screens and sprint to the rim, and he can pop off of them a little bit. He’s probably better at that than he is at just truly laying in the block and posting up because he’s only about 215 pounds. He just gets ridden out of there, has his center of gravity too high sometimes.”

Getting better at that is going to take some work, but Huss said a lot of other parts of his game are coming together, and he’s most impressed by his work ethic.

“He plays hard every day, he’s gonna practice hard every day,” Huss said. “… There’s just not a lot of elite athletes like him that play hard and work hard like he does. So many of those guys that are blessed and have that level of God-given ability, they don’t understand how to work. It’s something that he’s improved. It’s not coaching. He’s just matured. When he got over here as a 14-year-old kid, he didn’t understand what that meant. He thought he did. Now, he’s grown up. He understands what it means to compete every single possession. I think he understands how valuable the basketball is, and he understands that he needs to bring it every single game because he doesn’t have an overwhelming skill set. He has an overwhelming set of athleticism and he has a freakish ability to play hard all the time.”

AUDIO: Alan Huss

AUDIO: Hanner Perea


  1. Someone help me out, what does the term”weak side block” refer to specifically? Never played organized ball.

  2. The fact that we have to post this as Hanner Mosquera-Perea and not just Hanner Perea still makes me uncomfortable.

  3. HT Strongside and Weakside
    The strong side of the court is the one on the side of the ball. The weakside is the side of the floor away from the ball.(also called helpside) The block is down low on the foulline.

    Frees Perea for put backs or rebounds with his quick jump.
    Ability to grab a ball at about 12 1/2 feet from a standing position.

  4. This is what my understanding of his game was from the clips I’ve seen and one game I watched online, so what was really exciting to hear was his coach gush about how hard he competes now. I can’t wait to see he and Cody next to each other next year – he’s just so much different that anyone we have on our roster. Really, he’s different that anyone we’ve had on an IU roster in, well maybe forever… He certainly seems like a far bouncier athlete than Jeff Newton. Ricky Calloway was more of wing and not as long. Can anyone remember a player/athlete like this at IU?

  5. The offense that RMK ran wasn’t terribly attractive to the freakishly gifted athlete. Landon Turner was pretty impressive.

  6. Ryan Kartje, why would using Hanner Mosquera-Perea’s full given and legal name make you uncomfortable? Or, better yet. why would we care how you feel?

    Hanner is from Colombia, a Spanish language, Latin American country. In Spanish speaking cultures both the name of the father and the mother are credited and form the correct name of the child. By the order of the names Hanner’s father’s family appears to be Mosquera and his mother seems to be Perea. Thus, he would be identified from other similar names by the combination of the two. In reality (and correctly) in South American he would be known as Hanner Mosquera Perea without the hyphen, identifying and tracing his genetic lines and crediting both father and mother. By contrast, in the U.S. only the male name is identified and commonly used and the mother’s name ignored into oblivion. There is, for instance, a defender named Perea who is one of the mainstays of the Colombia National soccer team. (I always wondered if they are related). Take the name Ryan Kartje; all I know or can assume is that your father is a male individual named Kartje. This culture makes little if any provision to recognize your mother’s name in your existence or in your byline. I’m sure she(and her family) would be very proud to be recognized for your contributions to English literature and U.S. popular culture.

    Besides, it seems a bit of a comment about cultural respect (or its absence) and ethnic biases to be making a statement such as yours in the open public media with the hint that you are “uncomfortable” giving due respect to Hanner, his parents, family and culture. No less so than describing Mr. Mosquera-Perea as “freakish” (not by you) but nearly so. It does seem to suggest a bit of a cultural bias. Would you be more comfortable about the use of the name Hartje (not used to a sequence of three consonants without a vowel)? Hope you are more comfortable now that you understand the issue. (p.s. this is not a statement on ‘political correctness’, one of the more nauseating concepts around…just a statement about cultural respect among people who share a common bond, the difference.

  7. HT…the difference between ‘ballside'(strongside) and ‘helpside’ (weakside) were fundamental to RMK approach to the game and absolutely the basis of his defense. Knight, while at West Point, divided the court from basket to basket into two halves, ‘ballside and helpside’. In his version of the man-to-man, emphasis was strongly on pressuring and intensely the ball (minimizing the time and space to look at the floor) and denying the passing lane to all the offensive positions on the “ball-side”, even to the point of “fronting” those.

    The “helpside” defenders, in the meantime would “triangularize” (a shallow triangle) between the ball, their assigned man and the basket, eyes towards the ball and ready to jump out and pick up any man with the ball who beat his defender. The number one rule was to “never lose sight of the ball” and ‘helpside’ (weakside) defenders were always expected to have their heads turned towards the ball, watching ‘their’ man out of their peripheral vision (a man is easier to locate than a ball).

    Thus, you saw the defe3nse constantly flexing depending on the position of the ball on the floor. When the ball moved to the ‘helpside’ it automatically became the ballside and the floor deployment changed accordingly. This, partly, why many would observe that the man-to-man defense was so in terms of pressure on the ball, while RMK readily acknowledged the zone’ principle to the ‘helpside’ defense. Really fun to watch that, when done right (as we saw many times in those days) it was a thing of beauty and mental toughness to be so aware.

  8. Wow, that’s a bit of a leap to take “The offense that RMK ran wasn’t terribly attractive to the freakishly gifted athlete” and claim I referred to Hanner as freakish. I doubt that Hanner even considered playing for Knight. That’s as accurate as claiming that you said he played for the Colombian National Soccer Team.

  9. In terms of exceptional athleticism, George McGinnis and Eric Gordon were at the NBA level in their high school years.

    Steve Alford did have a freakish vertical rivaling that of David Thompson.

    Watford takes way too much crap on this blog considering some believe athleticism alone makes for a basketball talent.

    Hulls was compared to Steve Nash by the Big 10 analyst covering the Purdue game. NBA baby!

  10. Thanks Tsao. Enjoyed your discourse on Knight’s system; learned a lot. Also enjoyed the bi about Hispanic last names. Just one comment: at the end of that piece you state

    “this is not a statement on ‘political correctness’, one of the more nauseating concepts around…just a statement about cultural respect among people who share a common bond, the difference.”

    I would argue that the root intentions of political correctness are exactly what you just said- to help foster cultural respect.Yes it may have gone awry, but it’s important to remember that it emerged with good intention.

  11. HT, it may be the case and I understand your point,…however (in my opinion)political correctness has a ‘feel’ as an artificial concept whereby individuals measure their language according to a ‘politically convenient’ metric, while individual and cultural respect for (universal) differences respect each (not necessarily ‘all’) individuals on their terms. Thus, the concept about Hanner Mosquera Perea respects his origias, family and culture on his terms (something I’m hoping Ryan Kartje learns) rather than on Ryan’s comfort or convenience. Very important for a journalist.

