1. This comment is in response to Dustin. Dustin, I believe the correct team any thoughtful Hoosier would be rooting for is Louisville. Having their tournament ruined by the Cards would send an ultrasonic shock wave throughout the Bluegrass State. We’re talking massive heartbreak, the gnashing of tooth, and the horrible lamentations of their sister-wives. Real end of days stuff.

    There won’t be enough shine to drown the sorrows.

    Delicious, delicious schadenfreude.

  2. Agreed. I’m pulling big time for the Cards to win. It would be far more damaging to the brittle Kaintuck psyche to lose to the red-headed stepchild than it would have been to drop another to the Hoosiers.

  3. I’m also rooting HARD for Louisville.

    If they beat Kaintuck, their moonshine-filled brains would EXPLODE.

    It would be GLORIOUS!!!

    Plus, I lived in Louisville for a year so I’d like to see them do well.

  4. Dustin/Ryan
    A reason not to send a player to prep school rather than red shirting at IU is they become recruits again so they could go elsewhere. At iu, they are here, learning the program under the eyes of the coaching staff

  5. Charles,
    What Laffy said. Obviously, it would benefit them more to be under the eyes of the coaching staff and if there were no scholarship issue, redshirting would clearly be a better idea than sending someone to prep school, but someone’s gotta go or someone’s gotta give up their scholarship. 14 has to become 13 somehow someway, and redshirting doesn’t solve that problem.

  6. I was listening to ESPN radio and the subject was how boxing and college basketball are the only two sports that were much better 20 years ago. The great athletes no longer become boxers and great basketball players no longer stay for four years. I listened and thought…

    …that’s who we are. IU is a basketball team from 20 years ago. Now, we aren’t loaded head to toe with top flight talent but we do have kids that are going to play together for several years. When you do that you can be better than the team with loaded top flight talent. When you add top flight talent the sky is the limit.

    I’m going to make a prediction. Even though we can now compete for the best players in the country I’m betting incoming Hoosiers are going to be the kind of guys that play for 4 years. I’m betting (hoping) that CTC creates an environment that, barring severe family financial hardship, players will come to IU with the intention of graduating (stay Cody, stay).

    If he can do that we’re hanging banners.

  7. Chet, I think that will be the intent of the players IU recruits. But there will always be exceptions. If talented young men comes to IU with the intention of getting their degree, but they discover after year or two that they are elite players college BB players and highly desired by the NBA, some will no doubt leave for the obvious opportunity to secure their financial future. Nothing wrong with that and it would be sign that IU BB is doing the right things.

    But I hope we never get into a pattern of recruiting “one-and-done” players, like KY does. That’s not really college basketball.

    Hopefully, the NBA and NCAA will modify the rules, and either allow kids over 18 to be drafted right out of HS, or require them to be out of HS for at least two years before becoming eligible for the NBA draft. Either of those rules changes would improve the situation for college basketball.

    The real issue is the NCAA elevating and enforcing the academic requirements and academic performance standards required to play a “varsity” sport. They need to make sure that as long as the young people are in college that they are legitimate students, and not just athletes appearing to be students. There should be elevated minimum academic standards so that these young people can, at the very least, obtain a certain amount of quality education while they’re on campus. If the NCAA does that, a major portion of the problem is solved.

  8. All the ‘one and done’ rule has accomplished is to make the “schools” that never intended to provide an education anyway (i.e. Kentucky) perennial powerhouses. It just made things worse. But it’s the NBA’s rule and it’s just so they can evaluate talent for a year. The NCAA needs to put in a rule that doesn’t make a mockery of amateurism.

    “Come to Kentucky and take a couple ‘classes’ (nudge, nudge, wink, wink) in the fall and you’re good to go. We’ll even doctor up your transcript if you, God forbid, have to come back for a second year.”

  9. Chet, you’re right, it is the NBA’s rule. But if the NCAA wanted to stop this, they could impose a penalty for schools that lose players to the NBA after only one year on campus. Let’s say they take a scholarship away, or ban the team from post-season play for a year. Instantly, the NBA would rescind their one-year rule and return to drafting kids right out of HS.

    I know it seems harsh, and it is certainly not PC, but the vast majority of these one and done players are not the least bit interested in academics. It is a joke and it makes a mockery out of the term student athlete. If they can play in the NBA at 18, let them.

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