1. Drew Gordon had 19 points and 13 rebounds for New Mexico, which raced back from deficits of 12-0 and 17-4 to stun No. 20 UNLV 72-67 in the Runnin’ Rebels’ home arena in the MWC semifinals Friday night.

  2. Yes, we at Indiana, with a 25 wins playing in the toughest conference in America including three wins over top 5 teams are oh so jealous of a bubble team advancing to the next round of one of the weakest conferences in the country. I was almost giddy when the Go Gos, or whatever the hell you’re called, lost to mighty Santa Clara (is that really a college?).

    Go back to page 3 with the lacrosse scores.

  3. Damn Chet I thought for a second I had typed those posts of yours since they so closely align with my opinion of the subject. After all it is a hell of an achievement when you whip UNLV also of the CMW, no it is the WMC or the MCW, oh damn it you know that conference up north somewhere.

  4. There he is. I thought 4guards had been convicted of child molesting or something and was incommunicado while in prison. The NM posts are nothing but troll turds. IU has had one hell of a season and we as fans have much to be proud of. All of you Crean haters please go back under your rocks or into your mom’s basement.

  5. Chet: it’s on CBSS, you dingbat.

    Hotel Boy: relax, or you might pop an artery.

    Crean, the walk-on coach and usurper will sink Indiana.

    Alford, the rightful heir and symbol at IU is in exile.

    Expect Crean’s IU to lose in the first round.

    Enjoy years of cupcake meaningless wins under Crean.

    Meanwhile Alford’s climb will continue.

    National Coach of the Year for Crean Ha! Ha! Ha!

    Crean should receive the “Rob Wilson” coaching award.

    He made a phenom out of a bench warmer.

    That’s coaching Crean-style.

    Idiot Crean worshippers!

  6. Just for all of us “Creanophiles”…

    Following yesterday’s loss to Wisconsin, Indiana is No. 9 in Sagarin, No. 11 on KenPom, No. 14 in the RPI.

    Pretty solid resume if you ask me.

  7. Isn’t it great how 4guards disappeared the SECOND Crean started having success and now only shows up under troll names whenever we lose?

    Wonder Boy, aka Alford, did a worse job at Iowa than the coach he took over for. Period.

    While he’s had some nice wins this year, he’s also had some bad losses. So, not quite sure why you want to put in in the Hall of Fame…..besides your Knight-worshipping…

  8. Laffy: That’s not 4guards. 4guards actually believed himself when he wrote such banter.

    This guy has clearly passed into the realm of chain-jerking. It’s become a hobby of his to come up with increasingly clever riddles and semantic trickery to get a reaction out of us.

  9. As I remember it SA exercised self exile(as in surrender).
    Losing in the 1st round of the NCAA is still better than losing in the 2nd round of the NIT(2011).
    W’s against pUKe, MSU, OSU, NCst, ND, scUM and PUke twice are all meaningless wins but beating unlv in an obscure conference tourney on cbss is meaningful. I’ll have to have a drink(stiff)on that one.

  10. He comes from the land down under….
    unlike Steve’s, his hair is quite a blunder
    Can’t you hear, can’t you hear the thunder?
    Alford’s ringtone, for Bobby’s cell number?
    A giddy Aussie with no comb and full of wonder
    Awoke the Lobos from their Mountain West slumber.

  11. Big Ten is the best conference in the country. What other conference has a talent like Rob Wilson? Answer: none. No other conference. And who discovered him? Tom Crean, of course. Tom Crean discovered him. And if this is not proof that Tom Crean is one of the best, if not The Absolute Best Coach in the country … enough said!

  12. I am looking for updated numbers, but through 2006, it looks like 4 seeds have performed about as well as 3 seeds in the tournament. It is the 5 seed that you need to watch out for. I do fully expect IU to be the sexy 1st round upset pick to a Drexel or some other similar team. Winning the first game would say a lot.

  13. Nice resume. Trophies: none.

    Oh, excuse me, one: mid-season coaching award.

    That’s like saying he can coach in only half the games.

    I think that should count as half a trophy.

    I think he should give it back.

  14. Actually getting a mid-season coaching award is like saying he was doing the best coaching job in the country at the midway point. The other half of the season just ended, and he’ll be a candidate for full-season awards as well…

    But congratulations on another idiotic thought.

  15. We’ll take all those meaningless wins against our rivals and other highly ranked teams as we march t0 another meaningless national championship.

    Best of luck in the mountain southwestern valley conference, or whatever it’s called this week, and in the NIT, as well.

  16. Meanwhile, Rob Wilson is back to sucking ass against Michigan State as the Spartans roll over the Badgers in the semis. *Yawn* I will be surprised if Wilson’s double-digit scoring streak is ended at 1.

  17. Now ESPN has us in Portland playing NM State and Purdue playing NM.

    I can not think of a coach better for IU than Crean. If he were to leave, maybe Stevens or that Shirke (?) Smith guy. Anybody who would run a clean program giving good kids a good chance. Loss some repect for Alford last year whn he called the Utah player a name (never heard what name). Possibly not a big issue, but the next step could be a chair.