    I do feel the tendency the last two decades have seen an increase in the trappings of respect and little of the heart in the issue. Thanks for the comment. We’ll both enjoy Hanner as a true, crimson and cream Hoosier (that still our colors?).

    BTW, somewhere in a trunk I have one of the original, typed on a manual Olivetti typewriter, mimeographed and collated by RMK himself as a 20-something coach at Army stapled notebook with his basic defensive principles and ‘rules’. A picture on the defenders ‘correct position ‘on the ball’ has his guard that year, a certain Mike Kryzewski with his practice “Army” shirt demonstrating. Also a good picture of ‘denying’ the pass to the center,

  12. Chet…I was not even thinking about your use of the term freakish, I was referring to DD’s use of it in a story (today I think). Nor, did I claim anywhere that Hanner was on the Colombian National soccer team, I believe I said there is a “Perea” (Luis Amaranto Perea Mosquera) who is a Colombian international and plays professional ball for Atletico Madrid- one of Spain’s largest professional clubs- the equivalent of the New York Mets in baseball).

    Interestingly, and so that DD or others interested may follow it up, his name is Luis Amaranto (second given name) Perea Mosquera…same father and mother’s last name as Hanner. My question is the obvious…are they brothers or cousins. They’re pictures would suggest so by their builds, though Hanner probably got way too tall (there is such a thing in soccer since low center of gravity helps the better soccer players)about the time he was 12. It may also be a good explanation for his excellent foot and lower body small muscle coordination since soccer very much emphasizes small foot/ankle/calf movement.

    All this aside, no part of the comment was directed at you. I’ve rarely read anything by you I didn’t hold in the highest regard. Hope it clears that up.

    I do have an issue with describing great athletes as ‘freaks’, ‘animals’, ‘beasts’, ‘horse’…etc but I simply was referring to its use in DD’s story. I prefer we simply call their performance ‘excellence’ in human effort.

  13. “They’re pictures”….arrggghhhh!!!!! bwajjj!!!! arghhhh!!!! now…only a ‘freakish beast’ like me would write ‘they’re’ when meaning ‘their’… Self flagellation would be insufficient.

  14. Though I have zero problem describing Hanner’s athletic ability as “freakish,” I thought Dustin was simply quoting his coach(La Lumiere coach Alan Huss).

    Verdell has made a freakish amount of turnovers in his college career.

    I look at the term as synonymous withunbelievable.

  15. Hoosier++++++ (you got promoted)…yeah…I glanced at your contribution here…great!!!! Yes, this (now) looks a lot like the type of mimeographed piece I saw and got from RMK more than 30 years ago. )1980 or so). In that style anyway and with the pictures using then MK, now Coach K and with th original typing by Knight and the hand corrections and notes and his having put it all together (he did not have the secretarial help while at West Point. The point….what a visionary! It is nice to recall and recognize that and understand we were very, very lucky to have his genius for so long;…issues and all

  16. What the hells going on here? ” He said freakish,,, but he said columbian” God shut up. Hanner from everything i’ve seen and read will be a solid defensive presence for us but offensively has a lot of work to do. Same with Jerkin but that’s where Vic Will and Zeller come into play. IU should be at the top of the B10 next year. We finally have a Big and a point at the same time! Harvard are you kidding me with the Watford comment? No one on here that I know of ever writes anything negative about his slow a$$ exept me. Why do you think he is a good player or do you? I know the very witty come back is on the way because I wrote your name but Spare me and just answer my question. IMO he is a bad player. Not inconsistent not mediocre just plain ol school yard big kid with no heart bad! You remember the tall kid that had two great games last summer at the Y that you knew if you picked him you’d regret it later bad!

  17. And…Harvard, I wouldn’t question your intent (not in your nature from what I’ve seen)…still the terms are not my choice (I emphasize my choice). I’ll reread DD’s story. Sort of sped-read it and may have misunderstood; just as I now think that I misread Chet’s comment.

    That’s what happens when you speed read. I took a course in speed reading once and, at the end, I was able to read Tolstoy’s “War and Peace” in 1 hr and 15 minutes. It’s about Russia.

  18. Kaintucky…not columbian…no such thing unless you refer to British Columbia…an educated person (absolutely impossible event in K-k-k-antuckee) would say Co-lom-bian. Next year, Hanner would demand you learn the difference (then I would take him to the side an explain to him the part of your living in Kantookey and their wiping your memory cells of anything learned north of the divide.

    So…come home HFKY…I’ll tell the family to warm up the plow.

  19. Hard to believe, for three weeks or so- when I changed it for one post asd “Chet’s Wife”. I’ve been misspelling my own name…it is TsaoTsuG not TsaTsuG. My apologies. Now corrected, I hope.

  20. I was wondering what the deal with your name was…so I showed it to my wife (just kidding). I have been to British Columbia (lovely) and had a cup of coffee in Colombia (during the bad old days). I’m really surprised we’re getting a great basketball player from either one, to tell you the truth.

    I was kidding about the soccer team (I guess I need an emoticon).

    hfromk, it may be by design but you’re kinda, shall we say, point blank on your critique of the players in your dog house de jour. They are rarely as bad (or as good) as we sometimes attest.

    Welcome home Harvard.

  21. I think the term ‘political correctness’ has been so co-opted that it’s usually used to preference hate speech anymore (i.e. “It may not be politically correct but that Kenyan n**** is a **** and he ****”). I’d like to see it go by the wayside.

  22. Thanks Chet. I just get a little jumpy. Please don’t tell HT to put in the call to Elmo. I’m not ready for the drive to Nick’s to see Tsao. You’ll never hear such foolish talk of leaving from me again..Scoop is family.

  23. Harvard are you kidding me with the Watford comment? Why do you think he is a good player or do you? I know the very witty come back is on the way because I wrote your name but Spare me and just answer my question

    hoosierfaninky- Do we need to revisit favorite anagrams formed from your screen name? Wittiness? Nah. Only this to say about Watford’s value to the Hoosiers.

  24. Thanks once more to Hoosier+ for the article on defense. Really surprising what goes on away from the ball. I’ve always been a simplistic “follow the ball” kind of sports viewer, in both football and basketball. As a result I know very little about blocking, offensive line, defensive schemes, and in basketball, weak side/help side. Time to start catching up on these things!

  25. Going back to Geoff’s question about similar players/athletes to HMP at IU, Ray Tolbert comes to my mind.

  26. This is quite a deal, we have a guy who(doesn’t like the term politically correct)forgets his own username complaining about another fellow describing a young Columbian baller with freakish athletic talent. Makes me wonder who the hell is from Kentucky. As far as politically correct goes, how about we send it to the landfill and replace it with genuine. It takes no thinking and is a hell of a lot easier to understand.

