1. I would just like to take a brief moment to thank Seth Davis.

    It’s time we all accept the fact that Jordan Hulls SUCKS. He just doesn’t belong in the Division 1 game. I feel bad for Jordy…He had that whole ‘deer in headlights’ look going on for the entire game. How much more can any of us take watching the middle school baller getting abused in a ‘big boys’ game? There’s nothing more pathetic than watching a runt figure out how to score, distribute, make steals, and deliver precision assists when going up against superior and more athletic talent. I had to keep a box of Kleenex next to me..I wept the entire game. I moaned and pleaded to God for the abuse to end. It’s the Knight-worshipers that wanted to keep that homey slow misfit in Bloomington. Shame on all of them. Hope they’re satisfied now for making the kid look like a complete fool in front of the national spotlight an NCAA tournament.

  2. Let’s help Illinois with their coaching search and free up Shaka Smart to interview with them.

  3. Harvard for Hillbillies-
    Yeah , that’s excatly why Jordy had over 20 points, was doing great from the arc , and was schooling all the defense to get inside and do an easy layup… Yep, we sure do have a highschooler on our team.
    (sarcasm if you couldn’t tell. 🙂

  4. Interesting, all they can talk about on ESPN is the hose job UNC-Asheville got yesterday.

    The Mountain West looked pretty bad. New Mexico looked bad in a win.

  5. I don’t want Shaka Smart at Illinois. However, I think Pat Knight would be an outstanding choice for them.

  6. While I have been fawning over Jordy and Cody, big kudos to CWat and Will for hitting the glass against some beasts. That was a great team effort last night. Everybody played well. One of my favorite scenes of the night was their bench about 9 minutes into the game and their bigs were whipped.

    I knew the game was over. We could keep running and they just couldn’t.

    Roth and one of their players bumped chests after a whistle and had a stare down. Matt was marking territory. I couldn’t believe it.

    …and Remy gave us some BIG minutes. He was really steady.

    CTC really had them ready.

  7. Those VCU guards are going to be big trouble for Hulls. He has struggled a lot against quick guards. Crean has to give him a lot of help to break the press, get the ball across half court, and get the entry pass completed for the offense to get going. Defensively we’ll be fine and once the ball gets into Zeller, et al we’ll be OK offensively too.

  8. Very well said Chet! Totally agree. We had better than average ball movement for this team and that was the key to picking them apart. Go Hoosiers!

  9. I see harvard as nothing but an attention seeking junkie. His rhetoric reminds me of the guy that lived his life as an “I told you so” or “know it all”. Reminds of the the guy that bet his friend double or nothing everyday for 18 days that it would rain tomorrow, finally it rained and all he could say was…” I KNEW IT WAS GOING TO RAIN TODAY?!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Sooner or later Harvard will be right, hopefully not as the rest of us non idiots want this team to run the table but the day IU does lose, I can’t wait to hear the “I TOLD YA SOES”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    It’s simple for any simpleton, any player that scores 20+ in an NCAA Tournament games DOES have skills, esp if he never missed any of his many shots in the 2nd half, all simpletons could come to that conclusion, well, escept one.

    His rhetoric is worse than any of Purdue’s fans on their local forums, period! maybe that’s it, he’s actually a Boiler.

  10. Really, B2B, thats all the love you can cough up? “…better than average ball movement for this club”??

  11. I think your mention of the first Iowa game was exactly on point. I was thinking about that as well when in the 2nd half we couldn’t get any stops. Thankfully we were able to score on our trips, but this was a game that we should have won by a larger margin and had some opportunity to rest Cody at the end (he looked tired). I don’t want to focus on the negatives but we are going to have to defend better against VCU. VCU won’t give up all those layups like NMST did.

  12. Let’s keep a little perspective here. NMSU is a big talented team that lots of ‘experts’ picked to win last night and the outcome was never in doubt.

    We did just fine.

