1. I hope we reach 30 wins this season it’s what I predicted way last year and we would have been there already if not for the very lacking coaching of one TLT. But if we get to 30 wins I can still forgive him, give him a B- for what he did this season, a quarter of an award more (to be redeemed by mail) and call him Thirty Laurels Tom, in short TLT — which is what I called him last year too.

    I like him. He’s turning happenstance into vocation.

  2. … and Jonas Salk … blah … fortune cookie …

    And TLT had the Big Ten co-Pitcher of the Year (also a First Team All-Big Ten selection) after less than one season at Indiana! I want to see Kelvin Wilson affecting the rest of IU sports (be it baseball, rifle or water polo) the way TLT did.

    TLT is one smart fortune cookie himself.

  3. What a time to travel to England and Ireland. Flight leaves Chicago at 9:40 tommorrow night and I hope to wake up in London with a win.

    Plus what happens if they do win? It will be interesting to see if I can find a place to watch the games. Of course I’ll be back home in enough time to watch our beloved Hoosiers in the National Championship game.

    Have fun guys and I’m hoping for the best.


  4. well,here we go(no bud light please. ha ha)..We must knock down jump shots, of course, Kentucky’s lone weakness in the half court set is somewhat sketchy ball handling/guard play. Vic can help us a lot with pressure on Teague, if he draws that assignment. Also, I think our biggest advantage going in is the fact that Kentucky lost to Vanderbilt a couple weeks ago…psychologically, they’ve been hoping to draw us here & now as they have, for weeks & weeks, but since they lost to Vandy, much of that motivation has dwindled..they were looking at avenging their ONLY loss, & doing it ina big way, but that loss to Vandy-which really stung them, don;t think it didn’t, had proven that aren’t a 1 trick Pony in terms of being beatable. That works in our favor, a little bit anyway, they’ll still have plenty of motivation after seeing Wattford’s shot all season..if we can stay with them, the psychology swings in our favor.

  5. It’s the cheater vs. the redeamer! Would be so fitting and wonderful to beat them again — have heard enough about us being “lucky”, “playing at home”, etc. How about they have been well coached, well prepared, are relentless (they only gave up in MN game) and are playing with and for each other and their program/school. Am beyond proud of these guys — and no matter what the outcome tonight — that ball still goes in everytime as Coach says! Go IU!!!

  6. I’m not nervous at all. I am very calm and that is curious indeed. I guess I feel like even with a loss tonight, we have had one hell of a season and can do no worse than splitting with uk. However I really believe that we will win this one simply because nobody has given us a chance and our guys have something to prove. Actually, I believe we win by as many as 10. Maybe I’m right or maybe I’m wrong, but either way I couldn’t be more proud of my Hoosiers and couldn’t be more happy to see our seniors get this deep in the tournament. I only hope that the officials don’t decide on a uk win to appease the tv sponsors and their greed for more viewers and profits. As everyone is aware, kentuckians have such a miserable lives that they measure their own self worth on wether some kids recruited recruited from other states win games for them. Sad really. Anyway, thats another story for another day.

    In the meantime,

    Go Hoosiers

  7. Druid, well said. My feelings as well. Even if UK wins tonight and the entire bar full of Kentucky fans are flaunting it in my face, IU will still be 1-1 against UK this season. If I was told that would be IU’s record against them at the beginning of the season, I would have responded with “WHAT? WE BEAT THEM ONCE?” and “How did we play them again?” Now, if IU pulls off the upset again…I might not make it out of that bar alive. GO HOOSIERS!

  8. Coachv, etal…. Due to summer weather in march for 4 straight days I decided to cut my day short at 3 pm and start “getting my drink on”… Forgive me for the absolutely inevitable bitching and moaning on the Live Feed page. After I get home and settle in it’s gonna be ugly. The wife has already decided she’s bunkering in the master bedroom with the pets for the night so I can have run of the house without scaring anyone. (this would be true regardless of zero beverages or a 12-pack…)

    Chet – have a great time. Boy I hope tomorrow everyone is in a good mood….

    This is gonna be rough.

  9. I was telling everyone at work today that we will either win by 6 or lose by 8. Either way it is a close game.

  10. The state of Kentucky had no use for Remy…Funny how things work out. It’s almost as if the story’s already been written.


    Lead us thy happenstance castaway,
    Our humble Hoosier with swagger and nuts of steel,
    To where only a fool named Harvard of heart most pure,
    called your name from long ago shadows most obscure.
    Now by no accident this eve come upon us,
    When all Kentuckians shall curse your quiet zeal,
    And hands of fate be granted our cream and crimson faith,
    The sweet taste of victory and all the world’s doubt to steal.

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