  27. Very well, Clarion. To the landfill. Just be aware that political correctness has served a purpose and isn’t all for naught. The fact that we no longer use ‘genuine’ terms like ‘negro,’ ‘colored,’ ‘orientals’ or ‘queers’ is a good thing in my mind.

  28. Old Guy and Chet, thanks for actually answering my question… What I am getting is that (my memory isn’t failing me) IU is getting a talent that will be unique to Hoosier fans under 40. I for one am excited. I think it’s important to always have one guy on the roster – not 3 or 4 or 5 – that is just a jaw-dropping athlete with length that can affect a game with having to run the offense through them.

    What I am picturing for Perea is something similar to Tyrus Thomas….

  29. Be aware hell, PC played no role. Racism is taking the course the same as assembly lines making buggy whips did, progress and evolution.

  30. So are you saying that progress and evolution happen by themselves, with no conscious effort on the part of the people to alter their behavior or their treatment of each other? I.e., movements like the Civil Rights movement really didn’t need to happen, because society would have moved in that direction on its own, with no effort? Sounds like more libertarian idealism to me.

  31. You are trying to think too much. Rosa Parks did not know PC from Bag Balm. PC is a masquerade.

  32. I’ll stop here, since I have more of a chance of winning a quickdraw pistol duel with Wild Bill Hickock than besting Clarion in a political one-liner contest.

  33. I know Dustin and Ryan will post what to expect from Illinois soon. I am ready to start chiming in about Paul and Leonard… others. We have a group of guys to run at Paul.

    Next year Jurkin, Perea and Zeller. I know they must have a picture of Kent Benson and that well executed hook shot hanging in the Cook Center somewhere. Do they teach the hook shot anymore?

  34. The “chats” that get posted by most of you are getting more personal by the week. Its a toxic soup of nonsense… absolutely BRUTAL. What a shame that a few guys have to kill this for everyone else.

  35. This site is fun! A little bizzare for a hoop site but fun none the less. Tsao wasn’t the kkk formed in Indiana? And someone from Indiana suggesting we plow?? How funny is that. Im uneducated? Isn’t like 75% of Indiana cornfields? Your intelligence level is sort of (pick and choose im assuming). I’ve lived in Kentucky and Indiana and can honestly say there’s no difference between the two. For you to bring up stero types says a whole lot about you. That’s a sign of weakness or having an alcoholic parent. Not to much Klan round these parts sorry to let you down. And Harvard What do you consider a good basketball player? Im asking a serious question so we can pause the whole dennis miller routine and just a simple basketball answer will do. This is a basketball blog right? WTF? I’ve got to turn my friends on to this blog. I almost can’t wait to check the responses. Worst back court in B10 and Watford’s piss!

  36. Im sorry I was raking leaves with my son and remembered something I read on here. Tsao did you say you took a course on speed reading? That’s too much! I have officially found the most bizzare basketball blog on the net!

  37. While not originating in Indiana the Klan did get a foothold in the early part of the past century when the grand dragon and many of his followers relocated, primarily in the Martinsville area. Though the did have a brief run of political influence they never achieved the power they had hoped to and their xenophobic ways proved their undoing as the grand dragon, and several of his lieutenants, ended up in the Indiana state prison for their exploits. After that brief run the Klan was never a force in Indiana again.

    All my family is from Kentucky. I can tell you about the Klan there, too, but I can’t give you an ending.

  38. A question for you. Why do so many Kentuckians display the confederate flag? Kentucky never seceded from the union and was never part of the confederacy.

  39. hoosierfaninky-

    Watford puts the ball on the floor better than some of our guards. He can gather himself extremely well considering the size of his frame. What he lacks in explosiveness has been more than countered by a very good feel for the game and a versatility to go inside or outside. He can bring a very timely shot that can stun opponents with a range from the perimeter that can change momentum in a game when guards are having cold shooting nights or are being hounded by a bigger and more athletically gifted defender.

    You prefer to look at his game in a complete vacuum. I’ve never claimed the guy is the best forward in the Big 10. I’ve never claimed he’s the next Dr. J in the NBA. He has very unique skills that translate to helping our team. If you don’t think those skills have made four teammates on the floor better, then I beg to differ. You just keep bashing him. I’m content with my opinion and discount your narrow-minded slant. Have your harmless mud-slinging fun. I think I have a pretty decent understanding of the game and comfortably believe we aren’t going to get a better five on the floor, see a stronger team this year, by keeping Watford on the bench. There aren’t very many forwards that could run the floor, gather, and get into position to even take a game-winning 3-point shot like we witnessed from Watford against Kentucky. That being said, he’s been far more important to our overall success than one heroic bucket or his 12 ppg in a box score. I think he works hard and I’ve never felt he doesn’t have passion for the game. Watch and learn instead of making assumptions he sucks as a basketball player because of off-nights and inconsistencies. Name a Hoosier that has been steadily consistent this year. Name a Hoosier that doesn’t have occasional regressions and games that just look completely out of sync and out of the norm.

    Watford will momentarily shut you up with a big game against Illinois. Be patient. There is always room for finding fault. Hell, the “best of the best” in the NBA, LeBron James, has yet to prove he can bring his game when it’s on the biggest stage. Always room to even criticize freakishly unbelievable individual talent(unless his name is MJ). Was LeBron clutch in an NBA Final?

    At least Watford ripped nets when it counted. He’s an unselfish kid that plays the game for his jersey rather than himself. How many guys on a Kentucky roster would have given up the limelight and entrusted a freshman teammate, delivered the ball to Remy for his “dagger” moment, against Purdue? Not only does Watford have one of biggest shots attributable to you being able to proudly wear that cheesy “We’re Back!” t-shirt around campus amongst your hick friends, he also arguably has to his credit one of the biggest assists in a rare road win against a rival we haven’t defeated in three years. Our invitation to the Big Dance may hinge considerably on the slow “piss” his awkward shot and a snappy assist to a freshman Calipari would disown from the state he finds all his talent(They are all from Kentucky, right?). Yup, that Watford guy just lumbers down the court like a big nothing with zero game. Farted a pass over to Remy and sent Painter to his locker room slobbering over Indiana kids with claims they possess more heart than his own. Does it make your highlight reel? That’s an easy question for your thick basketball mind to answer.

    Keep convincing your hick-a$$, Kentucky, Bluebonnet margarine loving, confidants that think spreading it on thick in hate and for Calipari and his McDonald’s cheeseburger roster makes for something steady, genuine, and true to a healthy amount of winning when it counts.

