Hoosier Brunch

With a big game today and the last weekend of the regular season, I’ve decided to give you guys a nice, big Hoosier Brunch this morning. Enjoy your Sunday, everyone.


I took a break from columns and got the chance to write my first feature-length story of the IU season. The Hoosiers’ five-man senior class may not be the most talented group to ever leave Bloomington, but they will leave a legacy, that’s for sure.

Verdell Jones has been one of the most polarizing figures in IU basketball history, and with his last game at Assembly Hall tonight, Dustin looks into his transformation and his path to this point.


Perseverance has paid off again and again for IU and Indiana coach Tom Crean, Pete DiPrimio of the News-Sentinel writes.

IU and Purdue will battle for Big Ten Tournament seeding tonight with the fifth seed on the line, LaMond Pope of the Journal Gazette writes.

Terry Hutchens and Michael Pointer of the Indy Star look into the NCAA Tournament prospects of the Big Ten this postseason.

Verdell Jones has had a rocky career so far, but this last season has been a gratifying one, Zach Osterman of Inside Indiana writes.


In honor of the seniors, here’s a play not many people will soon forget:


  1. Thanks for the vid of The Pritch! I can still replay that one in my mind but it was nice to see it on video again.

  2. One of my all time favorite IU highlights. Will Sheehey’s dunk against Iowa was more explosive, but Pritchard’s was just so…unexpected. Awesome “thunk” when his hand hits the rim.

  3. Wow. Seth “Blowbags” Davis just placed us as a projected 3 seed in the South Region…He had NC in the same bracket..Wouldn’t that be interesting to have an eventual Cody vs. Tyler match-up?

  4. After these two wins I honestly wouldn’t be surprised to see us jump 8 or 10 spots in the rankings. We deserve it.
    Twenty-four Win Tom…. Who woulda thunk?

  5. We almost blew an 18 point lead at home so I don’t see us jumping that much in the polls.

    Love we swept Moo U!!!!

  6. “Who woulda thunk?”

    You know very well who thunked it. Stop it already.

    Wouldn’t it be a gas if we drew Detroit Mercer in the first round of the NCAA tournament(barring Mercer beats Valpo Tuesday)?

  7. Now Harvard, as I recall you predicted a very pessimistic 22 wins. Fortunately the Hoosiers didn’t fall into your prediction of gloom and doom.

  8. Chet-

    Keep in mind that my original “gloom and doom” prediction of 22 wins failed to anticipate a bit of team synergy and slight upward bump by way of a gimpy shoulder. Using my gifts to foresee injuries may have appeared tasteless and way over-the-top to the many exemplary and classy IU fans that grace the pages of Hoosier Scoop.

  9. I don’t know the mystical karma of the world but Verdell turned into an incredible contributor to a great Hoosier team following his injury.

    In a perfect world I wanted to see the senior Verdell leading the Hoosiers, perhaps from the bench. Maybe we have a perfect world.

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