1. Ouch, Don’t I feel like a douchebag after watching VJ roll around on the court in agony.I’ve sarcastically wished for this, but in reality it’s tough to see. Doesn’t look like something he’ll walk off anytime soon, so, we’ll miss him. I do feel we have guys that casn step up however & fill the void.

  2. Seriously, Ed Hightower may be getting senile. Anyone else see that blown call on the basaeline? That kid wasn’t within 6 inches of the line, & isn’t he the 1 that made the same bad call last I.U. game? It was Zeller he called out of bounds also on the baseline & the replay also showed that he didn’t step on the line. I wonder if the big ten tests these ref’s.Hightower has been working the big ten since I was a kid(let’s just say, a looooooong time). This call today was REALLY bad. Looked like he was anticipating the kid stepping out but he didn’t even come close to doing so. Not good for the rest of the tourney!

  3. Chris – I hear you about VJ3… I’ve been very critical, but I think he’s done we’ll with this reduced role that I (and many others) had been asking for all along. It’s just terrible to see a senior go down just before his dream of playing in a NCAA tourney is about to be realized…

    As far as that call on the baseline, the shot was blocked and the call was that the ball bounced on the end line. The announcers, as usual, are morons when it comes to this stuff. Whether or not the ball bounced on the endline was a lot closer – it may still have been incorrect, but it was very close.

  4. zeller needs to raise his release point inside. he keeps releasing from head high and gets blocked. talk about negating your height advantage. this isn’t high school, kid.

  5. God Bless Tom Crean. He is choking up on television talking about VJ3. What an awesome guy. So glad he is our coach. Keep it rollin’ Hoosiers!

  6. Psych, Great players like geoff will never choke up. They carry all players on their back, VJIII, whoever, Geoff is the best, just ask him.

  7. psych – I second your Tom Crean comments.

    Geoff – I also though the call was based on the ball/baseline.

    Hulls – really good game with couple of good stops.

    VJ – After all he has been through hate to see that happen to him. His limited floor time the last 5-6 games he has really been instrumental.

    Walking Miami South Beach yesterday, middle aged guy with Purdue shirt. I say “Purdue” and he sees my IU hat and just gives me the finger. I guess that is how you know IU is relevent again.

    In keeping with the board standards, I note the name is changed but the rectal opening is still around.

  8. Nice win.Also great to see Watford and Oladipo rebound and defend even when they are not shooting it well.This team is figuring out what it takes to win.Gutty ,tough,contributions from many players.I too have screamed for less minutes for Verdell.But he has played very well lately.This injury is nothing short of tragic for him.He has earned a chance to play in the NCAA tourney.I am truly saddened for him.

  9. Oh boy! all of the VJ the third haters will come out of the woodwork now jumping for joy.Can’t they see what a great player he is.There not real IU fans. oh boy here we go. OH boy OH boy!

  10. VJIII has really been finding an effective role for himself coming off the bench. He was just beginning to be a piece of the puzzle. It sure didn’t look good the way his knee just buckled.

  11. It was good to see that Jordy, with all his limitations, was able to make minor contributions here and there.

  12. I was amazed how Jordy elevated his game when defended by a reflection of himself.

  13. The rebounding was exceptional by CW and Vic but PSU really had no chance in the 2nd half. Chambers has this season as their new coach made them more competitive even w/o Taylor Battle. The B10 has to look at the diminishing officiating skills of Hightower, Valentine and even Jim Burr. It is time they start collecting their B10 SS checks. Wil, Abel and Roth are going to get an expanded opportunity to showcase their BB wares during the most important portion of the year. No fan of VJ BB bad habits but it is to bad he probably won’t get to enjoy playing in that same portion of the season. On a neutral court the Badgers are in trouble this afternoon.

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