1. Guarantee you they won’t call a second ful on Davis this half no matter what he does… Cowards. He’s already committed 3 fouls on iso post ups.

    They aren’t afraid to call a second foul on Jordy though are they…

  2. Holy shit the refs blow… They are just gonna take Zeller out of the game because Jones throws an elbow into his stomach. 4 whistles in 20 seconds of game play.

  3. Gotta survive until next TV TO & get Hulls & Z back in. We cannot win with them out of the game, no matter what. You get 5 no matter how it’s sliced. Pack into a 2-3 & let them shoot it over top the rest of 1H.

  4. Game under protest already… Davis earns 5 fouls, but called for 2.. Zeller earns 1 foul (not called) but called for 2 he didn’t earn…

    Dipo and Hulls deserve theirs, but we have subs for them.

    The refs are cowards. Called 2 fouls on Davis so the “HAD” to make up fouls on Zeller to make that crybaby Calipari happy.


  5. I love how UK commits 4 of the first 5 fouls, but gets to the DOUBLE BONUS before IU gets within 2 fouls of the regular ole 1-&-1…


  6. Actually DIehard I think we are “adequate” in the half court right now… It’s our complete lack of transition D that’s the difference. Just letting Jones run 10 steps ahead of everyone and no one even paying attention to him.



  8. Ok I just watched that play again and lamb didn’t push Roth off, their feet got tangled, but THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NO QUESTION THAT WAS A 100% CHARGE THAT PRITCH TOOK.


  9. We gotta hit our FTs.
    we gotta finish dunks.
    We gotta have the loose balls we get our hands on.
    No room for error to beat these cheaters.
    Do those 3 simple things & we are ahead at half & can win this game!

  10. I’ll add another…

    Stop raising up on shot fakes at the 3-pt line. If they want to shoot that shit LET THEM!

    Hand up but knees bent and in defensive position. Then REBOUND!

  11. Shocker… Uk in the bonus and IU still 3 fouls away from shooting 1-&-1…

    Yep and from the TV angle that’s a very questionable call to foul out Dipo.


  12. Uk will win this tournament by default. They aren’t much better than IU. The more talented team has gotten the slight edge in calls. This game should be a tad closer.

    UNC injured.

    Syracuse injured.

    UK is overrated. This game is proving it.

    Either that or IU is waaaayyyy better than I think they are. (insert Harvard comment).

  13. Total BS free throw shooting by UK tonight. They suck at these but of course tonight they can’t miss.

  14. Kentucky fans have to be the fu(king stupidest fans on earth from the reactions ive heard to the VERY FEW calls that have been made against them tonight.

  15. Wow. What a season… So proud.

    Sorry for all the bitching everybody. What an absolutely great time to be a Hoosier.

    Love those boys.

  16. I bet Calipari cheated. His players coming in cheated on there SAT’s. It happened the final four year he was at Memphis. Crean owes the 2012 senior class daughnuts, from the battle of the Crean bowl.

  17. Huh…that team from the SEC won…..NOOOOO thats the KENTUCKY WILDCATS. keep your Bobby Who…

  18. Our guys have come of age. This is NOT the team, or attitudes, that lost to MN, Iowa & Neb. Plain & simple. I’m proud of their effort, the game plan, and the year they’ve had. The game plan was solid although more zone would’ve been nice. One on one we just can’t hang with that team, especially with 33-35 FTs!!! Who saw that coming?!?! The only thing I can liken it to is Shaquille hitting 12-12 in the 2nd round in the 90s vs. us.

    There’s a lot to be proud of and look forward to this Nov. If CWat keeps playing this hard, if Olidipo & Sheehey continue to improve, if Z puts on 10 more lbs. of pure muscle & “the movement” comes to play, I see 30 Ws next year & a possible Final Four berth. Strong nucleus & better attitude grown through adversity this, and the last 3 years.

    Missed 2 FTs by UK? That’s why they’re going to win it this year. We beat any other team in the tourney tonight if anybody, incl. UK, shoot 80% from the line. Think about that! But they did & they deserved to beat us because of it.

    Too bad we’ll inherit this W when UK forfeits it in less than 5 yrs.

