Glass still reviewing women’s basketball

I spoke with Indiana athletic director Fred Glass this evening about the women’s basketball program and the coaching status of Felisha Legette-Jack. The short answer was that it is a program under review, just as each sport is at the conclusion of a season. Glass emphasized that this review was not “something extraordinary or an unusual process” in the wake of the Hoosiers’ 6-24 record, the third consecutive losing season under Legette-Jack.

“We do this with all programs,” the IU AD said. “With 19 coaches, I guess that would be four times 19, and (we’ve) only made changes twice.”

He noted that the lines of communication have been open with Legette-Jack throughout the year, regardless of the record.

“While we’re in the midst of internal conversations and review, it’s been a conversation with Felisha all season. We meet every week,” Glass said. “We’ve been transparent with each other and have been communicating this week since the season ended last week.
“With that going on, it’s not appropriate or productive to talk about (the factors) until we sort through it internally.”

Questioned about the concern of a perceived limbo situation impacting the program, particularly recruiting, Glass declined to set any kind of timetable.

“I just put that in the category of not commenting externally until Felisha and I sort through this internally as we always do,” he said. “It’s slippery slope to talk about those kinds of things.”


  1. Fred, what is there to review? Recruiting is horrible for a Big Ten program. The coaching has produced nothing. The program currently sucks and is trending downward at a fast rate. My review says… IU needs a new women’s coach.

  2. Curt Miller from Bowling Green should be hired to become the women’s basketball coach. He has won over 72% of his games at Bowling Green and 75% of his conference games while taking his team to the NCAA’s multiple times and winning coach of the year multiple times. Coach Jack might a great person but this program needs someone to take the program in a new direction and that person needs a background in winning….Currently, the coach has no background in winning both at Hofstra and IU. check her record at Hofstra…54-63 with a losing record in conf games in her 4 yrs

    Miller’s also has a 100% graduation rate among all athletes who exhaust their eligibility with the program.

  3. The one word to describe Bollant’s record is WINNER. Just read his resume and you’ll see with previous connections to Evansville and Bloomington he is a coach IU could get behind, in force. The in-state recruiting would commence with him at the helm.

  4. Will Fred hire a man? Not a shot at Fred, just a question, because the previous administration seemed hell bent on not hiring a man. that falls to Greenspan’s feet in the end, but it was those who served high level positions under him that were pretty forceful about the female requirement.

  5. I agree with all of the above! I have complained all year long about our current situation. Coach Jack is a fine woman who has great enthusiasm but, her recruiting is terrible and her coaching is highly questionable! She won early here because she inherited players from the former coachs; Kathi Bennent and Sharon Versup. She claims she recruits the state but, in state players refuse to come here (about one a year)! As I stated in a previous comment, in state players refuse to come here either because; they are not being recruited or, if they are, they don’t think that she can coach them to victory? What other reason could there be? The two coaches mentioned in the above letters would be excellant, especialy Miller who has been an incredible coach since he has been at Bowling Green which has been a boarder line top 25 ranked team during his tenure there. Matt Bollant would be great, as stated, he was here under Bennent and recruited the state of Indiana under her. Glass needs to man up and admit he was wrong in extending Jack’s contract last year. It made no sense at the time and this year’s record has proven that once again! Come on Fred, cut her loose and get a real coach in here!

  6. I thought Indiana was a basketball school. It is past time to change coaches. Nice lady, but cannot coach. This year was an embarrassment. This is a talent-rich state for recruiting and our team is terrible. The above two coaches would be a stellar addition to our coaching ranks.

  7. Curt Miller and Matt Bollant are very strong candidates. Miller had a stroke this January, I don’t know what impact that might have as far as Glass is concerned. There is a woman, Tricia Cullop, that I would also consider. Long time successful coach at Evansville, currently at Toledo where she is experiencing a great deal of IU. Big potential drawback, she’s a Purdue graduate and played four years there.

  8. great deal of success. She’s from Bicknell so she’s familiar with Bloomington and IU. Big potential …

  9. So glad to see others interested in the women’s program at IU. It is embarrassing to see them wear the candy stripes. Fred has done an excellent job since he has been at IU in other areas. Fred has laid an egg here. Please fix it Fred.

  10. I also should have said that Jordan Hulls sister plays for Miller at Bowling Green so a local contact to understand Miller.
    BTW – His stroke kept him out 3 games

  11. Of course we had a male head coach before, but we haven’t in over a decade now, despite having three coaches in that span of time. Part of the reason for that is internal and external pressure to hire a female coach. So my question is whether Fred will stare that down and hire the best person for the job or hire the best woman for the job. Right now there is only one male head coach in the Big Ten. Miller could/should have been a candidate last time around, but wasn’t because he’s a man. But Fred wasn’t here for that, which is why I asked whether he’ll hire a man or not because we don’t have a track record to go on with him hiring coaches of women’s programs.

  12. GD I am sick of this social re-engineering crap, if a man is the best hire, hire him, if it is a woman then hire her, if the best happens to be a jackass then I guess social re-engineering is on a roll.

  13. I agree the time for a change is long overdue. I believe the best replacement for long term success is Jennifer Rizzotti from The University Of Hartford. Check out her experience here

    Fred it is also time to wake up and pay some attention to the other sports . The indoor track facility is absolutly pathetic and baseball and softball fields without lights are middle school facilities.

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