  40. Geoff, I think AAU, summer ball, travel teams what have you, have hurt baseball. Travel teams in baseball really hurt a little league. It lowers the competition, and basic learning(as you alluded to.) This trickles down to football as well. I’ve seen kids forced to make a choice between other sports, in fear of being left behind, or falling out of favor with other coaches. I’ve also seen it create divisions within athletic programs in high schools. This is bad for the shools and communities in my opinion.
    I think Chet is right, that is just the way it is now, unfortunately.

  41. Watford is a solid player who is part of a group that relies heavily on their synergy. We are better with him than without. What he lacks in consistency he makes up for with versatility. He DOES make me crazy sometimes.

    As for AAU ball, I’ve been down the road with AAU basketball, folkstyle/freestyle/Greco Roman wrestling tournaments all over the country, and traveling volleyball teams. Just brutal on family life. Brutal. And the expenses? They eat you up. Twenty hour (or more) car trips. Camps in California, Colorado, Ohio, Florida. Don’t want to do it or just can’t do it? That’s you choice but all the kids they’ll be competing against to get that spot on a college team will be there. My only role these days is to show up at distant colleges and watch. Some folks talk wistfully about how much they miss it. Not me. Don’t get me wrong. I’m very proud of them. They were awesome. I went 3 for 3 with them making the big stage but that’s what we did. We traveled for sports. That’s how I scheduled our vacations (which made it better).

    I would have traded it for just watching them compete during the ‘season’, like in the ‘old days’, in a heartbeat.

  42. Travel teams in baseball in the south, some
    High Schools have eliminated high school programs.
    Let clubs rent their facilities and run the teams.

    So far most the high schools have prevailed, although travel teams — may replace some high school sports altogether. Football is the revenue generator for the schools. The baseball fields are very expensive to maintain with budget cuts.

    Chet Did travel baseball and volleyball travel. I know the reference in the blog is elite basketball players. Some of the parents and athletes in the sports I mentioned, with the money and hours they spent could have been on great grades in school. The money they could have saved from travel expenses and academic scholarship money, would have paid college expenses.

    I can’t tell you how many parents I know are ruffled after their players say, I’m burned out on this sport and just want to go college and play intramural s.

  43. I’ve seen a lot of kids burn out. I took it upon myself to tell them ‘no’. I wasn’t doing the pushing, they were.

    My kids had the grades and SATs (my daughter got a 1580 M+V, she’s at Cornell). We never did find that money for grades we always heard about. Probably because they were set on the schools they wanted to go to and I just wasn’t any good at negotiating with the financial aid office.

    As a matter of fact, I’m completing financial aid forms tomorrow.

  44. Chet You did take my comments in general I hope ?

    I reread your post, wasn’t sure. I think you did, that is a great accomplishment by your daughter.

  45. Oh, yeah. I know it wasn’t directed at anybody. I know there are plenty of pushy parents but some kids are just so driven that you have to save them from themselves. My daughter goes from class to practice to lab to work and wouldn’t have it any other way. I get tired just talking to her. She’s happy, though.

  46. Geoff, lots of gorges there. My first visit I walked across a bunch of the bridges over the gorges all around campus. They are beautiful. My next visit there were 10ft high chain link fences along the walkways over the gorges. It had become the method of choice for student suicides.

    Those kids a ridiculous overachievers. Many of them the product of parents who push, push, push. My daughter was a little taken aback that she was no longer the smartest person in the room. She adjusted, some don’t. One of her roommates had decided to switch from finance to health care. My daughter was present when her father started screaming at her for “throwing her life away.”

    She has made me feel pretty appreciated as a Dad.

  47. On a related note, Errick Peck, the MVP of the 2009 Indiana/Kentucky All Star game plays there. He’s an inner city kid who chose Cornell over Harvard. My daughter refers to the b-ball team as ‘my basketball boys’.

    She knows how to cook. They worship her.

  48. Chet Cool
    Alright .. I’m ready to talk about Illinois.

    Watford …on Paul for awhile to slow him down.
    Zeller and Pritch… Leonard/Eqwu
    Vic/Elston..Richardson Remy/Sheehey/Verdell… on Bertraud/Maniscalo
    Hulls …. on Abrams
    Take it to Leonard
    Griffey for Illinois is productive on limited minutes

    2/3 zone on their{Illinois} 4 guard offense

  49. HoosierPlus…you left nothing for TC to do…

    Chet…your daughter sounds like a winner…in fact all your kids sound very accomplished.

    Harvard…you make it to Nicks and I foot your bill. Glad no more talk of leaving. Your argument for Watford an A++.

    HfKyara-yara…Stephenson was the leader of the KKK and he was arrested and convicted of raping a 13-14 y.o. girl on a train to Chicago and sent to rot in jail. They (the KKK) did at one point elect the governor of Indiana. Maybe that’s where the term ‘Hoosier from Kentucky’ comes from.

  50. Harvard let me start off by saying thank you. I just won a free dinner after the Illinois game because of you. I bet my step father that somewhere in your post the Kentucky shot would be mentioned. Now you did make me look bad by saying that doesn’t define him so I am batting 50%. Now I have to ask why the personal attacks? Do I upset you that much? If so let me say im sorry and I do mean that. Im just talking trash on a hoop site for the most part. I guess we just have very different opinions on the kid. Oh and Zeller is more consistent on a game to game basis by the way. The last (what I consider good) game he had was against Michigan at home so to say he’s inconsistent is true and false. He is inconsistently imo bad. Here’s some pesky stats. against psu 2-10fg 2-3 3pt 10 pt. Minn 1-7fg 0-4 3pt 4pts. osu 4-13fg 3-8 3pt 13 pts. Neb 3-8fg 0-03pt 8 pts. psu 3-8 fg 2-4 3pt 11 pts. wis. 4-6fg 2-3 3pt 12pts Iowa. 4-10fg 0-3 3pt 10 pts. mich. 3-7fg 0-2 3pt 8 pts. Pur. 0-7fg 0-3 3pt 4 pts. Now he did have solid boards for the most part and if you remember he struggled the first 5 to 10 games of the season (the whole learning to play with cody thing). If that’s good to you my friend then we simply just have different opinions of what a good basketball player is. I am more disappointed in him because (and I hope we can agree on this) he can be great! He’s a JR wing man who’s numbers are down from last year. What would your hero RMK think about him? How quickly we forget. Now I do love mcdonalds but prefer real butter to margarine. I hate UK so I don’t know what gave you that impression. And I will have to admit I do have a few hick friends and family members but im stuck with them what are you gonna do? Someone from Indiana should never ever call someone from Kentucky a hick. Indiana’s not what i’d call cosmopolitan and we’ve been protecting you from Tennessee for a long time. (Attempt at humor). And I don’t own a cheesy we’re back shirt although I did see a #40 red IU tee shirt on e-bay i’d love to have. My birthday’s the 9th maybe you’ll surprise me. Are you familiar with Bloomington? Could you recommend a good steak house for after the game? In all seriousness I don’t like to be personally attacked as im sure neither do you plus im teaching my 8 year old son not to do it so I need to set an example. Chet Kentucky was a nuetral state during the civil war but my guess is a lot of people from Tennessee and Missouri and other boarder states relocated here sometime after and the imo very stupid tradition continues. I sure hope I don’t drive 3 hours and we lose to Illinois my step dad will just love that. He’s one of those Kentucky hicks.