  19. Kentucky had to play their best game of the season to beat us.

    50% from 3’s (5-10). Season average was 38%

    95% from the line (35-37). Season average 72%

    102 points. Season average 77…

    If they shot FTs and 3’s at their season average they would have scored 91 points.

    I wish they would have played like they normally do.

    I think IU would have beat anyone else still in the tournament tonight.

  20. Great season guys. Way to play until the end. These losses always hurt the worst, but it beats where we have been. If UK fans had any class, they would keep their mouths shut. Probably not going to happen.

  21. Remember, our entire starting 5 will be back next year and we will have a top 3 recruiting class coming in. Can’t be prouder of this team than I am right now. Also, this win will be vacated in a couple of years when the sanctions come down on UK and Calipari.

  22. UK was virtually perfect tonight. What can you do?

    Thank you to this amazing team for putting IU back on the map in a most bold and authoritative way.

    Next season I envision 3 All-Americans and a preseason #5 ranking. We are back, and will be better than ever.

  23. You guys should be proud. They would have beat anyone else in the field tonight. Congrats on a great season and a game well played. Hard to beat a team shooting 35 of 37 free throws. Indiana was very impressive and look forward to the rematch next year. Go CATS!!

  24. A lot can happen in 7 mos. but we return everybody who contributed tonight. Z, ‘dipo, CWat, Will, Hulls, Abell. A solid nucleus to be sure. We bring in Ferell, Patterson, Hollowell, Perrea. What we gain > what we lose. Fun times ahead for all of us, except you infiltrating numbskulls from UK & purdue. & you fair-weathers can get used to getting your rear ends handed to you for many years to come.

  25. How is our “entire” starting 5 coming back next year when Verdell is graduating? Didn’t he start most games before he got injured?

    I’ll say it right now: I think we win it all next year.

    No joke.

    If Kaintuck hadn’t been INSANE from the free throw line tonight, I think we would have beat them.

    Next year, we’re going to be 10 guys deep that can actually PLAY.

    As soon as the future bets come out next year, I’m putting $100 down for IU to win it all.

  26. Laffy… Me too. That’s a great bet. People like to talk about how deep Syracuse is the year. I’m not sure they could go man for man with us next year. They would be longer and more athletic, but not better.

    Zeller – potential national POY


    Roth (?)






    Any areas of importance that I’m missing?

    We are deep at everything a team needs to do to be successful. 2013 could be special.

  27. Fantastic f*cking game by IU tonight. Fantastic. I am SO damn proud of these guys. It did not even affect me that hundreds of drunken douchebag UK fans were chanting “F*CK THE HOOSIERS” and “MAYBE NEXT YEAR” throughout the last 5 minutes of the game. Besides, maybe next year? IU already beat you twits earlier this year. DAMN IU IS GOOD. Unbelievable. I am circling my calendar for the game @ Rupp next year as soon as I find out when it is, and going back to that same bar so I can chant “Maybe next year” when IU runs UK off their own court.

  28. I never saw a team play as hard as the Hoosiers played. The IU fan were the epitome of class. The Kentucky fans were about what you’d expect.

    Really proud to be a Hoosier.

  29. It is damn hard to win a game when the refs allow the opposition 20 more opportunities from the charity line. Charity is the right term for the officiating of this game. It was the only way the pUKes would surpass 100 and advance. Baylor is in for a shock if they think they will only be playing 5 on 5. I am a bad loser so, POTFpUKes!!

  30. Lmao talk about cowards and stupid fans all you want. You got beat by a better team on a neutral floor. You guys are pitiful bandwagoners. When things aren’t going well nobody supports the Hoosiers. You talk about how bad things are. You criticize your coach constantly even though he’s the best thing that’s happened to that basketball program in god knows how long. Pitiful excuse for fans

  31. True Blue 2 (post #41): Nice post. Thanks for the words. Class act. The antithesis of the last poster.

    The fact that there is at least one nice, respectful UK fan makes Kentucky automatically twice as classy as Oregon fans.

  32. Wow, after several years of being losers you guys sure have learned how to whine. Even Fischer is a big crybaby now, and he never was before. I never thought i’d see the day when IU fans would blame the officials for their losses. It is really sad.

