Tom Crean on Purdue

Tom Crean apparently won’t be available for the press today, but he put out a release of quotes. The news is that senior guard Verdell Jones is being treated for a bruised right shoulder suffered in Saturday’s game and will be a game-day decision. The rest of the release follows.

Tom Crean

On Purdue:
“Purdue is an extremely talented team with quite a few proven winners. “They have great leadership on the court and are always in attack mode.”

“They are extremely effective on offense because they take care of the ball and get excellent penetration and it’s a team full of very good shooters.”

“Defensively, you have to be prepared to handle their pressure, switching and the overall physicality of the game.”

“Every league game is being played at such a high level, they are all played like a rivalry game. The coaches and players in the Big Ten all understand the importance of each conference game, and I wouldn’t expect anything different tomorrow night.”

Purdue has different ways they double the post. They really try to keep you guessing on coverage. We have to be a great passing team Sat.”

On Thursday practice
I loved our resolve in practice today. Its always important to have hard line and high level competition.  Our start at Michigan was so uncharacteristic of us. This will be a real battle of movement and spacing against Purdue.”

On Verdell Jones III
“A decision on Verdell’s playing status won’t be made until the day of the game.  He is receiving treatment on his right shoulder (bruised) and we will have a better idea about his ability to play then.  Verdell is experienced enough that we need to allow him to get better so he can be game ready.”


  1. Purdue pressure
    Will Jackson pick up our point guard at mid court? We have to start the offense further out, causes our ballhandlers to have to dribble the ball to get to where our passing scheme starts. Break that down .. do we back door cut? Drive and dish? Looking for an explanation when a team forces you to start the offense outside your comfort level. High 4 offense? Purdue good at double down. Also, pressuring the ball takes away the swinging of the ball or weave from side to side?

    Can we make a defensive run at Hummel? Elston and Watford.Put Vic on the next Purdue scoring option to hopefully keep him out of foul trouble.

  2. Crean needs to practive the time out signals. I blame him for loss. Can’t be another Div 1 coach that would not have called a time out in Michigan run Wed night.

  3. RMK was world famous for not calling T/O’s when his teams were fighting an opponents run or their own poor play. He expected the team to know what to do to fix the situation since he had schooled them in practice over and over as to what to do. You halt a teams run and energize your own poor offensive play by turning up the energy at the D end. Nobody much mentioned it to Knight except Chuck Marlowe…1 time.

  4. Crean is not RMK as far as a game coach that’s obvious. You win close games on the road by the coach and team asserting their will on the other team.I don’t think Crean or VJ111 or Watford are tough enough to do that. Hulls,Oladipo,Zeller,Sheehey can to some extent.Matador defense spells loss in the Big Ten road games. IU never dictates tempo on the road.

  5. He says he “loves their attitude” in practice every time.

    Then, they play like they “saw a ghost.”

  6. Purdue might lay a shoulder into Verdell

    I remember Barlow giving IU the “Choke signal” last year.
    Hope they were able to show that film at sometime, maybe
    a picture of it in the locker room.

  7. If Crean is no RMK then the T/O is a mute point. You can have it one way or the other but not both ways. Next topic.

  8. Suggest CTC quit quoting Joyce Meyer on Twitter and focus on basketball. Yes,Tom we know you are religous- now, focus on why IU is paying you $2.3 million a year – beat Purdue on the road. Its easy to quote scripture when you make that amount of money.

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