  51. Wow Tsao you took the time to look all that up? Are you sure your facts are right? Did you speed read it? Im sorry to keep going back in fourth with you over nothing related to basketball but that is too funny! Took a course on speed reading. That’s rich.

  52. You’re entitled to your opinion on Watford. Enjoy going for a steak dinner with your stepfather. It’s nice that you can share a few laughs and talk IU hoops with someone close to you.

    I think Watford will prove his value going down the stretch of the regular season. We’ll need his perimeter shooting ability and his versatile game come NCAA tournament time. Hopefully he’ll begin to put up better offensive numbers that I think we both could agree he is capable.

    I can’t remember how he played in the first few games of the year..Maybe my memory has failed me, but wasn’t he coming off a foot injury at the start of the season?

  53. hoosierfaninky, in the past the ‘go to’ steak is at Little Zagreb (sp?). RMK’s favorite place as I understand it. I go back to the days when it went by the name of ‘The Choo Choo’ (it’s near the train tracks). I’m pretty sure it’s still there and there may be a better steak in town (I doubt it) but it’s dripping with IU history. That’s where you want to take your Dad.

    I hope nothing I’ve said comes across as an attack. While I disagree frequently with you I’m glad you’re here and I think you add to the discussion. I never mind opposing views. If I come across that way sometimes I, too, like to ‘yank your chain’. My family (including my late father) were all UK (and U of L) fans. I got to see a lot of sports history that way. Issel, Dampier, Unseld, Maravich, Greevy, Flynn (he was actually a classmate), Givens, Jimmy Dan, saw them all. I also got to see Pat Sullivan the year he won the Heisman for Auburn. It’s all good.

    I’ll take a ‘Harvard moment’ and mention that I called the zone at Purdue. I’m calling it again against Illinois. I think it did a nice job of funneling penetration to some long arms and big hands.

    TTG, I sense a new inner calm about you. Life must be good.

    Go Hoosiers.

  54. I actually took a course in speed reading while a student at IU. I believe it was called “Reading Dynamics”. It does work but I found it took the pleasure out of reading.

  55. Yes, Janko’s Little Zagreb is the choice for steaks and more.

    Chet I too learned speed reading from Reading Dynamics and suffered the same side effects. Once I got a # somewhere over 720 words a minute I found I was no longer enjoying the words and sometimes the clever ways the authors inject them. Something akin to fast(or cycles in your case)cars. How fast is fast enough?

  56. I’ve heard that the quality has taken a tumble at Janko’s to the point where it no longer matches the high price. In my opinion go to Finch’s for a succulent local grilled ribeye with thin cut staeak frites and garlic butter (around 30 bucks). These people know what they are doing and don cut corners on ingredients.

  57. Thanks guys I will enjoy a steak somewhere that much I do know. And Chet you have never personally attacked me. I understand that a lot of people like to make fun of kentuckians and a joke is all good but to get personally attacked over an opinion is a little much. Anyway I am very excited about the game and I do hope Watford blows up. One more thing. Does anybody where the white out started and why? I really don’t see any real point in it.

  58. I believe the whiteout started when Mike Davis was there. Probably to give IU an extra advantage. Plus, it brings the fans together and looks pretty cool. A show of support/team spirit ? A lot of schools were doing it ?

  59. hoosierfaninky-

    Please don’t take my joking too personally. I tend to agree with your claim that much of Indiana is no more progressive than Kentucky. I also tend to equate repeated tactlessness with such stagnancy in cultural evolution.

    I’ve defended Watford repeatedly on this blog(long before the Kentucky game when a blogger made comments about a Hoosier ship sailing with no Christian Watford aboard), and because of my steadfast commitment to believing in his efforts and talents, I do tend to take comments referring to him as a “slow a$$” as an affront to a young man I don’t see as dysfunctional to a team; a Hoosier not deserving a tactless assault of an oversimplified nature that consciously chooses to ignore his value to our successful season.

    You don’t believe a refusal to barely acknowledge one iota of positive contributions could be construed as unsophisticated, unfair, and backwardly obnoxious? It seems to me that such wide brushes of criticism that look at a world with such narrow perspectives and definitions shouldn’t save you from a bit of simplistic assumptions your own cultural wisdom. Don’t you open yourself up to the stereotypical jokes you consider “attacks” when you choose to be so unyielding in your opinions? I tend to believe such unyielding behavior is the drink of intolerance rooted in all prejudice. Bigotry needs no borders to find a home.

    There is not a player on our roster(even Cody) that has not been plagued by a fair amount of inconsistency.

    Enjoy your dinner of dead-a$$ grilled meat. Calling something “steak” opens the door for subtleties, distinctions in cuts and flavor, outside your preferences.

  60. HfInky. Same thought here. Enjoy the game and have a great meal. I do remember Little Zagreb and, at the time, it was the best place for a steak. Now, the mention of the rib eye does make it seem as if someone knows what they are doing…while more grizzled it is the best cut for a grilled steak…juicier and tastier than a sirloin.

    You do well to mentor you son…enjoy.

  61. Hoosier Faninky:

    Just a quick piece of friendly advice. I would love to see you add some sort of spacing and capitalization to your name. As it stands, when you take the “no caps, no spaces” route, your name seems like it should be pronounced “hoosier fuh-NIN-kie” rather than “Hoosier Fan in Kentucky” which is what I think you want to be called.

    Hoosier fuhninkie, Sounds like a real country grandmother if you ask me.

  62. HT-

    You went weak side funny bone…No help defense from imagined picture in my mind unable to react to much funnier picture in your link that made me crack up. Damn you.


    My post was too harsh..Feel bad now. What else is new, right? I really like Watford and it gets in the way of understanding the unyielding criticism thrown in his direction. I suppose I’ve done my share of the same unfair and simplistic evaluations for the “he who shall not be named” guy on our team. I am far from immune when it comes to blatant examples of lacking in perspective and refinement. Hope “fuhninkie” can just dismiss it as roller coaster, bipolar Harvard.