  33. I believe a 4th floor game official would have enhanced the chances of increasing the score differential.

  34. Oh now, just when you think some class has found it’s way south of the Ohio River, Big Bob and Big blue nation remind us that not much has changed with KY fans. I dare say, that when KY gets busted for breaking NCAA rules (it’s inevitable), or when the NCAA requires that scholarship athletes must actually be students, and the KY BB program gets devastated with all but the death penalty, we’ll see how loyal the KY fan base really is. We’ll see if their BB stadium fills with 16,000 or more to watch a team that wins six games.

    Congratulations to Kentucky’s BB team on a great victory. The better team won the game last night. Certainly the better free-throw shooting team won last night. But any reasonable observer must admit that the refs played a big part in the outcome, especially in the first half. How many more free-throws did KY take last night? The shame of it was that they deprived the fans of what could have been another classic, a super exciting finish between two great teams instead of a free-throw shooting contest.

    Regardless, IU basketball is back and better days are ahead for the Hoosier Nation. I’ve never been more proud to be a Hoosier.

  35. Kaintuck fans never complain about officials?


    The second call on Zeller was complete and total bull-feathers. That was the ballgame.

    And the hillbillies shot 20 more free throws? Please.

    All Kaintuck fans can go fornicate themselves.

  36. NCAA violations this and that refs this and that free throws blah blah blah sore losers. Who out of the two teams had the last set of violations? Just be happy you got beat and have a reason to watch the final four to root against the cats…

  37. Big Blue – that’s a fair point. But it as all surrounding 1 guy – Sampson – and most fans questioned the hire anyway because of his past transgression. IU’s overwhelming reputation is that of a clean program that graduates its players and competes the right way. In other words, everything that is right about college sports. That was what made the Sampson hire and resulting scandal so unusual and hurtful.

    Kentucky’s overwhelming basketball reputation on the other hand is one of controversy, scandal, bigotry, sanctions, forfeitures, and poor-graduation rates… In othe words everything that is wrong with college sports.

    Congrats on your win last night. Cherish it while you can. Pretty soon you’ll be sharing a boat with USC Football fans, trying to grasp onto forfeited titles. It happens to UK every decade and to Calipari at every stop.

  38. You think they aren’t watching caliparis every move? Get over it. And you guys have quite the recruiting class coming in yourselves and with that comes rumors get used to it

  39. Geoff, I agree with your sentiment and certainly the nearly three decades as leaders of a movement for integrity and ethics within the NCAA and college basketball in particular attest to your point. Your criticism of the University of Kentucky leaves out that Big Blue basketball history also includes a legendary period where Wildcat players were exposed for corruption, gambling and throwing games including some of their best known ‘heroes’.

    So, since we are not proud of the period where recruiting transgressions involving the purposely ignored violations of regulations regarding telephone contacts and that coach’s attempt to cover up the violations, we should agree with the classification of the sad episode while pointing out that we fired him, supported his banning of the NCAA and forced the resignation of the administrators who failed to properly monitor the program to guarantee its integrity.

    So, while we lost the game yesterday; we do remember that following its gambling scandal, Kentucky built a dormitory strictly for jocks, was also placed on NCAA probation for various football transgressions, had one murder involving football players and an alleged drug distribution scheme. Not to mention the fact that our players come to Indiana University for the privilege of attending classes…(“Say wha’?!!…what’s a class??”

    So, as the Final Four are selected, Kentucky fans will think about the Hoosiers and say to each other “look at the Hoosiers in their red and white;…it is possible to field a quality team for student-athletes who actually attend school with the express intent of getting a college degree!” (More than a few of them would be proud to have their children accepted to Indiana University and brag to their neighbors and cousins in the seat next to them in Rupp Arena).

    Now that’s what I call a difference.

  40. Come on guys. Let’s not ruin the euphoria of a great resurrection season by arguing with a UK troll. The sun shines brighter in Bloomington – that’s a fact!

    The town is alive today. People are basking in the spring sun with a sense of calm and reflective happiness, knowing that order has been restored in the basketball world now that IU IS BACK. Smells of grilled meat waffle through the air and music pours from rooftop speakers as kids and townspeople dream of next years team. Take a deep breath and soak it all in. Life is good!