  13. VCU was seeded to low and NM St. was seeded to high or maybe should not have been in the show at all. VCU does play a disruptive style of D with lots of trapping but they are not Supermen. Their %’s are 40 FG, 32 3’s, 67 FT and score about 67 a game. Their big gun is 6’9″, they have 2 good scoring guards and a young big 7 footer who plays only about 15 minutes a game. IU will need to control the boards, keep TO’s low and let WS roam offensively as he did last night. Our intensity on D should match theirs. I still think Buzz Williams ends up at Illinois.

  14. I don’t get the allure that Wichita State had over the talking heads. They didn’t play anybody worth a damn during the season and didn’t look very good yesterday but they were a popular Sweet Sixteen pick.

    I think it speaks more to the lack of respect for IU than any particular quality of the Shockers.

    I think NM State belonged. They are a big strong team. They just couldn’t keep up running the floor. In a half court game they could be a challenge.

    Illinois really needs Pat Knight. I’d love to see Jack Trudeau’s head explode when they made the announcement.

  15. IU opened the game with such a fast pace, I think they wore NMS down early on. Those big bodies were exhausted. IU also played great team BB, sold defense and stayed out of could trouble. With Jordy staying hot, NMS just could not catch up.

    All in all, I think Crean deserves great credit for his game plan and for getting his team mentally prepared to play. Outstanding, all the way around.

  16. The Shockers played 6 teams and 7 games against teams in the NCAA tournament. They won 4 and lost 3. That’s more than not playing anyone worth a damn.

  17. Jay, two of those games were against the last team in (Creighton, whom they split with) and the only team they played that will survive their first game was due to an upset (Colorado).

    Sixty-eight teams make the tourney. The are not all good. All the tourney teams we played had high RPI (including nine games vs. top 20). I believe Wichita had 1 game vs. an RPI top 20 (and they were #20).

    I guess my comment was a little unfair but how does anyone compare the two and pick Wichita State?

  18. Chet,

    Alabama and Creighton play today. WSU played both of them this year. Temple, a #5 seed, plays USF. WSU played Temple this year as well.

    I am aware how many teams got invited. How did you come up Creighton being the last team in?

    I didn’t pick WSU.

  19. I didn’t see your post before I posted that. You are correct. I came up with Creighton as the last team selected because that’s what the representative of the selection committee said last Sunday.

    Temple was the RPI #20 I referred to.

    As I said, I was probably too harsh on them but my point was their resume’ isn’t in the same galaxy as the Hoosiers’ so I don’t understand how so many of the talking heads picked them

  20. I think it speaks more to the lack of respect for IU than any particular quality of the Shockers.

    Seth “Duke is my meth” Davis, Gottliebotamy, and Gnarles “Does that make me crazy for picking New Mexico State?” Barkley have so much respect for IU they can’t even be grown men and admit how far from the midpoint of objective and sound judgment/evaluation their thick bias took them.

    That’s what it means to be a sports journalist in the 21st century. You make lazy predictions. You find “experts” to slander kids without taking it upon yourself to find any aim at balance. You take the simple fun out of the games by attempting to dumb-down sports that are no match for your own flawless expertise. You’re never wrong. When you are wrong, it’s just move onto the next subject. It all paints a very wide brush of disrespect upon the blandness their own industry more than anything else. How refreshing would it be to just hear one of these egomaniacs show one ounce of humility or, heaven forbid, admit to the followers of their infinite wisdom that they just witnessed the first time they have ever been wrong? What lessons do they teach young people when endless arrogance needs never to be countered with one slice humbleness an honest pie? They are so fond of their own opinions they do nothing but strive to make basketball more than just 40 minutes of paint-by-number numbness upon the eyes of viewers turned into zombies their rhetoric; tired beyond caring about truths that transcends human understanding, they have forgotten how to search for a voice that puts the game and the mystery any contest back in its rightful paramount place.

    Does it make crazy to not want all the answers before I watch a game? Probably.