  63. Harvard- Just glad the laughter is flowing again.

    By the way, meet my alias Steve. Good man. He’s served me well and deserves some recognition in his own right.

  64. You had some good advice in there. Like I mentioned before fuhninkie might be well advised to find a little gray in his black and white world.

    Thinking back on the Klan commentary earlier. If I recall correctly Tom Payne became the first black basketball player at UK in 1972. Conversely, Shelbyville’s Bill Garret became the first black basketball player at IU in 1947 after being named “Mr. Basketball” the previous winter.

    There IS a difference.

  65. Harvard im glad that you are willing to admit im not the only one to bash an IU player considering the consistent bashing of VD3 all season by you and almost everyone else. How about this since this is a very sensitive and defensive blog. Watford could be a great player most nights he’s not. Is that ok with everyone? He is a solid rebounder but im just don’t see what you see in his offense and defense. I like most hoosier fans I know agree that we will be a better team with Hanner and Yogi starting over Watford and Hulls. As far as my screen name im ok with it and since I don’t feel an overwhelming desire to please people I don’t know I think I’ll keep it as is. At least I don’t change it every third time im on here like I suspect some do. As far as cuts of meat im a porterhouse man myself. Medium rare no sauce ( if sauce is needed your not eating a good steak) I will say this im very interested in seeing what Watford does tomorrow night. I think we can all agree he’s due for a break out game. Im sorry to keep this mostly about basketball guys. I know the need for racial and geography conversation was left out and for that I will apologize. Another attempt at humor. Did IU start the white out mass hoosier? I guess I see where it brings fans together but honestly I don’t know if I want to be too much closer to fans at Assembly hall. The thigh rubbing and unsure decision to show one the a$$ or the crotch on the way through the isle to get a $5 coke is close enough for me. If one was grading section e what grade would it get? Im hoping for a solid B on this one.

  66. It’s fine maybe I took it a little personally. One more thing can the Purple Aces get a little love on here? Court rushing 101 from what I was told!

  67. hoosierfaninky,
    Thats funny, while visiting Bloomington during Thanksgiving, I had the same conversation concerning people walking by at games. My son, when asked if he had a good time at the game(football), said “yes, and they didn’t put thier butt in my face when they walked by.” Referring to his experience at the Hall a few days earlier. He is only five, but already recognized one of the shortfalls of the seating there.
    I am not sure if IU started the white out or not. I do believe it was a game against Iowa, when first used, and Mike Davis was sick and did not make the game. Thats was when Davis made a couple of remarks that did not bode well for him.

  68. Always wondered about Steve in Ottawa. He did seem rather standoffish and too damn placid. Suspected it was you, but was never totally sure. Very sneaky, indeed. You probably have much more skill at pulling that sort of thing off than I. My mastery of language is nothing approaching your level and my clumsiness with grammar makes any attempts at frolicking around in the shadows of an alias rather pointless.

    Gosh, now I’ll be forever paranoid about everyone on here. That must have been your plan. Plant the seed of distrust and thus deteriorates any close relationships I was building with fellow bloggers. Make me hesitant to ever take a chance in fear another Husky will be lurking to use me in cruel games of mockery and deceit. You have the power to pull on emotions on your created stage of false pretense where a masquerade party of a heart lost in innocence is immersed with your manipulative puppets.

    I guess the sincere interactions I had with Geoff, Tsao, and Chet are a thing of the past knowing I’ll never be sure a sneaky go-between isn’t playing a voyeuristic game, judging me, and always poised to jump in with only a conniving motivation to intentionally upstage my every thought. Lost will now be the purist of attempts at honest disclosure and discourse needed in building new and trusted relationships. You have shown your fears and surprised me how insecure you must have been to now boastfully divulge your game filled with false characters.

    What is this place to you? Are bloggers feelings and observed reactions on here just part of subject study; a test tube experiment for some graduate psychology class your endless idleness at IU? karen would be proud.

    Be careful, my old friend. You play with hearts too much and you’ll only remove any capacity to love in your own.

  69. Harv-

    No voyeuristic games from me. This place is no “study” for me; nor am I on any sort of mission to undercut you (by the way, the song “Before you accuse me…” comes to mind). If you were to ask Dustin via email to do an audit of my IP address you’d see that there is no manipulation, no funny business going on, other than my recent discovery of picture art. Actually, “Steve” came about because I was feeling the same sentiments you were: paranoia, distrust, suspicion of other bloggers.

    I’d love to be even more frank about a few things to you. I wish there was some way we could exchange emails so I could clear the air once and for all. Maybe I can have Dustin pass along my email address to you. We’ll see.


  70. Harvard, of it makes you feel any better I have never, nor will I ever, go by any other name than Geoff…

    Of course who know, I’m so good that someone may try the imposter route just to get read. Can’t control that I guess.

  71. The only other moniker I am referred referred to as is ‘The Most Interesting Man in the World.

  72. We have pretty similar looks, but he is far more cynical… And it’s tough to admit but he’s funnier too.

  73. Geoff Again with respect.

    Geoff .. Do you think Vic should guard Paul from the beginning? Put the pressure on Paul and have Wat guard
    Paul. Let Vic guard the 2nd or 3rd option and defend the passing lanes. Keep Vic out of match up foul trouble. Cody and Leonard pretty much have to go head to head.


  74. I always like Vic on the best scoring option. I think he is a far better on ball and denial defender than anyone else on the team. I also think he’s far more valuable disrupting the best players flow. Usually if the scorers are comfortable and making shots it loosens up things for everyone else, but if they struggle then the other guys who don’t usually carry the load have to force things a little more. So yeah, Dipo on Paul, no question. I would switch Remy onto him when Dipo needs a sub, and maybe put Watford on him for small stretches since his length would bother Paul’s strongest attribute – perimeter shooting. The Zeller/Leonard matchup is probably more important, and may very well determine the outcome. If either one gets in foul trouble its a huge blow to their team. If Zeller is able to play him at least to a stalemate then I think IU should win fairly easily. I just don’t see Paul going off against Dipo, which seems like the only way they win if Zeller wins his matchup.

  75. Geoff-

    He’ll never respect you in the morning. Don’t give him the f*&%ing time of day. Only give it up to Harvard. I’ll not only respect you, I’ll make you the most delicious Belgium waffle in the morning.

    Five Keys to Victory? It’s your trademark. Go for it instead of personally feeding that dweeb one ounce your hoops knowledge.