  41. There will be no rumors with Tom Crean at the helm. His background is squeaky clean, always has been, always will be. On the other hand pUKe from old man Rupp to Criminalipari???…and I am sure Worldwide Wes is still lurking around in the shadows. Last nights W will be a L after the investigation is over.

  42. Keep it coming boys. Listen to yourselves talk about all things wrong with uk basketball. I love it. We are winning and will continue to win as you little ones look from the backseat with jealousy of the winningest program. Won’t be long and we will have the most national titles. You may beat us every once in a while, But not very often. I understand that after every game in basketball one teams fans is crying and bringing up old crap because it’s all they got. I did it in December…. Your turn and I’m loving it

  43. Ha with the Tom cream comment… There has already been rumors. That’s what they are rumors! That guys a snake and half the year you guys have been calling for his head lol

  44. For everyone to refresh the ole memory,

    Before Davis committed to Kentucky, the Chicago Sun-Times reported that his father, Anthony Davis, Sr. asked Kentucky for $200,000 for a commitment from his son.[51] The report was initially released on Wednesday August 4, 2010 by Times reporter Michael O’Brien.[52] Citing “a reliable source,” he posted the following text “rumors/sources that have Davis choosing Kentucky are also alleging that the commitment cost $200,000.” before it was edited to say “rumors that Davis’ commitment is for sale have surfaced since he cut his list of schools down about a month ago.” and then removed later that day from the Sun-Times’ high school sports website following a threat from a University of Kentucky lawyer.[52] A Lexington, Kentucky law firm, sent a letter under the signature of attorney Stephen L. Barker, the expressed a “formal demand that you (O’Brien and the Sun-Times) withdraw the publication from any source from which it has been published, and issue an immediate statement that you know of no credible evidence indicating that there is any truth to the ‘rumors’ referred to in your article.”[52] Baker’s letter also threatened potential “punitive damages for your malicious and willful actions.”[52] Anthony Davis Sr., declined to speak to the Chicago Tribune on August 4 regarding the allegation, although he denied the allegations to the Sun-Times stating “We haven’t asked anyone for anything, and no one has offered us anything,” on July 30 before the story broke.[52]

    The article was reposted on the Sun-Times’ website and included in the print edition on Friday August 6 where O’Brien wrote “sources from three separate universities told the Sun-Times that Davis Sr. asked for money in return for his son’s commitment, with the amounts ranging from $125,000 to $150,000.”[53][54][55] The University of Kentucky and the Davis family have both threatened to sue the Sun-Times over the article.[53][56] However, no lawsuits have been filed by Kentucky or the Davis family. No proof or evidence of any kind was presented by the supposed sources, which has led to criticism of the author for his use of yellow journalism.[57] The Davises and Kentucky claim the restated publication was false.[58

  45. I don’t understand UK fans on here. This is the Hoosier scoop. Don’t you guys have any friends? I have never gone to an opponents site. It is extremely pathetic. Shouldn’t you be looking forward to Sundays game? I would be.

  46. Actually Big Blue all the people you are conversing with now have been staunch Crean defenders… Just like the vast majority of IU fans.

    And for the record, there are very few fans here who thought/think that IU is the better team this year. BUT there are also just as few that think that won’t change next year. Would you care to make a wager on who is the higher ranked team going into next year? Or who wins more games – actually that may not be fair since we play in the Big Ten and you get 15 easy SEC games – but I’d bet we still win more. Or how about who gets a higher NCAA seed next year?

    That’s not old crap. That’s the future baby! And it looks a lot brighter for us…

  47. Been no rumors of under the table rules violation here. There was a date of either starting a recruiting period or ending one that was gotten wrong but was reported by the BB program. This isn’t pUKe where it is common place to organize a plan for getting an upper hand using methods of violation.

  48. I don’t begrudge Kentucky players for not attending class. For goodness sake, the place is a bait and tackle shop. Why go through the motions of attending class just to get a worthless piece of paper and a job that consists of saying, “Do you want fries with that?”