    Wisconsin back within 6 with 12 to go.

  18. Geoff, you’re congratulating yourself yet again? Chet, you see yourself marching to a national title? Boys, this is the clear sign you have lost touch with reality. You might be suffering from a severe B1-vitamin deficiency!

    Tom Crean hands-down deserves a FOOL season award. He’s by far the best candidate for that season in and season out!

  19. Crean has the best turn-around in the NCAA and beats 3 of the Top 5 and deserves a “Fool” award?


    I knew the Knight-worshippers were a bunch of insane fruit cakes, but…….wow.

  20. NC State just got hosed against the Tar Heels but that’s about par for the course in the ACC tourney.

  21. Whatever you do Chet, don’t whine about the refs… They don’t decide the outcome of games. NCST was clearly soft today.

  22. Rob Wilson: 32 minutes, 2-5 FG, 6 points. What a P.O.S. Glad Wisconsin got bitch-slapped by Michigan State. Hopefully they lose in the “second” round as well.

  23. Looks like Pat Knight has motivated his team to the Big Stage. 6 W’s in a row since he publicly dressed them down.

  24. If Pat knew they were druggies, why didn’t he kick them off the team?

    Are they being tested now, or since they’re winning, he doesn’t care that they’re pot heads?

    He sure didn’t care before.

  25. In this years big ten tournament the cream rose to the top+those teams had (earned)to be rested by getting a bye game. These were also the most phsical teams. Verdell’s absence hurt IU + they just are not physical enough all the time currently as the top 4 big ten teams except for maybe Michigan.

  26. That’s right it is all PK’s fault, after all, those Seniors had only been there 3 years before he showed up. It appears the Knight method is working. I’ll bet they’re out of mirrors in Nevada.

  27. How does calling Pat out for letting druggies play make me a “hypocrite”?

    You need to quit sniffing dirty jocks, Elmer. It’s eaten your brain.

  28. Marijuana is such a horrible, destructive drug that causes countless car wrecks/deaths, bar fights, failed relationships, and severe brain damage, liver damage, stomach damage, intestinal damage to the addicted user…I could go on and on and on, except I’m talking about alcohol, not marijuana.

  29. Hotel Boy,

    May I remind you that North Carolina had 4 losses all year: one from Kentucky, one at Florda State, one last second shot by Austin Rivers at Duke and … UNLV.

    Steve Alford’s team won last night where Tyler Zeller team could not. I’d ask you to make an effort and show a bit of objectivity but I know you’re not capable of that.

  30. Best of luck in the mountain southwestern valley conference, or whatever it’s called this week, and in the NIT, as well.

    ^ This is clearly called allochetia.

    Congratulations to Hoosier Legend Coach Steve Alford whose New Mexico Lobos just beat St Diego State for the second time this season and by winning the Mountain West Conference tournament have also secured an automatic NCAA tournament berth.

    Never underestimate the heart of a champion.

  31. Anyone making an objective observation of the teams making up the conference would assess it as a 2nd tier conference. If it was one of the top four conferences SA would not be coaching in it. 2+2=4

  32. “May I remind you that North Carolina had 4 losses all year: one from Kentucky, one at Florda State, one last second shot by Austin Rivers at Duke and … UNLV.
    Steve Alford’s team won last night where Tyler Zeller team could not. I’d ask you to make an effort and show a bit of objectivity but I know you’re not capable of that.”

    …and to carry the same logic one step further, Santa Clara defeated the GoGo’s, so, by your logic, Santa Clara is better than North Carolina.

    Sorry, little fella, it just doesn’t work that way. You can’t extrapolate from one team to another. Now, if New Mexico had beaten UNC, the way Indiana beat Kentucky, that actually means something.

  33. Coach K needs to give up that rug. He either has the thickest, darkest hair on Earth or he has Ronald Reagan’s hair dresser.

  34. I know that logic is not your strong suit, Chet.

    I said UNM won where UNC could not.

    I don’t know what Santa Clara has to do with this.

    You’re obviously not used to thinking too much…

    P.S. Indiana beating Kentucky does not mean too much. Kentucky doesn’t have a major talent like the irepressible Rob Wilson!

  35. Now you’re just grasping at straws. You’re a sad little fella. I’m happy you’ve got such a nice little team to cheer for.

  36. B10 was too tough for Stevie. Illinois would be going to the dance if only they played in the mw. By the way unlv is nothing compared to MSU, pUKe, scUM, ND or OSU.

  37. For everyone slobbering all over Wonder Boy, I read this about New Mexico:

    “Given a non-conference slate that doesn’t jump off the paper (it includes a loss to Santa Clara, who went winless in the WCC”

    So, they played a cupcake schedule and lost to a team that didn’t win a game in their conference?

    Guess that’s ALL the “players'” fault, right?


  38. Steve is not a hot prospect. Crean is a hot prospect. Let’s hope Illinois snatches him. This will ensure they will never leave the bottom of the Big Ten.

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