    This entire blog is a cesspool of impostors that are jealous of the honesty in the discussions that was beginning to take hold the last couple months. Just look at how the conversation has become so trite and forced. Do you recognize any of the names from when you first arrived on here. It was easy for me to tell you were legit…Chet is legit. Clarion is legit. JPat is legit. Most the rest are complete frauds that play games of mockery and pretended ignorance of topic in their acts of twisted and disingenuous manipulation. Could someone explain weak side defense to me? Who should guard Paul? What’s a 2-3 zone? How many average timeouts does Crean use in the final ten minutes? Can you crunch those numbers, Geoff? Please… pretty please….pretty, pretty, pretty please with cherry on top? Whip cream? You’re the best.

    Don’t let them reduce you to that level, Geoff. You’re understanding of the game is vastly beyond the minuscule decisions that they smalltalk you down to. Tell the mouse fart you would start Danny Moore on Chris Paul and then post your “Five Keys to Victory.” Do it for Harvard. Shut karen’s alter ego the hell up. Send her back to Hoopsta to play ping pong with herself.

  76. comfortable and making shots it loosens up things for everyone else, but if they struggle then the other guys who don’t usually carry the load have to force things a little more….on him for small stretches since his length would bother Paul’s strongest attribute – perimeter shooting….

    Steve in Ottawa loves it when you talk dirty hoops.

  77. Hmmm, I don’t know Harvard.. I get what you’re saying, but he phrased it in such a way that it seemed like he wanted to know what I what do, but not necessarily trying to patronize me. That being said, I am always forced to try to figure out exactly what % of your posts are sarcasm, and then exactly how sarcastic are the sarcastic remarks…

    So here are my 5 Keys:

    1. Remy plays more minutes than VJ3
    2. Zeller plays Leonard at least even – overall impact, not necessarily points
    3. Sheehey and Elston go back to the bench where they can come in and change the tempo
    4. Sounds silly, but… We hold Paul under 30
    5. Vic remains aggressive offensively, but doesn’t allow that to effect his defensive intensity

  78. It’s rather amazing, isn’t it? Only a couple weeks ago a blogger on a Scoop Live Discussion was mocking me by posting a comment that said “Remy Harvard!”. It was one of those games Crean put him into a scenario with no chance to really get into a flow(translation: VJ was available). Now that same blogger just witnessed one of the greatest basketball minds to ever grace the pages of Scoop, Geoff of Maine, concurring with my astute early perceptions of Remy’s abilities that go back to when Crean had yet even given him a formal offer to wear candy stripes, and places his name at the top of his “Keys to Victory” post.

    How did it feel, HoosierPlus? Was it as good for karen as it was for me?

    I think Watford getting back to something closer to the form we saw against Kentucky is likely more important than Remy getting more minutes than VJ. We need Watford’s offensive output. We need his inside-outside game and his shooting touch to return. Don’t get me wrong, Remy is important on the court for headiness, confidence, and chemistry in the overall product.


  79. Harvard

    I didn’t think Harvard Remy meant anything, but Hey Harvard, Remy is in tg he game and I think that’s great.
    Nothing more or less.

  80. Geoff – Can’t believe I have to defend myself against asking an honest question about the weak side defense, but I will try.

    First, just to give you some context before I defend myself, Harvard and I have a long and complicated history of exchanges on the blog that have been mostly amicable but occasionally tempestuous. Just yesterday he referred to me as “old friend,” but today I’m apparently the bad guy again because I confessed to using a second name. I’ve already emailed Dustin to see if I can find a way to resolve the situation in a more permanent way.

    Regarding the basketball question: I’ve always been a huge fan of all sports, but never really noticed the finer details, except for baseball, because I played it. With basketball, all I’ve ever done is follow the ball with my eyes. I never got into the finer points of the game because I didn’t play in high school. Actually, I got cut from the JV team because I couldn’t ever learn the 5-man weave… I just had no ability to absorb the “chalk board” or X&O elements of the game.

    To this day, I form judgments of players and their merits based mostly on what they do with the ball: whether they have good ‘handles,’ whether they turn it over, whether they can shoot, whether they can pull down boards. When players are away from the ball, I tune them out.

    That’s why I asked about the whole “weak side” element. After hearing you and HOOSIER+ talk about it a bit (and reading HOOSIER +’s link), I was blown away by the depth of thought revolving around defensive positioning and strategy. I always thought things were simpler. I now feel like I can watch the game through a new critical lens; I thank both you and HOOSIER + for your comments, and assure you that my questions were 110% sincere.

  81. Yes, totally sincere(within the context of his B.F. Skinner experiments).

    You were mocking Remy on the Live Discussion, HoosierPlus. Grow a pair and admit what you were doing.

    Pretty sad to have some many deceitful games played on a sports blog.

    Dustin- Don’t you dare give out my e-mail address.

  82. Harvard- I didn’t ask Dustin for your email. I asked him to give you mine. He can confirm that, if he feels like getting caught up in blog drama.

    You’re very wrong about me, and its sad its reached such a state. I don’t totally blame you; its impossible to know who is who anymore, and you are probably thinking I am the one stealing your name or pulling some other stunt. Trust me, I’ve thought the same about you before when my name was being pirated months ago.

    All I can say is, “It Ain’t Me, Babe,” and if you choose to keep attacking me, there isn’t much I can do, other than make an attempt to reach out to you via another medium where identities are more stable and grounded in real people…Man, never thought I’d say this, but JPat’s Nick’s idea suddenly sounds like the only way to create trust amongst bloggers…

  83. No way that is silly, keeping Paul under 30 is a must. If IU is on top of their performance tonight Paul under 20 is a blow out. To be on top of their game tonight Watford has to get out of the gate fast and stay consistent as I really do not see anyone from across the state line who can handle him when his head is in it. Zeller can not get in foul trouble. Cross your fingers and we need 17k+ fanatics in the Hall. This could be a real springboard to peaking for the post season. Geoff don’t forget to tape it as we’ll enjoy your breakdown after.

  84. We’ll always have Annecy. Nowhere for ol’ Harvard to fit in. It’s not your fault. You’ve all lived dreams I should have had the drive to pursue. Time and easy choices have come back to haunt me. Insecurities always getting the best of me…(and that ain’t very much). Blogging mostly became a hideout to escape from the daily reality my failures. I see all the success stories from people I really have little in common and I begin to wonder if this place is just some higher being’s way of rubbing it all in my face.

    Don’t feel bad, Husky. What any of us see is on here is no less an illusion than you playing it safe behind another screen name. We live in a world of playing it safe. Our friendship is something left mystical because I can’t live up to the reality.

  85. Comment #100 has no creditability

    Already addressed in #96

    Harvard enjoy the game tonight.

  86. Well Harvard one thing I always liked about you was your openness; no one can say that you aren’t reflective or don’t ever look inward. Don’t get too caught up in your own perceived faults – if we were all honest about ourselves, we’d all have plenty of dirty laundry to air.