    Cal rents a few pros from out of state so they can win some basketball games and bring a little joy to their otherwise miserable existence.

    If they have to break a few rules to do it, so what?

    It’s all they have.

  49. No guys all you have is hope for the future, nothing to back it up yet and sure Geoff I’ll bet ya what every you want as far as what will happen between the two on the floor

  50. Just out of curiosity Big Blue, what is your confidence for next year based on?

    Is MKG really going to stay if he is #2 pick in the draft?

    Don’t you think youre losing a bit much? Cauley is no Davis. Who replaces Jones?

    Don’t get me wrong I’ll take your money(?), but I was just curious…

  51. I just don’t understand all the hate. I pay my taxes to fund the state schools. I cheer for iu on all occasions except for the obvious. Basketball is much better when both teams are good, I think that was proven this year. You all know I’m just on here to press your buttons. I just glance at what you say, wait a while and then write something to keep you going. Something to do on commercials I guess….

  52. In a twist of irony, between the team owners, head coaches, GM’s, and team presidents even the guys that make it to the NBA will still probably be working for an IU grad.

  53. In a twist of irony, between the team owners, head coaches, GM’s, and team presidents, even the guys that make it to the NBA will probably be working for an IU grad.

  54. Big Blue… No hate from me. Just facts and comparisons. Regarding post #69 – I feel like there are actually quite a few reasons to back up our hope.

    Didn’t you have a lot of hope coming into this year? You were coming off a 29-9 season where you were a #4 seed and out-performed your tournament expectations. You returned Miller and Jones and were adding a great recruiting class. No reason you shouldn’t have had extremely high hopes coming into this season.

    Well, we are coming off a 27-9 season where we were a #4 seed and out-performed our tournament expectations. We are returning Zeller and every meaningful piece of our team, and we’re adding The Movement.

    Seems like we have plenty to back up our optimism. Look how things have worked out for your team on the court this year.

  55. Kentucky beat us fair and square(emphasis on square).

    Baylor will keep them out of a Final Four. Syracuse will be the national champs. I originally had UNC, but the loss of their point guard has changed my opinion.

    Anxious to see how much the dynamics are going to change with Yogi at point guard and more athleticism around the rim.

    Watford certainly proved a whole slew of doubters wrong. Those that question his heart and his skills look to be the biggest fools.

    I don’t see Kentucky going forward after hearing the classless postgame comments from Lamb last night who was still talking of Watford’s “lucky” shot from the first meeting between the teams. Watford put up 27 points and instead of taking the high road and acknowledging the fact they didn’t have much an answer for our versatile forward, Lamb preferred to throw spit his way on national TV.

    We’ve seen a lot of classless acts in college basketball this year. We’ve seen national reporters use their prominence to print sensational and unbalanced comments..We’ve seen ugly brawls..And last night we saw a star on a Kentucky team use his 30 second chance with a microphone in his face to decide on cheap words that go against sportsmanship. You can win in the final score but still look less the winner.

  56. Well Geoff I base it on the same things you do. We aren’t done with our freshman class for next year. Some may stay, some will go but we usually have the number one freshman class and after shabazz sees that there is room for him to play at uk he will sign. I think we will be ok. As far as the kids leaving if any of you say that you could make life easy for your family and you wouldn’t go make millions and buy your mom a new house you wouldn’t? I don’t blame the kids, if I were in their situation, putting my family first always, I would play in Europe for a year and take care of my fam. Like I said iu being better is good for basketball, and I know you guys have been waiting a while… I went through it with sutton.

  57. Harvard, not as bad as creams post game blaming the refs…. You guys pull this crap on your own players. They are all kids for gods sake. How many of you were relieved when verdell was lost? Be honest. I bet you would’ve been an angel with a mic when you were 19 puhleez. The biggest moment in iu basketball was when your coach threw a chair on the court give me a break

  58. That was bigger than Kieth Smart’s shot? Really?

    Most of us were relieved when Verdell hurt his shoulder, but felt terrible when he tore his ACL. No one wanted that.

    And I never begrudge kids for going pro. I think the fact that kids can’t go pro out of HS is an injustice. My point was that Davis and MKG are really the reason your in the spot you are right now. IF you get Shabazz you MAY be able to replace MKG, but Davis is special, and irreplaceable. You could very well be losing your top 6 players. I don’t care how good your class is next year, if that happens you won’t be able to compete with IU.