  21. Chet,
    Pretty sure that can’t be true actually. I think Iona was the last team in, considering they were a No. 14 seed, as was BYU. Pretty sure if the last team in was an eight seed and 10 at-large teams were seeded lower than that, there would’ve caused a bigger stir. Creighton had an RPI of No. 24. No way is it possible that they were the last team in.
    As far as the experts picking Wichita State over Indiana, I mean, I didn’t, so I obviously disagree with the pick, but I certainly see some level of justification. Obviously if the tournament has proven anything it’s that resume doesn’t matter after the tournament is seeded. Every year mid-majors and lower conference teams knock off teams from high-majors that are better than anyone else they beat all year. That’s the tournament. I mean, what logic would have led someone to pick VCU to beat Kansas last year? And what logic would have led someone to put Butler in the national title game? But those things actually happened. It’s a single-elimination tournament and that’s the beauty of it.
    So everybody’s guessing, of course, and everybody is looking for a formula by which to pick an upset. Doing that means first recognizing that the resumes of mid-major and high-major teams are apples and oranges. Mid-major scheduling is a bear, because high-majors have no reason to play you and they certainly have no reason to play you in your gym. So they don’t. Don’t get me wrong, Indiana has had a phenomenal season and beating three top five teams is an amazing accomplishment regardless of where it happened. But there is no possibility whatsoever that Wichita State could ever get three top-five teams to play in its gym. Not saying the Shockers would’ve definitely won if they did, but that has to be factored in.
    I’ve seen better resumes for mid-major teams than Wichita State had, but the Missouri Valley is one of the three best mid-major leagues every year, and any team that can dominate it like they did is obviously good and obviously dangerous, as evidenced by their No. 5 seed. And just from watching them, even though they lost to VCU I don’t think it was crazy to say they could beat Indiana. I mean if Iowa and Nebraska and Minnesota could beat Indiana, Wichita State certainly could. But in the same fashion, if Indiana can beat Kentucky and Ohio State and Michigan State, it can beat anyone.
    It’s March. Stuff happens. At the end of the day, we’re all going to be wrong anyway.

  22. Don’t get me wrong, Indiana has had a phenomenal season

    Is it just me or is every Hoosier fan across the nation completely sick of hearing “Don’t get me wrong?” …As if we need their infinite wisdom and their God, Seth Davis, to point out the “stuff happens” obvious. As I said, they are never wrong…It certainly takes something inexplicably “phenomenal” to happen at Indiana basketball before anyone should ever consider they just might have had a bit of heavy-handed bias in their picks. Big surprise..Now it’s just back up the dump truck and unload 6 tons of “stuff happens” BS to cover up the crime scene their total lack of objectivity they sent in with all their homework assignments.

    Don’t get me wrong, once in his lifetime Jordy Hulls abuses defenders just as much as he gets abused..Don’t get me wrong, stuff happens.

  23. Just going by what some dude I don’t know said on TV and everybody else nodded. I don’t have any particular insight.

  24. Chet and Dustin, I believe that the four play in games consist of the four lowest seeds from automatic bids and the four lowest seeds from at-large bids. The person Sunday may have misspoke ot just been confused.

  25. Go Hoosiers, heck with next year, you still going this year. Who is this religious freak called Kentucky idiot, or harvard something. You really need help, you make no sense at all. Thanks/Don Iowa

  26. For anyone who isn’t on this blog every day, and read every single post… You don’t have shot in hell at understanding Harvard. Some of us who do spend too much time here still don’t understand him. Half the time I don’t think he wants to be understood.

    Two things I can tell you for sure – he is a Hoosier optimist and anything he says that is anti-Hoosier, anti-Crean, or anti-player is 100% sarcastic.

  27. Harvard is nothing but an attention-wh0re who says the most ridiculous thing that pops in his head just to try to get others to respond to him because his mommy never hugged him and he craves some interaction.

  28. He who guides Harvard is not meant to be understood..Do not judge. Follow only with humility in your heart.

    Go Hoosiers! Let’s kick VCU back to the 80s. There’s only one Shaka(different spelling..but who cares?!).

  29. Jay, while that would seem to make sense it is not so. Sometimes the play in game involves automatic bids, as in the case of UNCA last year. Obviously, being automatic bids, they weren’t the last teams selected.

  30. Man, I don’t get why some of you guys get so bent about Harverd. Does the circus bother you because putting so many clowns in a car would be unsafe driving? This isn’t grad school, here. Just have some fun.

  31. Thank you, Laffy. Thank you, Seth Davis..Thank you, Dustin, for posting that article from SI in front of the most loyal Hoosier fan base in all the world.