    The offer is on the table if you ever want to exchange an email.

    In the meantime, let’s focus on Illinois….we haven’t had a feel-good moment since ol’ #23 banked in the tying 3 at the buzzer!!! (Unless you count Dumas’s half-court shot to close out the half a year or two ago)

  87. You were mocking my support of Remy and that’s why you attached my Scoop screen name to his. You come on here and claim you did it with no intent whatsoever? My name just popped into your head an hour into a LiveDiscussion I was not participating in? Your intent was to either mock me or support me. Which was it? Given the context of when you placed the comment on the LiveDiscussion, and Remy’s brief performance during that game, I remain very comfortable with my current assessment your lacking of a spine and hint of truth to your name.

  88. I know my destiny, Husky. It involves a very empty ending to a very empty story a cold earth awaiting. No lucky bank-shot. That’s about the most solid prediction you’ll ever get from Harvard.

  89. Harvard
    Ok 1st of all Live Discussion goes by so fast
    The guys that are on the Scoop blog that have supported Remy are the only names I relate to at a fast pace exchange.
    So when I responded ,it was positive response that Remy got his chance. I did not know if you were on or off the Live Discussion. I have always been a Remy fan. Got caught up in bad mouthing VJ, but really wanted to see if Vic and Remy on the court made sense to the team makeup. So far so good.

    I don’t call that mocking and from here on out, it has no credit as I stated earlier.

    Harvard Remy… as posted on the bullet point comments on Live Discussion is offensive? Really no basis outside of your interpretation.

    Enjoy the game tonight.

  90. HT – ok now I’m confused… What is your other name?

    Also, was that really Clarion being all nicey-nice to me? I owe him a compliment on his next slanted take! Thanks HC!

  91. I didn’t say it was offensive. I asked if you used my name in support of my longstanding position regarding Remy or with a mocking intent. Or, do you think Remy transferred from Harvard to IU? You’re a joke. You used my screen name and you can’t even give one explanation as to why. Your credibility on Scoop deserves about as much genuine backing as a blowhard from Hoopsta.

    I’m done with you. Can you be done with me and leave my screen name(or portion thereof) unattached to any fine young Hoosier you have such fervent admiration? You are so full of $hit you’re drowning in it.

  92. Harvard….don’t know if you’ve figured this out but there are quite a few individuals (all bound by rabid loyalty to the Hoosiers) who enjoy you, like you, admire your ‘style’ and thoughts and (don’t know if you can bear under the pressure)consider you a friend.

    And, several like me, are stunned by the very unfair, unjust and out-of-place attacks on your person, talent, wit and wisdom that sometimes attacks coming from only one person…that blogger named and universally known as HarvardForHillbillies.

    I resent that infartuation!!!

    Please Harvard…give yourself a break…there’s lots to like and for us to continue enjoying! Go give your dad a hug and tell him you love him because he raised a fine son.

  93. He raised a loser and he’ll go to his grave believing such.

    You guys have fun. Hope you all one day make it to Nick’s. Always leave an extra mug at the table you can spit in my mystical remembrance. Enjoy the rest of the season and here’s to hoping the Hoosiers have a few more upsets they’ve been saving for March.

    Must go out with Remy Remix. It plays in my head every time that baller takes the court. Verifiable crazy…yes I am. Long live Jamarcus Ellis and the Sampson boys that never deserved the horrible crap they took for just being young and naive. Forgive and admit our wrongs. Peace to all.

    Thank you Tsao. You are of good heart.

    Go Hoosiers!!

  94. I can’t do live chat. By the time I type something it’s hopelessly out of context.

    Harvard, compartmentalize don’t internalize. See the humor in it all. I’m pretty much impervious to attack because I don’t really care what’s written about me or my comments. It doesn’t affect my life in any way and allows me to enjoy everyone’s comments. I tend to like most everyone here as long as they aren’t trying to do something creepy to someone else.

    Sticks and stones, dude, sticks and stones…

  95. Geoff- my other name was Steve in Ottawa. More to come- I’m too busy hating ‘Meyers Leonard’ right now ( isn’t that the worst name youve ever heard?)

  96. Watford was putrid!

    Our slow white point guard SUCKS! NBA scouts at the game to watch his SLOW SUCK game and the Nash name came up again(this time in a visual prompt during the telecast)? Huh? No way that slowpoke ever gets a glance from the NBA. I still say he SUCKS!

    WATFORD SUCKS! We’re actually tugging him in a lifeboat behind the ship he’s not aboard…just so he doesn’t spread his PUTRID STENCH to the rest of the SCOOP crew.

    REMY HARVARD? He came out of his dream. He SUCKS again.

    Don’t stay away too long..More to come. Could someone explain a screen to me? What’s a screen? Can Jordy mosquitoes get through holes in it? Pick and roll? Anybody?

  97. I finally dug into You Tube and found some footage of the ’12 recruits. Suffice to say help IS on the way as many have previously said here.

    Yogi >>>>>> VJ3.
    Perea >>>> Pritchard
    Hollowell >> Patterson >> Watford
    Hulls moves to SG & comparisons to Steve Nash disappear, & rightly so!
    Remy, Sheehey come off the solid bench.

    Starting 5 prediction: Zeller, Yogi, Hulls, Perea, Olidipo.
    6th men: Hollowell, Patterson, Watford, Sheehey, Remy.

    Things are looking WAY UP in 2012-13 fans. Solid starting five & a very strong bench!

  98. AwinAZ – I would like to bet $100 that your proposed starting line-up starts fewer than half the games. If any of your starters gets injured for more than 3 games in a row I will call the bet off just to give you a little help…

  99. I also find it interesting that you think that Patterson is better than Watford… Based on what? A couple YouTube clips? You realize that Watford has been the leading scorer on a B1G team for the last 2 years and is averaging 12 & 6 for a nationally ranked team this year…

  100. Wooooo, big betsman are you Geoff? These are the best 5 players, barring injuries. Watford is the yo-yo player. I’m sure Crean will start him because of his potential to be yo- yo is up vs. yo- yo is down. Admit it, the dude disappears at will if he doesn’t hit 1 of his 3 first shots. He’s been better recently by just blocking out and getting rebounds in the fray. I gave him those kudos last night in print. I predict Watford will be the VJIII replacement here next year. And if he proves me wrong, we all win!

  101. I don’t disagree that that would be our best line-up, I just don’t think it will start very often. Hopefully we’ll see long stretches with that group on the floor. I’m not prepared to say that Watford as a senior won’t be better than any of the freshman, especially for the first half of the year. Certainly they all have more potential than him, but that’s about all I can say for sure.

    Yep, $100… Big baller…. Occasionally I just say things for a reaction, keep it fresh, you know….

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