  59. Why not Geoff? Our final four team last year was after we lost a record draft class what’s your point

  60. Yet another example of refs unnecessarily affecting the outcome of the game – Sullinger’s 2nd foul was a brutal call. Completely changes the complexion.

  61. Last years UK team hadn’t lost its top 6… They retained 2 very important pieces – Miller and Liggins.

  62. I never said iu wasn’t going to be good next year, they will be. I watched yogi play today, the championship was on my local tv. He will be fun to watch…. But their class isn’t better than ours according to rivals.com and we aren’t done yet. You will have a better core back maybe depending on who goes and who goes. Zeller will be a beast for the next 3 years. If you think you are gonna be out of our league you’re crazy as hell

  63. How many went in the draft Geoff? Wall, cousins, Bledsoe, Patterson, Orton. You know exactly how many players we have going this year? If you do you’re the only one. We will see what happens. You’re “6” is just a guess

  64. Not one single IU fan is “jealous” of Kentucky.

    Not one.

    You’re the dirtiest program in history.

    You must have pretty low self-esteem to come over here begging for attention.

    Better spend some more time with your sister before she divorces you.

  65. Ummmmm, you only have to be about 45 to have a vivid memory of that season…

    and I think my exact quote was, “you could very well be losing your top 6 players”.

    The word “could” denotes a guess or unsurety.

    We aren’t losing anyone of any importance. VJ3, Pritch, and maybe Roth… That’s it. Oh and a bunch of walk-ons that didn’t play.

  66. Go to bleacherreport.com and check out their top twenty programs of all time. As with most uk is 1 ucla is two these are back and forth across the board with most top tens. Uk being more successful over time. Iu isn’t in the top five. Dream much guys? Thanks for the laughs I got bigger fish to fry. Anyone know a Baylor website?

  67. Forty-five in Kaintuck sounds about right As meth and Oxycontin are considered part of the food pyramid down there, life expectancy is a bit shortened.

    Actually, in Kaintuck, it’s a food circle.

    I recently learned that the original working title of ‘Justified’ was ‘Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous – Lexington’.

  68. By the time they reach 45 in Kentucky, their brains are mush from all the moonshine, hillbilly heroin and incest.

  69. You hillbillies should do your research, According to dea war site Indiana is worse than ky in meth.. Which I figured. Missouri is the worst. Ky is up there too don’t get me wrong they are both in the top five…

  70. Take Anderson and griffin out of Indiana could be different… Maybe use your fire cream petition papers and just white out the top and see if you can ship them to ky or Michigan…. That’s where your best basketball players go

  71. There is also a higher crime rate in Indiana. And harvard… Doesn’t look like its gonna be Baylor

  72. Found this interesting today from Houchens of the Indy Star….

    “One other decision to be reached is whether the IU-Kentucky series continues. Kentucky officials have talked about dropping IU as the SEC looks to expand the number of conference games it will play in the future.”

    Geez, it couldn’t be that we are gearing up to beat their big blue asses the next few years does it? I’d worry about your “more wins bet” Geoff as UK goes soft to pad their schedule with more easy Ws.

  73. The only reason Kaintuck wants to drop the series is because they know we’re going to destroy them from now on.

    And the only reason the crime rate is “higher” in Indiana than Kentucky is because the cops in Kaintuck don’t report all the crimes because they’d have no relatives to spend the holidays with because they’d all be in prison instead of in their shacks.

    Plus, the cops get “oral favors” from the meth heads and let them go instead of reporting them in Kaintuck.

  74. They should have a zero crime rate. Is anything a crime in Kaintuck?

    Meth labs are considered farming. Oxy dealers are considered nutritionists.

    My mom got out of there when she graduated high school (she was probably 12) and never looked back. I hated having to visit her loser Kaintuck family.

    I’m embarrassed I have DNA that passed through the state.

  75. Speaking of “never happened with the Final Four before”, you do know your Cheating Coach had to give up TWO of them, right?