    Jordy never looked more pumped than last night! …Actually, my mistake, Jordy did look more pumped when Crean was making him sit the bench in his freshman year so VJ could get all those important points in blowout losses just to pad his career scoring numbers.

  32. Chet, I can’t prove it 100% but I hate to make statements without being very confident that I am correct. This year:

    Automatic – WKY, Lamar, Vermont and MVSU

    At-Large – BYU, Cal, USF and Iona.

  33. I’m very disappointed in you, HT. You went to Nick’s and didn’t even invite me. Sorrow hits its new low for Harvard. Did you wear your favorite purple outfit?

    That reminds me…Don’t your Huskies play Norhtwestern tonight in the Not Important Tournament?

    Shurna gonna put a heavy dose of hurt and karma on your boys for all those ugly jokes. It’s all your fault.

  34. Our local newspaper here in SW Florida has 5 pages devoted to the NCAA. Emphasis is SEC and ACC Coverage of the IU game was the score. Probably due to the late game time and probably lucky to get the score. Yet in the general sports news, an article of 87 words covering a story of an former IU basketball player arrested attempting to smuggle drugs into Japan.

  35. Wow! Learned a couple new things in that story Ron…

    1) Harvard – DO NOT get caught with your weed in Japan. They do not F around!

    2) Lynn Washington is the Michael Jeffrey Jordan of Japanese basketball! Well, was…

  36. I’ve haven’t touched weed since I was a junior in high school. Had a coffee can full of Indiana garden variety..I was a very quiet and unassuming whippersnapper that enjoyed the reputation of being a choir boy while reveling in all sorts of nasty hobbies. In all honesty, I’ve never lost the innocence a kid that only cared to make his mommy and daddy proud. Devoted my life to leaning on the easy choices and found little recognition when I would do my duties running the family business like the good son was expected. Failed at sports..Failed at women..Failed at making use out of my education…Succeeded at zilch.

  37. Chet….Harvard is the one that starts foaming at the mouth over the littlest of things.

    Geoff….I think Mizzou destroyed most brackets.

  38. Harvard, I’m assuming you’re not dead yet. Get to it. I was in grad school in my 40s. Started a new business in my 50s. Don’t fear failure. Try something.

    My oldest and I were working on an exhausting project when he was around 19. About killed us. We developed a mantra to we have taken to falling back on when times get tough.

    “Keep moving forward.”

    As long as you follow those explicit guidelines things usually work out.

  39. In answer to Chet in #11 above (to my comments in #9 above) NO I’m not kidding. IU struggles against quick guards who are pressuring the point. VCU is going to do that. It’s also the opinion of the ‘talking heads’ (though I held that opinion 1st). IU cannot just have Hulls dribble the ball up the court by himself or expect him to start the offense with his quickness. There needs to be a scheme in order to get the entry pass so that IU can start the offense.

  40. Iulongago – you apparently didn’t watch the game last night, or the rest of the season. Hulls has excelled handing the ball against pressure for at least the last 2 months. They tried to pressure him last night and he was awesome with the rock. I don’t even care about his shooting, his ball-handling was superb.

    The “talking heads” have been embarrassing themselves with the things they’ve said about IU to this point. They also tried to make a huge deal out of the VJ3 loss. Have tried to claim that Jones was the starting PG all year. And most of them picked us to get upset in the first round.

    Apparently you know even less about IU basketball than the “talking heads”

  41. Btw, that doesn’t mean I’m supremely confident going into tomorrow’s game, especially after watching today’s action. But I am confident in Hulls’ ability to handle one-on-one pressure, or to make the right decision against multiple defenders. However, a PG isn’t responsible for every TO if other players don’t make the correct reads to get to spots in a press-breaker. They will need to help him out by giving him the correct angles to make passes easier, by drawing defenders with strong cuts through the press, by moving the defense with strong ball-fakes to loosen things up, etc. If it’s one player I do have confidence in against VCU’s pressure it’s Hulls.