    The fact he’s allowed to be on the sideline is a complete disgrace to the sport.

  76. Has pUKe ever been to a final 4 knowing with certainty the program was clean? That is the Q.

  77. According to the NCAA’s records this is Calipari’s first trip to the NCAA Final Four.

  78. I repeat IU not even a top five program….Good luck with that Dagwood crack addict you call a coach lol

  79. You reinforce every negative Kaintuck stereotype that the civilized world makes fun of.

    If Kaintuck wins the Louisville fans will be disappointed but many of them will cheer for the kittens in the finals. If Louisville wins the entire Kaintuck fanbase will be on suicide watch.

  80. While I know counting isn’t a highly valued skill down there, Indiana has been to the same number of Final Fours in the past decade as Kentucky and we’ve made it to more championships.

    You come off a more idiotic with each post.

  81. If Scott May doesn’t break a wrist at the end of the 74-75 season we would have not only finished undefeated in back to back seasons in conference,but back to back national championships also!!!

  82. Ok Chet if you want to put a timeline on it of your choice. Give me some all time stats that work in your favor. How bout you start at 96? If I won the lottery today would that mean there is a good chance of winning?

  83. You can take your little cheap shots at me, but that doesn’t make the Indiana basketball program any better.

  84. Big Blue – I don’t think there is any question which program has been more successful over the course of history.

    We can simply make 2 points:

    1) IU has, by ANY measure, been one of the most successful basketball programs in history.

    2) UK’s “success” has always been tainted by controversy, no matter the decade or era.

    IU is Willie Mays.

    Kentucky is Barry Bonds.

  85. “IU is Willie Mays.

    Kentucky is Barry Bonds.”


    And to see the pUKe crying about “cheap shots” when he’s on an IU board trolling with insults is pretty funny.

  86. This is too funny. Chet, perhaps you should rethink your opinion concerning fan loyalty.

    GEORGETOWN, Ky. — The Kentucky-Louisville basketball rivalry boiled over at a central Kentucky dialysis clinic where an altercation erupted between patients with competing loyalties.

    GEORGETOWN, Ky. — The Kentucky-Louisville basketball rivalry boiled over at a central Kentucky dialysis clinic where an altercation erupted between patients with competing loyalties.

    Georgetown police Lt. Robert Swanigan says a Kentucky fan reportedly flipped off a Louisville fan, who allegedly responded by punching the Wildcat fan in the face.

    Swanigan says police expected tensions might rise as Kentucky and Louisville prepare to play in Saturday’s Final Four, but they never expected to be called to a dialysis clinic to break up a fight sparked by the rivalry.

    He says the Monday spat began with a verbal exchange between the 68-year-old Kentucky fan and 71-year-old Louisville fan over who will win the game.

    Swanigan says the Kentucky fan was receiving treatment during the spat.

    He says the Kentucky fan is not filing charges.

  87. Check and mate? I guess your fantasies are the end all be all on basketball. You guys can’t get along with each other much less anyone else. The uk Louisville rivalry just goes to show you that iu isn’t even on top of that list. Willie mays Hayes on the Major League movies maybe!

    Geoff- Coach Lou Brown

    Harvard- Ricky Vaughn (wild thing)

    Chet- Pedro Cerano

    Laffy- Harry Doyle ( Bob Uecker)

    Hoosier- Roger Dorn

  88. Just a wild guess, Big blue nation, you’re Roger Dorn’s wife, correct? Don’t get mad at me,I am just trying to figure out who is having fun and who is serious. I actually feel that Geoff would be the widow and now team owner, that would explain the team’s over achieving down the stretch, just to get rid of her/him/it.

    You must be Randy Quaid, sitting in the grandstands making a fool of himself, with 2 other Kentucky fans, sorry Indians fans.

    Remember, just kidding!

  89. I won’t get mad, just trolling for fun discussion. I’m actually a fan of both programs that only roots against IU once a year. This years case twice. Indiana is my home and I pay my taxes to this great state of ours. My family tree stayed sideways in ky until my father decided to move the business to Indiana. I really enjoy the rivalry and hope that it stays this competitive for a while. If I’m randy quaid I can accept that, wild thing you make everything… Embarrasing

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