  42. It is inevitable that the press will cause us trouble, that’s what they do. I’m no Hulls hater, but he does occasionally pick up his dribble, and has been prone to turnovers even against more conventional defenses. Oladipo can get a bit out of control and give it up on occasion, and even Watford sometimes puts the ball on the floor in front of thieving guards.

    All that being said, presses, when handled properly, should also lead to easy baskets. We score well in transition, particularly Hulls and Zeller. If Remy plays well he will get to the rim, and Sheehey, Watford, and Oladipo can all finish. Bottom line: gotta expect some turnovers and some runs from VCU, but if we keep cool and move the ball back against the grain of the press, we should be fine.

    Offensively, we must get he ball to Zeller in the middle of the court, let our wing players run the sides, and attack the basket. Control our emotions, use time outs, find open threes in the chaos, and get to the line.

    Defensively we have to rebound well and keep the threes under control.

    Hoosiers to move on. We have no reason to fear theses guys.

  43. Come on….I did watch the game last night. He did well against New Mexico State just as he did well against Penn State. When he plays against good, quick, fast, athletic guards, he struggles. He’s an ‘off guard’ not a point. He’ll do well at 2 next year when Yogi is at 1.

  44. Anyone that doesn’t think Hulls is better than Isiah Thomas hates IU, America, apple pie and puppy dogs.

    Proven fact.

  45. Right, because Frazier and Glover aren’t bigger, “quicker”, or more athletic. The commentators were drooling over Mullins athleticism last night, and both guards for NMST were taller, longer, ” quicker, and more athletic. They tried to pressure Hulls, but didn’t have success – period.

    Listen, I’ve been called a Hulls Hater on this blog because I’ve criticized him in the past, and because I have clearly stated that he isn’t an NBA player, but that doesn’t mean I’m going to ignore how he’s performed this year. He had like 5 bad games all year. There was about a 2 game stretch where teams thought they’d figured him out, and that all they had to do was pressure him and it was game over. But the fact is that Hulls adjusted, he’s been successful against all pressure ever since, and there is no evidence since January that he can’t handle taller, longer, quicker, more athletic defenders.

    Hey I guarantee you that Holloway and Marshall occasionally pick up their dribble prematurely. Everyone does from time to time, but I can’t even remember the last time someone stole Hulls’ lunch. It just hasn’t been happening. I also promise you that as good a PG as Yogi will be next year that he will get himself into more compromising situations than Hulls based on his relative lack of experience. I’m very much looking forward to the Yogi years, but I also appreciate what we have right now, and I’m seeing his ability very clearly.

  46. Remy is a very cool customer…It’s funny how his confident swagger may be rubbing off on some of the upperclassmen. How rare is it to see a freshman with such little playing time under his belt keep so poised?

    Hulls may have some trouble with the constant VCU pressure, but he’ll never quit or fold under the challenge. More often this year it’s been his superior savvy and sound decision making on the basketball court that has countered any deficiencies his speed and size. And as Geoff pointed out, he’s been very unflappable going down the stretch against an array of varying defenders. He was being used as are Achilles’ heel against New Mexico St. and the doubting pundits did not have the balls to admit the kid excelled beyond their wildest imagination and proved them wrong. What many the so-called experts can never predict is how a kid reacts to the big stage.

    The college game has certainly progressed over the years to favor the supremely gifted athletes. That being said, undaunted determination, fearlessness in the face of doubt, headiness under the stresses of single elimination contest, and an intangible ability to seize command of the crucial momentum swinging sequences in a game, are the overlooked attributes that makes me grateful to have a confident kid like Hulls at the helm our very balanced and dangerous team.

    Rather glad so much attention is being given to questioning Hulls abilities instead of recognizing how versatile our entire squad. The obsession over the kid should fire up the rest of our guys that are getting their contributions overlooked in the obscene quest to be right about Jordy’s horrible flaws.

  47. IULONGAGO – sorry man, I was in an instigative mood last night. I think it’s all the uninformed coverage of IU that had put me in a bad mood. That and I hadn’t had a drink in two weeks, but decided to have 2 glasses of wine after dinner. Felt frisky I guess.

    Either way, it doesn’t mean I agree with you at all. I stick by every word I said. Just not the tone in which I said it.


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